Just Rewards

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The awards dinner had been a quiet affair. The meal was a step above the typical rubber chicken that seemed to be a trademark for these events and despite overcooked vegetables, the desserts were appealing and tasty. After the tables had been cleared an announcement came over the PA that a quartet would be playing music and the dance floor would be open.

I had left my wife at home for the night. Even though spouses were welcome, she had no desire for an evening of speeches and food that was only passing. So I attended alone, hoping I might see someone I knew. The purpose of the evening was to thank the volunteers for a successful event that had been smoothly run on a limited budget. This had required hundreds of workers in a variety of venues, but the banquet was to honor those in charge. I had volunteered to run one of the sporting events, and even though it had been a success, I breathed a sigh of relief that it was over.

As the tables and dance floor were cleared, people began mingling freely, after dinner drinks in hand. It was then I noticed someone I thought to be a former co-worker, Kate, looking as though she was lost. Crossing the room toward her, I made eye contact with her and her demeanor changed to a smile.

“I was wondering if there was anyone here I knew,” she said.

“My God. I haven’t seen you in ages. How have you been? You look great! Were you here for the dinner?”

“Oh, I just arrived. I wasn’t going to attend, but then I thought ‘What the hell’ and decided to pick up my volunteer pin and have a drink. I was bored at home. I just moved back and have a new job…one that I really like.”

Kate and I had a bit of a history. We had worked together in the same department for a number of years before she transferred to a different employer. When I was first hired, she took me under her wing whenever I had questions, and we developed a close friendship. Kate was a single mom with two kids, now teenagers. She had been divorced for a number of years—since before I knew her, and occasionally she dated men outside our mutual circle, none of whom I knew well and none who seemed to be right for her. She was attractive enough, but I think she was also picky about whom she dated.

Kate had her kids young, and despite approaching middle age, she had retained her youthful vigor and looks. She was petite, probably only 5’3″ but had a nice figure even though she covered it up with conservative clothing. Her red hair and green eyes insinuated a hint of devilry, however.

Work had put us together on a number of occasions, and over time we learned much of one another. We shared frustrations with our work, and I tried to be a shoulder to lean on when she needed it. Occasionally she divulged other frustrations as well, and once after venting to me in my office about a variety of petty issues, she burst out with “Maybe I just need a good fucking. But I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon.”

Kate had always been a perfect lady around me, occasionally letting her hair down with a slightly racy joke, but I had never heard her use coarse language–or even swear for that matter. I smiled awkwardly at her comment, but thankfully I was seated behind my desk because I had an instant hardon. And from that moment, I tended to look at Kate a bit differently.

I had previously noticed that Kate sported a couple of nice, perky breasts even though she usually minimized them by the way she dressed. On rare occasions it became obvious that she sported a nice set. As casual Fridays became more common, she would sometimes wear designer t-shirts that showed off those assets. One hot summer Friday when the air conditioning was blowing full blast, her prominent nipple display turned more than a few heads from the staff, both male and female. Her breasts became the hot topic at the water cooler.

Our relationship gradually developed into what I considered innocent flirting, and eventually something more. At one point after she had left for her new job, we found ourselves at the same Superbowl party, each unaccompanied. My wife hated football and Kate was still single, so we ended up sitting next to one another and catching up on our lives as the revelry and drinking typical of those events ensued. The game was a bit of a blowout, and early in the fourth quarter, she asked if I might give her a ride home when I was ready to go. She had been dropped off by her son and it would be easier if I gave her a lift since it was on the way.

“Sure, no problem.” We were both a bit tipsy from a couple of hours of drinking, but I felt good enough to drive. “Let’s go now. The game is all but over.”

We thanked the hosts and left even though others decided to stick it out for the finale. Once in my car, she seemed to be smiling nervously, and I asked if something was wrong.

“Not really, it’s just that I’ve missed all you guys. My new job isn’t near as much fun and the people there are pretty cold. I wish I had stayed with the old crew.”

We chatted about her new canlı bahis position and in short order we arrived at her condo. I parked in a visitor space.

“Would you like to come in? I’ve done some redecorating.” Her smile was warm and affectionate.

