Kyra Ch. 03

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Jack stirred awake, feeling sore from all the clawing, biting, and ball paddling he’d received the night before. Drohn had applied some of the metabolism gel to the scratch marks, but there was nothing to do for his abused groin except to give it time. And everything still hurt. The bigger man continued to sleep with his arms wrapped around his property, yet the human felt as though Drohn was still pressing his groin into his ass. With a sigh, Jack tried to gently slide out of his embrace, but only caused the dragen to wake and pull him in closer.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the master playfully whispered before nibbling on his ear.

“I was going to use the bathroom.” Jack replied.

“But I want you to stay here all morning…” Drohn’s hand caressed the slimmer male only to stop at a nipple and pinch hard.

Gasping, Jack said, “Haven’t you hurt me enough?”

With a short, soft laugh, the master bluntly replied, “No.”

Holding the human a little longer, he eventually released him so he could get up. As his kyra walked away, Drohn lustfully eyed the many red scratches he’d left down his back, as well as the marks in his rear where he sank his claws. Not to mention the dark teeth impressions from where he bit. His lust soon travelled down his spine and filled his groin.

Laying on his back, Drohn reminded himself that he’d gone too far and been too hard on his kyra. He wasn’t a dragen and few non-dragens could handle their raw sexuality without easing into it. Throwing off the blanket, he looked down at the organ between his legs and remembered just how lonely he’d been and for how long. The previous night had been one of the best in his life and he looked forward to a lifetime with his mate.

Jack, after having finished his business, looked into the mirror and saw the damage he’d received from his new Master. It was a rough and painful night, but somehow, it brought out the best orgasm he’d ever had. Sure, Drohn had three and then decided to keep him horny and wanting, but it was still an amazing experience. As Jack recalled the night, though, he remembered Drohn kept going despite yelling for him to stop several times.

I might be his legal property, but I need to set some boundaries, he thought before returning to bed.

The naked dragen watched him with lust and Jack could tell he wanted to fuck again. “Master,” he began, staying on Drohn’s good side so he’d be more receptive, “we need to talk.

Propping himself on his elbows, Drohn replied, “I know I was harder on you than I intended…”

“You think?” the human interrupted. “Do you remember how many times I yelled for you to stop and you didn’t?”

Sitting upright, Drohn became defensive. “You are my property…you are to serve me as I wish. Again, I admit that I was harder on you than I intended, but you did enjoy yourself.”

Irritated, Jack looked away. “That’s beside the point.” he said between clenched teeth. Looking back, he added, “When I tell you to stop, you stop; I may have a high pain tolerance, but that doesn’t mean I like to be hurt.”

Standing up, Drohn went up to his kyra and hooked his fingers under the metal collar, forcing the human to look up at him. “I am your Master and you WILL speak to me with respect.”

“Do you even care about me, or do you just want someone to take out your sadistic urges?”

Slightly taken aback, Drohn let go of the collar and softened his expression. “Of course I care about you, Jack…”

Softening his tone, the kyra replied, “Then you should care about my limits…when I tell you to stop, I need you to stop; I’m human, not dragen.”

A flashback of a conversation he’d had eight years prior, rushed through Drohn’s mind. A male he’d taken on a date was curious about experiencing dragen sexuality, so Drohn showed him. Like the previous night, he’d gone too far then, and the beautiful lavender ehrtian named Su’lahn yelled at him before leaving.

Though Jack couldn’t leave, he didn’t want the human to hate him.

Feeling guilty, the dragen lowered his head. “I’m sorry, Jack…” turning his gaze away, he then asked, “Will you forgive me?”

Jack didn’t understand the pleasure a person got from hurting another, even consensually, but somehow, evolution had incorporated strong sadistic impulses into the dragen sexual instinct, and Drohn couldn’t change that any more than Jack could change his attraction to men.

Reaching up, he caressed the dragen’s cheek and turned his gaze so they could lock eyes together. “I do forgive you, Master…” He then pulled him down for a sensual kiss. “But promise me that you’ll restrain yourself from now on?”

Drohn hesitated. “…I wish I could, I really do.” He paused. “When my species mates, it’s as if all that matters is satisfying our desires…regardless of what we consciously want.” Caressing the human’s pale face, he continued. “Last night, I had no intention of clawing at you or biting as hard…”

“And my balls?”

