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Frenchkiss Mom

Gregory A. Patrick


Jaiden � Chapter 119

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Greg Patrick


The four dads were sitting together on the couch when Jason Scott walked to his Jaiden and held his little arms up for his dad to pick him up. Jaiden lifted his son and held him to his chest as Jason Scott laid his head on Jaiden”s shoulder. He snuggled as close to Jaiden as he could get and fell asleep. The other children played for quite a while, but little Jason wanted his dad to hug and hold him.


Jaiden leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and savored the tender moment he was having with his son as he rubbed Jason Scott”s back. Peyton and his brothers watched Jaiden”s expression as he held his son, and they were in awe of the tenderness they saw in Jaiden”s face.


All the children were showing signs of getting tired and wanting to go to sleep. So Peyton got their other four boys, one by one, and put them to bed as Jaiden held Jason. When he came back downstairs, he tapped Jaiden on the shoulder to let him know the boys were in bed so he could take Jason to join his brothers.


Jaiden put Jason in his bed without waking him and crept back to the den. He took a seat on the left side of the couch and had Peyton turn as though he was looking out the French doors to the backyard. He pulled Peyton into his arms, leaned him back, and held him against his chest. Peyton had closed his eyes, so Jaiden leaned over and softly kissed his husband on the lips as he began gently rubbing Peyton”s face and the side of his head.


Not once did Jaiden take his eyes off Peyton”s face as he rubbed the side of his head. Eyes were red, and tears were streaming down Jaiden”s face and falling onto Peyton”s. “What”s wrong, Jaiden? Why the tears?”


Jaiden continued rubbing Peyton”s face as he said, “I look at you and realize how much I am loved. I realize how much I love you, and I feel so fortunate and blessed by Hashem.” He continued rubbing the side of his husband”s head as he leaned over and, again, gently kissed Peyton”s lips.


Dale and Charley excused themselves and went to their bedroom to give Peyton and Jaiden some privacy to share their innermost thoughts. Charley opened the curtains in their bedroom to look outside and see the stars as he asked Dale to sit in his lap. As Jaiden did with Peyton, Charley leaned Dale back, rubbed his head, and told him how he felt blessed in their marriage and their children. He leaned down with red, swollen eyes and kissed Dale softly on the lips. Tonight was the night when Dale, Charley, Peyton, and Jaiden realized how fortunate they were to have and to love each other.


When they undressed and went to bed, Peyton laid on his right side looking at Jaiden. Jaiden gently pushed Peyton onto his back, snuggled closely to the love of his life, and placed his head over Peyton”s heart, and gently fell asleep to the beat of his love”s heart.


Jaiden and Dale awoke early and slipped out of bed, and went to the kitchen Dale walked into the kitchen as Jaiden was making coffee. Freshly prepared fruit was in a bowl on the counter, and oatmeal was gently simmering on the stove. Jaiden spooned it into two bowls, added a tablespoon of fresh maple syrup, and topped the mixture with the fresh fruit. He fixed Peyton a cup of coffee the way he enjoyed it, and Dale did the same for Charley.


Each young man took the breakfast to their husbands in their bedrooms. Then, they gently awakened their husbands and fed them breakfast in bed.


“Jaiden, aren”t you going to eat?” “Not right now, sweetheart. I want to lie here and watch you enjoy your breakfast. I can eat when you finish your meal. You are so handsome and amazing; I don”t want to take my eyes off of you.” “I guess you can eat with Dale and Charley.” “Dale fed Charley in bed too. I”ll eat a piece of cheese toast and drink a cup of coffee until we get the boys up and feed them.”


“Jaiden, you are going to have the same thing I ate, and you can sit with the boys and me while you eat it. Cheese toast is not enough for you, and it isn”t as good for you as the oatmeal and fruit are.” “Sweetheart, I love you too!”


Peyton got out of bed and put on some clothes so he and Jaiden could wake their sons, get their needs taken care of before they could get the boys to the dining room to be fed.


They put their sons in their high chairs and placed the oatmeal and minced fruit in front of them. One might think the boys had gotten ice cream for breakfast by the way they dove into their breakfast. They finished their breakfast and had their faces cleaned by their dads before going to the backyard to play. Ginny, Gampy, Granny, and the Reverend were sitting on the deck at Ginny”s, drinking a cup of coffee as they waved at Jaiden and Peyton. They and the dads had a wonderful time watching the children playing in the yard.


Jaiden embraced Peyton and whispered “I love you” into Peyton”s ear. Peyton leaned his head back and kissed Jaiden on his cheek as he said, “I love you more!.”


