Just Try Me

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Curiosity killed the cat…. or so I’ve been told. I knew the old adage; I’d used it several times before. Usually, I managed to keep my own curiosity under a solid control, however this time… my curiosity of you got the better of me.

We had talked several times over the telephone and numerous times over the computer. I knew what you looked like because I’d received several pictures of you over the past months. I also knew what your voice was like, rich and flowing. Your voice never failed to produce sexual waves to rush over my body. Another thing I knew was where you lived. We’d made plans to meet and enjoy each other, but they never seemed to come to pass. Something always seemed to get in the way. All these things combined were really the determining factor in what caused me to do what I did next.

I decided to come to you. Not wanting to take the chance that I might hear you say that you wouldn’t be able to be with me because of work or some other thing, I didn’t tell you I was coming. That way if, after I’d seen you, I discovered that you were busy, I wouldn’t have to say anything about it and could just return home.

Once the plane landed it was actually quite easy to find my way to you. I simply hailed a taxi and handed him the piece of paper I’d written your address on and he took me where I wanted to go. I decided that I would freshen my appearance a bit, brush my hair, and make sure everything was in order before I arrived. While I was checking my cosmetics, I noticed the driver kept glancing back at me using the rear view mirror.

“You really don’t need to do that,” he said.

“What is it exactly that I don’t need to do?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“To freshen up like you are doing.”

“And why do you think I’ve no need of it, might I ask?”

He looked up into the mirror again, and said, “Because you are beautiful the way you are.”

I looked at his badge, and found his name to be Dave. A smile played across my lips and just reached my eyes when he announced that we’d arrived at the location I’d given him. My eyes held his as I reached into my pocketbook to pay him.

“Thank you, Dave, for the compliment.” I said as I stepped from the taxi.

I was standing in front of your home. I took a deep breath and said, “Well, you are here now… no turning back.”

When I started to knock on the door I heard something to the side of the house. I had thought that you might of come outside so I stepped toward the sound I heard. I saw nothing, but discovered that the sound was coming from inside the house. I peeked in the window and you were there, plucking out some tune on your guitar. I stood there mesmerized. You were so serious and quite engrossed in what you were doing; I just stood there watching you. My heart pounding, the little voice in my head telling me I was stupid for sneaking around like this. I continued to watch you through the window, you had gotten up to stretch and remove your shirt. I watched you move toward the back of the house and assumed that you’d decided to take a shower. I was proved right when I heard the water begin to run.

With my back to the house, that little voice started up again. ” Are you just going to stand outside his house? Go in and surprise him. He’s not to busy if he’s tinkering with the guitar, much less if he’s in the shower.”

All these thoughts ran through my mind. That did it. I moved back to the front of the house and tried the door. A small surge of triumph electrified me when I found it unlocked. I stepped inside, praying that you didn’t have a huge dog that would pounce on me as soon as I took another step deeper inside. I waited. No growling, no alarms going off, much to my relief. I pressed the door closed behind me, and leaned against it until I gathered my courage.

Silently I moved further into your home, I looked around, taking in as much of my surroundings as I could. I took off my jacket and let it drop along with my purse onto the couch. Slipped off my sandals and made my way to the back, following the sound of the water. As I got closer, I noticed that you did not close the door. You certainly weren’t expecting company or you wouldn’t of left it open, right. I could hear you humming softly in the shower. I had to steady myself against the wall as the sound of your voice rushed over me. So strong was the effect you had on me.

With my shoulder against the doorframe I watched you in the shower. Your silhouette slightly distorted from the shower doors, but I could clearly see that that entire running you are made to do has kept you in shape. Your hair, slicked back against your head from the water, the water running down your body, along your chest and stomach, down over your hips, racing down your legs. It was almost too much to take, as I stood there, breathless, torturing myself by watching you. I still my hands to prevent them from touching my body. I continued to watch you in the shower and decided I’d surprise you. I straightened grup sex up to remove my clothing and stepped into the shower behind you.

