It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 15

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Big Tits

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

….now this is the way to wake up!

I wasn’t cuddling with my girl…because she was making out with the blond right next to me. I hadn’t moved, and I didn’t think they knew I was awake because they were still trying to be quiet. I just laid there and listened to them, cracking my eyes enough to see through my lashes.

The blond on top of my girl, tit to tit, pussy to pussy with my girls legs wrapped around the blond. Well as much as they could with the height difference, but hell! Two hot babes making out right next to me….

“He’s awake…” my girl said quietly.

“How can you tell?” I felt a hand on my cock tenting the sheets. “Should we play with him?”

“Later…” and pulled the blond back down to her.

Well since they knew I was awake… I rolled over and watched them from a few inches away. Seeing the tenderness and yet intensity of their kiss. Watching the smile on the blond even with her eyes closed as my girls hands explored her firm tits and nipples.

Hearing my girl suck air when the blond slid her hand under my girl and squeezed her ass. They were squeezing and squirming with each other, breath becoming ragged, when my girl blurted out. “ENOUGH!!!! GET THAT PUSSY UP HERE FOR ME TO NIBBLE ON!!!!”

The blond grinned at me and giggled as she flipped around to plant her engorged pussy on my girls face before dropping to her own juicy feast.

Now I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my fair share of pussy, and I LOVE sliding my tongue between dripping lips, but it is QUITE different to sit a few inches from your girlfriend and watch her do the honors.

Seeing her take tender little licks at her lips, then some long SLOW licks from her clit to her ass. Spreading her open with her thumbs and hesitating for a brief second in reaction to something the blond was doing to her before sliding her tongue deep between her spread lips.

Watching the edges, and then more and more, of her pussy lips darken and her breathing became more ragged. Seeing the blond jump when my girl took quick little licks at her clit trying to come out of hiding. Sucking first one and then the other lip into her mouth while still pulling and tugging at the other.

Trying to enjoy the feast in front of her, while jumping and squeaking into it from what the blond was doing to her. Her licking and nibbling was becoming more tense, trying to concentrate on what she was doing… and failing.

She wrapped her arms around the blonds ass and pulled it to her, shaking and screaming into the pussy plastered over her mouth, sending the blond into a shaking screaming mass on top of her.

They kept at each other as best they could, but it wasn’t long before the blond collapsed down on my girl enough that I didn’t have to worry about her being suffocated by the dribbling pussy over her face. Two sweaty steamy gorgeous women…

My girls face was covered in pussy juice, and more was dribbling out of the blond, I leaned over and kissed my girl, enjoying the new flavor, then turned my head and took a bit of a side swipe through those beet red pussy lips.

“SON OF A BITCH….” And the blond was trembling again. I made a few more licks as my girl held her in place before she was screaming and flopping as best she could being restrained by my girl. I spread one side of her pussy while my girl spread the other side for me….how considerate!

I licked and nibbled and thoroughly enjoyed a dripping and flowing pussy. First time I had ever eaten one sideways, but it was still delicious! We did let our blond go after a few minutes when she quit flopping around and rolled her off to the other side. She laid there like a rag doll, not moving except for her breathing hard.

I turned my girl to me, and we shared a nice pussy flavored kiss. “Morning gorgeous…”

“Morning handsome…”

“That’s quite a way to wake up in the morning. Might have to do that again…”

That got us some movement from the blond…. She raised her hand enough to give us the finger…LOL

“That’s an idea, you could fuck her while I lick her.” The blond just groaned while my girl did her best not to laugh, so I gave her another nice kiss.

“Sometimes I wonder what you like more, getting your pussy filled or cleaning out one I just filled…”

“That is a hard choice.” As she reached down and began stroking me. “Want to test the theory?”

“I think our little blond is worn out…so it looks like you’re getting your pussy filled…”

“That’s the general idea…” as she pulled me over on top of her, guiding me into her in one slick stroke. “Mmmmmm.”

I laid there a bit, just enjoying the feeling of being buried in her, feeling her muscles ripple up and down ankara escort my cock while we exchange another nice pussy flavored kiss. Licking a bit of the blonds juices from each others lips and face.

