Jamie Ch. 03

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I woke up the next morning, alone in the bed. I sat up slowly and looked around the dark room. The heavy curtains were drawn, blocking out most of the sunlight, but where it parted slightly, bright, yellowish-white light broke through. I looked to my left and saw the alarm clock reading 7:30am. I remembered falling asleep, cuddled up with Jamie, but where could she have gone?

A look at the bathroom told me she wasn’t there. The door was ajar and the light was off. I sat up and leaned against the headboard mounted into the wall.

“She better not be getting us breakfast,” I said under my breath. The next thing I knew, the door was unlocking and in walked Jamie with two cups of Starbuck’s coffee; one hot and one cold.

“Good morning, Sleepyhead,” she sang as she let the door slam shut behind her.

“Good morning.”

“I got you a caramel Frappuccino, I hope that’s okay,” she said with a slight look of worry on her face.

“It’s my favorite, but, why…” I trailed off.

“I just wanted to do something nice for you after everything you’ve done already.”

I laughed. “As if last night wasn’t enough?”

“It better not be!” she playfully threatened.

I held up my hands, feigning defense. “Okay, okay. We can repeat last night as many times as you want. Just don’t kill me.”

She laughed and handed me my Frappuccino.

“How did you know to get me this?”

“I saw your mom on Facebook and asked. She said caramel was the flavor you tend to get, and I remember one time you getting a cold drink in the middle of winter.”

“It was in California, that doesn’t count.”

She laughed and sipped her hot caffeinated beverage.

“Well, what’s the plan?” I asked.

“Well, our next reservation is in Oklahoma City. Google Maps says it’s about five hours, so, with the truck and trailer, it’s probably a little bit longer, right?”

“Yep. That thing is a little slow, so it might add a couple hours or so. Probably best to keep each destination only a few hours away like that.”

“Then, we need to start getting ready to go.”

“What time is check out?” I asked, glancing at the clock.

She grinned mischievously. “Eleven.”

“We’ve got three and a half hours,” I said pointedly and threw the sheets off of my lower half. I was still naked from the night before and my dick was growing hard just from her presence. “I’m taking a shower, care to join me?”

We set our drinks down and I got out of the bed, heading towards her. She laughed nervously, backing away. As she did, she unzipped her colorful hoodie to reveal it was all she’d been wearing. I moved quicker and chased her into the bathroom. I caught her at the sink and spun her towards me, planting my mouth on hers. Her arms wrapped around the back of my neck, pressing us closer together. Her pert breasts mashed into my chest. I reached down and squeezed her tight ass, feeling the plush cotton of her sweats.

I pulled away from her, panting for breath. I turned on the shower to get it warmed up and then dropped to my knees. I pulled off her sweats to reveal her beautiful pussy to me again. She was so perfect; I was still in disbelief that she and I were really, finally together. I lifted her left leg over my shoulder and planted my face in her sweet love hole. She grabbed onto the counter behind her with one hand and onto the back of my head with the other for stability as I assaulted her pussy with my mouth and tongue.

Steam began to fill the room so I stood up and pulled her into the shower with me. I sat her down on the bench-like seat in the corner of the shower stall, knelt down before her and returned to pleasuring her pussy. She was already breathing heavy, pressing my face harder into herself.

“Oh yeah. Ffffuuuck. Oh my god. Stop, Jason, stop. Come up here,” she begged; and who was I to refuse her?

I looked up at her from between her legs, waiting for her next request. As I did, I slipped a finger into her pussy to replace my tongue.

“What do you want, beautiful?” I asked her.

“I want you.”

“How bad do you want me?”

She squirmed as I probed my fingers in and out of her. “I need you in me.”

“Beg me,” I commanded softly.

“Please, Jason. I need you, now.”

That was enough for me. I pulled her off of the seat and sat down on it instead. With her back to me, showing off her glorious ass, she lowered herself down, grabbing onto my meat to guide me into her we snatch. Once again her pussy hugged my cock, slowly filling her up. The hot flesh and flesh contact nearly sent me over the edge, but I gained control of myself, breathing deeply.

“God this feels good,” I said.

“Mmmm,” she agreed.

She began to slowly rise up and down my pole, leaning forward slightly and using my knees for leverage. I held onto her butt cheeks, admiring their perfectly round shape and milky-ness of her skin. I bucked my hips into her as she came down on me, her ass slapping against my pelvis. After a couple minutes, I lifted her off of me, turned her around and entered her pussy from behind. She looked so sexy as brazzers porno she looked back at me over her shoulder. I pulled her back by the hips as I slammed forward, gradually picking up the pace.