What a surprise you got. The second my hands touched your back you spun around to see just WHO was invading your privacy. I almost laughed aloud, the look on your face when you discovered it was me standing behind you. Your hands slid around my waist and pulled me in close to you. I looked up at you and smiled, ” Surprise!” I said, lowered my eyes.

Your finger beneath my chin brought my eyes back to yours. Your eyes were glowing. Again I found myself mesmerized, unable to move, your mouth moved closer to mine until our lips met. My body shook as your lips touched mine, I went up on tiptoe to deepen the kiss and let my tongue touch yours. I felt your body tense as more of our bodies touched. As our lips and bodies parted, a smile upon my lips, “I thought you might need some help washing your back” I said.

Your eyes darkened for an instant then the laughter rumbled from your chest. You tossed the washcloth at me and simply turned around. As I lathered the soap into the cloth I admired your backside. The length of your legs, your amazing ass, the lines of your back, I noticed again how tall you were. Your hands were splayed against the tiles of the shower, but as I touched you, I saw your knuckles go white. Almost like you were fighting to keep them flat against the wall. The muscles in your back fascinated me, tensing and relaxing as my hands moved over your heated skin. Your head dropped down to let the water spray over your head. I washed your back and let the cloth drop to the shower floor, my hands moved over your backside. My fingers ran through the soapsuds on your back leaving finger tracks, my hands slipped a bit lower to your gorgeous behind. I heard your breathing sharpen, almost like I shocked you and you tensed again. I kept my hands on your body and let the water rinse my hands at the same time as it rinsed your body. You didn’t move. In fact you had gone perfectly still.

I moved away from you, suddenly very unsure of myself. Was I wrong my coming here like I did? What was I thinking, breaking into this man’s home and invading his privacy like this? Could I have been more stupid? You aren’t what he thought you would be. You don’t look like he expected you to. I’ve upset him by coming here. Could I of misinterpreted what I thought was a look of pleasant surprise for something else. I hoped I was wrong, but you weren’t saying anything, in fact you’d not even moved your head out from under the water. You were exactly as you were when I finished washing your back. Something close to panic had taken hold of my insides. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body as I stepped from the shower gathering my clothes from the floor and left the bathroom. This was definitely not how it was supposed to go. I never should of come.

I just started going in the direction my feet took me. You found me in your room, standing near the window. My clothes clutched to my breast with one hand the other hand held the towel, still wrapped around me. Something behind me moved, I turned, with tears welled in my eyes, you were standing in the doorway with a towel around your waist. Water rivulets slipped down your chest into the towel. You looked so good, all wet and most definitely all male. I wanted to reach out and touch you but I wasn’t sure of your reaction to me now.

“I shouldn’t of come. Please, let me get dressed and I’ll go.”

“Go… go where? I know you don’t think you are going back to North Carolina.”

“Y-yes, I only meant to surprise you, and I know you weren’t expecting me, and I only wanted to be with you and…. ” the words rushed from my mouth.

“Hush… You certainly managed to surprise me.” you said, and gave a small chuckle.

“I am sorry. Please, I’ll go. This was a mistake, I didn’t’ mean to upset you by coming here. My curiosity got the better of me. I should of known better.”

“You know what they say about curiosity, don’t you? It killed the cat.”

The tears had started to roll down my cheeks when you stepped closer to me. I tried to back away but wasn’t able to as I was against the wall. Your hands came to my face and your thumbs wiped my tears. I kept my eyes lowered, you already knew I was crying and afraid I’d upset you, but I couldn’t look you in the eye. I felt totally vulnerable.

“There is nothing to be sorry for, Angel. You surprised me is all. A very nice surprise I might add.”

At the use of your pet name for me, I looked up at you. I knew, somehow, that it was going to be ok. That I was right in coming here, and that you weren’t upset that I was here. Every nerve in my body was on end. I shivered as you continued to touch me. You dropped one hand to my chest took my clothes and dropped them to the floor. My hands went to your shoulders, uncertainty in my eyes, I looked deep into yours. What I saw in your eyes latina fuck tour porno was breath taking. Desire had clouded your beautiful green eyes, which made you incredibly sexy. I wanted you; in a way I’ve never wanted anyone.

