Izabel Meets Antoinette

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As promised, Mark arranged a date with Izabel and Antoinette, simultaneous. The ladies were content with Mark choosing and arranging the site and time for this initial meeting. It allowed them both to focus on their preparation and appearance for each other. One of the worst feelings was not having enough time to primp when you want to look your sexiest and best! Mark had been generous with sharing photos among the three of them, so at least they both knew how the other looked and a had a general idea of body type. But that was all he shared.

He promised himself he would not taint their opinions by offering his own thoughts (or dreams!) or accidentally saying a word or phrase that could make them form an impression based solely on his feelings. Of course, he was very hopeful they would hit it off. Since he was attracted to both women and loved to have sex and spend time with them both, he was jumping out of skin imaging them all together. His fantasy list was quite long already, and that was all in naked trysts. His mind had yet to move north from his groin to ponder how their relationships could grow beyond just fucking each other. It would be a bit before he got fantasy overload!

Mark decided on one of his favorite restaurants, Pond of Lights. It was a remote yet wildly popular outdoor ranch, it’s center piece a large pond. Lights festooned the edges and the tables, set around the pond in private arrangements. Some were even screened by foliage, the perfect cover for trysts and private gatherings. He did not choose this location solely for it’s privacy. There was also an abundance of beauty, nature, and fresh food on the menu. The crowning point for Mark were the small cabins on the property that were rent-able for a night, or two.

He had initially convinced himself he wanted to go there for the food, atmosphere, and neutrality. However, now that the date night was here, his smaller head was in charge and was already fantasizing of getting them all together in the cabin he had reserved. Did the ladies know about the cabins? Sure they did. They both had already gone there in their minds too, which was why there were no questions or hesitations once the location had been announced. Mark had started a group text and kept both ladies up to date. Upon receiving the date, time and location of their dinner, both Antoinette and Izabel had re-vamped their clothing choice and added a small overnight satchel. Better to be prepared for a sleepover, than assume nothing further than dinner and maybe smooching would happen!

Izabel was in the shower, the hot water steaming down her back while she used her loofah on her arms and legs. The sweat and dust from gardening washed off her brown skin and pooled down the drain. The naked ladies were blooming again. She had only two in one spot, and she immediately named them I and A.

“Hmmm.. two naked ladies out in the wild, two naked ladies blowing in the breeze…”

One naked lady alone in the shower with hot steamy water and soap… she let her hand remain longer below her flat belly, and her fingers crept down and into her soft curly hair. Using her second and third fingers she stroked her clit and circled slowly, pressing gently on her heated flesh. Her other hand was still soapy and she used the lather to roll her nipple and squeeze it between her fingers. Closing her eyes she imagined what she might do in a shower with Antoinette, or if not her, another woman. They would move slow, and gently explore each other’s bodies under the steam. They would kiss, perhaps first each other’s lips, but again maybe not. Maybe it would not be slow and romantic steamy, maybe it would be a passion-driven burst of hormonal sex with immediate fucking followed by languid exploration. Maybe she’d be down on the shower floor with her face in her naked flower, sucking the nectar while her boobs were pulled and teased. Maybe they’d be smashed up against the tile wall, fingering each other off while trying to stay upright. Or perhaps there would be no sex in the shower, just cleaning and hugging, the sex saved for the chaise lounge freshly covered in soft sheets.

Izabel was trying to focus on one of the scenarios running through her head when her phone alarm went off. She often set the alarm before showering. She tended to get carried away at times and had been late to a meeting, or two, because she was enjoying her shower sex without thought of time passing. Wow, it was a good thing she had the foresight to think she might get distracted tonight. No sex now, but she did need to rinse again after running those thoughts through her head. Turning off the water and stepping out onto the bathmat, she grabbed the towel, dried off her hands, and reached for her phone to silence the alarm. And then she saw the text from Antoinette, sent to both her and Mark in their group thread.

“Good evening sexy lady! Looking forward to our date night soon…. Hugs and kisses, Anton” followed by a red lips emoji and red rose, and then followed by a photo. Anton seated in a chair, one leg thrown over the side and other on the floor, ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar hands on either side, wearing nothing but semi-sheer red lingerie.

