Junior Year, Tristan’s Story

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A new semester was beginning at West Arlington University and with it came an entirely new class of freshman. Each of them potentially being a new fraternity or sorority girl, or if the guys had their way, new lovers. During the day all the older students headed out to the freshman dorms to help them move-in and more importantly to introduce themselves to the new students. The entire day was an attempt to recruit new members and garner a good reputation among the new class. Tristan’s effort; however, was more focused on attractive girls than anything to do with recruiting new members for his frat. Tristan was 5’8 with dark features, wavy hair that hung down past his ears, and an Irish accent that had always made him easy to remember. He was never the type to get dressed up, preferring a band shirt and jeans over anything else. His choice of clothes reflected the way he lived; unless you were close to him he didn’t care what you thought, and his personality always seemed to go with the flow even though he had his own river. To others he seemed unafraid to do or say anything, but he never developed an ego or felt he was too good for anyone else. Life was his to experience and he wanted to get everything out of it that he could.

As Tristan walked through the Park, where the entire freshman housing block was, he saw one girl that grabbed his interest standing in front of one of the more distant dorm buildings. All he could see was that she had far too many boxes in her hands and a nice pair of legs showing out from underneath them. Quickly he grabbed his little brother in the fraternity, Brian, and headed towards the girl. As he approached her he noticed that she was a beautiful blonde with shoulder length hair, bright blue eyes, and pouty lips. “Hey, you look like you could use some help.” he said with his Irish accent “let me grab a few of those.”

“Oh, thank you so much! My mom and I are having a pretty hard time getting all of these into the room. I haven’t seen any of those people that were all lined up out front.” The cute little blonde responded in an Australian accent. Tristan took a few of the boxes off the top of the stack she was trying to hold, and noticed the friendly smile across her face.

“This dorm is pretty far back, so they must not have noticed. Brian and I are happy to help you though.”

“Well thank you. My name’s Terra by the way.” She replied with a smile.

“I’m Tristan, and this my little brother in the fraternity, Brian. I’d shake your hand, but we both seem to have them filled.” he said giving her that half smile he hoped would add a little extra charm.

“It’s nice to meet you,” said Brian, trying to get a word in.

The group made a couple trips from the car to the room together making small talk along the way. Tristan and Brian answered her questions about the fraternity they were in, and after dropping off the last of the boxes Tristan invited her out to his fraternity’s party. “The first parties of the year are always the most fun.”

“Its Hawaiian Luau themed, so just wear something that you’d wear to the beach. Most people go in a bikini or something similar.” chimed in Brian.

“I’ll stop by when my fraternities getting everyone together. See you tonight.” Tristan added.

Tristan spent the rest of the afternoon helping people move-in, including some very attractive girls, but the only one that stuck in his head was Terra. He had of course picked her car to help move-in because of her remarkable looks, but he hadn’t been able to get her out of his head all day due to her Australian accent. He was keenly aware of how an accent could attract people since he was sure his was at least partially responsible for his success with women. There was something incredibly sexy about the way she spoke; the unique way she formed her words had him recalling even her simplest phrases all day.

Night had finally arrived and Tristan and Brian headed up through the freshman dorms to the Terra’s room. There were many open doors as the freshman all got to know their neighbors and Terra’s room was one of them. He approached her room and knocked on the open door. “Hey! How’s it going?” she said with an excited smile. “This is my roommate Dawn, and this is Kelly from down the hall. I told them about tonight and they wanted to join. Is that alright?” Kelly was sitting on a bed waving and giving a cheerful smile; she had long dirty blonde hair and it was easy to tell she was the flirty kind of girl. Dawn was a curly haired and very cute brunette that was organizing her desk. She gave a smile to the boys that had an aura of innocence to it, but as Tristan knew it’s often the most innocent looking girls that end up being the wildest.

“Of course.” replied Brian.

“The more the merrier. I brought some vodka, so we can pregame.” Tristan added.

“Sounds like fun to me!” Kelly said enthusiastically.

“I’ll have one of the younger brother’s pick us up once the party gets started. Does anybody have some cards?” asked czech amateurs porno Tristan.