As you stepped back, your towel slid from around your hips to pool on the floor. ” Your turn.” you said.

I shook my head because I KNEW what I looked like naked and was self-conscious about my body. I CERTAINLY didn’t want you to see me in the daylight. I knew you’d said you like larger women, but there was still a part of me that was afraid that when you actually saw me naked you’d shun me.

“Angel, you came to me to give me the chance to worship you. Let me do that. “

“Seeing me with clothes on is one thing, seeing me with nothing on is another.”

“Ahh, you are right, however, you were just in the shower with me and you didn’t have anything on then and I enjoyed the feel of your luscious body against mine.”

My face flared red, and looking deep into your eyes, I allowed the towel to drop.

Without the cover of the towel, I was at a loss. At a loss of what to say, what to do, what to feel, I continued to watch you as you bent into me, our eyes held for a moment and we kissed. My heart began to pound and my mind started racing toward all the things that I wanted to do to you, and what I wanted you to do to me. My hands went to your chest, touching you was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. You felt so good beneath my fingertips. I let my fingers go where they wanted; I had to learn your body. I simply had to. I had no way on knowing WHEN or even IF we would ever have this chance again, and I intended to remember every moment of it. Deepening the kiss, my hands slid up around your neck, pulling you into me. With more of our naked bodies touching it was difficult to hide what I was feeling. My body betrayed my pleasure, as the kiss was broken.

Your hands slipped around my waist and you rested your open palm against the curve of my bottom and pulled me even tighter into you. I arched my back crushing my upper body into yours. I was on fire. I had to have you. The desire to have your body moving against mine was very strong. The searching look you gave me as I took a step back told you what you needed to know. From a kiss alone, you had aroused my body. I stood there and let you take in the effects of the kiss we shared. I let you study my body. I could see that the kiss definitely affected you. You were highly aroused, your cock was hard, thick and beautiful.

“See what you do to me? A kiss and you have me hard and ready.”

I blushed but looked you square in the eye. I moved over to the bed and sat on the edge. Your eyes watched me as I moved.

“Are you really pleased I am here?” I asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Look at me, Angel.” you said, as you moved to the bed next to me. “What do you see? If I wasn’t pleased that you are here, I would of already seen you out the door.”

I watched your face and eyes for a moment, then said, ” I know that your body responded to mine. I also know that you are as aroused as I am. But that doesn’t mean that you are happy I’m here.”

“If you have any doubts about being here with me, I want you to say them now so we can get them out of the way, because I have full intentions of having my way with you and I’ll not have you thinking it’s an obligation because you showed up unexpectedly.”

“I just want to make sure. We’ve not gone so far that we can stop. I don’t want to stop. I want you as I’ve never wanted anyone. I took a chance in coming here the way I did.”

“Yes, you did. You have no need to worry anymore. I am happy that you came to me, that you are here with me now. Sitting on my bed, totally and gloriously naked.”

“Now, tell me, do you have any more misgivings about being here?”

“Kiss me” was my answer.

Rising up off your knees, you put one hand on the bed and the other on my neck and shoulder. Pressing me to the bed you did just that. Eyes lock, bodies touch, breath mingles and heat bursts between us. The bed shifts as your weight comes down on it. My hands hold your face between them; slowly I begin to pull you toward me for the kiss. Your lips demanding, mine, soft and inviting. Your tongue licks at the corners of my mouth. The feel of your mouth against mine is intoxicating; I let my fingers sink into your hair as a soft moan escapes my throat. Finally, my tongue touches yours. Almost like a jolt of electricity shooting through my body, I jerk and relax into the sensations you are causing.

One of my hands slips back down to your chest and I push you backwards as I turn my body… you are now laying on the bed with me lying beside you. My confidence building with each minute… I kiss my way from your lips, down your neck, across your chest and down your stomach. I let my mouth take the course that it wants to, I’m not in a hurry, and lezbiyen porno we have all the time in the world. Your hard cock rubs against my cheek and I turn my head to lick along the length.

