Korean Affair Ch. 04

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Ji Yong and Kate hardly had time to see eachother for the next few weeks. Christmas eve was the last time they had managed to meet up, since then their affair had been confined to sexts and a single round of phone sex.

Things were changing quickly for Ji Yong. Though he and his wife had talked about sending their girls away to Canada for a year of foreign education, something that seemed a prerequisite for a good university, it had always seemed a far way off. During a phone call with her sister, his wife had been offered the chance to bring the girls over and start them in school for the new semester…in 2 weeks. It seemed like too good of a chance to miss, so his wife and daughters were trying to pack up their whole lives and move in just a few days.

Like many of his coworkers, Ji Yong was about to become a ‘goose father.’ He would stay in Korea while his wife and family lived in another country. He would have to work hard to support them, but they would have a better future for his sacrifice. He was about to go from a household of 4, to 1.

His wife and daughters were going to live with their Aunt and go to the public school. They wouldn’t experience as much stress as in a Korean school and they would be able to have fun, something that seemed forbidden in Korea. The cost of sending children abroad is usually astronomical, but with housing taken care of and no private school cost, Ji Yong’s already generous salary would be able to take care of both their households. He would go over and visit them a few times a year, but would otherwise live a lonely life until his wife moved back after they graduated in 3 years.

Though he tried to keep his family separate from his activities with Kate, he couldn’t help but think that the move would have a big impact on their relationship. Not that he had to try very hard, but Ji Yong hid his time with Kate. With his family gone, he would have more free time, and no one to lie to. He was excited to see what would happen in a few days when he said goodbye to his family at the airport.

He had told Kate everything that had been happening, she was an easy person to confide in. She kept neutral, neither saying the move was good or bad, she just told him to wait to see how it all worked out. She made no promises of what would happen after he was left on his own.

The first few days after his wife and daughters left felt like any other. He was used to no one paying attention to him, so no one to talk to was normal. He rarely saw his daughters anyway, they were usually studying at hagwons or sleeping when he got home from work. Coming home to a dark house was usual, the only thing is that he didn’t have to sneak around and be quiet. Sleeping in bed alone was the only thing that threw him. Though he and his wife stopped having sex years ago, they did share the same bed. He found the large bed cold and empty.

A few days after his family left, he had his first meet up with Kate. She asked him to meet her at a restaurant rather than a hotel. He wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing, but he was aching to see her. Two weeks without touching her was driving him crazy. He swore his balls had swollen with stored cum and even hearing a text notification from her made him stiffen a little. He could hardly wait to be done with work for the day and head out to see her.

The restaurant was far away from his work, and far away from his home. He had rarely been to their neightborhood in Seoul. Kate was waiting for him outside the door, a blinding smile across her face. His mood lifted just seeing her and he couldn’t help smiling back. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but held himself back. Kate, however, didn’t have the same reservations as she rose on tip toes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Hi, stranger.” She whispered in his ear.

A shudder went through his body. He kissed her back, “I’ve missed you.” He saw she was wearing a long, but thin coat…he was pretty sure it was the one she had worn to his office a few weeks ago. Blood rushed to his groin as he remembered taking the coat off and seeing what she was, or wasn’t, wearing under that coat. “Let’s go inside, it’s cold out here.”

The restaurant had traditional low tables that you sat on the floor at. Not wanting to be away from her, Ji Yong sat beside Kate, spreading her coat across her lap so no one could see up her skirt as she sat cross legged. After placing their order, they quietly sat beside eachother, bahis firmaları content to be in eachother’s company.

Kate held Ji Yong’s hand under the table, twining her fingers with his. “So, how is it at home now that your family is gone?” She didn’t look up at him, just at their clasped hands.

“Not much different really. Even when my family was there, I felt alone. Now I just sleep alone too.” He squeezed her hand. “But I will have more time for you.”

A devilish smirk appeared on Kate’s face. “You would have made time for me no matter what.” He laughed. He couldn’t deny it. No matter how busy, he always wanted her. Their two weeks apart had nearly killed him.

“I’m sure your apartment seems empty now. There’s only you there.”

He thought about it. “I suppose it does. The place seems lifeless. Too much for one person I guess.”

“Do you plan to stay there all alone, or move to a smaller place until your family returns?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it. I suppose I could rent it out.” Ji Yong’s mind started working quickly. He could move out of his apartment and find someplace for he and Kate together. Somewhere they didn’t need to sneak around, where no one knew them. The possibilities excited him.

Kate let go of his hand and started to draw patterns on his thigh with a single finger. “You know…my officetel is on the next block.” He met her eyes. “It is cozy, perfect for two people. It is far from your office, but no one knows you here.” She looked at his wedding ring. “No one knows you’re married here.”