I was amazed at the control I had, holding back my orgasm. I wanted to make sure she reached hers, but the sound of her moans was growing louder and faster as I sped up.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, fffffuuuuuuuuuuck!” she began to grow louder and louder.

I leaned over her and grabbed her bouncing tits as I rammed into her pussy. It was this act that finally sent her over the edge. I felt myself reaching that end, too.

“God, I’m gonna cum,” I warned her as she came down off of her orgasm.

“Go ahead,” she said.


“I stopped at the drugstore, we’re safe.”


“Trust me,” she said.

I was at the end anyway and blasted my seed into her depths. She stood up and leaned against me as I finished off blasting my cum into her. Her lips found mine and we kissed deeply. I’d never been more in love with someone as I was with her. I just prayed she loved me just as much. So far, her actions were showing that to be true.

When I pulled out of her, she turned and pressed herself into me, kissing me again. The water ran down us as we made out under the showerhead. I enjoyed this as much as fucking her. The connection was more important to me than the sex even. Finally, we pulled apart and washed each other so we could pack up quickly and get on the road.

An hour later we were heading for Oklahoma City. But before that we stopped and filled up the gas tank. As the tank filled, Jamie went into the small store to get some snacks and drinks for the road. I leaned against the side of the truck and looked around the gas station. At the island across from ours, a woman filled her older model Civic while at the other pump a young, tough-looking guy filled up his beat up BMW. It wasn’t much to look at, probably a hand-me-down from Dad.

Jamie exiting the store caught my attention. She looked gorgeous in her tight jeans and black tank top. Her big round sunglasses added an element of class to her simple ensemble. Her red-lipped smile grew as she caught me watching her cross the gas station property. She looked down shyly; even from here I could see a little pink grow in her heavily freckled cheeks. I glanced over at the guy filling his BMW as he very obviously checked Jamie out as she walked by.

“Hey baby, what’s your name?” he cat-called at her. She ignored him and looked back at me again. I smiled at her as she completely blew off the jerk at the pump. When she reached me, she kissed me full on the mouth. If we’d been in private, I’d have taken her right there. “Bitch,” I heard the asshole mutter under his breath. If I heard him, she must have, too. But, she didn’t react to his insult; she just got into the truck and shut her door.

I looked across the gas station at the prick and half glared/half grinned at him. My look was to say, “I heard what you said, but I’m the one who gets to fuck this beauty later.”

“You got a problem, bro?” the guy asked.

I just continued glaring at him, not bothering to fuel the fire with any angry words. I didn’t want to give Jamie the idea that I was a violent asshole, but I couldn’t just let a guy get away with calling her a bitch.

“Say somethin’!” he threatened, bouncing his hands off his chest before spreading his arms in an invitation to fight.

I chuckled and looked away. The gas stopped pumping in the truck, so I pulled the hose out of the tank entrance and replaced it to the pump. As I waited for the receipt to print, I noticed someone walking towards me.

“Seriously?” I said to myself. The machine spit the paper out and I ripped it off as I turned to face the asshole trying to pick a fight.

“You deaf or somethin’, bitch?” he asked angrily.

“You’re calling me a bitch now?” I replied.

“Yeah, I am. You got a problem with that?”

I shrugged. “You can call me what you want, but you called my girl a bitch, too. I think you should apologize.”

“Fuck you!”

“No thanks, dude. You may swing that way, but I don’t.”

“You motherfucker,” he said, stepping closer. I stood my ground and was nearly nose to nose with him when he finally decided to stop. He may have had an inch or two on me, and could probably out lift me in the gym, but he’d insulted the woman I love. In my mind, no amount of muscles could stop me if it came to a fight. However, I was no slouch. I was a good 5’11” and just over 200 lbs myself. My job back home got pretty physical, loading and unloading the work van of the drying equipment needed for the jobs we did. They weren’t extremely heavy machines, but they weren’t light either. And I’d been doing it for about a year now, so my arms had grown a couple inches over that time.

“Look, I don’t want a fight,” I said and glanced up at Jamie’s open window. “Just apologize to the lady, and we can go our ways.”

“Did you miss the part where I said, ‘fuck you’?”