A sigh of pleasure burst forth from me as my tongue touched your cock. I open my mouth and let you slide deep inside. The change in your breathing is quite audible; a small smile passes over my face. My tongue laying flat on the underside of your beautiful cock, I press the tip up to apply pressure on the head. My teeth graze just slightly against your hardness. With that, your hands move into my hair and lock around my hair… the sharp pulling of my hair heightens me awareness of what I’m doing at the same time a moan slips from around your cock. My hands slip down to hold your ball sac, rolling them gently in my hand… a slight squeeze now and then.

Your hands threaded in my hair and the movement of your hips tells me what you want. Subtle movements turn to demanding ones. My mouth closes tighter against you as my tongue curls around your cock. Your sharp intake of breath tells me you like it. I start squeezing the sides of my tongue together and pushing against you with the tip of my tongue while my hand kneads your balls. My rhythm changes to keep you off balance, when your hips start pushing up against me again, I know that it works. I want to taste you, all of you, but I’m not ready for it to end just yet.

Releasing you from my mouth… I swirl my tongue around your cock head one more time and kiss my way up your body. Your hands are still in my hair and you help pull me up your body. Sitting astride you, I rock my hips back and forth, just enough to allow your length to slip between the lips of my pussy. My heat, your hardness, knowing this is actually happening, is almost too much for me. From this position, you have a very good view of my body; your hands drop from my hair to my shoulders. Sliding gently over my curves to my breasts. Your hands rub against them open and flat, as your hands come back up you allow my nipples to slip between your fingers, and you pinch them. My head falls back as the pain courses from my nipples throughout my body and a sensual moan erupts from my throat.

With a quick movement, your hands leave my nipples and go to my hips. Lifting me slightly then pushing your hips up, you impale me on your hard cock. A gentle scream rips from me. Our eyes lock in that instant and you have that little gleam in your eyes. My eyes close and my back arches as you continue to pound yourself up into me. Rocking my hips to assist, my clit is rubbed against you with each movement we make. Little sparks of pleasure fly through my body randomly. Knowing that they will all come together for a fantastic orgasm, I enjoy the sensation. Your hands at my hips dig in deeper, like you are trying to get completely inside me

Another sudden movement and you are on top of me, my back pressed into the bed. Automatically, my hands move to the head of the bed to push against the headboard.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long. To have you in my bed, taking your body and making you mine.”

Between ragged breaths, I beg for more. “I’ve wanted you for a long time too, it’s why I’m here.”

“OH GOD!!!!!!!! Angel, I’m not far off, I’m going to cum”

“Not without me you aren’t!!”

I rock my hips against you and stimulate my clit even more. I can feel you get even harder inside me and you start to shake. One of my hands reaches down and taps on my clit… sending me over the edge. My muscles clench against you and hold you inside. As my body holds you inside, it releases your orgasm. Your hips thrust into mine. Each thrust getting harder until you are spent completely.

You collapse onto me, and my arms move around you, holding you to me. THIS is what I’d imagined it would be like. You raise your head, our breathing still erratic, look into my eyes and smile. I couldn’t help but smile back at you. Raising your body up with your arms, your face takes on a serious look.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Angel, I was just wondering something is all”

“And are you going to make me guess what you were wondering?” I said with a quirky grin.

“Another time, probably, but this time. No”

“Sweetie, what is it that you are thinking?”


“Yes of course.”

“I was wondering if you were on any form of birth control.”

I must have gotten a frightened look on my face or something because you leaned down and kissed me softly. You kissed me until you knew the look was gone. I decide that I like your kisses.

When you raise your head, I look you in the eye, “No, I’m not on any kind of birth control.”

“Good” was all you said.

I could feel the smile spread across my face. I knew you were looking down at me and I close my eyes and revel in the sensations still coursing through my body. You move, I felt it, but I didn’t open my eyes. When your lips touch my breasts, my eyes fly open to look down at you. Again, my hands move to your shoulders and hold your head to me.

That little voice started up again… “See, I told you everything would be ok”

I pushed the voice out of my head and concentrated on what your lips were doing to my breasts… Most erotic.

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