Jack and Jill and Mom Ch. 04

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Jill and I walked into our mother’s room, finding her sitting on the edge of the bed near her nightstand.

She was fully naked this time, sitting on a towel as she had just finished the shower.

“Jack, come here.”

Curious, I walked over to where she was. I hoped she would start sucking my cock, but she had other ideas. She opened the nightstand drawer, pulling out a large dildo.

“Let me see your cock,” she pointed at the bulge growing in my shorts. I dropped my shorts to the ground, and she reached for my stiffening member. With a few pulls and squeezes, she could tell it was fully erect. She put the dildo next, comparing it.

“Mom, what are you doing,” Jill asked.

“If he wants to stick his cock somewhere,” she was getting more forward with each session, “I want to be sure it will fit nicely.”

I was getting really excited now. I reached for it, and asked “so, you want me to get you off a third time, using the dildo?”

She held it back and replied, “No. I want Jill to do it.”

“Wait a minute…” Jill replied, incredulously.

“I’ve already decided that Jack is worthy, he will get whatever he wants,” our mother replied matter-of-factly.

“What?” Jill could not believe it.

“Well, he got us both off twice, and even took pee the face without complaint. It was clear my pleasure, our pleasure, was the most important thing,” she said lovingly to me. “He’s also resisted simply fucking either of us, which must be hard since we’ve both come twice, and he hasn’t.”

“But” she turned to Jill, “you still need to convince me how badly you want it.” She said the last part, handing out the dildo for Jill to take.

“Wait,” she stammered, but ultimately, she took the large flesh colored rubber cock in her hand. She had held one before, masturbating with it when required. But now her mom was asking her to use it on her.

“You’ve been planning all along to get your brother to do your bidding,” it was part question, part accusation. “And it wasn’t really hard to accomplish that part of your plan.”

I looked at Jill, who wasn’t denying anything. Was her silence an admission? This only made me more confused.

“It’s not that hard, I admit. And I don’t blame him, or you. He’s a horny stud, and you’re a sexy young woman, and we’ve both been teasing him for months.” Was I hearing this correctly?

“Bottom line, I’m the Queen. Time for you to submit to me.”

“Mom,” Jill tried to counter, “this wasn’t part of the plan.”

“Yours or mine?” What? I’m so confused listening to them, but I knew better than to interrupt.

“All your scheming and manipulating, it comes with a price to get what you want.”

“Mom please.”

“Two can play this game.” She commanded and demanded. “You will get me off as I instruct, or no deal.”

“That’s not what we agreed,” Jill said. That is so hot, I thought. Wait, what?

“That Jack would get me off three times? He will,” she said, grabbing my cock and looking into my eyes. “He wants something bad, and he knows I will give it to him if he does what I ask.” I nodded my approval. Was I that transparent?

“I don’t need you for that.”

“But mom, you agreed” Jill begged.

“I said you’d both get what you want if you both do as you’re told.”

Jill looked on, realizing her mistake, her dilemma.

“Now I am telling you how. Time for you to show me how much you really want it,” and with that, mom climbed unto the bed, flipped on her back, and spread her legs exposing her pussy.

“Come service your Queen,” mom said seductively. “And not gentle like before!”

I looked at my sister, holding the dildo. At first, I was about to feel sorry for her. But then she had a devilish smile. Wait, what did mom mean, before?

Jill took climbed onto the bed on her knees. She knelt before our mother’s waiting pussy. She lowered her head and mom began marsbahis güvenilirmi to moan.

I was about to lose my mind. My sister was eating out my mom, and then she put the dildo in her pussy!

My head was spinning with all the new information. But not wanting to be left out, I positioned myself behind my sister. I tugged at her shorts. When she realized what was happening, she lifted one leg then the other so I could remove them, without her having to disengage from her task of servicing mom.

“That’s it, my loving daughter,” mom replied. “lick my clit and fuck me with that massive cock!”

I could tell mom was enjoying herself. I started to finger my sister again, and she moaned.

“I see Jack is trying to be useful still,” mom said as she leaned on her elbows to get a view. I was fingering Jill from behind and rubbed her clit. I began to lick her ass, and she didn’t object.

My view was awesome too. Mom was getting eaten by a girl, my sister no less. And the dildo being pushed in and out was making her wet and hornier with every thrust. I was thinking it might be time to slip my cock into her from behind, but just then I was interrupted.

“Jack,” mom commanded. “You’ll get your just reward in good time. For now, it’s time both of you to finish off what you started.”

“Yes, mom,” we replied in unison.

“Jill, turn around, I want to play with your pussy.”

