Joey Finds a New App Ch. 02

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Joey was feeling pretty good after the crazy morning he just had. He couldn’t believe how much his mother and brother fawned over his cock; so much so they seemed to leave their inhibitions behind. Joey certainly had left all his inhibitions last night when he started to tweak his body. He decided to cool off in the shower and revisit the app thinking about his mom’s body and what he had planned. He couldn’t suddenly change her body without her getting freaked out, so he decided to change a few things at a time. Perhaps move some weight from one part of her body to another or something like that so the scale didn’t scare her too much. He also thought he should do it at night when she’s asleep, so she doesn’t notice as well.

His mind drifted off to his brother and the great blowjob he just got. He wondered if he could adjust his brother’s ability to suck it deeper or fatten his lips a bit. Then he thought about his brother appearing more feminine while on his knees sucking his dick like this morning. He remembered the look on his brother’s face when he sucked the head of his dick into his mouth. He imagined his brother with a fat ass and wide hips, maybe some little tits and long blonde hair sucking his huge dick. Suddenly, Joey had to shake it off realizing he was getting worked up again. He shook is head and finished his shower.

Putting on a clean pair of shorts and t-shirt he went to hang his towel and noticed his dirty clothes were gone. Huh, he thought. His Mom must have picked them up while he was in the shower. It’s been a while since she did his laundry but that was the likely case. He brushed his teeth and hair and sprung downstairs to the couch where he laid down and started messing with the app on his phone.

While lying on the couch his mom came out of her bedroom completely flushed and with a basket of laundry. He thought of her watching his brother through the door and then put together she must have gathered his clothes and towel after his brother helped clean up the cum. He wondered if she had masturbated to the scene, she witnessed earlier. He didn’t say anything, but he suspected his mother had just jilled off and was now flush in post orgasmic haze.

“Wow, what a day so far,” Joey thought.

Joey just opened the app when his sister walked in heading to the kitchen. She was two years his senior and currently taking classes in the community college downtown.

“Mornin’, Dork,” she said matter-of-factually as she walked on by to the kitchen.

“Mornin’, yourself Fatty,” Joey responded in their usual banter.

He watched his sister walk to the kitchen noticing perhaps for the first time that his sister was kind of fat. She was also cute and curvy, with long hair, and pretty good proportions where it counted. He brought up her profile on his app and examined her physical features; 285lb, 5’5,” measurements 52-49-56, 46F cup, then continued to her personality profile and confirmed she was bisexual AND a virgin which surprised him. He thought she had a boyfriend for a while, but Joey hadn’t seen him for about a month. He wondered what was happening there.

As he closed her profile and went back to the main screen, Jane came and plopped down at the foot of the couch eating some oatmeal from the kitchen. She had piled some fruit and nuts on as did Joey and Mom, but just larger portions. She curled her feet up under her fat ass and started to eat her breakfast while turning on the TV.

“What’s so hot on that phone of yours, brother?” she said in between bites.

“Nothing, just checking Snap and TikTok stuff,” Joey lied.

“You sure you’re not taking Snaps of your sister’s tits and ass to jerk off too later?” she replied snidely.

“You wish,” Joey replied equally snidely.

As Joey continued to peruse the profiles, adiosbet yeni giriş he realized there was a schedule feature for physical changes on people in his app. He could change their body and schedule it for when they next fell into deep sleep it said. As such he began playing around with his mom’s profile and tightened up her mid-section and equally filled out her ass. He’d have to do this several times for her not to notice something weird was amuck, but figured the long game was the better plan. He also added some weight to her thighs and tits. The variables for tits were specific, much like his cock was on his profile. He could specify the size, color and puffiness of her areola as well as the same for her nipple. He could specify the curve of her breast as well. He hadn’t seen her tits before, so he wasn’t sure what they really looked like, so he increased the areola and puffiness just a bit to be safe. He liked her curves as they were, just wanted them bigger and suckable. He couldn’t imagine getting his mouth on his mom’s tit, but it sure turned him on. He felt the familiar tingle that he had already experienced several times that day and adjusted his legs a bit to get comfortable. He scheduled his mom’s changes and went on to his brother’s profile next.