I looked at my watch out of habit. “Sure, I’d like to see it. Been awhile since I’ve been here.” I had helped Kate move some heavy furniture when she bought the condo, but I had never really been invited in socially.

I followed Kate in and up the stairs to her living room in the split-level design. It had been freshly painted and she had purchased new furniture including a comfortable looking love seat where she directed me. “Sit down and tell me what you’ve been doing that’s fun.” She joined me and I leaned back, still feeling no pain from the party, and joked about the terrible game we had both just witnessed as well as a few work stories. I tried to look her in the eyes, but her cashmere sweater only accented her perky boobs, and Kate’s erect posture made them appear bigger than I remembered.

Laughing at one of my stupid comments, she leaned back, her globes jiggling with her laughter, and turned to face me. I sensed something I might regret was about to happen because her smiling face was now just inches from mine, and then suddenly she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth.

“I’m so glad to see you again. It’s been too long,” she said, as if the kiss was supposed to be a sisterly peck, but then she placed her hand lightly on my knee. A pregnant moment followed, and I leaned over and returned her kiss awkwardly.

“Sorry. That was a bit forward of me, but I couldn’t resist,” I said.

“Oh, no apologies necessary. I’ve always liked you, you know that” she replied.

We were inches apart, and I could smell her perfume mingled with her breath. She was smiling, her lips parted slightly, and now I couldn’t resist. Between the alcohol and the tempting vision in front of me, it was all over. I leaned forward and kissed her again, but this time much longer, and what started as a light smooch soon turned into an all-out embrace and an open-mouthed kiss. Almost immediately I felt her tongue sensuously exploring my mouth and I responded in a similar fashion. Her sweet breath mixed with just a tinge of alcohol inflamed me even more. Locked in an embrace and exploring each other with our tongues, I felt her hand roam down over my back and thighs, caressing me gently.

“Oh!” Kate uttered a quick gasp her hand passed lightly over my crotch and the noticeable pronouncement of my rigid penis. When we came up for air, her eyes were wide open and her breathing heavy.

She paused and stared at me as if uncertain about what to say next. Finally, she spoke. “The kids are gone until tomorrow.” Her expression seemed to imply hope.

I didn’t know what to say, and I hesitated for just a second before my libido kicked in and I responded by kissing her again. I let my had slide down her back to her hip before I brazenly placed it on her breast, and as I caressed it, her breath quickened. Kate’s nipple responded to my touch and became instantly erect through the thin fabric of her sweater.

Kate moaned in response to my touch. Her tongue danced in my mouth in response as I squeezed those orbs.

“Your breasts are wonderful. I’ve wanted to feel them for years. They’re even firmer than I imagined.

Kate broke our kiss and looking me directly in the eye, placed her hand on top of mine as I squeezed a ripe globe. “They’re yours. I hope you enjoy them.” She directed my hand under her sweater where only a thin bra lay between me and her ripe flesh.

We stayed that way for several minutes, my hands exploring her curves while she tongued my ear and moaned dirty words of instruction. Finally, she stood and took me by the hand, leading me to her bedroom.

Her king-sized bed had been hastily made. Her clothes from the previous day lay draped over a chair by the closet including a sexy bra hanging by the strap. A large mirror hung above the headboard and I watched as our reflections entered the room and stood at the end of the bed. She turned to me and kissed me again. “I need this so bad. I want you to make love to me. It’s been so long since I’ve been fucked. I need a good fucking.”

Her use of the word “fuck” both shocked and excited me. Other than the confession she had made to me years before, Kate had always been prim and proper. Kate more closely resembled the stereotypical librarian rather than a lady of pleasure. But her dirty talk succeeded in arousing me even more and only intensified my desire. My cock stood at attention and strained against my dockers. The image of my tented pants in her mirror was almost laughable. She looked down and gasped at the snake desperately trying to free itself from the confines of my pants. We kissed again standing there and I felt her groin push into my erection and wriggle against it.

Our embrace soon became a frantic effort to get out of our clothes between bouts bahis siteleri of kissing and groping. Kate pulled her sweater over her head, shaking her red mane free and revealing a sheer bra supporting breasts as beautiful as I had imagined. She reached behind and unhooked her bra, lowering one strap at a time until she was holding the cups over her nipples in fake modesty.