Dale and Charley got their children fed and joined Peyton and Jaiden on the deck as their children joined their brothers playing in the yard. “Do y”all see that?” “We do, Jaiden, and it is unusual.” “I”ll say it is, Dale. Your daughter is roughhousing with the boys and enjoying it for a change.” “I wonder if that means she had finally developed a tougher skin.” “Either that or she is setting them up to pounce on them at the perfect time.


It wasn”t five minutes later that Alaina Noelle had the boys sitting side by side on the ground as she walked toward the mezitli escort deck with a smug look of satisfaction on her face. Dale went to the steps to help Alaina Noelle up onto the deck. He thought he would get to hold her as usual but quickly found out his daughter had other ideas.


She wiggled out of Dale”s arms, walked to Charley, climbed into his lap, and fell asleep. A tear fell down Charley”s face as Peyton looked at him and said, “That”s a bit unusual, Charley.” “It is, Peyton, and you have no idea how wonderful this makes me feel.” Jaiden said, “Charley, she is showing you that she loves you too, just like she loves Dale, and it is so beautiful to see her do that.”


“Guys, let”s do something different for lunch today. Let”s take the children to B. B. King”s Fish House and get the children some catfish nuggets and tater tots for lunch. We know they love the fish nuggets and fries, but they haven”t tried the tater tots.” Charley said that was a good idea and that after lunch, they could take the children to the park and let them play on the swings, slides, and merry-go-round. Dale cautioned Charley that they couldn”t forget the slides that the children love sliding down while sitting in their dad”s laps.


So that is what they did: they took the children to lunch at B. B. King”s, fed them all the catfish that the boys and Alaina Noelle could eat, and discovered that they loved tater tots just as much as French fries. After lunch, they went to the park, where the children played for over an hour before getting sleepy and wanting to go home.


After the children used the potty and went to bed to take their daily nap, the dads sat on the deck where Jaiden held Peyton and Charley held Dale, and they all promptly fell asleep. They had the baby monitors on the deck with them so that when the babies woke up, they could get them out of their beds and take them outside to play.


Peyton looked at the mountains and said, “I thought these mountains were the Great Smoky Mountains, but the smokies are actually east of here. They are on the east side of Tennessee and run into North Carolina as part of the Appalachian Mountains, a part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But even so, these mountains are so beautiful, so peaceful.”


“Peyton, do you know the nickname of the Smokies?” “No, Jaiden, what is it?” “What is the problem in the mountains of Virginia where Mom lives that I introduced you to?” “Bears?” “Bears is correct. The nickname of the Smokies is Bearadise.”


I remember Greg telling us about the time he and a church group he worked with went to Eastern Tennessee to do mission work around the Mountain City area. As they returned to their motel after working in Laurel Bloomery, they saw a baby bear running across the highway. That is the moment Greg fell in love with Tennessee, and specifically with Laurel Bloomery.”


“Greg likes to tell people he”s been to Gethsemane. He simply omits he went to Gethsemane, Virginia, just up the road from Laurel Bloomery and not to Gethsemane in Israel.” “I bet him doing that is an attention-getter.” “Dale, that”s what Greg claims.” “Greg”s a lot of fun to be around when his sense of humor kicks in. It”s a dry sense of humor but funny.”


The guys heard the children waking up through the baby monitors and went upstairs to get them up and take them outside to play. No sooner had the children gotten into the backyard when Nathan started saying, “Da, Da, cat!” “Finally!” “Finally, what, Jaiden?” Charley, Nathan finally said “Dah, cat” instead of “Da, damn cat.”” “Jaiden, that”s funny. Maybe there is hope on the horizon that what he learned from us is disappearing.” Peyton spoke up and said, “Charley, we can only hope and pray, that and further that Seth doesn”t remind Nathan of anything when they are together.”


“Jaiden, you look deep in thought, is everything OK, or did something catch your thought?” “Dale, have you ever heard of Ravensbrook?” “Not really; what is Ravensbrook?” “I didn”t know about this place until recently, but it was a place built on a picturesque lake by a human turd named Henrich Himmler, head of the Nazi SS.”


“The camp, unlike Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, and Mauthausen-Gusen was a camp solely for females and their children. It was a no-mercy camp through which over 130,000 women and children entered and never exited. The strange thing is that out of the 130,000 plus females and children, only 20,000 were Jewish. Nobody knew about the camp because it was sealed off by the Russians when they liberated the camp.”