An hour and a half later, the group had all formed a circle sitting on the floor around the vodka bottle and cards. Tristan, the three beautiful girls, and his little brother Brian had all been playing drinking games for the past two hours during which they had all shared many intimate details about their past as part of the game. Terra was sitting next to him, on his right, and past her was her very giggly roommate Dawn. On Tristan’s left sat Kelly who had taken to constantly touching and leaning against Brian in a very flirtatious way. As the games had gone on Brian and Kelly paid less and less attention to the game choosing instead to whisper quietly and joke with each other.

“I’ve got a jack! That means we play never have I ever right?” asked Dawn. “Well, never have I ever… been in a three-way.”Tristan put a finger down causing some surprised looks,

“Really?” asked Terra with a look of surprise.

“It’s a lot of fun, I highly recommend it” said Tristan with a smile and a wink towards Terra. “It’s your turn.”

“Hmmm, never have I ever… had sex with someone the day I met them.” Tristan put another finger down. “I thought so,” said Terra with a playful laugh. Brian and Kelly’s laughing and whispering to each other suddenly increased and then stopped; without a word to anybody else they both stood up and left the room.

“Can’t imagine what those two are going to go do,” teased Dawn sarcastically.

“It’s almost 11:00, do you want to head to the party?” said Tristan.

“Should we wait for them?” asked Terra.

“I think they are exactly where they want to be Lets just finish this last round,” responded Dawn. It was then that Terra realized her roommate had put a finger down earlier meaning that she had done one of the acts they mentioned.

“Wait! You have a finger down! Which one of those did you do?” asked Terra, shocked at her roommate.

“I’ve had sex with someone the day I met them,” she said to her shocked roommate. “I’m not as innocent as I look,” Dawn said with a giggle. “It’s your turn isn’t it Tristan?”

“Yep, never have I ever made out with someone of the same-sex,” his statement causing both girls to put a finger down.

“Never have I ever gone past first base with a girl” said Dawn intent on putting Tristan out of the game. Tristan put down his last finger and was out of the game, but to everyone’s surprise so did Terra.

“I think there’s a story you need to tell, Terra.” said Tristan with a very interested look on his face.

“Maybe later, we need to get to the party. Come on Dawn lets go change.” Both girls stood up, searched through their clothes, grabbed a bathing suit and headed down the hall to change. A few minutes later, Terra came into the room with a look of mischief on her face whispering excitedly to Tristan she said, “come on, you need to see this!” Just down the hall stood Dawn peaking into a not-so-small crack of a door that had two names on it, one of which was Kelly. As he got closer, Tristan started to hear the easily identified sounds of a couple having sex; bed posts hitting the walls, moaning and groaning and mumbled voices.

Once he reached the doorway Dawn turned to him with her finger against her lips to tell him to be silent. He peered into the crack, which was closer to open than closed and realized that in their drunken state Brian and Kelly hadn’t realized that they never closed the door. Inside the room, Brian and Kelly were both completely naked already in the throes of sex. Brian was between Kelly’s spread legs pushing his cock inside of her which was causing Kelly to moan with each push he made inside of her. Kelly was encouraging him with dirty words “Fuck me harder!” she screamed loud enough for her audience, and probably the rest of the dorm to hear. Brian began to shove his cock into her even harder, more than happy to oblige the writhing body his cock was inside. “Oh fuck! I love your cock. Spank my naughty ass!” He lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, so that her ass came off the bed and gave her a firm slap on her right ass cheek. The three just outside of the door were surprised enough at the sight, but the dirty talk and passion that came with it began to turn on all three of them.

“Is this what you want?” Brian groaned. He leaned forward with her legs over his shoulders allowing himself to get his cock even deeper into her cunt. He was thrusting as hard and deep into her as their bodies would allow. “You like having your ass smacked?”

“Yes, spank my slutty ass!”

“Tell me you love my cock.”

“I love your cock! I love the way it feels! Fuck my wet cunt!” she screamed between her gasps for breath. Brian drew his hand back and gave her another firm smack on the ass. She responded with a loud moan, and clearly loved the way it felt to be smacked on the ass while getting fucked.

