It’s Good to Give In…

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“Screw it. I’ve been good all week.” Renee jumped off her bed and marched herself into the kitchen. She was tired from that afternoon’s workout. Hell, she was tired from her last two weeks worth of workouts. Her mind wanted to go to sleep. But her body was not going to let her rest until she gave it what it demanded.

Once Gianni had walked out the door of their apartment, Renee resolved that the relationship fat that found her midsection and thighs so welcoming would walk out with him. “Breakups make fit girls, and dammit I am going to be fit again for me” she told herself. She threw out the chips, candy, and soda. Known in her building for her baked goods and cooking, the only things that had recently came out of Renee’s kitchen were brown rice, steamed vegetables, and poached chicken. Renee would workout for at least an hour a day during the week. Saturdays and Sundays she would often spend three hours at the gym on her building’s ground floor. Her work was paying off. After ten weeks, she lost forty pounds of fat and gained ten in muscle. Renee would run her hands up and down her shrunken hips and relish their size. With every inch that she lost, it was like she was ridding more of Gianni’s negative energy from her body and mind. That amount of power and success invigorated her after every workout.

Except for tonight. Her work deadline forced Renee to push back her gym session to the early afternoon. Now she wanted to sleep and shower before going downtown with her girls. Though it was February, Renee had a leather miniskirt that was begging to be let out of her closet. Tonight paired with stiletto boots, her newly toned legs were going to grab the attention of every warm blooded male (and a few females) at the bar. Good thing, since it was the yearly Valentine’s singles mixer. The bar was going to have three floors of horny men and women who either wanted romance or release. Renee planned to take full advantage of that attention.

She came home and warmed up her chicken and carrots. Renee had intended to take a good two hour nap after eating, but her meal failed to satiate the hunger deep inside. Renee thought she had been able to rid herself of non-healthy cravings. But the thought of smooth, rich, chocolate had latched onto her for three days and was not showing any signs of going away.

“Damn, I wish I had a chocolate bar in here” Renee thought. “Hmm, what can I make..”

She rummaged through her baking cabinet and found she had enough dry ingredients for brownies. She found a stick of butter in her freezer and grabbed the eggs from the fridge. It would take a few extra minutes to melt the butter, so she was going to use that time to add some excitement to her brownies. Renee found bahis firmaları her cinnamon, nutmeg, and chili powder. Mixing the spices with the dry ingredients, she wondered what else she had that would work. She crushed a handful of shelled walnuts and set them aside to wait while she beat the eggs and then incorporated the melted butter.

Standing in her 10 foot galley kitchen, Renee felt both senses of peace and anticipation fill her soul with what she was creating. She had had hot chocolate with chili before and hell, if she was going to have a brownie, she was going to have one that heightened her senses and made her eyes roll with every sumptuous bite. She opened the window for extra ventilation and opened the oven door.

Renee spread the dark, velvety lava mixture into the square pan, sprinkling coarse salt over top for a final flavor punch. She slid the pan into the oven and set the timer. Within five minutes the mixture of smells of cinnamon, chili, and chocolate had intensified that desire already growing in her stomach. The walnuts were slowly roasting, adding a fourth note to the chord of smells dancing in Renee’s nose.

She was grabbing the counter and tapping her fingers impatiently. Her desire grew as the minutes on the timer went lower. Renee was about to relieve herself of some of that desire when her phone rang.

“Hey girl, did I wake you?” Anna Maria’s voice was soft, but unusually perky.

“No. I am making brownies. My body decided that it wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day early, despite my mind being focused on my transformation.”

“Honey,” Annamaria said “with what you have lost already you should be transitioning to a maintenance schedule. You would do good to actually start enjoying food again. Among other things.”

“Whatever. I just hope these scratch the itch so I can at least get some rest before we go out. Why are you sounding so happy? You get an early present?”

“Yes. Amazon got my new toy to me early. Yet another reason they put smiles on those boxes.” Annamaria had a sweet, round face that made her easily look like a teenager. But behind her innocent-looking facade she was a dynamo. She loved orgasms and made it her life’s mission to achieve one in every way humanly possible. “I also got you a little something.” Lately she had been pushing Renee to expand her playtime arsenal. Annamaria had already bought her a new, larger vibrator after promptly throwing out the beginner model Renee bought at one of Anna Maria’s pleasure parties. She told Renee that even though it had made Gianni jealous, she deserved to upgrade.

“What did you get now?” Renee asked. She had little room left in the toy box in her bedroom. The last couple months kaçak iddaa with Gianni had been dry, and Annamaria wasn’t the only one who had been scrolling on Amazon.

