Just for Her

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She came home to an apparently empty house.

Strange, though, since his car was in the garage.

There was a note on the kitchen counter:

I’m upstairs waiting. Go take a long, hot shower and put on the outfit that I left out.

Don’t worry. I’ll make you dinner afterward. :^)

She went upstairs, passing by the closed bedroom door, and into the bathroom where she did in fact take a very long, hot shower to rid herself of the day’s stresses. There was a gift bag that she assumed would hold the outfit he had in mind. She peeked in it to find that it held only a note:

You’re perfect the way you are right now.

She lingered, brushing her hair and putting on some dark makeup, thinking about what was going to happen. If she were to be honest, she would admit that she was getting a little excited just getting ready.

Finally, she turned off the lights and entered the bedroom.

The room was lit only with candles but as her eyes adjusted she could see just fine. He was tied with thick leather cuffs and rope spread-eagled to the bed, although a sheet covered most of him (who knew how long he had been there). He was blindfolded and had a gag in his mouth. He also had earphones in his ears.

She smiled at the raging hard on poking up under the sheet.

Coming closer to the bed, she touched his arm. He jumped, his whole body tightening. He didn’t know she had come into the room.

There was card on his chest. The envelope had her name on it. Picking it up, she read:

Please help me fulfill my most intense (current!) fantasy: to satisfy you with no thought of, or ability to, gain any pleasure from it. To truly have all the focus on you.

Your pleasure will be your gift to me. My frustration will be mine to you.

Have fun. Cum for me.

She pulled back the sheet to see his naked body only to see that, no, he didn’t have a hard on. He was wearing the strap-on with a purple dildo pointing straight up in the air. And his penis was locked up in that chastity cage…whatever…thing. She was a little upset. She had already told him that it wasn’t something she was interested in and that he should get rid of it. She knew that she sometimes liked to make him frustrated (because he craved it so) but that was just too much.

What to do?

She could see that he was serious. Bound as he was, cut off from hearing or seeing and no way his cock was going to get any pleasure, he really was just there for her. Or at least, she knew, that’s what he thought. She’d rather have him any time.

She pulled the sheet back up over him and stood up for a moment, pondering. She reached behind his head (causing another jump) and loosened the gag. She pulled it out of his mouth and he licked his lips. She pulled the headphones out of his ears. The mask stayed on.

“I thought maybe you left,” he said.

“Thought about it,” she said. “Explain this. I told you I wasn’t interested in that thing.”

“I know. It’s going, I promise. But I have fantasized about this exact ‘scene’ for months.”

“I know, you told me all about it that one day.”

“Yes. And I just want to do it just this once. I just…”

“Yeah, you’ve dwelling on it, getting yourself all worked up. I know you,” She said while she refastened the gag and gently pushed the headphones into his ears. He felt her straddle his body, her face close to his. She pushed the blindfold up so he could see and kissed his face around the gag.

He wanted to kiss her back so badly that he groaned in some small anguish.

She slid down his body, but he could only see her face, the way she was laying on him. When she got down to the dildo, she put it in her mouth. She proceeded to give “him” a blowjob while he watched in surprise. Oral wasn’t her thing and he certainly hadn’t expected that.

She came back up and pulled the blindfold down again. She kissed him again and pulled out one of his earbuds. “Prepare to be used,” she whispered before sliding it back in place. He couldn’t stop the smile on his face as his body shivered.

She first moved down between his legs. Another shock as he felt her hot breath kütahya escort on the chastity cage, inside which he immediately tried to get hard, with little success. She lifted the cage up and began to lick it, her tongue lightly brushing the skin of his penis and his balls. First one, then the other, then taking them into her mouth and soaking them with her saliva. He was sure this had him moaning, but couldn’t be sure.

She began to slide her hands all over his body. Up and down his arms, across his chest and belly and down his legs. It felt amazing. He knew that she didn’t know it, but he often found that just as exciting as her hand on his cock. As she continued, her touches got more sexual. Her fingers stroked his face and neck. Her fingernails lingered on his nipples, she ran her hands up his thighs and stroked his balls and caged cock. He had little to concentrate on except these feeling and it was overwhelming him.

He felt her straddle his hips and the dildo move. He could tell she was doing it; she was going to fuck me.

Or it.


He wanted to thrust into her but tied as he was that was impossible. He felt the familiar movement of her above him and then, ever so slowly, felt her rock up and down until she sat on top of him, the dildo embedded deeply inside her.