“No evidentiary photos were taken at the camp, and there was no documentation of the murders ever found, unlike information found in other death camps. As a result, Ravensbrook was closed and never shown to German citizens or anybody else.”


“When information about the camp started leaking out, it was noted that most of the prisoners were from whatever areas in which the Germans trod; among them Russian, French, Polish, Dutch citizens. Many were women from families who defied the Germans and saved thousands of Jews before they were caught. Others were prostitutes, Jehovah”s Witnesses who called Hitler the antichrist, and others from varying backgrounds: socio-economic, educational, and religious. The only thing they had in common was that every woman was considered “DEVIANTS” BY THE Germans.”


“Everything in Ravensbrook was designed to leave no doubt that the women and their children would not be a part of Germany”s future. Himmler would walk his sorry ass through the camp leaving new orders to affect the women. Sometimes he would order more root vegetables in the prisoner”s soup. Other times he would complain that the murders were not taking place fast enough. When women would arrive at Ravensbrook, they would see manicured lawns, birdhouses, and flowerbeds decorating the camp”s square; once inside, what they saw became a completely different story.”


” Dale, what do you think Heinrich Himmler”s secret was about the camp?” “Please, educate me, Jaiden.” “Dale, the camp was built too small. The barracks were designed for 250 women at most. The Germans crammed 2,000 or more women into the barracks of the concentration camp. The camp was designed to hold no more than 6,000 prisoners at any one time, but there were 50,000 or more women in the camp at peak level.”


“Dale, you don”t like to use public toilets, but in the camp, three doorless latrines served 500 women.”


“When the weather was freezing, there were few if any blankets with which the women could keep warm.”


Imagine the famine and disease that ran rampant in the camp. Imagine being a woman in the prison camp; arising at 4:00 AM every morning; being forced into grueling work building roads, pulling paving rollers like oxen in a field pulling plows.”


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“If they were fortunate to work inside, they spent long, exhausting hours bent overbuilding electronic parts for rockets or sewing uniforms and coats for German soldiers as well. What is incredible is that on Sundays, the women were off work so they could “socialize.””


“Jaiden, since the German”s had so many of the other concentration camps, why build Ravensbrook?” “Dale, one theory floating around is that women were not allowed to be part of the Nazi SS. So the Germans built Ravensbrook to train women as auxiliary officers to be guards at other death camps. The sad thing about the women”s training is that they were often more brutal than the male guards at the concentration camps. Being a female guard in an extermination camp offered the female guards status and recognition that they otherwise would not be afforded.”


“Women guards at concentration camps fought for recognition and status at the detriment of the prisoners they oversaw. Female prisoners were brutalized, attacked by the camp”s dogs, locked in solitary confinement for long periods, and beaten mercilessly.”


“Dale, Charley, do either of you have any idea what Ravensbrook rabbits were?” “No, but it doesn”t sound good.” “It wasn”t; the women called the Ravensbrook rabbits were the women doctors at the camp chose to do experiments on.”


They would inflict deep and painful wounds in the women”s muscles and bones to place pathogens in the wounds to cause infections. Then they would test antibiotics such as sulpha drugs, or sulfonamides, that could be used on the battlefields. Imagine having splinters of wood or glass laden with pathogens into the wounds the doctors created. How hellish that must have been!”


“The bastards didn”t stop with the wounds they inflicted. They would remove bone from patients, insert bones from other “rabbits” into the women, and try nerve regeneration from patient to patient. Nothing was ever typed or matched.”


“The result was that they killed many of the women on whom they conducted their amputations and forced transplant experiments.”


“The German doctor”s practiced sterilization procedures on the Romani Gypsy women with the promise that they would be released from Ravensbrook if they submitted to the procedures. Instead, when the Germans were finished with their “rabbits” in Ravensbrook, they took them to other death camps to be exterminated, camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau.”


“Auschwitz eventually reached its maximum capacity and closed the gates to new arrivals. That forced the Germans to construct gas chambers and crematories at Ravensbrook. As soon as the gas chambers and ovens were completed, the Germans immediately executed and cremated between five and six thousand prisoners.”


“By the time Ravensbrook was closed, between thirty and fifty thousand women had been executed in the camp.”


“Those who weren”t gassed and cremated were sent on death marches which resulted in only fifteen-thousand of one-hundred thirty-thousand women surviving the camp.”


“Thank Hashem that the women who worked in electronics within the camp had the sense to sabotage much of the electronics that went into building the German”s weaponry and missiles. “


“Uniforms they made for German soldiers fell apart on the battlefield, thus helping the allied armies to defeat the German army.”