Jill got up, turning herself around. Mom slid down the end of the bed, her legs dangled off the edge. Jill straddled her, then backed up until her hips were over her head.

“Jack, pull my legs back so Jill can lock them in place with her arms.”

I did so, watching them get into a tight 69 position, their faces meshed into each other’s groin. Jill needed all her arm strength to hold mom’s legs back, so she couldn’t manage to finger her or use the dildo, she had no leverage. Then she got distracted as mom apparently started licking and fingering her pussy. Jill closed her eyes and moaned her appreciation, arching her back and lifting her head up in delight.

Then Jill opened her eyes, and with an evil grin said, “Caribbean here I come.” She lowered her head and completed the circle as she licked our mom’s pussy.

At first I gazed in amazement. Two beautiful, sexy women, that I had been watching and obsessing about by the poolside… Here they were, engaged in oral sex, with each other!

But then I realized I didn’t want to be left out. I could be part of this tryst. So I knelt down by the edge of the bed. Mom’s hips were raised, her pussy angled up and easy to access. I reached down and began to rub and play with her pussy.

I noticed the dildo laying on the bed, so I grabbed it and playfully toyed with it at her pussy opening.

I slipped the dildo in, and Jill continued to lick her clit.

“That’s it, that’s what I want!” Mom encouraged us.

The site of the two of them was amazing. The musty smell of sex and sweat filled the room. Our moans were the only noise as we focused on each other.

I was so focused on using the dildo on mom, I didn’t realize how close Jill’s head was to mine. When she took a brief break from licking, she looked up at me. She had desire and need all over her face. She moaned again.

“Is she fingering your pussy?” I whispered to Jill.

“Yes,” she looked at me with desperation. “I’m so fucking horny, but I need something more.” She had come twice and was at the point however where she needed more to get over the edge.

“Ready for the big finish?”

“I’ll do anything you want,” she said quietly.

“Be careful what you say, I’ll hold you to that,” I replied. She looked down, embarrassed that she had gone this far, that her needs were so nasty.

“Fuck me now,” she begged.

I stood up and walked around the bed. I positioned myself behind Jill, standing above mom’s head.

I marsbahis yeni giriş presented my cock to our mom, and she took it in her mouth. I just needed a few licks, then pulled out and positioned it at the opening of Jill’s pussy.

“Give it to her,” mom encouraged.

I grabbed Jill’s hips, and mom grabbed my cock to slide it into Jill’s open pussy. She was warm and wet, aching to be relieved. Mom grabbed her bottom and spread her cheeks, and I rammed into Jill a few times.

“Fuck me Jack! I love your cock!”

I banged away at her pussy, holding onto her hips and standing above mom that continued to lick the outside of her pussy. I put my thumb down to my mom’s mouth, and she instinctively knew what to do. She sucked and licked it, leaving my thumb wet and lubricated.

I raised up and slipped my thumb deep into my little sister’s tight butt. God that felt so good to me, but my sister loved it even more. I pushed my cock deep into her, and my abdomen pushed my hand and thumb further up her ass.

Jill started to cum, spasms ripping at her. She came on my cock, and combined with her warmth and tightness, I shot my load into my little sister.

“Holy shit I’m coming!” A few more thrusts, and I pushed in deep, relishing in the feeling, the moment. Her sphincter contracted around my thumb with each spasm.

I pulled out slowly, jizz covering my rod. I lowered myself to let my mom suck it off me.

“Fuck that’s hot!” I exclaimed.

When she finished, she licked her lips and looked up at me. “My turn, son. Get me off one more time then have your way with me.”

I reached down and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

I walked back around the other side of the bed. Jill had her head down between mom’s legs, she was exhausted and spent.

“Jill, I need you to do something for me,” I said to my new lover, my sister.

“After that, I will do anything you want. I will give myself to you unconditionally.”

“I know,” I replied softly. “But this is for mom,” I said.

“Understood. What do you need me to do?”

“I need you to lick her clit like nothing else matters.”

“You’re so naughty,” she whispered. I noticed she didn’t complain or object.

“And if she starts to pee,” I added, “you might feel your face being pushed in even more. Whatever happens, cover or close your mouth, just don’t stop until we’re all done,” I said with all seriousness. “All of us.”

She nodded, understanding fully now.

I knelt down again and resumed a slow methodical motion with the dildo. Jill started to rub mom’s clit again, then began to use her tongue, playing with her labia and then nibbling on her bud.

When we reached the rhythm and I had the dildo going in deep, I used some more KY, and slipped two fingers into mom’s ass again.

“Ugh,” she replied. “That feels so good. I haven’t been fucked like this in so long!”