He thought his head would explode. In his mind’s eye he could picture the scene, just as he had imagined hundreds of time. And then he remembered: He was only imagining it now. He couldn’t see or feel or hear anything. He wasn’t really going to be part of this at all. He groaned in frustration.

She fell forward, her hair falling onto his face, rocking on the dildo. She sat straight up and continued to use the fake cock. She leaned way back and stroked, driving the toy against the walls of her vagina. All he felt was the pressure of her body working for its own pleasure while he laid there, hoping beyond hope for any real pleasure at all. But…nothing except the inadvertent teasing that her hair against her face and her breasts brushing his chest provided. But he couldn’t see her wild hair or touch swinging breasts. He could not reach up to kiss her flushed face. He couldn’t put his hands on her throat. He couldn’t hear if she was moaning or not, if she felt good, or saying anything.

This fucking went on for a good twenty minutes and then she started to move faster. He braced himself: she was going to cum. But she stopped herself more than once and gently massaged herself with the toy before again going faster. He imagined the look on her face as she worked herself closer and closer to that ultimate satisfaction. Realizing that she was taking her time and enjoying it, he found that he was drooling around the gag in his mouth.

To his horror, after stopping one more time, she slid the dildo out of her and moved up towards his face.

She wasn’t going to cum! She couldn’t reach it and was too embarrassed to use the vibrator. This was turning into a complete failure.

Then she yanked the blindfold off his eyes.

The first thing he saw was that her eyes were glazed over with sexual excitement. He had seen that look before. She put her index finger against her lips in the universal “don’t talk” sign and pulled the headphones out of his ears. She undid the gag.

Breaking eye contact, she slid back onto the dildo. She sat upright.

“Excited?” she asked with a smile.

He nodded.

She bent to kiss him but when he reached up with his mouth, she moved away so he could only feel her hot breath on his lips. So frustrating.

“Too bad,” she whispered. She sat back up and reached behind her with both arms to grab the cage on his cock, which she grasped in her warm hands.

His cock lurched and his balls ached.

“You’re leaking like crazy.”

“No shit,” he thought in dismay.

“This is really what you want? I don’t understand why you would want to be so frustrated, which I can see you really are.” She bounced the cage up and down. She let go and began again to fuck herself on the dildo just as, he had only imagined moments before, she had been doing before.

She lara escort fell forward again. Very purposefully, she dragged her nipples back and forth across his chest. She pushed back to jam the dildo into her cunt, pressing on it for five, ten seconds at a time. She stopped suddenly and sat halfway up with her head thrown back. She had an intense looked on her face until she relaxed her body and looked down at him. Her eyes blazed.

“I need you now,” she said.

He tried to croak, “Okay,” but nothing came out.

She reached down and kissed him so deeply he almost couldn’t catch his breath.

She began to fuck herself against the dildo. He tried to push back but the way he was tied prohibited most movement, which he found he hated. Her head hung down and his vision was obscured with her hair most of the time, but when she lifted her head, he could finally see her gorgeous breasts. They hung in front of his eyes until she lowered her chest and scraped her hard nipples ran across his chest again.

Another sudden stop and long pause and then…finally…”Very slow, very gently,” she instructed him and placed her left nipple against his mouth, which waited, open.

She sat quietly, bent over in concentration, eyes closed, while he licked and nibbled at her as softly as he could. She switched breasts and he did the same. She carefully managed his access, easy to do with his restraints, and more than once pulled out of his mouth completely while she rotated her hips on the toy embedded in her, her head hanging. He wanted to kiss her so bad. As the moments passed, he began to get slightly more aggressive; sucking harder, brushing his teeth against her skin. As he grew more insistent, her body matched that by moving up and down the hard shaft inside her. By now she was panting heavily. She pulled back suddenly, her right nipple leaving his greedy mouth with a loud pop.

“When I tell you, suck,” she hissed.

Adjusting her legs slightly, she slowly moved the dildo inside her while her breasts brushed and bounced against his face. He could do little more than provide a lick here or there until she pushed her breast into his mouth and gasped, “Suck. Suck. Suck!”

He did, and within moments she started repeating, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” louder and louder as her body at first stiffened, then convulsed on top of him. She spasmed outward, lengthening her body for an incredibly long time and then recoiling into a more relaxed position lying on top of him, her nipple slipping out of his mouth as she did. Her legs twitched.

It was easily the most amazing orgasm he had seen her experience. Here, on top of him, lay this beautiful woman, orgasming (more than once, surely) and shuddering and twitching, her breath heaving. It was also the most frustrating moment of his life. He could do nothing. His cock was throbbing and basically just pumping out pre-cum but he couldn’t feel it. He couldn’t touch or hold her although he longed to do just that. He could do little more than lay there and just try to enjoy her feelings while pushing his manic frustration aside.