“The ashes of those women now fill Lake Schwedt that bordered the camp.”


“Jaiden, that Charley and I converted to Judaism, that we stand in honor of those martyrs who died in those camps…I don” know how to tell you how it makes the two of us feel.” “Dale, believe me, I know, and I love you dearly for the stance you both have taken. It makes me immensely proud of you and the way you have honored my and Peyton”s families.


“When I see clouds pass over the mountains every day, I see my grandfathers and my murdered relatives looking down on us. They are smiling in thanks for what we stand for and for those boys we have helped escape abusive situations.”


“I wonder, will we someday be sitting on those very clouds looking down upon our children with pride for how they conduct their lives as we have taught them to do.”


“We can only hope and pray, Jaiden. But, even at their young age, we are already seeing some incredible personality traits in them.” Indeed we are, Dale; indeed we are.”


“So, Jaiden, how do you feel about your training so far?” “Dale, the pride I feel in what Peyton and I have chosen to do is indescribable. Each day, the children we work with teach us so much about resilience, fighting to survive, and especially about appreciation and love. I thought our training would leave us depressed and sad at times, but it has done the exact opposite. Our work has been exhilarating and has bolstered our faith in unimaginable ways.” “Jaiden, what you said puts so much pride in Charley”s and my heart.”


“Charley, Peyton, and I have talked about the situations we are seeing where you and Dale could work with us in our practice to help the children we see.”


“Dale could work in program design and development to help children overcome their anxiety. You could work designing many different modalities that could help the children to recover from their surgeries, chemo, and radiation.”


“That work could be a work in progress throughout the years designing specific treatment modalities and the equipment to help each patient.”


“Jaiden, Charley, and I haven”t even thought about that possibility, but you have given us an idea we can run with. Wow, the thought of helping one child at a time recover and lead a productive and satisfying life…damn, it”s putting tears in my eyes.” “It”s doing the same to me, too, Dale. Imagine the four of us becoming a world-renowned team doing things to help children that have never been done before. You, and Charley, could work with the physical therapists on equipment concepts and design. That would be limitless potential for success and income for you and Charley.”


“We all need to daven about that and ask Hashem to lead us in the direction He would have us go.” “Precisely, Dale.”


“Peyton, slither hither, my love.” “What do you have on your mind, sweetheart?” “Take your gorgeous, cute, bubble butt out on the deck and let the canopy out and let the sides down.” “Why, Jaiden?” “Don”t ask any questions; just do it!” “Yes, sir.”


“If you look straight out the backyard, what do you see, lover?” “Dark skies and mountains.” “Yep. Now, as I said, slither hither, gorgeous.” “Now what, Jaiden?” “Now be quiet and enjoy what is about to happen!”


Jaiden turned Peyton around to fact the beautiful night skies and mountains. Then escort bayan he slid his hand under the tee-shirt Peyton was wearing and began to lift it over his head. When it was off, Jaiden reached down and unbuckled Peyton”s belt, unsnapped his shorts, and pulled them and Peyton”s briefs to the floor, and kicked them aside. That accomplished, Jaiden removed all of his clothes and kicked them over to Peyton”s, and pulled Peyton to the chaise lounge on the deck.


Jaiden had lubed his phallus without Peyton seeing him, sat on the lounge, and pulled Peyton down on top of him, entering Peyton as he sat back on Jaiden. Peyton laid his head back on Jaiden”s shoulder and began to coo as though he was in ecstasy. Next, Jaiden started making slow, easy thrusts into Peyton while kissing the back of his neck and the upper part of his back. That was something Jaiden knew would drive Peyton wild, and he was succeeding in doing that.


As he was making love to his husband, he supported Peyton with his thighs and used his hands to rub Peyton”s chest and stomach. He continued the massage with his left hand as he reached down and grabbed his lover”s penis with his right hand and began to very slowly masturbate his husband. Jaiden”s movements coincided with each other, and after a few minutes, Jaiden and Peyton climaxed simultaneously.


“Sweetheart, that was so erotic and loving. That was the most sensual lovemaking session we have had in a long time.” Jaiden told Peyton to look over his right shoulder.


When he did, Jaiden lightly kissed his husband”s lips and said, “Peyton, I love you more than anything and anybody in this world. I love our boys, but I love you so much more than I can describe. Holding you like this, making love with you like we just did, I am the luckiest guy in the world.”