Drohn kaçak iddaa smiled slyly. “Well…it’s the best way to retrain your reaction to pain…” When Jack looked away with a partial smirk, he added, “In time, you’ll be begging me to hurt you.”

Looking up, the human saw only a confident, sinful smile. “Oh, you really think so?” he playfully asked.

“I know so…” With that, the dragen picked up and threw his kyra onto the bed, climbing in after him and positioning himself between the pale legs. Seeing a hint of worry, Drohn deeply kissed his mate. “No more pain until you heal.” he whispered, reaching down to fondle the smaller male and adding, “Except for this.”

He squeezed the human’s sensitive orbs, causing him to gasp in surprise. “Not too much…!”

Releasing his testicles, Drohn gently caressed his chest and abdomen. “Not too much.”

Relieved, Jack wrapped his arms around his master’s neck, pulling him in for a kiss. He could feel the bigger man’s arousal grow against his pelvis, coating everything it touched with its slick fluid. After a passionate moment, the master pulled his kyra’s arms from his neck and pinned them above his head with one hand. His heart pounding in his chest, Jack looked into the emerald eyes and knew what he wanted. Spreading his legs wider, he wanted it too.

Positioning the smaller male’s ankles over his shoulders, Drohn continued to pin his arms one-handed as he guided his throbbing organ into the eager hole that had become its new home. When Jack suddenly gasped from the initial entry, Drohn smiled, letting go of his member and grabbing the collared neck before pushing deeper inside. The expressions playing on the human’s face: lust, pleasure, submission…fueled Drohn’s desire almost as much as seeing fear and pain.

Pressing himself to the hilt with all his weight, the dragen stared deeply into the dark eyes of the willing male beneath him, their faces only centimeters apart. Gently squeezing the sides of the soft neck, avoiding his airways, Drohn relished the feeling of possessing his kyra. They both could feel the sexual tension build and the human clearly wanted more, but his master held back both to practice restraining himself and to impart sexual torment.

“Please fuck me, Master…” Jack said lustfully.

Tightening his grip around his property’s neck, the master said, “Beg for it.”

“Please, Master…fuck me hard…” With the green eyes looking back expectantly, the kyra continued, eagerly flexing his anus around its welcome intruder. “Please, Master! Dominate me with your cock…take me!”

Smiling, the Master replied, “That’s more like it…”

Withdrawing his member from its home, Drohn slammed it back inside, causing an almost feminine gasp to escape the human’s lips. Slowly pulling out, he thrust forward again. Jack stared deeply into the emerald eyes of his master as he repeated the cycle, the dragen’s lust growing each time his thighs slapped the human’s ass, causing a low, deep growl from within.

With the pleasure of his kyra’s body beginning to take over his senses, his pace quickened to a steady humping and the slightly parted, pink lips called for his oral attention. Drohn dove his tongue into the eager mouth, muffling his mate’s moans as the pink lips surrounded his agile organ and sucked. Releasing the vulnerable neck, he then grabbed a firm hold around each wrist and pressed them into the mattress with the weight of his upper body to make his thrusting easier and faster.

Their lips separated and they just stared into each other’s eyes as they breathed heavily from the lust building up between them. Drohn could feel that his fourth orgasm in less than ten hours was approaching and he knew where he wanted his sperm to end up; it was going to be the final act of sealing his dominance over the smaller male. The rush of pleasure soon rose up from deep within and he pulled out of the warmth of his kyra. Pushing the pale legs aside, he straddled the human’s chest and stroked his throbbing organ with his hand, directing the flattened, bulbous head to the beautiful face beneath him.

With a rising growl, he began his sexual release, spraying droplets of semen all over, only a few entering the open mouth and landing on the outstretched tongue. Pulse after pulse, Jack’s face became coated with Drohn’s arousal, feeling the muscles in the dragen’s legs flex with every spurt until his climax came to a slow halt. Not being able to see, given the fluid covering his eyes, the kyra submissively remained still with his mouth open and tongue sticking out.

Drohn smiled at the gesture and fed him his softening organ to suck clean, which the human gladly did. Enjoying the oral attention, the master mentally tallied where he seeded his kyra: once in his mouth with lips sealed around his shaft where he drank everything down, twice deep inside his firm rear, and once sprayed over his face. There were a few other ways to establish dominance with his ejaculate kaçak bahis and many more days before their vacation was over to explore them all many times over.