Across town Anton was ready to leave her apartment for their date. After sending the text to Mark and Izabel, Antoinette covered her sheer lingerie with her favorite bright red outfit: a swishing red pantsuit with a cut out back, deep V plunge in the front with a fitted waistline that flowed into seam split legs. Her breasts nestled inside the material, perky and full, her nipples pointing in front of her. The sheerness of her bra did little to smooth the tips. The underclothing was purely for the fun of stripping off the outer clothing. The outfit was tight enough from neck to mid-thigh to completely reveal her fit and lean musculature, and the side split seams in the billowing legs flashed her very tan and defined legs. Black boots, black handbag, black antique choker, and earrings completed her outfit. She liked to keep it simple and two colors often worked for her. Besides, she was currently into red and black- it matched her very dark curly hair with reddened highlights.

Inside her not-so-tiny handbag was a clean red thong, a compact toothbrush and toothpaste, a folding hairbrush, mints, chap stick, her wallet, and her phone. She did not need keys tonight. Mark was also picking both ladies up from their homes and he was designated driver. Since logistically it made sense to pick up Anton last, she waited until he had parked outside her place until she opened her door. Sometimes it was all about that first impression. This was her forte, and she knew how to make an entrance. She also knew that four eyes were going to be watching her, and she wanted those eyes to convey to heads and groins that she was fucking gorgeous. Her phone was open on the August app, her door lock. All she had to do was hit the screen when she closed the door. So much better than turning her back and fumbling with a key in the lock.

They were here. Mark’s car had just pulled to a stop at the curb. He and Izabel had an unobstructed view of Anton’s short walkway, the four steps up to her door, and her slightly ajar front door. Throwing back her shoulders, straightening her already perfect posture and jutting out her chest, Antoinette pulled her door open, and poised. The light behind her silhouetted her letter X stance. Here I Am! Arms up and out, legs open, turned out and balanced on the balls of feet in demi pointe, she pivoted from side to side, the pant suit material blowing in the gentle breeze. She stepped forward, pulling the door closed from behind her, touched her phone to lock it, and then floated down the stairs. She did not walk to the car, she strutted down the biggest fashion show runway in town, grinning the whole time.

The reaction from inside the car was immediate. Both Mark and Izabel were thinking, how did I land a date with this amazing creature?? This was a side Mark had not seen yet, and he reacted like a schoolboy on his first visit to second base- a hard on. Izabel was suddenly warm and pulsing between her legs. She spared a quick glance at Mark, noticed the growing bulge in his grey slacks, and reached over to stroke that rod. Mark in turn slid his hand under her dark green layered skirt, brushed aside the layer of tulle that added a little lift to the material, and stroked the inside of her thigh. Izabel was wearing one of his favorite outfits. Her hazel eyes looked green when she wore the skirt and light green V-neck blouse. Her three-inch heels matched the shade of her skirt, and added miles to her already lovely, lengthy legs. Izabel rarely wore hose, they just got in the way. And this night was no different. Her skin glowed like dark amber honey, and tasted just as sweet. They looked at each other, grinned like kids in a candy store and quickly kissed. Mark recovered first, got out and opened the door for Izabel, and they all met on the sidewalk, arms and hands reaching and hugging.

“Hi Antoinette, I’m really glad to meet you in person, and I just have to say, you are fuckin’ gorgeous! Love the outfit!” Izabel gushed before anyone else could say anything. Both Mark and Anton laughed, and then Anton leaned into Izabel and without hesitating kissed her hard on the lips. Her lips were soft and tasted like vanilla, unlike Izabels’ own taste of honeyed pomegranate. It was Izabel who first pushed her tongue through, and when it met Anton’s they danced inside their worlds. When satiated for the moment, both ladies pulled away, looked into each other’s eyes, and laughed.

“Well hello and great to meet you too, Izabel! But I shall call you Bella because you are my belle and my beauty! For you, I am Anton! And just in case you need to hear it again, you are fucking hot! Now twirl please in your short skirt.. oh yes! Just as I thought… you’ve got green panties on underneath that sexy outfit! Mmmm…my guess is they are not quite dry at the moment! Right? That’s OK, because neither are mine!”