“You’ll see it when I come over. If you’re baking brownies I’ll be over early.”

“Great.” Renee groaned. “Guess that means no nap for me.” Just use your spare key when you get here. I’m getting in the shower once I turn the oven off.”

“Relax, chica. I have to stop for some wine. I will be at least an hour.”

Renee hung up the phone. The final three minutes before the timer went off were a sensory wonderland. Finally she was able to take the pan out and let her experiment cool.

The smell of spice and chocolate was more firmly implanted in her nose by the hot shower. Standing under the steamy water, Renee let her muscles relax and let her hands glide the soap over her slimmed down hips and muscled ass. She bent down to move the suds around her well-toned legs, coming back up slowly to her stomach. She caressed her velvet outer lips and raised her right leg to allow the shower to run down and rinse the soap away along with the beginnings of arousal brought on by the chord of hot, aggressive, passionate aroma wafting from the little stove in the kitchen. Each flavor was strong on its own, but together they possessed a power that seemed almost too great to contain in a small square pan.

Renee walked into her bedroom and reached for her lotion. She religiously applied after every shower to help minimize the stretch marks caused by the extra weight she no longer carried. Her skin was becoming tighter, and the aforementioned stretch marks were becoming lighter. “Good” she thought to herself, “I don’t need to see these everyday to remind me of how big I once was.” She also took care to apply lotion to her breasts, hoping to prevent her beautiful C-cups from wilting as a result of her weight loss. Three months ago, she had been a solid D, but daily workouts affected every part of her body. Renee didn’t mind too much. The smaller size actually lessened her back pain, but with the amount she lost in other places, her breasts looked larger than before on her 5′ 5” frame.

While she finished caressing her skin, Renee caught another wiff of the power coming from the little pan. Instantly, her desire from before came roaring back. Renee slipped her left hand down, allowing her thumb and middle finger to separate her outer lips and massage her clit. Renee then let her index finger tap her clitoral shaft, sending waves of pleasure up through her body. Having to meet her deadline at work, Renee had not taken care of herself in this manner for over a week. The new toys in her box seemed to say to her “we are here – use us!” Renee kaçak bahis leaned over the side of her bed, opened her box, and took out the 9″ vibrating flesh colored dildo, positioning the suction cup in the center of her bed. Renee climbed up and lowered herself onto her device in one swift aggressive motion. Focusing on the smell from the kitchen and her growing desire, Renee used her newly toned thigh muscles to push herself up and down on her veined, erect cock. She brought herself to the edge once, twice, and then proceeded to accelerated at a speed almost beyond her control. She came hard, allowing her legs to crash onto the mattress. Partially satisfied and tired, Renee fell asleep with her cock between her legs.


“Ooo Holy Mother of GAWD.” Renee awoke about an hour later to Anna Maria’s voice echoing from her kitchen. “Chica, if you don’t wake up I am going to eat these and not leave you one!”

Renee sat up in her bed, removing her cock and placing it under her bedspread. She could wash it later. Hastily throwing on her pajama shorts and camisole tank, Renee came into the kitchen, greeted by the site of Anna Maria gripping the counter, her back arched in pleasure at the simultaneous chorus of tastes exploding in her mouth. Renee cut a square from the pan, brought it to her nose, closed her eyes and inhaled the magic that was aggressive passion wrapped in a lustful cover of moist chocolate. This was like nothing she had ever made before.

“Damn, I am good” Renee grinned,. She closed her eyes, allowing the waves of pleasure to roll over from her mouth down her spine to her toes. Having finished her brownie, Anna Maria looked up and into Renee’s eyes and pushed her velvety soft lips to Renee’s. The tingle from the cinnamon jumped onto Renee’s lips, further intensifying their kiss.

Anna Maria confessed “If I didn’t love cock I would marry you. I have not come that hard from a bite of anything, well anything food-related at least, in soo long. I almost want to stay here with our wine and not go out.”

Renee wanted to take Anna Maria up on the offer, but knew if she stayed home the brownies would be gone by morning. Sure she would be awash in pleasure, but then her guilt would push her to do a double workout the following day. While she loved her changes, she wanted to sleep in the next morning. Workouts and hangovers were a painful combination.

“No, chica. We made plans to go out, so we are going to go. I want to show this body to the world. But I will take a glass of whatever you brought.”

“One cab sav coming up.” Anna Maria grabbed a glass from the rack above the sink and filled it with the deep red, smokey goodness. The smoothness of the wine helped wash some of the cinnamon from Renee’s lips. But its spicy finish further intensified the flavors from the brownie. Renee had to steady herself in the doorway as she started to cum again.

“Hmm. I should make these more often.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32