Janet’s Dinner Surprise

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This story is a little different from some others I wrote but it was inspired by a couple feedback notes back and forth with someone. The woman who wrote the feedback had some good ideas and one became a story idea. So thank you to JL for the ideas. Capturing some of the types of characters has been new for me so I hope all the readers enjoy this.


Janet didn’t hate her job and didn’t love her job. It was a job. She was paid well and generally didn’t have to put up with a lot of annoying things at work. People left her alone, her boss was okay, and it gave her something to do. She didn’t have a big social life. When she was out of college, she was more socially active but it changed as she got older. She was in her forties now and hadn’t been dating recently. But she didn’t talk about it at work. She wasn’t close to anyone in a way that they talked about their personal life.

Today, she had been helping her boss with a presentation. She liked Tom. He treated her with respect. He knew she was a big help and actually she made him look good. He was grateful too. And he never hit on her or anything improper. Sure he stared at her sometimes but most guys did that at least sometimes. It wasn’t because she was so amazingly good looking or wore revealing clothes. Janet was good looking but not amazing. She dressed well but professionally not sexily.

But Janet knew that almost all guys would look once in a while if she bent down and showed a little cleavage because of it. It was harmless and her boss was harmless. In fact, he was married to a nice woman she knew and they had a daughter who sometimes came by the office. Tom’s wife and daughter came by that day around the time they finished up.

Janet was sitting in front of Tom’s desk almost ready to leave when Mrs. Brown and Meredith came in. Tom looked up and smiled.

“OH, here’s Bonnie and Meredith. I think it must be time to be finished. All right, thanks for all your help Janet. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m ready for tomorrow. You have a great night.”

Bonnie was very polite and only mixed into her husband’s business life a little bit. She was in her fifties but with the money to look a lot younger than most women her age. She and her 22 year old daughter didn’t look like sisters but they didn’t look far enough apart in age to be mother and daughter. “Tom, don’t stop because of us! Hello Janet. It’s nice to see you again.” With that, she leaned in and kissed Janet on the cheek politely.

Janet had been about to leave but she was always impressed with Bonnie’s grace and ability to remember names and make people feel at ease. She smiled herself and quickly added “oh don’t worry, Mrs. Brown. We were done anyway. I don’t want to stand between my boss and his dinner!”

Bonnie patted Janet’s shoulder and said, “aren’t you nice? Now, why on earth doesn’t Tom bring someone nice like you home for dinner instead of all those boring young men he’s always dragging over?”

The daughter, Meredith, said, with a hint of resentment, “because he’s always trying to fix me up with some boring accountant he can control.”

Tom was quick to step in. “Ha, ha, very funny Meredith. She’s joking. Of course we’ll have to have Janet over quite soon. Bonnie will make us a meal you won’t forget. She’s an amazing cook, my wife is.”

Meredith was rolling her eyes but Bonnie didn’t let it go. “Perfect idea, Tom. Now, Janet, you can’t say no to your boss, can you? I’m sure you’re very busy but what about next Friday?”

She smiled so sweetly but of course Janet knew she had to say yes to her boss’s wife. “Friday would be perfect, Mrs. Brown, thank you.”

Bonnie reached out and squeezed Janet’s hand. “Wonderful. It’s a date! We’ll see you then.” And the Browns left Janet and went on their way.

By the time next Friday came Janet was okay with the idea of the dinner. She liked Tom as a boss and Bonnie was always friendly. She remembered casino şirketleri what Meredith had said about her dad always trying to fix her up and hoped there wasn’t a son secretly waiting. But she was pretty sure the Browns only had Meredith and that she herself was too old for a son anyway.

She hadn’t seen Tom much and had stopped at her apartment to change into a dress instead of work clothes before dinner. She also brought a bottle of wine.

Bonnie greeted her at the door in a blue dress with pearls looking like the part of the wealthy boss’s wife. She gave Janet a big hug and squeeze and took the wine from her. “You really didn’t have to bring anything at all. We’re just happy to have you.”

They went into one of the largest kitchens Janet had ever seen and Bonnie quickly attacked a bunch of pans on a huge stove. Tom came in from another door. He looked like he had just taken his tie off from work and put on a sweater but he was more relaxed and less formal. He also hugged Janet, something he never did at the office.

“Janet can I get you a glass of wine? Bonnie’s already opened a Chardonnay.”

“Thank you, Tom. That would be nice but please let me know what I can do to help with dinner.”

Bonnie looked over with a fake angry look and waved a cooking spoon at her. “Nothing at all. You’re our guest. Now just sit there and look pretty.”