Once his half-hard member was clean, Drohn used the tip to wipe away the clearing fluid from his mate’s eyes and face, only to feed him once more. Opening his eyes as he continued to fellate the dragen cock, Jack looked up to his satisfied lover. Drohn soon pulled his organ out and let it flop onto the human’s face.

“How romantic…” Jack smirked. “So, are you going to deny me an orgasm again, or…”

With a fiendish smile, the bigger male replied, “I’ll give you all the pleasure a kyra needs…”

As Drohn positioned himself between the human’s legs, Jack became unsure if he wanted that. When he felt the warm wetness of a mouth around his neglected dick, he changed his mind. At least until a hand wrapped its thumb and forefinger around his sac, separating his balls from his body. Slightly startled, the human’s breath became shakey and a slight moan passed his lips. The dragen then began sliding his inhumanly-long tongue around the shaft and head as his grip on his mate’s testicles tightened. In the fog between pain and pleasure, Jack’s vocal response wasn’t sure if it was a groan in pain or a moan in pleasure, but it encouraged more of the same attention.

Pulling the smaller male’s balls away from his body until he sharply inhaled, Drohn pushed his closed hand against the inner portion of the human’s penis and then pulled back again. Repeating the cycle, His oral motions came to a standstill and his hand’s pace increased. Feeling the stationary mouth closed around his organ and his balls being the thing that was pulled on, drove Jack to squeezing the sheets and arching his back in a pleasurable pain he’d never experienced before.

The feeling of orgasm suddenly rose up from his abused orbs and spilled into the mouth of his dominant partner, forcing him to breathlessly cry out in ecstasy. Upon the first taste of his mate’s seed directly from the source, Drohn resumed swirling his tongue around to maximize his satisfaction, his other hand having to press down on his lower abdomen to restrain his bucking hips.

With a mouthful of his beta’s seed, Drohn memorized and savored the flavors before swallowing every drop. Looking down at the spent male as he laid there with closed eyes and a blissful expression, he smiled. Taking his deflating penis back into his mouth, Drohn proceeded to give the peaceful male a little post-orgasm torture. Feeling the slithering dragen tongue slide around the overly sensitive head of his organ, Jack’s legs jerked. Taking the opprtunity, Drohn positioned them over his back and held onto the pale thighs as he continued.

“Fuck…!” Jack moaned, gripping the sheets and arching his back once more. His master simply continued giving the attention his kyra wanted, despite his jerking body. “Drohn! Master! Please…!” He let out a long, shaking breath and then slammed his fist into the mattress before squeezing the sheets once more.

Deciding he’d had enough, Drohn sucked hard as he pulled off his over-stimulated malehood. “Was it good for you?” he asked.

While the supremacy hunt preserve had several sexual submission clothing items, many of which Drohn had bough his new kyra, the new master wanted to buy his human a new wardrobe that didn’t consist of Dominion marines uniforms that were customized to fit the smaller male. In the local shopping district, the nom’ahn merchants had a wide variety of clothing options from every species within the Dominion. One of which, caught Drohn’s attention.

Pulling it off the hanger, he held it out. “I’d like to see you wearing this around our quarters when we get back.”

Looking at it, Jack’s expression instantly turned from curious to unsurprised. “Really.” he stated.

Drohn tilted his head. “Really.” he paused. “It’s an ehrtian servant uniform and you’ll be serving me quite often…” he smiled.

It was a black and sleeveless, single-piece article that ended in a skirt that looked like it stopped halfway up the thighs, reminding Jack of a maid’s uniform without the white apron or petticoat. With the easy rear entry access, he could see why Drohn wanted to get it.

“Where I come from, that’s considered women’s clothing.”

“It is female clothing.” the dragen pointed out as he handed over the uniform. “Try it on; I want to see you in it.”

Giving his master an incredulous look, he took it, saying, “You’ll owe me for this…” and went to the dressing room.

Drohn smiled. I can think of a few other female clothes I’m going to get you, he thought as he followed.

It wasn’t that he preferred feminine clothing on submissive males…it was more about the revealing skirts that showed off legs and could be hiked up around the waist whenever the lustful moment arises. A few minutes later, Jack exited the fitting room, showing Drohn exactly what he wanted to see.

