It Started with One Text

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My phone vibrated on my desk letting me know of the text message. I reached for it with little thought as I continued to stare at the computer screen trying to get the tests running so I could leave for the day. I glanced at the time while I unlocked the screen. Five to six, nice, I needed to get out of here and was looking forward to heading home for a nice drink and some downtime.

Clicking the last key in the combination lock, I looked at my phone. My heart jumped in my chest when I first saw the photo that loaded. A striking woman, long auburn hair cascading around the perfectly proportioned face of with an olive complexion with just a touch of youthful softness at the edges. Green eyes pierced through the covering of long-lashes of her slightly closed eyelids that issued a challenge to come get me. Her luscious lips gave a smirk that matched her eyes as she looked through the photo and deep into my inner desires. I forced my eyes off her face I read the attached message.

“If you can find me in time, you can pleasure me and I will return it in kind. There will be four hints, this is the first. You have until 8 pm before I lock the door and take care of the pleasure myself. Oh, and you’re not the only one that received this message.” Then the kiss emoji.

This message was not new. This gorgeous woman found what aroused her most of all was intelligence, wisdom, and competition. Here, she was offering herself as the ultimate prize to the one that solved her puzzles and found her waiting at the end of the game. Each clue would be more specific than the last to her location, however, if you were not already nearby when you received the next clue, then someone else would likely be, and would get their first. I knew this because I had won this game before.

Not caring if I was done for the day, this message assured I was. I grabbed my suit coat from the back of the chair, sliding it on in one movement and headed for the door. I pulled up the photo again on my phone and examined it looking for clues. The downtown skyline in the background for sure, but where downtown. It looked like one of the historic districts, but that only narrowed it down to a half-dozen areas. I pushed the call button for the elevator as I studied the photo. I stared into those green eyes, deep pools of dark emerald that seem to drip with sultry desire. Eyes I once gazed into as her delicate fingers unbuttoned my shirt, soft red wine colored lips softly kissing the skin exposed as each button opened my shirt wider.

BING and the elevator doors opened. Shit, I thought as I stepped in and the doors closed behind me. I pressed the button for the lobby and looked back at the photo while the elevator started down. I focused on the buildings, the skyline, looking for clues, around the edges of her hair, hair that’s curls bounced and was so soft when trailed across my chest. Hair that obscured my view of her face as I felt her warm breath on my abdomen while those fingers slowly traced the outline of my growing desire within my pants while unzipping at a torturously slow pace. Wait, there was writing on one building. I zoomed my phone in on the building, it was of a faded banner-style sign for flour. Well, that solved that, it was Depot Town since that was the only districts that had an old flour mill. Sliding my phone into my breast pocket as I rushed out of the elevator and onto the street, heading for the metro.

I was just getting on the train heading for Depot Town when my message sert porno notification went off again. Pulling out my phone and checked, sure enough, it was the next message from her. The photo was of long, toned legs covered in tight fishnet crossed at the thigh with a hint of lace before they disappearing under a black pencil skirt. She must have been sitting on a bench outside as beyond the legs was brinks of a sidewalk and slates of the bench at the bottom of the frame. The included text said, “Relaxing for a moment to save my energy for you if you get here in time…”

I rocked with the train looking at the photo for clues. The brick sidewalk could still be a few historical downtown areas. The wooden bench told me the Depot Town was still the best bet, but where in Depot Town. As I looked at the photo, my eyes kept being drawn back to those legs. Legs that had wrapped around mine, pressing the soft skin of her inner thigh against my thigh and leveraged her body to grind and press into mine. I remembered the touch of those legs as I caressed and kissed my way down, first over black nylons, then the skin through the few inches of lace at the top of the thigh high, and finally the bare skin as I pressed my lips to her tender silken flesh. The scents of jasmine, vanilla and her danced through my mind as both my hands and mouth teased her thighs on my way to her most holy grounds. Her quiet whimpers still echoed in my ears as my lips crept ever closer to the convergence of those toned legs.

I could imagine how those legs would feel clad within that tight fishnet as they moved across my skin or under my hand. That texture would be so exquisite as my hands glide down her calves and into those heels. I knew she would leave them on, they made for great handholds in certain positions. That’s when my eyes fell on the brick just past the tip of her high-heeled pump of the top leg. It read “Erected in 1882”. Bingo! I knew I was right since most of Depot Town had been built around that time. Which was perfect since the first stop in Depot Town was coming up.