“No, no I didn’t miss that. But, you can say what castingcouch-x porno you want about me; I don’t give a flying fuck. However, shithead, you insulted my girlfriend, and that I don’t tolerate.”

I could tell this asshole was beyond words with me, out of my peripheral I could see his fists clench in anger. Then, quicker than I was expecting, he swung and caught me in the side of the head. My glasses fell off, but I caught them, miraculously, before they could get too far from my face. I pushed them back onto my face as I stood back up and rushed forward. I tackled the prick into the trashcan next to the gas pump and rolled away. I was on my feet before him, so I was ready for whatever else he had for me.

What happened next, I wasn’t expecting. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a switchblade. I looked around and saw the patrons of the gas station just watching, except for the lady who’d been filling up her Civic, she was already on her cellphone talking to someone. She sounded a little frantic, so, I hoped she was talking to the police.

“Really, dude? A knife? You’re going to cut me up over this?” I said, backing away slowly with my hands raised up.

Suddenly tires chirped as a car entered the gas station grounds. The cop car screeched to a halt and two officers stepped out. Shithead stopped his advance on me, knowing there was nothing he could do with two armed cops on the premises.

“Drop the knife!” one cop shouted.

Shithead obeyed and kept his hands raised. I did the same, just to keep the cops at ease, hoping it would prove my innocence of the situation.

The cop who had ordered the guy to drop his knife stepped up, taking his hand off of his gun. He grabbed the guy’s wrist and twisted his arm behind his back, placing cuffs on him and escorting him to the car. The other officer approached me and I turned my back to him and placed my hands behind me.

“What are you doing, son?” he asked.

I looked over my shoulder and slowly turned back towards him, relaxing my arms to my sides.

“I was just making things easy for you, sir,” I answered.

“Just relax and tell me what happened here,” he said.

I nodded and explained the situation from my perspective.

“Did you throw any insults back at him to provoke a fight?”

“I did, but I’m naturally sarcastic, and it especially comes out when I’m scared or angry. This time, both were the fire behind it.”

“Tell me word for word how the conversation went.”

I did as he asked and the officer grinned, suppressing a laugh. He let a small chuckle escape, though.

“You’re either stupid or brave.”

“I think the two tend to go hand in hand, sir,” I said.

He laughed this time. “You’re probably right. So, do you want to press charges?”

“I just want him to apologize to my girlfriend for calling her a bitch.”

“That’s all?”

“He didn’t hurt me, sir. He insulted my girlfriend and I will let it all go if he apologizes.”

The officer nodded. I glanced at his name badge and saw that his name was A. Smith.

“If he doesn’t apologize, will you press charges?”

I shrugged. “I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Officer Smith nodded and jerked his head to follow him. His partner, J. Rodriguez, met us halfway.

“His name is Jared Camp. He’s a student at the Community College nearby. He has a few priors for assault, a DWI and has numerous write ups for being drunk in public,” Rodriguez listed off Jared’s offenses in his past.

“We might have to take him in again anyway. You know, I thought the kid looked familiar.”

I looked over at the truck and Jamie was standing nervously, waiting for me to return.

“Um, sir?” I said getting the officer’s attention again.

He looked at me curiously.

“I’m helping her move back to California, and we really need to get back on the road.”

He looked over and saw Jamie standing there. She smiled and waved nervously.

“You’re with her?” he asked, forcing himself to look at me again.

I smiled and nodded, staring at her.

“We’ll talk to Jared and see if he’ll apologize or not.”

“Thank you, officer. Is it alright if I rejoin her?”

“Of course, we’ll be over in a minute.”

I walked quickly over to Jamie, she looked worried. “Everything’s fine. We should be out of here soon.”

“What happened?” she asked.

“Well, I heard him call you a bitch as you walked across the gas station, and I glared at him. He tried to pick a fight from his car and I ignored him. By the time I put the hose back on the pump, he was in my face.”

“I wish you hadn’t done that,” she said.

“Hey,” I said, gently, but firmly, grasping her by the shoulders. She looked me right in the eye. “No one will ever talk to you that way and get away with it. Not while I’m around.”

She smiled. “That’s sweet, but I don’t want you getting into fights every time someone makes a stupid comment, okay?”

“I’m sorry about that. It’s just…” I trailed off.

“What? What is it?” she asked, concerned.

“I’ve clips4sale porno never been with someone as beautiful as you. Plus, we’ve been friends for so long. I’m just a little protective of you.”