“You really illegal bahis want me to wear women’s clothes?” he asked, looking around and seeing a dragen male give him a glare full of disgust.

“Only in our quarters.” he said, standing close. Reaching down to feel up the back of the pale thigh, his hand slide up the skirt and he added, “Besides, It’s more about the access I’ll have…”

“Why not just have me go around naked then?”

A smiled spread across the dragen’s face. “These are sexier. Especially with the right shoes…”

I swear, if he’s talking about high heels…, Jack thought.

“We’re getting this; go change and we’ll try on shoes.” Drohn said.


Smirking, Drohn pushed him back into the room and closed the door. Later, in the store’s shoe section, Jack rolled his eyes as Drohn showed him a pair that go with the uniform.

“The taller heels will make you flex your calves and make your legs and rear look better than they already are.” he explained.

“You know…I was never the crossdressing type of gay guy back on earth.” Jack replied, taking the feminine heels.

“What’s crossdressing?”

“You don’t have a term for a man wearing women’s clothes?”

“Because dragen males are too big to fit dragen female clothing…no.”

“It would prabably make you a social outcast anyway…” Jack remarked.

“It probably would.”

Stepping his bare feet into the heels, Jack stood up and wondered why women would want to sacrifice steady balance for uncomfortable and impractical shoes. Looking down the human’s legs, Drohn couldn’t see much of the results through his pants.

“Go put on the servant uniform with the shoes.”

“Drohn…” Jack began.

“Kyra…” he interrupted.

An hour later, they had finished with that store and went to another that catered to nom’ahn fashion trends. “Drohn…I don’t even have the same leg shape as them, what are we going to find here?”

“There are some shirts and jackets that I’ve had custom tailored to my size and I think you’ll like having some of your own.”

“So, normal clothes then…?”

Drohn smiled. “Normal clothes…”

And the dragen was right; the nom’ahns had several plain-colored t-shirts and jackets that were very similar to human military-style jackets for the civilian and former military market. And like on earth, before the losch invasion, every style was available in black.

After finding one jacket he really liked, Jack said, “Unless I need winter gear, this is the only one I want.”

“Just one?” Drohn asked.

“We can get two or three of them for when the first wears out…” Jack offered.

“Just black? No other colors?”

“I’ll take one in ranger green and another in desert tan if we’re gonna spend some time in the woods or the desert…” Jack smiled. “You really want to buy me a lot of things, don’t you?”

Pulling the human mate in for a kiss, Drohn replied, “I enjoy providing for my mate.”

“Fortunately, I don’t need much…except for some good tactical pants to go with this.” Jack said suggestively.

“Grab one in green and tan…” the dragen smiled. “I think you’ll like what the dehns have to offer…”

After paying for the shirts and jackets, they exited the store and walked down the street holding hands. Looking at the reflections in the windows, Jack saw a dragen man wearing a grey shirt and black pants walking behind them; studying the face, he saw that it was the same dragen from the previous store.

Is he shopping at the same places at the same time, or is he following us, he asked himself? Shrugging it off as paranoia from the losch invasion, he ignored the thought, but maintained situational awareness of his surroundings.

At the next store, he found several pants with cargo pockets at thigh level, but they were too reminiscent of the uniform he’d worn for days out in the field without being able to change or shower. Continuing his search, he then stumbled across pants that were more covert-tactical: multiple pockets that were functional and the thigh pockets didn’t bulge out the sides like he had grown to dislike.

And the material was tough while being able to stretch to limit flexibility loss, while pants of other fabrics seemed to be designed to be as restrictive as possible. At least in the groin area…

Buying several pairs in a variety of colors, they exited the store. Looking around, Jack didn’t see the dragen man, so he relaxed his anxiety about having both his hands full of bags while a potential threat was lurking.

“How about we take these bags to our hotel and then get something to eat?” Drohn suggested.

“Sounds good.” Jack simply replied, still feeling unease. As they walked, he spotted a dragen man wearing a grey shirt and black pants in another window, but the reflection was too distorted to see the face. “Let’s have a seat for a while.” he said, heading over to a bench without waiting for a response. Setting the bags down, Jack turned to face Drohn and the people behind him, seeing that he wasn’t paranoid.

“Need a rest already? No wonder why you lost the hunt so quickly…” Drohn teased, not getting the reaction he’d hoped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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