“Should I take it completely off? I’m so embarrassed,” she added coyly. Her smile said it all. She was performing and doing it well.

“Please!” I begged. And slowly, one breast at a time, she lowered the garment to reveal two perfect tits capped by large pink puffy nipples. Her pointy breasts, now free of their support, seemed to defy gravity and jutted from her chest like a pair of large bananas. Her engorged nipples begged to be suckled.

And I responded appropriately, my mouth immediately went to a ripe nipple, licking and sucking first one and then the other. Kate moaned and held my head as I enjoyed her bounty, moving back and forth between each tit.

“I love to have my nipples sucked…god, it makes me so horny.”

By now I was naked except for my jockeys, and Kate moaned aloud when she reached down to fondle my cock desperately trying to free itself from its confinement. I looked down to see her hand grasp the shaft and rub it from the tip to my balls. After stroking me a few times through the cotton fabric, she reached inside the waistband and grabbed the shaft directly. I was rock hard and needed no more incentive despite the pleasure she was providing by stroking me.

Kate was also naked except for her panties and her petite frame with her round apple ass and gravity defying breasts caused me to pause and take it all in while I kissed those glorious orbs. We collapsed on the bed, a tangle of writhing limbs, both moaning in pleasure, kissing, licking, and groping one another. I lay on my back sucking first one breast and then the other hanging over my face while she pumped my cock, all the while instructing me in the most graphic language what she wanted me to do to her. Finally, I pulled away and kneeling at the end of the bed, pulled her panties down over her ankles revealing her beautiful loose pussy lips, shaved with only a tiny fringe of red hair above. I spread her legs and placed my mouth over her thick outer lips and licked her slit, soon dripping with her juices.

“Oh my God, that feels so good.” Kate voluntarily spread her legs even further apart, giving me free access. “Lick my cunt. Stick your tongue in my cunt. Please.”

I obeyed her filthy commands by attacking her with all the more energy, licking from her ass to her clitoris, stopping only to bury my tongue deeply in her passages. In minutes she was screaming and moaning, her head moving from side to side and occasionally raising up on her elbows to watch as I made love to her with my tongue. “Oh god, I’m going to come. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

I pushed on the back of her knees and Kate showed her flexibility by spreading her legs until they were nearly flat on the bed by her ears, giving me unfettered access to her ass and vaginal area. As I licked and sucked on her clitoris, I sensed she was getting close, and I inserted a finger into the tiny star of her ass. Suddenly her body froze, and then a series of convulsions took over as she screamed aloud and erupted into a huge orgasm. I continued working both holes with my tongue and finger until she stiffened one final time and then collapsed in a heap, her body as limp as a rag doll. My face was covered in her sweet nectar.

“Did you like that?” I crawled back up on the bed next to her. Kate lay there for a a few seconds, breathing hard, and then rolled on top of me and kissed and licked my face passionately, her tongue tasting her own juices fresh from her orgasm.

“Holy fuck! That was just what I needed. Now, I’m going to fuck you. I want you to put that fat cock in me and fuck me like a dirty whore.” She was now grinning, almost evilly, as she lowered her head and kissed my stomach while sliding my boxers down to where I could kick them off. My cock sprang to attention and in seconds she had grabbed it and wrapped her lips around the head, straining to take in more and sucking so hard her cheeks were hollows. I spun her around and spread her legs on either side of my head, licking her loose labial lips and slit. We remained in that 69 position for a few more minutes.

Once she had me at full mast again, she spun around and straddled me with my prick sticking up between her knees. She stroked it a few more times and then raised up and crawled forward until my cockhead was centered under her slit. She sluiced it back and forth between her pussy lips, wetting the head with her juices before finally planting her pussy lips around the head. Slowly, inch by inch my she lowered herself onto my rigid shaft until only an inch or two remained.

“God, you feel so good. Your cock is filling me up.” Kate looked down and watched as my prick disappeared in bahis şirketleri and out of her while she squatted up and down on the shaft. When her ass was finally in contact with my groin and I was fully inserted in her, she leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of me, her breasts grazing my chest, and slowly worked her hips up and down and in tight circles.