Janet smiled and thought about how much she liked Bonnie. She was at least ten years older but if her husband wasn’t Janet’s boss they could easily have been friends. Tom was extra friendly as he gave Janet wine and told her how nice she looked. Janet found herself wondering about Tom.

She thought, “He wasn’t exactly flirting with his wife right there but there was a little flirt in his voice. It almost makes me wonder about him.”

She reached out and squeezed Tom’s hand when he gave her the wine and Tom blushed. That awkward moment was interrupted as Meredith came in with her heels clicking noisily on the floor.

She asked for wine which her father quickly got for her while he introduced her. “Meredith, honey, you remember Janet from my office don’t you? Janet, I think you’ve met my daughter before.”

Janet smiled and said “Of course. Hello again Meredith. How are you?”

Meredith just leaned over and said quietly “I’m just glad you’re not another office guy being tried out for me.”

Janet was going to respond when Bonnie came rushing over and grabbed her daughter and pulled her so they stood side by side before saying “Oh, look Janet. You’ll love this. I bought our dresses together. Don’t we look like twins?”

They didn’t look exactly like twins but Janet thought it was cute. They wore very similar blue dresses and had similar figures. Meredith’s was shorter but Bonnie looked every bit as sexy as Meredith in hers. Meredith didn’t have pearls on either, just an open neck. Janet thought Bonnie’s pearls made her look classier.

Janet smiled at them both and said “you both look gorgeous. I love it.” Bonnie was very happy and Meredith tried to look bored but was having a better time than a 22 year old could admit to.

Tom just smiled and said “I’m lucky to be dining with three beautiful women.”

Soon they went and sat in the formal dining room and sat with two on each side of a table. Bonnie grabbed Janet and said “now you sit right down here next to me as our guest of honor.”

Janet was on her third glass of wine and was enjoying all the attention Bonnie was showing her. She kept complimenting her and squeezing her hand. She really felt like the center of Bonnie’s attention. The evening was going much better than she expected.

Then when Bonnie was standing up to serve some soup, Janet froze. She had felt a foot brush her leg like an accident. Then it happened again and not just for a second. She was shocked but she chose to ignore it.

She was no stranger to men hitting on her. It happened a lot in today’s world. But she really didn’t expect casino firmaları it. Tom was always so nice at work and as much as he peeked like any other guy did sometimes, he was a gentleman. Actually, she had almost thought Bonnie was hitting on her earlier. Not really but a small part of her found Bonnie’s constant attention flattering and made her wonder. Janet wasn’t attracted to other women but since she was single and in her forties she knew people sometimes wondered.

But it was Tom sitting across the table. His foot just testing the water a little but with his wife right there and sitting right next to his daughter. Janet was very shocked.

She looked directly at Tom but he wasn’t making eye contact. Then she looked at Bonnie. She didn’t understand. Bonnie was beautiful. Janet thought if she were a man she’d be much more attracted to Bonnie than to herself. Janet didn’t even like women but something about Bonnie was fun and exciting.

But Tom was her boss and she wasn’t about to make a scene. Then she felt the foot again. Now he was rubbing gently up and down her leg. He wouldn’t look at her but then Meredith started talking and Janet had to wait to decide what to do.

Meredith was asking her a question. “So, Janet, are you single? I notice you don’t have anything else happening on a Friday night. No boyfriend? No ex-husband? Just hanging out with my boring mom and dad?”

Meredith looked like she knew she was causing trouble. Tom didn’t seem to know what to say. Janet figured that was because the offending foot was busy pushing its way above her knee. But Bonnie was mad.

“Meredith Brown! That’s very rude talking that way. You stop it this instant. And for your information, your father and I are not as boring as you think. You’d be very surprised to know how interesting we are.”

Meredith just snickered and her dad blushed. Janet wondered if Bonnie knew just how interesting her husband was right that minute.

Bonnie stood up and cleared away dinner dishes before Janet could say anything. She called back to her husband to open another bottle of wine. His feet had stopped and now he got up and went in search of another bottle.

That left Janet and Meredith. Meredith smiled and said, “I’m sure you didn’t cancel a date but don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be home in time for a quickie with your vibrator.”

Janet opened her mouth to yell at the young lady but just then Tom walked back in. “You ladies want more wine?” And he started walking around the table pouring.

At the same time, Janet felt the feet return to her legs and push past her knee and a bit under her dress. But Tom was standing pouring wine. The evil grin on Meredith’s face made Janet realize how wrong she was about what had been happening.