Adam was a different situation altogether. His slightly feminine features and structure would allow him to make some adjustments without too much alarm, but he wanted to keep it under wraps, so he started with a slight increase in hip and ass and just a bit of extra weight in the breast area. It was selectable as muscle or breast tissue as the hip and ass was also selectable as fat or muscle. He also put a small amount of fat in his brother’s thighs and increased the length of his hair. Finally, he fattened his lips just a bit. He looked at some of the physical features in his brother’s throat to see what he could do to help with his oral skills. Right off the bat there was a gag reflex which Joey nixed entirely, figuring his brother wouldn’t notice and would likely be proud of it. He could also increase the circumference of his throat opening and lengthen his tongue a bit so he could really go to town on Joey’s cock. Scheduled.

He was awoken from his lustful haze by his sister coughing and almost choking on her breakfast. He put the phone down to check on her.

“You alright sister? Or can’t you get the food in fast enough?” Joey said jokingly, but also with a bit of actual concern.

Cough… cough, “Yeah. I’m…”cough…cough, “I’m fine,” she sputtered out. “I was just shocked at the circus tent in my living room,” she replied further.

Joey looked down noticing that his cock had risen to near full mast while he was adjusting the stats of his brother and mother. Not realizing that his briefs and shorts did little to contain the anaconda inside.

“Oh. Shit. Sorry sister. Clearly, I’ve got to put on some jeans or something,” Joey stammered his apology.

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry about, Brother. I was just surprised. I had no idea my brother was packing a baseball bat in his pants. Sheesh!” Jane continued while staring at the tent before her. “You better put that thing away before Mom or Dad come out here and wonder what the hell is going on”.

Joey sat up and hurriedly put a couch pillow on his lap and put the phone away.

“You sure you weren’t taking pictures of your sister for later?” she teased.

“Well, if you’re offering to pose, I’ll happily be the man behind the lens,” Joey replied.

“Hm.Hm,” she laughed. “You wish, brother. This body is more than you could handle in a lifetime,” she teased further. “Although, with that thing….,” she trailed off, shook her head and went back to eating breakfast.

Joey spent a good part of the afternoon adiosbet giriş watching shows with his sister who eventually bailed on him. There was a little bit more playful banter, but eventually she had to go and get ready for work. Shortly after his sister leaving, Adam came down and sat on the couch at Joey’s feet watching TV. He was dressed in a long T-shirt that nearly came down to his knees. It caught Joey’s eye as he imagined him with the changes he implemented for later; he checked out Adam’s legs thinking the extra weight on them would look good. He could almost picture his hips bulging the T-shirt and his hair flowing down his shoulder and his thick lips waiting to suck his cock. Adam glanced over and caught Joey staring at him, then blushed.

“What?!” Adam inquired.

“Nothing, brother. Just imagining you on your knees with your mouth open and hungry,” Joey replied with a smirk.

“Hey, man. It’s not my fault you have some crazy addictive pheromones or something,” Adam defended himself. “Seriously, I was like drunk or something”.

“Hm. I guess. What I do know is that blowjob was awesome. Seriously,” Joey complimented his brother. “I can’t wait until the next one. Maybe another morning BJ?”

Adam blushed again and shifted at the end of the couch. He was glancing down at Joey’s crotch and shifting his position, like he was uncomfortable. Joey watched his brother steal glances at his cock and made a point of giving him a show. He had moved the pillow, lifted and opened his legs so Adam could see down the leg of his shorts. Joey felt his cock start to harden and he made it lurch a few times watching as Adam bit his lip with his eyes glued to his crotch.

“Need some more, brother?” Joey inquired raising his eyebrows.

“Mm Hm,” Adam answered timidly.

” ‘tell you what. I want something in return if I’m going to feed you another load. I want you to go into the laundry room and get a pair of panties and bra from Mom’s clothes basket, then go to the bathroom and put them on. Once you’ve done that, text me a pic and I’ll come feed you,” Joey suggested.

Joey watched as Adam looked at him to decide how serious he was. Joey reached down and stretched the base of his cock out pushing the head of dick out of his shorts a bit to entice his brother more. Adam turned to watch the TV for another minute, then proceeded to get up and go into the kitchen. Joey started to get really excited about the prospect of his brother dressing up for him and wondered whether he was going for a snack or heading to the laundry room to do as he had suggested.