The arrival of their food interrupted their conversation and allowed him time to process what she had said. He could practically move in with her, move in with his mistress, with no consequences. His family wouldn’t know anything, in fact his wife would be happy to be making extra money from the rental of their apartment. Yes, he was far away from work, but it was a simple 20 minute subway ride, with no transfers. None of his coworkers lived in this area, and no one else he knew did either. It was an oasis where he could be with Kate 24/7.

Kate’s fingers moved up his thigh as he was thinking, slowly making their way to his groin. He startled when he felt her warm hand cup him. He looked around them to see if anyone was watching them, but they were safe, her hands were hidden from sight under the large table. She started to massage his member though his pants, tracing its outline from base to tip. It quickly grew under her touch and he shifted to relieve the sudden constriction in his pants.

Tucked away in the corner, the rest of the restaurant patrons were oblivious as Kate unzipped Ji Yong’s pants and slid her hand inside. When her bare hand touched his skin, he put down his chopsticks, he couldn’t keep them steady anymore. Starved of her touch for weeks, his cock stretched enthusiastically into her hand.

She closed her hand over the tip of his cock, feeling his precum seeping into her palm. Using it as a lubricant, she slowly moved her hand up and down the shaft. The firm pressure of her fingers and slow movement of her hand was quickly driving him to the edge. He took a gulp of water as his mouth suddenly felt dry. He almost choked on it when he felt Kate pull back the fabric of his pants so his cock was bare for the world to see.

He hunched over a bit, convinced people could see his exposed erection, but no one could. Kate sneakily dropped a few tissues onto his lap in preparation for what she knew was coming. He locked eyes with her, he wanted to cum so badly, but they were going to get caught. She shook her head. No one was paying attention to them hidden away in the corner. She kept stroking him, pulling his shaft from the bottom to the top, exerting more pressure as she got to his sensitive head. Precum coated his cock and her hand by now. Luckily the restaurant was loud enough to cover the sounds their wet flesh made as she jerked him.

He bit down on his lip as he felt his balls tighten. “Kate,” he moaned and his head fell back against the wall. His cum started leaking out of him, pouring out of his hole and down the shaft to where her hand still held him firmly. He could feel her warmth around him as his cock pulsed in her grasp. At that moment, nothing existed but his cock and her hand.

It took a minute to come back to his senses and open his eyes. Around them, nothing had changed, the restaurant continued as normal, Kate used kaçak iddaa the tissues on his lap to clean up his thick cum before tucking him back into his trousers. She zipped them up again and gave his groin a last tap, sort of like ‘job well done.’ He saw she had a pearly drop of his semen on her thumb and watched mesmerized as she brought it to her mouth. Her tongue flicked out to lick it off before she sucked her thumb quickly to get the last of his sperm off of it.

“Do you want to get out of here?” She asked. He could only nod quickly before shakily rising to his feet. His dick was so sensitive that even the rubbing of his underwear against it made it difficult to walk upright, He exited the restaurant half bowing, the only way to hide his still semi hard member.

“Let’s go to your place. You said it was close.” He grabbed her hand, but she pulled him in another direction.

“There’s somewhere else I want to go.” A pang of regret hit Ji Yong. Since he had met Kate over a month ago, they had only met in hotel rooms. As a 25 year old she understandably wanted to experience more than a quickie every lunch hour. She had seen enough cheesy hotel decor for a while.

To his surprise, she brought him to a noraebang, a karaoke room! He was still stunned at her choice of venue when she closed the door to their private room behind him. Two walls were covered with televisions and the other two had a curving plush sofa. The lighting was low and lasers lit up the room in random patterns.

“This is where you wanted to go?” He asked incredulously.

“Mmm hmm.” She pushed him down on the sofa. Grabbing the remote, she punched in a random assortment of numbers. The screens immediately started displaying the lyrics for an idol pop song. Setting the remote back on the table she faced him. She began to sway to the music, and took off her coat, throwing it beside him on the sofa.

“Aren’t you going to sing?” He was beginning to think she had something else in mind as she ran her hands down her body, putting on a show for him.

“Surely you don’t think I wanted to come here to sing.” She began to undo the buttons on her shirt, one by one they revealed her pearly pale flesh below.

“I thought you were sick of hotels, that you wanted me to take you somewhere special.”

Kate slipped the last button out of its hole and pulled the shirt apart to reveal a red lace bra beneath it. He immediately recognized it as one that he had given her for Christmas. “I love going to hotels with you. I wanted to come here to give YOU a new experience. Sex doesn’t only happen in a bed, you know.”

She lifted up her skirt so that she could straddle him as he sat on the sofa. His hand automatically rose to grab her bottom, feeling her warmth through the silk. She leaned down to kiss him, passionately tangling her tongue with his. Her hand slipped between the buttons on his shirt to feel his chest. She found his nipples and flicked them with her fingers, scratching them slightly with her nails.