“Jaiden, I don”t know who is the luckiest or most blessed, you or me. We”ve been a couple for eight years, four of which we have been married, and every day that goes by, I feel more blessed and love you even more. Having your arms wrapped around me, holding me close, and having your body inside mine…I don”t want it to stop.” “Neither do I, sweetheart.”


Jaiden continued holding Peyton on his lap until he naturally slid out of his lover. When that occurred, Jaiden turned Peyton on his side and placed his head against his left shoulder. He tenderly kissed the top of Peyton”s head as he ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed the side of Peyton”s face. How he could feel more blessed, more loved, and more appreciated, he didn”t know, and neither did Peyton. They both knew they were with the love of their lives.


“Peyton, since we both have a rare day off together tomorrow, what would you like to do?” “Jaiden, I have been asking myself that question all day. What about a picnic in the park with all ten children so we could watch them have fun together while you and I get to talk to Charley and Dale. We haven”t done that as we used to in Erie in quite a while. I would enjoy that, and I think Charley and Dale would enjoy the time together as well.”


“You know the children will have a blast playing together, and while they are playing, one of us could slip away and go to B. B. King”s Restaurant and pick up some catfish, corn nuggets, and some cheese grits. We can drink water and use the orange water flavoring we picked up at Walmart. We like the drink, and the children love it. What do you think about that idea, sweetie?” “Do you have to ask? You know I think it is the perfect way to enjoy the day.”


“I thought so; I”ll run it by Charley and Dale at breakfast in the morning.” “Good. Now, I am going to hold you as long as I can before we fall asleep or get up and go to bed.” “Promise, Jaiden?” “I promise, my love.”


“Dale, Charley, Jaiden, and I talked last night about taking the children to the park today to let them play and to give us a chance to sit down and talk to each other like we did back home. What do you two think about that?”


“Peyton, Dale, and I talked about the same thing. Did you and Jaiden discuss what we would do for lunch?” “We thought about catfish nuggets, corn nuggets, and cheese grits for lunch.” “Good, because that is exactly what Dale and I discussed.” Jaiden spoke up and said, “Good, then that is what we will do. I”ll call B. B. King”s and order the food for noon and go pick it up while the children play.”


“Good idea. I can hardly wait to see the children”s faces when they see what they are getting for lunch.” Peyton said he couldn”t either and hoped that an eclipse didn”t happen and it got dark. Their children are dangerous when it comes to protecting their food unless, of course, their grandma”s or the ladies from the temple are around. The ladies are OK and can have some fish off the children”s plates, but the dads, it”s “leave my fish alone!”


At 10:30 that morning, the dads got the children loaded into the van. Jaiden drove his Nautilus and followed the family to the park so he could slip away and pick up lunch. The van would stay at the park in case something happened and everyone needed to head home.


When noon rolled around, the dads started collecting the children and getting their hands and faces cleaned so they could eat lunch. Jaiden unpacked the fish and sides as the dads watched the children get excited about lunch. What caused the children”s eyes to really popping was when Jaiden got fried dill pickles and dip out of the bag. Alaina Noelle immediately tried to commodore the pickles and dip for herself.


The brothers looked at their sister and didn”t say one word. But if their eyes could kill, oh my! The dads were stifling their laughs as best they could as Jaiden pulled out a small order of fried pickles and dip and handed it to Alaina Noelle. The brothers started smiling when they realized they, too, would be getting some fried pickles and dip. Should it be mentioned that Alaina Noelle was delightfully satisfied with the arrangement?


When lunch was over, the dads cleaned up and threw the garbage in the cans provided by the park. Then they headed home so the children could potty and lie down for their afternoon nap.


Jaiden lost his composure and was lying on the floor laughing so hard he started coughing. Peyton walked into the bathroom and asked what was so funny. It took all Jaiden had to stop laughing long enough to say, “Jason pointed at Chuck and said, “Da, he stink!””


Peyton started laughing as he looked at his husband and said, “Jason is a smart boy who is growing up. Chuck does indeed stink. You have to give the boy credit for being right and saying what he thinks!” “True, love, but you have to admit, him doing that for the first time is hilarious.”


Peyton went to Dale”s and Charley”s children”s bathroom and told them what Jason had said. “Charley looked up and said, “Peyton, remember that what affects Chuck that way also affects Jaiden the same way. So, there”s not a chance in hell I”ll get in a car and ride anywhere with Jaiden until I know it is safe to do that.” “Charley, I vote with you on that resolution!” Dale looked up and smiled.

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