She stared at Meredith who took that moment to lick a spoon. Janet’s head was spinning. She was going to reach down and push Meredith’s foot away but something stopped her. In fact, as Bonnie returned to the table, Janet pushed her chair in closer to the table, hiding her lap from her neighbor.

Bonnie was a good hostess and kept talking so no one had a chance to think about Meredith’s comments. Janet felt Meredith’s other foot now pushing her knees further apart while the active foot slid further up and placed toes on Janet’s panties.

Janet bit her bottom lip and took a drink of wine to try and suppress a moan. It was the wrong thing to do because it only encouraged Meredith. Her toe touched Janet in wonderful ways. Bonnie was talking but Janet didn’t hear a thing.

Meredith said, “Doesn’t that sound like a good idea, Janet?”

Janet had no idea what had been said but she managed to say, “Oh, yes, definitely.”

Bonnie seemed delighted and put her arm around Janet and squeezed her. “Wonderful, Janet! That’s definite then. I’ll make all the arrangements.” Then she remembered something. “Tom, go get the coffee pot while I fetch cups and cream.”

As they vanished back to the kitchen, Meredith güvenilir casino hissed across the table “take off your panties and kick them to me.” Janet must have looked shocked because Meredith quickly added “do it now or I’ll crawl over and get them.”

Janet slipped them out from under her and down her legs. At that point, Bonnie and Tom came back. The panties were stuck on her heel and she had to wiggle her leg to get them off without anyone noticing but finally she kicked them over. Meredith had a very wicked grin and then bent over to pick up her napkin but Janet knew what she was really picking up.

She tried not to watch and call attention but Janet noticed when Meredith had the napkin in her hand and she could see a corner of her own panties just peeking out. Her panties had been white silk, nothing exciting and not that different from the dinner napkins.

Meredith kept dabbing her lips with the napkin knowing it was driving Janet crazy. Janet worried each time that someone might notice but deep down it was also thrilling to her.

Suddenly Meredith sneezed. To cover her face she used the napkin and kept it there “in case she sneezed a second time.” It was all to torment Janet.

After a few more minutes of this Janet decided she would help Bonnie when she cleared the table. All four of them helped clear. In the kitchen after the last dish was brought out, Janet decided she should go. It was time and she was worried about what other teasing Meredith was capable of.

As she prepared to go, Meredith asked “Janet, now check carefully to make sure you have everything you came with.”

Tom was such a gentleman that Janet was ashamed she had ever suspected him of anything. He thanked her for coming and gave her a mild kiss on the cheek.

Bonnie laughed and said, “Come here.” She gave Janet a big hug and held tight while she said, “Now, don’t forget Wednesday. I’ll meet you when you’re done at work and I’ll plan the whole evening. I can’t wait.”

She let Janet go when Meredith said jokingly, “Geez, Mom. Get a room, why don’t you?” Bonnie just laughed but Meredith behind grinned wickedly for Janet to see.

Meredith went off herself saying “thanks for a boring evening everyone. I have to go find a friend for excitement.”

Janet drove slowly home thinking about the whole evening. She had a nice time but was shocked. Meredith’s behavior was primarily what had shocked her but she also didn’t know why she herself reacted like she did.

As she unlocked the front door of her apartment and went in, she decided to put the whole thing behind her. But the door didn’t close. Instead Meredith was there and pushed her way in.

With an evil grin, she said “I went out and followed you. I’m bored.” Then she tossed Janet’s panties on the table. “I was going to tell my Mom you forgot these but I don’t think she’d understand do you?”

Janet shook her head and was about to say something when Meredith kissed her. In her head Janet was going to push Meredith away but she didn’t. She let herself be kissed and then be pushed back into the wall. Then she felt herself kissing back.

Meredith skillfully unfastened Janet’s dress and it fell to the floor. Then she paused and took off her own dress. Wearing just her own bright red underwear, Meredith grabbed her phone and Janet and took a few selfies of the two of them together.

In a few steps, Meredith had them both on the couch. It was a blur to Janet but wonderful. Meredith’s lips were on her nipples driving her crazy. Soon she felt two fingers making love to her. Meredith’s fingers were more skilled than any male lover she’d ever had.

It wasn’t long before Janet was thrashing back and forth on the couch, crying out and finally exploding in one amazing orgasm.

They lay in each other’s arms for a long time. Janet didn’t know what to say so she said nothing. Finally she had to speak. “Meredith, I’m not really….”

But Meredith cut her off. “Janet, you’re whatever I want you to be, whenever I want. Is that understood?”

Janet could not have imagined her boss’s daughter speaking to her this way. But she wanted this again. She just looked and said, “Yes, Meredith. I understand.”

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