He scooped her breasts out of the cups of her bra. Freeing their nipples just above the fabric, he started to suck them, sending electric shocks of pleasure through her, culminating between her legs. She began to gyrate her hips against his, rubbing her heat against him through their clothes. Her moans began to fill the room, barely drowned out by the music.

Still using his tongue to torture her nipples, his hand crept under her skirt and between her legs. Opened to straddle him, it was easy to slip up her thighs and find her fabric covered mound. He followed the lace down, seeking the source of her wetness, but to his surprise he found the fabric stop abruptly.

Breaking their kiss so he could back away and look between them, he lifted her skirt so he could see where she straddled him. The panties were an obvious match to the bra she was wearing, he had bought them for her. The thought of something he picked out cupping her most intimate parts set him on fire. He reached for them, eager to understand why they felt strange. In the light he could plainly see that they did not have any fabric between the legs. He had bought her crotchless panties.

“Even I was surprised when I tried them on. I didn’t know you were so adventurous.” She whispered in his ear, her breath tickling him. “This seemed like the perfect place to try them out.”

Ji Yong reached between them and loosened his belt. Undoing his zipper, he pushed kaçak bahis his pants and underwear down his hips. His cock sprung loose and immediately nestled itself between Kate’s delicate and wet folds. His precum added to her cream, he easily slid inside her tight pussy as he pulled her hips down onto him.

Feeling her tight grip on him, he tunnelled further into her, pulling her down until she was sitting on his swollen balls. Sitting on top of him, she began to ride him, easing his cock in and out of her. She lifted herself up until he exited her completely, then switched direction and impaled herself on him once again.

They moved in perfect harmony, each her body accepting him deeply inside her, his shaft hard and commanding as it tunnelled into her. Her moans grew louder and he began to groan as he felt her tighten on his cock. Each time he lifted his hips up, he felt himself pierce and force her pussy to accept his presence.

Through his pleasure addled brain, he could hear signing coming from the rooms just on the other side of the wall. The rooms weren’t soundproof, people could probably hear their cries of pleasure too. In addition to the generations of k pop songs, he could hear his phone ringing. Looking down at his chest, he could see the screen lit up.

Kate reached inside his jacket pocket and pulled out his phone. She turned it so he could see the caller, it was his wife. Ji Yong shook his head, but Kate nodded. She swiped on the screen and held the phone up for him. His wife’s voice filled his ear.

“Ji Yong? Why is it so loud?” She asked.

“Ahhh…” He thought quickly, something that wasn’t easy to do when his hard cock was buried balls deep inside Kate’s wet pussy. “I’m at a work get together. Karaoke.”

Kate’s eyebrow rose as he said ‘work.’ She started to move her hips again, drawing him in and out of her tight pussy. He was finding it harder and harder to concentrate as he felt himself being drawn into her. She was steadily milking his precum from him even as he spoke on the phone with his wife.

He half listened as his wife told him things they had forgotten to pack and would he send them to them. “Just send me a list and I’ll send it on. Listen, it’s too loud here right now, and I can’t get away. Let’s talk tomorrow. Sound alright?” He was losing control as Kate’s pussy began to clench around him, she had fucked herself to orgasm on his cock.

Disconnecting the call and throwing his phone against the cushions, he grabbed her hips and started to lift her up and down on him. There was little doubt in his mind now that their neighbors could hear her cries of pleasure. Burrowing his head deep inside her, he started to fill her with his cum. Hugging her, he could feel his cum slowly leaking out, drawn down by gravity, and coating his balls.

They stayed locked together until his cock deflated enough to pop out of her. With his cock gone, semen began to drip out of her onto him. He grabbed tissue and began to clean her up before wiping the cum off his now limp cock.

They rearranged their clothing and sat on the sofa recovering. He let out a sigh, “Now I’m eager to see the rest of the lingerie I bought you. Were there any more surprises?” She shrugged but there was a twinkle in her eye.

With their time up, they made their way out of the building. He could see curious glances from young males as they looked to see who was having sex in the karaoke room. Their eyes widened in shock when they saw it was a young white woman and him. As he shot them a wink, he had to admit, he liked the admiring glances he got.

Kate brought Ji Yong to her apartment. It had two levels and all the necessary amenities, the most important in his opinion, is it had her. In her bedroom, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city, they had sex throughout the night before falling into an exhausted sleep.

For the first time, Ji Yong did not return home after finding his pleasure with Kate. He loved falling to sleep with her in his arms, falling asleep with his cock still inside her.

Kate woke him up in an amazing way. He thought he was dreaming, but when he opened his eyes, he found Kate was sucking his morning hard on. He came quickly in her mouth and watched as she swallowed his semen. He could get used to this, he thought.

Since he didn’t have a change of clothes, he quickly bought a new shirt on the way to work. He also sent a text to his wife saying that he was going to rent out their apartment.


I hope you enjoyed Part 4 of Ji Yong and Kate’s affair. As always, message me/comment with ideas or request for another chapter. Thanks for reading! XOX

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