I started pulling out, and SLOWLY sliding back into her depths, feeling her lips enclose my aching cock. I had to take it slow, because if I went any faster after watching them together I was going to pop!

Rocking back and forth on her firm tits while I slid in and out of her, stopping with just the tip of my cock splitting her lips until she rolled her hips starting me back into her. Giving her a few more slow strokes, then dropping hard into her making her eyes flash open and her squeak.

I gave her a quick kiss, and began a more serious pace, sliding in and out, wiggling around while buried deep in her. Feeling her dig her heals into my ass to keep me going. We were getting into a nice rhythm, only paying attention to each other….wrong move!

She screeched and clamped her legs and pussy around me about the same time as I dropped hard into her and began unloading everything I had…and probably for the same reason! There was a finger in my ass hunting for my prostrate and I was doing my best to fuck my girls spasming pussy while she was trying to break me in half with her grip on me.

It seemed like forever I was fucking and unloading into her pussy with her legs clamped around me…then it was gone. I collapsed onto her, both of us breathing hard. In a few minutes we heard water in the bathroom, and then the shower.

We finally managed to roll off the bed and stagger to the bathroom for our own shower as the blond was coming out with her towel turban. “Payback is a mother fucker isn’t it…” and gave us each a quick kiss.

We managed a quick shower, and just went back to bed after pulling the drapes. It was close to noon before we managed to crawl out, finding our blond kicked back on the couch watching an old re-run.

“You keep those legs spread and I might have to dive in for seconds…”

“Not before some real breakfast handsome…” she gave my cock a squeeze and me a kiss then leaning over the back of the couch to give the blond a quick kiss as well before heading to the kitchen. She whipped us up some bacon and eggs, and we sat down to enjoy her re-run while we ate.

Well I ate, the girls decided to test their one handed skills, since they each had a hand stroking me while I tried to concentrate enough to keep from dumping my food in my lap. The girls took quite some delight in giving a squeeze as I was about to take a bite or drink.

Of course once the food was gone it was a MUCH more pleasurable experience. I got to sit back with a naked woman on either side and an arm over each shoulder, a firm tit in each hand. Being able to distract the women while they were playing with me helped even the score.

Since I wasn’t particularly interested in the movie, I was thoroughly enjoying feeling up my girls. squeezing tits and rolling nipples between my fingers. The aroma of pussy was getting a getting strong and the girls were panting. When they started groaning, the blond took my hand from her tit and put it in her pussy, pushing my finger to her clit.

I LOVE PLAYING WITH WILLNIG WOMEN!!!! I took my other hand from my girls tit and moved it to her pussy like the blond had. Now this is the way to go, a wet willing pussy in each hand and a hard clit under my finger.

Cupping each mound while I played with a hard clit. Sliding a finger as deep as I could between lips so wet they couldn’t stop me if they wanted to, but with legs spread they had no intention of stopping me. When they started whining I concentrated on their clits, and didn’t stop when the legs came together, giving them each a nice little orgasm.

I stopped playing with their clits, but kept my finger in those juicy pussies, moving it ever so slightly enjoying the slick valley it was nestled in. slowly down over swollen clits to the edge of flowing pussies. Even the smallest movements could be heard from the wet folds around my fingers.

When they began to open there eyes I made a production of taking my fingers from their pussies and licking them clean, looking each girl straight in the eye as I cleaned the finger from the other.

When I turned to the blond and started licking my girls juices from my fingers she kicked her head back and rolled her eyes… “OH FUCK IT!” and rolled around, kicked a leg over my lap, grabbed my hard cock, and slowly sank her tight pussy down until she bottomed out with a few inches of me to go.

She hissed as she wiggled down on me, the head of my cock pressing into the top of her pussy. “YESSSSS….” She put her hands behind my neck and arched back, rocking and squirming, using my cock to hit as much of her pussy as she could.

She began to rotate her hips, working my cock up against her cervix like she was trying to corkscrew it into herself, almost like when my girl is trying to take me into her throat. With her head tipped back it thrust her nipples right in my face…and escort ankara I LOVE a nice nipple to chew on.

I had no more leaned forward to take one in, and my girl took a hand from behind my neck and latched onto the other nipple.