She kissed me on the cheek. “And I love that you are. But, just try and pick your fights better, okay? Make sure it’s something serious if you’re going to fight for my honor,” she finished with a laugh.

“I’ll do my best,” I promised.

“Good. Here come the officers and the jerk-hole,” she warned me.

I turned towards them and waited for them to reach us. I kept quiet, but I was still angry with this guy. I did my best not to glare at him again, just to avoid making things worse.

“He’s agreed to your terms,” Officer Smith informed us. “Go ahead, Jared.”

He glared at me and then closed his eyes as he sighed heavily. Then looking at Jamie he said, “I apologize for what I said.”

“Thank you,” she said. “You’re forgiven.”

“And?” Officer Smith said, nudging Jared.

Jared glared at me. “I’m sorry for pulling a knife on you and for hitting you across the face.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “I don’t blame you for trying to talk to her, but I won’t let anyone talk about her the way you did.”

He nodded, still angry. The officers removed the cuffs and he stormed off to his car and drove away quickly.

“You guys are free to go as well,” Officer Smith informed us.

I shook his hand. “Thank you for your help.”

“Not a problem, just doin’ my job. Have a safe trip,” he said and then he and his partner walked away. Jamie kissed me and then I walked around the front of the truck. I caught both officers taking another look at Jamie as they left. I grinned, knowing what I would most likely be doing with her later that night.


When we finally arrived in Oklahoma City, six hours later, we were wiped. Luckily it wasn’t too late in the day, so we decided to nap before going out for dinner and drinks that night. While we stopped for lunch somewhere, I’d told Jamie that I wanted to take her out that night and she loved the idea. So, while we were stopped, she hopped on the fast-food joint’s wifi and looked up some restaurants near the hotel. She spotted a place that raved of great sushi, and since we both love sushi, we decided that was where we would begin our night. After that we planned to just drive around until we saw a bar that looked like it’d be fun to hang out in.

When we pulled up to the hotel, she ran inside and checked us in. A big thunderstorm we weren’t expecting had rolled in. We’d seen it in the distance, but we thought we’d beat it into town; we were wrong. A couple minutes later she returned with our key cards to our room. She directed me to the back of the hotel and we found enough parking spaces to accommodate the big truck like we had in Little Rock.

Our room was on the second floor this time. I grabbed my small bag and tossed it over my shoulder and ran behind her for the stairs. Even being under the protection of the roof didn’t help; the stairs were still open to the elements at each landing between floors, so the heavy winds of the thunderstorm blasted us with the pouring rain.

She reached the door first and opened it up. I dropped the bags inside and collapsed onto the bed.

“No! Don’t get the bed wet!” she squealed with a laugh.

“Oops!” I said and quickly got back up. I took off my shirt and she did the same. She had on a simple black bra that barely contained her breasts.

“Let’s lay out our clothes to dry while we rest up for dinner.”

I took the two chairs in the room and sat them next to each other and we began draping our clothes on them as we removed them. It was hard not to stare at her as she stripped off her soaking wet clothes. I picked up her black tank top and put it over the wooden back of the chair and did the same with my T-shirt. She then removed her skin tight jeans, but with difficulty. The rainwater had made them extra tight.

She was beginning to lose her balance, trying to pull her feet out of them, so I knelt in front of her for support.

“Let me help you with that,” I offered. She smiled down at me and placed her hands on my shoulders as I held the denim so she could pull her feet out. All that she had left on was her bra and matching bikini cut panties. She turned for me to show that they just barely covered her perfect bubble butt. She stopped, facing forward again, so I pulled off her underwear and she unclasped her bra. I kissed her thighs and she sighed.

“No, not now, love. Let’s rest for now. It was a long drive.”

“It wasn’t that long,” I chuckled.

“Yes, but you also got in a fight this morning and the rumble of that truck engine puts me out like a light,” she went on.

“Fair enough,” I said and then picked up her clothes and spread them on the rest of the chair.

“Now, you are way overdressed for our nap,” she said and dropped to her knees.

She unbuckled my belt and stared up at me the entire time she did. There was nothing more provocative than her gorgeous brown eyes staring up at me. I always got lost in them, like she was putting me under a spell. It was an unnecessary spell if she was. She then pulled off my wet jeans and draped them over the second chair and then did the same with my boxer briefs and then my socks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32