Outside the czech bitch porno door the secret audience couldn’t take their eyes off the sight. Terra had moved in front of Tristan and he could tell from her breathing that she was getting excited by the sight. He put one of his hands on her hip and the other on the door frame in front of her, so that he could lean into her; he wanted to feel her body against his. He was sure that if she hadn’t noticed already she would soon feel his hardening cock pressing against her ass through the thin materials of their bathing suits, but the signs that she too was getting worked up led him to believe she wouldn’t mind.

Inside the room, Brian pulled out and rolled Kelly over onto her stomach and then pulled her by the hips so that her ass stuck up into the air. “You want me to keep fucking you?” he said, smacking her hard on the ass.


“Say it again!” he said while sliding his cock up and down the entrance to her wet pussy.

“Please fuck my pussy! Please stick your cock back inside me!” There was another smack on the ass as Brian resumed shoving his cock inside her. She began moaning even louder as he fucked her hard, their bodies smacking together with each thrust.

Tristan’s cock had grown to full length and he knew that Terra must be able to feel it pressing against her. She replied silently by grinding back against him with his cock sliding in between her legs. Dawn was on her knees in front of them so they could see over her, and hadn’t noticed her roommate’s discreet activity because she couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in front of her.

Brian and Kelly were both approaching orgasm and quickly; their moaning getting louder and their breathing heavier. Brian was grabbing onto her hips pulling her towards him while thrusting into her. With each stroke Kelly’s moaning grew louder as did the smacking sound as their bodies his against each other. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” screamed Kelly. “Oh my god, I’m going to cum!” She shoved her head down into the pillow moaning and screaming while Brian continued to thrust into her without slowing down. After her orgasm finished Brian continued to pound her pussy in search of his own release.

“I’m going to cum too!” Brian groaned after a couple minutes.

“Fuck yes! Cum baby! I want you to cum in my mouth!” With that Brian reached his edge and pulled his cock out from her pussy. Kelly quickly turned around, grabbed Brian’s cock and pulled it into her mouth, Brian slowly slid his cock back and forth into her mouth shooting his load as she swallowed his cum stream by stream. Kelly continued to suck his cock, cleaning it of both their fluids before they both collapsed into a sweaty heap on the bed attempting to catch their breath.

With their entertainment over, the secret audience slipped away, but not before Dawn saw Tristan kissing the side of Terra’s neck and noticed the way she was rocking her hips back and forth across his crotch. As they all began moving away from the door Tristan adjusted his hard cock in his pants hoping that Dawn wouldn’t notice. When they had returned to their room Terra sat down on her bed and Tristan took a seat next to her. Each person in the room felt the intense sexual energy, but couldn’t openly express their feelings except for some short statements of disbelief and the huge grins and wide eyes on all their faces. After a few moments Tristan moved behind Terra and put his arms around her which made Dawn realize they could probably use some time alone. “I still need to do my make-up before we leave,” said Dawn who then grabbed her purse and headed for the bathroom. At the door she turned and told the pair, “I should be about twenty minutes,” letting her roommate know how long her privacy would last.

Dawn left the room and headed down the hallway to the bathroom. She had done her hair, make-up and everything else she needed to do nearly a half-hour ago, but she knew her roommate wanted some alone time with Tristan. They hadn’t known each other more than a few hours, but after what they all watched she knew that she would want some release. In fact with or without someone she still needed release, and with twenty minutes of nothing to do but sit in a bathroom she knew one good way to pass the time.

Dawn wasn’t fond of the idea of masturbating on a public toilet, but the alcohol in her system combined with how wet her pussy was meant she didn’t care if it was willing to risk someone hearing her. She checked the halls outside the bathroom to make sure they were empty and looked through every stall to confirm she was alone. She chose the bathroom stall farthest from the hallway, and began to unbutton and lower her Capri pants. Dawn always liked to start slowly, rubbing her clit on the outside of her panties, or in this case blue bikini bottoms first. After a couple min she slipped her hand inside her bottoms and felt around the outside of her pussy, spreading her pussy lips open czech casting porno and wetting the tips of her fingers in her soaking wet pussy. She quickly slipped into her usual masturbation routine, and forgot about the public place she was in. A light moan escaped her mouth as she rubbed her clit in a circular motion and slipped her free hand under her top to play with her nipples.