The blond wrapped an arm around each of our heads and began seriously working my cock in her pussy. Around and around her cervix, coming up and pushing down trying to work it. After several minutes of exquisite pussy torture I felt her cervix give way.

That TIGHT ring of muscle slipping down over my cock around the base of the head, lifting and squeezing as she continued rotating and sliding…..

I couldn’t take it any more. I reached around and grabbed her ass, slipping a finger tip into her rosebud and began shooting off in her, probably taking a good bite on her tit as well while I was screaming into it.

She was spasming around my cock and I was doing my best to drive every last ounce of myself deep into her. She wrapped both arms around me and we held each other for quite a ride before we both collapsed back on the couch, her sweaty chest plastered to mine while her pussy was still lightly spasming around me.

Even with my going soft, her cervix didn’t want to release me until I was completely soft. Only then did she roll off beside me exhausted. Me, I didn’t even have the energy to do that. I just laid there using all my energy to breath.

My girl cleaned me and then the blond, before taking her to the spare bedroom. she barely made it back before we heard a light little snore coming from the spare bedroom. She snickered as she closed the door, then joined me on the couch. It was only two in the afternoon, but I was DRAINED!

My girl grabbed a pillow, put it on my lap, and laid out there, her hand on my thigh. I slid my hand under her arm and cupped a tit. She sighed a bit, put her hand on mine to squeeze my hand on her tit, and then back to stroking my thigh while we watched a movie.

With the movie over and getting hungry I managed to get out from under her and stagger to the kitchen to reheat the last of the pizza. I was too tired to use the oven and broke down and nuked it…Yea I know I said I don’t do that… but there are exceptions to every rule.

When I went back to the couch there she was laying there half on her side. Red hair back over her shoulders, firm tits standing out sideways, washboard stomach, a bit of her red landing strip peaking out from between her legs. “Have I told you how beautiful you are?….”

She looked up at me smiling, “Not lately….”

I gave her her pizza as she sat up, a quick kiss, and plopped down beside her, “Taste pretty good too….”

We started another movie while we ate and played. When we finished she laid back down with her head on my lap, but without the pillow this time. If I hadn’t been thoroughly FUCKED by the blond I would have been rising to the occasion feeling her breath on my cock.

The movie we were watching was more of a chick flick, so I was more interested in what I had in front of me than what was on the screen. Brushing her hair back so I could see the profile of her face, her cute nose, those lovely delicate lips….

The curve of her throat, the cleft of her cleavage between those lovely firm mounds. Hard nipples standing out even with her lying on her side. Feeling the soft skin on the underside of her tit in my hand, running my hand down over her wash board stomach and up over her hip.

“Mmmmmmmm.” She reached for my soft cock, squeezing me and sliding her head down enough to be able to lick the tip.

I kept sliding my hand down until I cupped her ass, letting my little finger tickle her rosebud.

She hissed as my finger pressed her, then rotated her hips to give me better access as she slid down more to take the head of my cock into her mouth.

I was firming up a bit as she lavished the head of my cock while I enjoyed playing with her ass. dipping a fingertip in and wiggling to feel her clench and then press back for more.

She relaxed a moment against me when I pulled my pinkie from her ass, but groaned a little when I slipped my thumb as far as I could into her wet pussy, wiggling her ass as I worked it around.

She had just started to work my cock some more when I pulled my thumb out quickly making her gasp. She was about to turn to me when I laid my two middle fingers against her lips, sliding them back and forth hinting at slipping them in place of my thumb.

She took my cock back in her mouth as I slipped my fingers into her, but when I slipped my now well lubricated thumb into her ass she took as much as she could and groaned around my cock as the tip slid into her throat, the movie now totally forgotten.

I began working my fingers in and out of her pussy and ass as my cock was taking a renewed interest in the talents of her delicious mouth. Feeling her tongue going round and round on my cock while my fingers were enjoying her silky wet pussy, the sensation of my fingers almost meeting themselves through the thin membranes ankara escort bayan of her ass and pussy.

I put my other hand on the back of her head, which only encouraged her, “Hey gorgeous, want to continue this in the bedroom?”

She took me in as much as she could and came up with a pop, “Damn right I do…” she started to sit up, but my fingers were still in her. “Damn that feels good….” As she rolled forward enough to lift off my fingers.

