Kelly’s Erotic Oblivion

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It was early 2004 and a moderate to balmy evening, Kelly had plans to go out with her friends Lara and Tom; plans were for Kelly to introduce Lara and Tom to one another as sort of a blind date without either one acknowledging so and also so Tom could lift them so the girls could drink and have fun without the worry of driving.

Lara and Kelly had been friends since the first few days of high school; when a few girls made up a group of friends which stuck throughout high school and some long after.

Kelly and Tom had become friends recently and had met at the bar where Kelly was temping; between jobs; he had dated one of the regulars and family friend of hers.

Kelly was at an all-time low in her life after a brake up with Nick; for the man of her dreams Jake; which had also recently turned sour. Jake and Kelly had only matched in the bedroom and quite well personality wise — well so Kelly thought but Jakes opinion was they were only matched in the bedroom and Jake wasn’t ready to be a one woman man; his Portuguese blood running true to stereotype.

Kelly, Lara and Tom were on their way to a pub in Overport when Kelly received a call that her mother had been admitted into the government hospital in the area.

Tom immediately diverted to the hospital.

Kelly learned that her mom was admitted for a stroke and that she was hopefully only temporarily paralysed on the left side and left unable to talk.

After nothing more could be done and they were asked to leave and only return during visiting hours Kelly turned to Lara and Tom and said please just take me to get drunk — she wanted to stop feeling even if just for the moment as all was just too much.

Everything was going wrong in her life all her dreams and aspirations had been taking a back seat and she had to restart her life over and now she was in very imminent danger of losing her mother to!


Things were such a blur all I can remember was that I had asked my friends to get me horribly drunk so that the feelings and the now could disappear. Somehow I phoned Jake or Jake phoned me I still am not sure, he happened to be at a pub around the corner and we headed there.

Upon arrival I sort comfort in Jakes arms using the usual hug and kiss on the cheek greeting as an excuse, but Jake loitered in the hug so I just rested my head on his strong chest and broke.

I detailed what had happened with my mother at which point Jake realising my need to forget the escort buca pain and get lost in the now decided that we should sit at an outside table where I could smoke and have some drinks.

He and Tom decided to go and get drinks.

As soon as they left Lara turned to me and asked if there was anything still between Jake and I, I responded with ‘there will always be a spark but nothing will ever come of it unfortunately — but tonight I would love to have that sexy man take my mind off things and my body to greater heights’.

We were both giggling at that when Jake and Tom arrived back and true to Jakes nature he had bought a round of drinks consisting of shooters.

He placed the first shooter in front of me and simply demanded drink!

I didn’t need much encouragement so before he or the others could lift their shooters mine was downed and I had banged out my completion in three short sharp taps of the glass to the table. Jake simply raised an eyebrow and with a devilish grin (which despite my current situation was getting me excited below) passed me the second shooter saying ‘bottoms up’. Whilst he smirked at me I downed three more shooters before he passed me a mixed drink to have.

A few polite conversations were passed between the three of us whilst we were joking and drinking then Lara exclaimed rather to loud that she was ‘ready to blow this pop stand and go dancing as planned’.

Without warning Jake and I looked at each other and exchanged a glance where Jake just smirked. He turned to the others and said sorry guys I can’t join you I have to get home I just got a message from my security company; my alarm is going off so I will have to give it a miss.

Tom was trying very hard to keep Jake there as he could see that he was getting Kelly’s spirits up. Even suggesting that he go and check up; re-set the alarm and then meet us at the club, but Jake whinged that his place was all the way out in Pinetown and that it’s such a mission to come all the way back, whilst squeezing and caressing my inner thigh through my skin tight denims.

I suddenly felt a hot rush from the spot his hand was on straight to my pussy and the tingle in my pussy had me talking without thought, I’ll come with you I said.

I did not look anywhere but at Jake who grabbed my hand and said we better get going then and shook Tom’s hand and said nice seeing you again to Lara.

I cast a quick glance towards Lara and Tom and said buca escort bayan thanks guys enjoy your evening and quickly looked away as not to see their facial expression.