While the ladies were getting to know each other, Mark was pinching elvankent götü büyük escortlar his wrist to make sure this was not some bad-ass dream that was about to end. Nope, he definitely was wide awake and now had the bruises to prove it. He flexed his much-used biceps against the ladies backs and ran his hands down their asses. Oh yeah… this was not a dream and they felt divine! The ladies looked at Mark, looked at each other, and on cue both softly kissed his cheeks, one on each side, trailing kisses down to his neck. A tongue flicked out, he was not sure whose tongue it was and at this point it mattered not. Two different hands smoothed his pant legs down his thighs and up his groin. He shuddered, and heard giggles. Looking down, he was tenting big time in the middle of the sidewalk. But, he was also facing inside a small circle of sexy bodies and amazing minds. This was turning into a dream night come true.

“Wow, you are both such a tease right now! We can forget dinner and just run back in your house, Anton!”

“Oh no! We are going to the Pond of Lights, Mark, and when we are through with a scrumptious dinner, we will discuss desserts. But, to be fair, you may tease us as much as you like since we already got a head start on you! Now, Bella, do you think he can focus to drive the car?”

“I can drive, Anton, but only if you’ll sit in the middle. I didn’t bring the Caddy for its’ gas mileage!”

Mark held open the passenger side door, and Anton slid in first, her red pantsuit in sharp contrast to the white Cadillac seats. Bella sat on the end, and then swung her legs around to the front, scooting inward as she did so. Mark came around to the driver side and slid in, also moving inward as much as he dared. They made an Anton-sandwich, squished red in the middle bordered by dark green and grey.

“So, Anton, I really don’t know much about you! You are a dancer, choreographer?”

“Yes, and yes! I have always danced, and choreographed, but only in the last couple decades have I actually made money from both! I work in a nightclub when I am not on stage, but I suppose that is also a stage. I manage shows, and tend to the bar, deliver drinks, set up the sound equipment, manage the entrance… whatever is needed! Sometimes I entertain in a pinch with a dance and song. You will come by next time and be my guest!”

Anton had one hand on Mark’s thigh and the other hand was holding Bella’s hand. She stroked the hand, it was soft, recently lotioned, and warm. It was a very nice hand to feel, and Anton explored the fingers with hers, gently stroking each one and caressing the palm. She continued up Bella’s arm and then let her arm rest across her shoulders. Bella turned towards her and their lips met again, slowly this time. They nuzzled, as lionesses in the veld, smelling and tasting, then licking and sucking. Mark was still trying to concentrate on driving but was having a hard time right now. This was too distracting next to him!

“Ladies, please! I am working on getting us there in one piece without stops! You are devilishly distracting right now with your make-out session going on. Can you put a stop to it and wait until I’m at least parked?”

“Mark darling! So sorry! Of course we will stop, won’t we, Anton?”

“Yes, we will halt for now, but as soon as you park this giant luxurious Caddy, there are no promises!”

“Fair enough! Then I will be able to join you!”

The rest of the drive to the Pond of Lights went quickly. Mark and Bella regaled Anton with stories from work of articles that did not make it into the magazines. They had some juicy pieces that had been cut, but were still great erotica works. When they arrived, Mark parked the Cadillac off to the side, cut the engine, and turned in the seat so he could see both women.

“Now, go ahead and resume what you were doing please!”

“Mark honey, did you mean this?”

Bella muttered as she turned on the seat to face Anton and wrapped her arms around her. Again they kissed, and this time they did not pause. Hands were everywhere, including Mark’s. He pressed up against Anton’s back and reached around to feel them both, nuzzling her neck while staring at Bella as she kissed Anton. Bella’s hand was on his thigh and searching. He shifted a bit so she could grasp his hardened cock through his slacks, and then pressed tighter into Anton’s back. It was getting steamy in the car and a bit tight. They all stopped the rubbing and fondling and kissing, mutually agreeing that this would continue very soon. Straightening clothing and pulling down a skirt and blouse, the threesome re-arranged themselves to become presentable once more.

The table they were seated at was next to the pond, on a raised platform enclosed by a large mosquito tent. It was late summer, and the insects were aggressive right now. The table was round and set for three, chairs placed equal distance around. Candles were lit and music drifted across the pond from the main restaurant. Dinner was ordered, light fish meals for all of them, with sides etimesgut çıtır escortlar of grilled vegetables and airy dinner rolls. They ordered some wine and shared the bottle between them. The table was large enough to fit up to six dinners, so their conversations focused on getting to know each other through talk and not physical play. An hour and half later they were finished and ready to get up and move around.