It wasn’t long before she began to wonder what kind of sexual acts were occurring right down the hallway between her roommate and the man she was wishing was inside her right now. She had only been with two guys before coming to college and neither of them had ever fucked her like what she saw tonight. Although she wouldn’t mind Brian fucking her like that too, it was Tristan that she wanted. She was imagining it was her getting fucked like she had seen earlier, but instead of Brian thrusting into her it was Tristan. She imagined his dark features over her looking down at her saying in his sexy accent, “I want to be inside you Dawn. I want to fill your cunt with my cock.” As she got closer to orgasm she pulled harder on her nipples and began to quicken her fingers motion on her clit. Imagining Tristan pushing his cock into her, spreading out her cunt’s lips as he entered her brought her over the edge and she came hard, unable to stop herself from letting out a moan.

As soon as Dawn had left the room Terra turned around and pressed her lips hard into Tristan’s. They both fell down onto the bed laying next to each other side by side, and after a long make-out session that had been suppressed since he had arrived that night she told him, “I’ve never watched two people fucking before; that was incredibly hot.” Tristan rolled over on top of her and began to press his hard cock against her pussy. Even though they both still had their swimsuits on the material was thin enough that the pressure against her entrance felt amazing and caused a slight moan to escape her lips.

“I hope watching them isn’t the only thing that’s got you horny,” Tristan remarked with a grin on his face.

“Definitely not, I want you so bad!” Terra said with a hint of desperation in her voice. As he pushed his cock against her covered pussy she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it down his shoulders. He leaned back onto his knees to take it the rest of the way off and she took the opportunity to pull his swim trunks down and began jerking his cock before taking it into her mouth. He kneeled there as she quickly slid her wet lips up and down his cock while flicking her tongue across the tip; she was a very talented cock sucker. There was no hesitation in her actions only a haste that had been fueled by the sexually charged night they had happened so far.

He was enjoying the way her lips and tongue felt on his cock, but he knew he needed more than a blowjob. Tristan reached his hands behind her and untied her bikini top allowing him to get his first unhindered view of her perfect C cup breasts. After enjoying her cock sucking skills a little longer he put his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back onto the bed.

Although his cock demanded release and he could tell all she wanted was to get fucked hard, Tristan knew that he had to take this opportunity to really savor her body. He wanted to take pleasure in doing everything he could to her and bringing her to the strongest orgasm possible. For Tristan, bringing Terra to that level of pleasure, truly exploring her body, and drawing out the experience always made the sex for him infinitely more pleasurable.

Tristan started by returning to her lips passionately kissing her, rolling his tongue around hers. He then worked his way down his body, first kissing and sucking on her neck, then moving to her right breast, flicking his tongue across her nipple and then moving to the next repeating his action and using his tongue to circle her nipple before drawing it into his mouth. With each flick of his tongue across her sensitive nipples she let out a quiet sigh and twisted underneath him. Finally, he moved down to her cunt first kissing on the outside of her bikini bottoms against her wet pussy then around the edges of the suit itself. After teasing her to the point of torture he began to pull down the bottoms slowly down her legs, and immediately began to lick the freshly exposed skin. Finally he pulled them down and off revealing the smooth folds of her completely shaven pussy. He lowered his head down, licking first around the outside, spreading the fold of her pussy lips and working his way towards her clit. To her relief he finally pressed his mouth against her clit, flicking it and circling it with his tongue. Tristan then worked his hips around moving his cock to her mouth then rolling onto his back with her on top, so they could sixty-nine. Her amazing cock sucking skills felt amazing and she was enjoying the way his tongue rolled across her clit.

It wasn’t long before she was approaching orgasm, Terra sat up keeping her pussy on top of Tristan’s mouth enjoying the way he was now pressing his tongue into her wet hole. He trusted his tongue into her before replacing it with his fingers and resuming his licking of her clit. Terra came hard on his face as she straddled his head, grabbing both her breasts and arching her back as a loud moan escaped her lips.

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