She lay there, moaning and gasping, her head next to his, buried in the pillow.

“So beautiful,” he whispered into her ear, fruitlessly trying to kiss her. “Thank you. That was amazing.”

After about three minutes, she pulled herself off the still perfectly rigid toy with a heavy groan and laid down next to him, her head on his chest. She reached down to grab the sheet bunched up around his feet and pulled it over them, incoherently mumbling something that he could not understand and then she basically passed out.

While she dozed, he had time alone to think about what had just happened. Unfortunately, this was nearly impossible because every fiber of his being was sexually aroused with no chance for relief; a totally unnatural state for any man to be in, especially one that had already gone nearly two months without orgasm despite near-daily stimulation. Although she was becoming a master at the whole tease and denial that he craved, this was a whole new level of wonderful, intense, confusing, mind-blowing frustration. lara eve gelen escort He was in such a mental state that he wondered if he could stand it. He was almost afraid for her to wake up, untie him, uncage him. Could he control himself? Would he? At the moment, that answer was almost certainly a no. He needed to cum. Badly.

He thought of how amazing she was. This wasn’t her fantasy, it was his. She’d told him that she didn’t like the chastity cage and preferred his cock to any dildo, but that didn’t seem to stop her from giving him what he wanted without hesitation. How lucky could he be?

He tried to look down but couldn’t see anything, still tied, so closed his eyes and imagined her body. Her face and neck, her breasts, her hips and marveled that they were, in fact, all his. He shuddered.

The throbbing in his balls made him realize that he was only making things worse on himself so he concentrated on relaxing. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe deeply and evenly, willing his mind and body to relax. After a few minutes of fighting off more erotic visions of this woman he felt his mind coming down from the high he was experiencing and he could literally feel the sexual tension begin to leave his body. He realized just how tensely he had held himself but soon was relaxed, just enjoying the warm heat of her body against his.

~ ~ ~

Somehow, she knew exactly what to do, even though it would never have occurred to him in a million years. He just wanted to be loose and inside her.

When she finally woke up, she stumbled to the bathroom and then came back after washing her face to wake herself up. She lay back down where she had been and reached for the dildo still standing up obscenely under the sheet. She tugged on it.

“That what you wanted?” she asked.

“Oh god, yes. That was incredible,” he said, “but I really need to fuck you now.”

“Yeah?” She asked with some enthusiasm in her voice.


Pulling the sheet down, she unsnapped the strapon from his hips and reached down to release his bound legs, which he flexed appreciatively. She moved up and, breasts dangling over his head (on purpose, he was quite sure), released his wrists. He immediately threw his arms around her and kissed her deeply.

“The key is there on your nightstand,” he said, looking at it.

“Where’s the other key?” she asked.

“You have it. In your drawer, I guess.”

She rolled over and found the key. She rolled back holding not the keys, however, but the bottle of sesame oil.


“I don’t think you can be trusted,” she said as she moved between his legs. “I know I said let’s get rid of this thing, but how about we keep it…on…at least until you’ve calmed down. It’s been what? Almost two months? You don’t want to ruin that and cum now, do you? Here, let me see if I can help with that calming you down.” She poured oil all over his cock; he could feel its coldness run along his caged member and drip down on to his balls.

“Oh his god,” was all he could mutter in frustration as he fell back and waves of pleasure began to roll through his body. His stomach was already an empty pit from what he had just gone through. She was going to amp that up even more.

He was tempted to tell her to stop, for god’s sake, but it already felt too good as she snapped the bottle shut and began to rub him everywhere: tugging gently on the cage, rubbing his thighs, rotating his balls in her fingers, even reaching into his asshole with a slippery finger. Her hands were everywhere but where he needed to be touched and the frustration his cock felt was causing waves of chills throughout his body.

He was writhing in a combination of pure agony and pure pleasure as she worked him over. She smiled to herself. She didn’t really understand it, but knew that he wanted to be teased just as much as possible and she was happy to oblige him. She had to admit that she sometimes enjoyed pushing him and she wondered what that said about her. But she didn’t care; they were happy. Eventually, her hands slipped over him, finally slowing and growing lighter until she decided that he had had enough.

He was floating in some alternate universe now. He certainly couldn’t move or speak. And all this because he had thought it would be a good idea to put his cock in a steel cage so that it could not be touched. He almost cried at the thought, but smiled instead.

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