“Well,” began Mark, “I’m going to mention the elephant at the table… a room with a view?”

“Thought you’d never ask, Mark darling! I’m ready to get up and move around, maybe a short walk to see this room with a view?” Bella gushed out her words as she jumped up from the table, pranced around the chairs, and landed in Mark’s lap.

“Oohh, I like you here, but up you go and you too, Anton! Let’s go take a walk, this way I believe. Around the pond to the other side, and then into the woods we go! Yippee!”

Mark was still not believing how well the evening was going, and really did not want to jinx the rest of the night. So close to getting naked together on a big bed… he hooked his arms in each ladies elbows, and off they went to discover the wizard at the end of the lane. The bottle of wine was still affecting them, and they kissed and laughed around the pond, around the other tables and diners, and down the path. Mark felt the keys in his pocket to the cottage rubbing his thigh. As they cleared the tables, Mark stopped and pulled both ladies into a group hug, his hands sliding down their backs to rest on their asses. They all leaned into the center to kiss, found it a bit awkward, and separated long enough to make their way to the cottage. Mark pulled the keys out and opened the doors. Housekeeping had lit candles and turned back the sheets. He shut the door behind them.

“Well now, here we are. How do you…”

He was cut off by both women shaking their heads at his talking. They kicked their shoes off, took Mark’s hands in theirs, and led him into the bedroom. Pushing him down on the bed, they both went to work undressing him, slowly, kissing and feeling the newly uncovered skin. When they had him naked and his cock at attention, they turned to each other and began removing each other’s clothing. They were careful to not snag or rip material, but methodically and sensually stripped each other bare, including the lacy lingerie they each wore. And then they kissed, again, but this time they sat facing each other on the bed next to Mark and kept one hand free for him and the other on the woman in front. Anton was especially skilled at pleasing two people at the same time, but Bella quickly picked up the tricks.

“Let’s fuck Mark now because the poor man has been waiting so long for this moment and I don’t think he’s gonna last much longer! Bella, top or bottom right now?”

“I’ll take top for this round, you get the cock in your lovely vagigi! Mark, don’t move! We’re coming to you now!”

Bella crawled over Mark, letting her boobs hang down and brush across him. He lay back on the bed as she did so, presenting her with one very erect cock at attention. She licked it up and down, tasting the tip at the top and pulling it into her mouth. Anton took the opportunity to initiate her own taste of Bella. She grabbed the lovely ass in front of her, and held her still as she licked the very moist folds between the thighs. Bella gasped, and momentarily forgot what she was doing. Her mouth was still surrounding Mark’s cock, so her gasp turned into a muffled exclamation increased suction on the bobbing cock.

“Ladies, I am about to cum with all this kissing and sucking, but I’m trying to hold off a bit longer!”

In response to Mark’s pleas, the ladies stopped their mouth actions and continued their original plan. Bella turned around and sat backwards on Mark, positioning her pussy above his face. He immediately grabbed her ass with his hands and buried his tongue deep inside her. Now he had a part of the action, and happily went to work on her. Anton climbed onto his very hard and erect cock and easily slid down over him. His cock was still moist from Bella’s initial greasing. She started moving up and down and around, breasts shaking and beads of sweat forming on her chest. Anton squeezed her muscles around him, pulling him deeper inside her. She used her arms on the bed as support as she lifted her hips up and down, angling the penetrations.

Anton leaned close to Bella and kissed her mouth. She pulled the lips with her own, and gently nibbled. Bella was focused on the tongue and lip action underneath her. Anton’s kissing made her hornier than she already was. She broke the kiss to bend over and lick the sweat on Anton’s chest, letting her tongue travel down to a nipple. Bella pulled it into mouth and started sucking. Anton groaned and ground harder on Mark, who sucked and nibbled into Bella. It was too much, and suddenly Bella was coming in bucks and shivers, her mouth sucking harder on the lovely taught nipple. Anton was moving in such a manner that her sweet spot was being thrummed by Mark’s cock. Mark had is hands on her ass and his fingers were playing right behind his cock. He had just brought one, and now Anton was riding him and and screaming out as she bucked on top. Mark let it go, and exploded into Anton. They all stayed where they were, recovered from their still shuddering bodies, and collapsed in a pile on the sheets.

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