I pushed the dildo nearly all the way to the hilt. Mom pushed back, and Jill continued playing with her clit.

I inserted a third finger now into her butt. It was tight, but at this point well lubricated and massaged, so fingers slid in and out easily. After a few more thrusts, I decided to go farther. I pulled my fingers out, and then slowly pulled the dildo from her pussy. Then I lubed it up as well and positioned it at her ass. She had followed along; she knew exactly what was coming.

I pushed in slowly, but only part way. “Ugh, that’s big” she exclaimed.

“Too much?” I asked, hoping for only one answer.

“No,” she paused. “I need it. You need it. Fill me up,” she pleaded.

I spread her ass cheeks and pushed the rubber cock into her fully.

“Umph! Oh shit that’s big!”

But I wasn’t going to stop now. I met eyes with Jill, and she knew it was time. She locked down on mom’s pussy, on her clit. I inserted two fingers into her pussy, finding her g-spot marsbahis giriş at the back and top of her vagina.

I fucked her ass with the dildo, giving her all it was worth.

“Ugh, oh, give it to me!” she couldn’t decide if it was too much or not enough, or both.

“I’m cumming!”

We knew what was next, and that was OK. She started to pee, and Jill freaked, trying to pull away.

But mom grabbed Jill’s head with her hand and pushed her face into her groin. She clamped her legs on her daughter’s head that was feverishly working on her pussy and wouldn’t let her up. Mom arched her back, and the spasms started. She was too deep into the orgasm to turn back, to let up, to allow anyone to stop.

“Fuck me hard, both of you!” She knew both of her kids were working her, and it had to be that way.

I thrusted the dildo in a few more times and had my fingers deep in her pussy now. Sex juices got all over the place.

Her body wracked and writhed as she convulsed.

“Argh! Oh! Oh! Oh shit! “Ughhhhhh! Fuck that’s so good!”

She was exhausted, “oh my lucky stars!” mom exclaimed. “Third time!”

Not needing any more incentive or permission, I put my arms under her legs, and pulled her further towards the end of the bed.

“Pull back on her ankles again,” I instructed Jill. She did, her eyes wide open with anticipation.

First I slipped my cock into her warm vagina. A few times in and out was all I needed to lube my cock with her pussy juices and cum.

Then I put my cock head against her anus, and gently but firmly slipped it into her tight ass.

“Oh shit! You’re not waiting any longer are you!”

“Ugh, your ass is so tight!”

“Give it to me good, son!”

I reached down with both hands, grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them apart. Then I put my hands on her thighs and leaned in.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed. The sides of her anus engulfed my cock, and the warmth, tightness and naughtiness were more than I could have hoped for. I pushed in until my abdomen touched her butt, into the hilt.

“Your cock is so big and wonderful. It fits just right!”

“I can’t believe I’m this deep in your ass. This is heaven,” I called out. I pulled out slowly, then re-inserted back into her. The feeling if that insertion as her ass opens and receives me was total bliss.

Then I started to pound into her.

“Oh lord, fuck me good!”

I motioned towards Jill. “Rub her pussy,”

She had raised up, but now reached back down and fingered moms clit, pinching it with two fingers.

“Right there, you got it!” she encouraged Jill.

“Fuck me harder, both of you — fuck fuck fuck!”

“Now lick her pussy,” I instructed my sister.

She leaned in, using her upper body to hold mom’s legs back. She flicked her tongue over mom’s pussy and clit.

“Holy shit – I’m gonna come again!”

I pounded away at her back side. Thrust after thrust, her tight hole wrapped around my hard cock. I came hard, deep in my mom’s ass. I don’t know if it was another orgasm, or a continuation of the previous, but she started again. Her pussy juices ran down her leg.

“Umph! Fucking god!”

I pushed in farther, enjoying the moment. There was the feeling of my mom’s tight ass swallowing my hard cock. But there was also the visual. Her ass was beautiful and spread open for me. Jill held her legs back with her torso, letting me get the optimal angle. And she was participating in getting our mother off.

Orgasmic convulsions caused mom to tighten her ass around my cock, and it was more than I could handle. I shot my load as I was deep in her rectum.

“Holy shit — I’m cumming hard!” I pounded a few lasts time, spewing my cum up inside her.

We all collapsed on the bed and lay quietly for a moment.

I looked over at Jill, her expression was of concern. “You OK?”

She looked up at me, “I want to come hard like that, too. And I want to give you everything you desire,” she said as she bit her lip. “But I’m not sure my ass is ready for that. I’ve never had anything like that in me.”

“I understand. We’ll work up to that,” I replied.

“We will?”

“One finger at a time.”

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