She headed for the bathroom and me the kitchen to wash my hands. When I got to the bedroom she was still in the bathroom so I grabbed a few toys from her night stand. A nice little dildo for her ass, and a decent sized one for her pussy and tucked them under the pillow just as she was coming out of the bathroom.

She spun me around and shoved me back on the bed and straddled my face all in one move. “Get that tongue moving mister…” as she lowered her pussy to my lips and engulfed my cock with hers.

OH YES! Delicious dribbling pussy! I licked slowly, enjoying the flavor, the texture, the….. sweetness of her. I was drinking her in while trying to maintain some sort of concentration as she was trying to swallow me down. Feeling the head of my hardening cock pressed to the back of her mouth, trying to take me in.

I got a nice long groan around my cock as I dipped two fingers in her pussy while concentrating on her clit, and a bit of a squeak when I started circling her rosebud with my finger.

But I didn’t want a snack, I wanted the whole five course meal. With my free hand I reached under the pillow for the toys I had stashed. I kept a nice regular pattern on her ass and clit and held the two toys ready.

Just as she came almost all the way off me, I pulled my fingers out and started sliding the two toys into her as she began to go back down on me….aren’t I just pure evil!

She screamed around my cock as I held the dildo into her pussy as deep as I could, turning it on low with a flick of a finger. I pulled her down to my mouth to suck on her clit while I began fucking her ass with the little dildo.

She was trembling and spasming over my face and screaming around my cock, her pussy literally running into my mouth. I kept up the assault on her ass, smacking it a bit with my palm as I drove the little dildo into her.

With her spread over my shoulders she wasn’t able to clamp down on me, not sure if she even really could the way she was screaming and spasming on me, she was trying to keep my cock between her lips, but wasn’t doing very well with a stuffed pussy and her ass being fucked.

I kept going until my arm was getting tired, and shut both dildos off, but left them as deep in her as I dared. She collapsed on me, her pussy right back in my face. I couldn’t help myself, and took a slow lick, just getting a groan and some movement down near my cock.

“Where’s a camera when you need one…”

I looked to the door to see our blond standing there, finger tips and pussy lips glistening. She sauntered over, exaggerating her hip swing, then leaned over and gave me a nice kiss, then licked some of my girls juices from my face. She pulled back, licked her lips, smiled, and gave me another quick kiss before heading to the bathroom.

My girl managed to get her legs together enough and roll over beside me, reaching down and making sure the dildos were seated in her before bringing her legs together completely. “I feel like a stuffed turkey.” then leaned over enough to take me into her mouth again.

“And that’s a good thing I hope?”

“Mmmmm Hmmmmm,” sucking me a few times before turning to look at me. “But you didn’t…” giving me a squeeze.

“Oh but I did earlier…in the blond….”

“AND THEN SOME….” We heard from the bathroom.

“That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying what you’re doing though….”

She leaned back over and began a slow sucking and playing with me. I reached for her ass, cupping and squeezing before getting a hold of the end of the dildo in her ass. She about collapsed on me when I began to remove it, then renewed her efforts when I began to slowly reinsert it.

“Enjoying that just a little gorgeous?”

“Mmmmmm…” she said around my cock

I kept going nice and slow until she had a nice little orgasm, trembling beneath my hand. She rolled back, her eyes flashing open as she rolled back on the little dildo still buried in her ass.

I watched her laying there trying to catch her breath, those delicious tits rising and falling. She did manage to raise and spread her legs enough to pull the big dildo from her pussy, the sweet ‘sticky’ sound of that dildo coming out of her sloppy pussy, whimpering as she did.

I was watching it come out of her, her pussy still gaping a bit that I didn’t see the blond, now almost completely dressed for work, come over beside the bed. I know my girl didn’t from the screech when the blond dipped two fingers in her now empty pussy.

The blond looked at me and licked my girls juices from her fingers, then leaned over for a nice kiss, her shirt falling open to let me see her firm tits enclosed in a sheer bra. I reached over and cupped her mound through her jeans as she did. She in turn reached for my hard cock and gave it a squeeze while squeezing my hand between her thighs.

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