About fifteen minutes later, Joey was about to get up to go out figuring he could check in with Steve or Kevin and see what they were up to, when his brother walked through the living room with a matching pair of bra and panties that belonged to their mother. He was blushing and trying to quickly get to the stairs in case their parents came in from outside. Joey caught him glancing at him to be sure he was watching and then sashayed up the stairs trying to hook his brother like a fish on a hook.

Joey checked out his brother in the girly underwear and instantly grew hard watching his brother head up the stairs and glancing back at him. It was all he could do to wait for the picture but figured if he were to secure his place in this situation he had to wait. His phone dinged and he opened the text which had a picture of Adam holding the phone in the bathroom mirror to capture the whole shot of him wearing his mom’s pink bra and panties. It looked like he stuffed something in the bra as it was not completely flat. Joey grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard as it increasingly ached.

He stood and went up the stairs to his bedroom, shut the door and then went to their shared bathroom adiosbet güvenilirmi where his brother was kneeling in the bra and panties. He had already shut and locked both doors on his end and was waiting for Joey to arrive. Joey walked over to him while holding the base of his cock in his shorts and squeezing it.

“Well, if you want it, come and get it” Joey insisted.

Adam shimmied over to Joey and reached out with his hands to tug his shorts and briefs down. Joey watched him and enjoyed the view of him in girly underwear watching as Adam gently pulled down his shorts and briefs to bring his cock into full view. Adam adoringly grasped Joey’s cock and started stroking it while preparing his mouth to suck and swallow another load. Joey couldn’t wait for his changes to take effect tonight so tomorrow he might get him to deep throat or use his dick-sucking lips to get him off. Adam started sucking on his cock again and stroking at the same time to try to entice another hot creamy load from his brother.

“Mmmm. Yeah. That’s right, brother. Stroke it. Suck it. You want my hot thick load down your throat, so come and get it,” Joey encouraged him.

Adam increased his pace while reaching down to stroke his own little dick with two fingers at the same time. Joey could feel him moaning and slurping on his cock like he was practically cumming himself but could see him jerking his little dick fast. Joey put his foot against his brother’s dick to stop him.

“Focus on me first, brother,” Joey demanded. “Then you can relieve yourself.”

Adam stopped and renewed his efforts on Joey’s cock, sliding his hands back and forth on the shaft while slurping and sucking on the top of his dick. He continued to moan and turn his head left and right trying to get more cock in his mouth.

“Yeah, brother. Keep sucking. You’re gonna get yourself some serious cream here in a minute,” Joey urged him.

“Oh my gosh, you suck dick so good, Adam!” Joey continued. “You’re such a good cocksucker! Keep going I’m gonna cum soon!”

Joey looked in the mirror at the scene before him; his brother dressed in pink underwear on his knees with a huge cock in his mouth. ‘This was hot!’, Joey thought. The image alone was enough to push him over the edge and he felt his cock begin to pulse starting the soon to be cream shower his brother wanted. Joey reached down and pulled his cock from Adam and started stroking it on his face where he knelt with his head back, mouth open and tongue out. His load started thick, white and creamy landing right on Adam’s mouth and nose, then his eyes and cheeks, more in his mouth where he continued to shoot, filling his mouth quickly. Joey reached down with his other hand and held his neck while he finished stroking his cum into his mouth.

“Ooooooh. Wow,” Joey breathed loudly. “Alright, hold that for a second brother, I want to see you covered in my cum”.

Joey reached in his pocket, grabbing his phone and laid his softening cock on Adam’s cum covered face where he took a picture being sure to get the underwear in the shot.

“I’ll save that one next to the one you just sent me. Now swallow and clean up my cum, Adam,” Joey demanded.

Adam did as instructed and swallowed his overflowing mouth of cum and began to swipe more from his face into his mouth. Then licking Joey’s dick and hand until all evidence of cum was gone. Joey watched the display and wished he had recorded it but figured he could get more footage later. He moved his foot from Adam’s dick, noticing the erection and wet spot on his mom’s panties, instructed him to take it out and finish on Joey’s dick like he did before.

Adam stood at once and began stroking his small dick and within a minute, shot his load on Joey’s dick, a little less than this morning. Without instructions, Adam finished, knelt and licked Joey’s cock clean again.

“Wow, brother. You’re getting really good at this,” Joey genuinely complimented him.

Adam blushed and looked down from Joey’s stare, still licking his lips from the cum bath he just received.

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