“Yeah, like that,” I advised. “Your pussy is so tight. Nice and slow.” I watched as her labia stretched around my cock when she raised up. Her juices ran down my shaft as she worked her ass up and down with a steady rhythm. She leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue dancing in my mouth while her ass ground into me. The result was a surge of cum eventually working its way from my groin to my cock after only about 10 minutes of fucking.

“If you don’t slow down, I’m going to cum in you soon. You feel so good. Oh God, Kate, I don’t think I can last much longer.” I tried thinking of anything except an orgasm: football, work, the weather. I didn’t want this to end. This was the best fuck of my life. My cock had never felt so big and hard.

“Go ahead. Shoot it in me. Fill me with your hot cum. I want to feel your cock squirting inside me.” She redoubled her efforts and now she was pumping her ass up and down with a frenzy, alternately gyrating in tight circles. She was leaning back, her arms behind her on the bed for support and her breasts jutting up toward the ceiling, her nipples swollen and shiny from my sucking them. The combination of this petite lady I had thought to be shy and reserved talking dirty to me while I stared at her unbelievable body and gravity defying tits proved to be too much. The sight of her quim sliding up and down my cock put me over the edge. With a huge grunt, I met one of her thrusts with a lunge and grabbing her by the hips, held her locked to me, my pulsating prick buried.

“Oh fuck,” I yelled as the cum shot out of my cock and deep into her waiting pussy. Wave after wave of jizz filled her until she could hold no more, and it began draining out of her and down my shaft. Finally, when I was completely drained, she slowly raised her ass off of me and leaned down, staring at the cum oozing from her pussy lips. She pushed a finger inside her cunt and pulled it out, covered in white goo. Then, smiling, she sucked the cum off of her finger. When it was clean, she bent down and licked the cum off of my cock and stomach where it had pooled.

With sticky goo still coating her lips, she crawled up to me and gave me a sloppy kiss, transferring the some of the milky mess into my own mouth before licking it back and swallowing it. She wiped her lips with an index finger, and smacking, swallowed the last of it.

“Where did you learn to fuck like that?” I was so exhausted from my climax, I still struggled to get my breath. “I have never cum so hard in my life.”

“Did YOU like that?” she said, teasing me with my own question. Her smile was almost evil. She giggled and leaned down, pressing her nipples into my chest and licking the last remnants of cum from around my mouth.

After some cuddling and a bit more fondling of those pert tits, I eventually got up and after a final kiss at the door, made my way home. As I drove, I was a mixture of emotions. Excitement, betrayal, confusion, and a hardening cock just thinking about the past hour. No way did I want to wreck my marriage, but sex is a strong motivator. And as it turned out, the decision was made easier when Kate quit her job and moved. Other than viewing her on social media, our relationship seemed to just end.

But fate proved otherwise, and now, here we were at a banquet, alone, and she looked fantastic. Kate was wearing a form fitting black dress, cut just low enough to show some cleavage and hint at what lay beneath. The dress was backless, so she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, yet her perky breasts seemed to float in the air. If anything, she had lost some weight in her hips even though her boobs remained large for her petite frame.

We found a table and sat after I bought a couple of drinks. Kate had a perpetual smile on her face as we caught up and reminisced about old times. Our fling was never mentioned, however.

Eventually the music began, and the dance floor began to fill. After several songs, Kate asked if I had enough courage to dance with her. “Of course. It would be my pleasure.”

The song was a slow classic, and even though I could fake it as well as anyone, clearly Kate was a skilled dancer. She floated on the dance floor, and so we danced to several similar pieces. After a few drinks, our bodies seemed to meld, and as I held her, I could feel her breasts pushing into me. Soon it was more than her breasts, she was pushing her hips into me and my cock was responding appropriately. I didn’t want to be too obvious in front of everyone, but I was turned on to the point where others were going to see my obvious erection, so I begged her to take a break.

“Do you have something in your pocket, or is that a hint that you like me?” Kate looked up and smiled that saucy smile. “By the way, my kids have moved out of the house. I’m free tonight if you’d like to stop by and have a drink with me in a more private setting.”

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