We made it to his car in record time and we were off towards his house before Lara and Tom had even left the table.

The twenty minute drive seemed to fly by with little words spoke although in his white two door BMW tiptronic it was no surprise.

Upon arrival at his house he shifted nervously in his seat and with a little boy face exclaimed he was not sure where his keys and gate remote was then promptly climbed the gate disabled the motor and manually opened the gate.

After securing the gate once more he led me by the hand from the car around the house to his back door taking off his jacket and wrapping it around his elbow he broke his kitchen window and kicked a few times till his burglar bar screws popped.

Jake climbed in and released the Yale lock of the back door from the inside.

Grabbing my hand he pulled me in slammed the door and rushed us off to the bedroom where we discarded our own and each other’s clothing in a flurry of material and groping for skin contact.

Jake grinded his body into mine whilst he kissed me in a deep primitive demanding manner which only served to heighten the tingling in my pussy which had not stopped since we first touched that night.

I was lost in the passion of his kiss and to busy wandering if my pussy had a mind of its own with the sensation produced that I did not notice till I was too far gone that Jake had pulled first my one and then my other leg up and around his waist, holding me to him and supporting my weight fully, he was rubbing his throbbing dick on my clit and causing such sensations that I had a mind blowing and first ever un-penetrated orgasm of my life.

I was still trying to catch my breath when he dipped his head and started to trace the outlines of my nipple with his tongue then the next and moving back and forth taunting me whilst my need for him pitched beyond any deliberation of control.

I was grabbing fist full’s of his hair and directing his mouth so as to take my nipples but he just threw me to the bed, pounced and plunged his tongue deep into my love cannel; sending me straight back into my oblivion of electric pulses, warmth and whimpers, while his hands roughly sought there full of my flesh as if never to be sated.

Just as I was squealing out my pleasure buca escort he stopped, sat up on his haunches and with the sexiest devilish grin plunged his rock hard cock full tilt into my dripping slit whilst whispering a mantra of how badly he wanted this from the minuet he had seen me this evening.

Jake was pawing at my tits on his inward lightning stabs and pulling my nipples on his egress with gruellingly slow strokes and once again I found my legs had moved without any resistance or acknowledgement, up and along his taunt sweaty body under his armpits with my feet hooked behind his shoulder blades.

My body was reacting without instruction; my hands were clasping at his shoulders demanding more; and I was screaming out harder; faster; deeper and he stopped his enthralling fucking dead and looked me in the eyes and said “tell me what you want — tell me how you want it — now!”

Without any caution I surged forward slammed him onto his back; straddled him and impaled myself on his purple throbbing cock whilst holding both his wrists above my head and growled into his ear “I want you to fuck me into oblivion and make my soft pink pussy gush over your prick — so what do you say stud”

Jake ripped his arms from my embrace pushed me up and off him and swung me around onto all fours and began to pound me deep and hard from behind with his hands clasped on my hips and violently ripping me back into him when he growled “your wish is my command ma’am”

The sensations of his rock hard prick thrashing my cunt his hands firmly guiding me to the exact tempo he wanted pushed me to my limits and a scream escaped my lips forming a mantra of “fuck me like I am a paid for slut — fuck it to me baby — hhmmmmm! Aahhhhhhhhh! and the build if another orgasm tore through my body; violently I shook below him; thrusting back matching his animalistic thrusts.

Jake grabbed my torso and pulled me up whilst still thrusting into me so that my back was pressed to his chest both of us still on our haunches, his one hand cupping my breast and tweaking my nipple and the other gently massaging my clit.

I arched my back into him so that I could take him even deeper and threw my arms back around his neck and grabbed on for the final entry into oblivion.

His thrusts became more powerful with long stroking motions; he turned his head and growled into my ear “let go! Cum with me my Aphrodite” Simultaneously we exploded into our oblivion falling to the covers gasping for breath.

Once we had recovered from our breathless oblivion — Jake pulled up the covers and spooned up to me and whispered into my ear “sleep well my Aphrodite with the morning comes more” whilst cupping my breast with his one hand and my inner thigh with the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32