I took the stairs two at a time to the street and walked towards the center of Depot Town. Sure enough, down the street, was a bench similar to the one in the last photo, now just to find the brick sidewalk. As I walked I passed a street vendor selling gyros and my stomach reminded me that maybe I should eat something, would hate to ruin the evening by my stomach growling louder than I was. Fuel in hand I continued down the street trying to figure out which part of town I should head to when my phone went off again. My heart jumped a little as I unlocked my phone hoping the next clue would get me closer, and it was just a game notification. Damn, well I stood at the intersection at the center of the historic Depot Town and finished my dinner and looked at my options. I needed to decide if I go north or south. Both sections had brick sidewalks, erected about the same time. I took out my phone and looked at the last two photos, trying to find another clue as to which direction to go.

I zoomed in on the last picture of her legs looking for clues and I didn’t notice the next notification until I had backed out of the photo to look at the next. My pulse doubled when I realized that it was the next hint and I opened the message to the sight of her full body from behind in an over the shoulder mirror selfie. Her auburn hair now pulled up in a twist above a cream-colored blouse that flowed around sex mex porno her torso tucked into the tight black pencil skirt at her waist. The skirt flared over the curve of her hips and ending a few inches below her heart-shaped ass. Fishnet covered legs were the last parts my eyes lingered over before working my way back up to take in the whole image. She was gorgeous and confident, which was a dangerous combination for my circulatory system, and this image conveyed both in abundance. The accompanying message read “I didn’t realize this place had full-length mirrors, I usually have to be at home to see this side.”

I tried to look for clues in the photo but my mind stuck on the curve of her hips, and how the soft skin of her hips felt as I grabbed onto her, and pulled her body back against mine. How her back had arched and her head flung up, cascading her hair down her back as I slowly sank deeper into her. I remembered the feel of her round ass pressing against my hips, how they seemed to meld perfectly, and that she pushed back against me and wiggled her ass as she did, sending sensations of bliss through me. As if it was happening again, I could smell the sweet jasmine scent of her perfume as I leaned down over her and kissed her neck as we pulled apart. I could hear her low moan in my ear and enjoy the warmth of her breath once more on my cheek as my pelvis met her ass. I had stood straight to take all of her in, her body on all fours before me, the curves of her body laid out before me like the pen strokes of a master calligrapher who had turned the words of pleasure, seduction, and sensuality into this woman. Words, cursive words, the writing on the mirror was in cursive and looked like Italian and there was an Italian restaurant in the south.

Walking at a quick pace towards the Italian restaurant I was feeling good about my myself. My knowledge of this city had helped me and I knew the next clue would be the last one with her final location where she would be. It would be near the Italian restaurant which was just coming into view as I turned the corner. I looked at my phone, it was a little after 7, so I had figured out her clues fast and thought about my chances of finding her first and having her once more. There was something that bugged me as I continued towards the restaurant, I got the sensation that I was missing something. There would be one more clue, and she said she would lock the door at 8… So she would have to be someplace private and in the past the usually meant a nice hotel. That means the last clue would give me a room number if the last clue is the room number, then which hotel… and then I stopped dead in my tracks. There are no hotels on this side of Depot Town let alone near the Italian restaurant.

I quickly opened up the last clue, it was Italian on the mirror, but in the reflection, you could make out the blurry front desk of a hotel and the word “International” across it. That hotel is north of here. Damn it! At a full run I started back the way I had come. “How could I have been so cocky to miss that?” I thought. I made decent time running back and was crossing the intersection I had stopped at earlier when I got the last clue. I pulled my phone out of the breast pocket of my jacket. As I did, it slipped from my hands and fell to the sidewalk. I stopped long enough to grab it and kept running. The screen had cracked but it still let me unlock it as I kept running, dodging around other people. I tried to stranded teens porno read the message said but the cracks in the screen made that impossible while running. My phone tight in my hand, I kept up my pace until I reached the hotel. I tried to slow my breathing as I walked the rest of the way into the lobby and looked at my phone again. It was another photo, but this time it was a line drawing of a ship, like a pirate tall mast ship. I swiped the text around on my phone until I could read the message, “He would have died for the opportunity you have.”

This would have been hard without the cracks in my screen. Zooming in and moving the photo around, I looked for any identifying features in the picture trying to see passed the cracks but all I could see with every slide of the picture was my chances slipping away as if through the cracks in my phone. Then I caught some faded writing in the corner, it read “HMS Beagle in the Straits of Magellan at Monte Sarmiento.” Beagle?! The ship that Darwin sailed on. Ok, so Darwin, but what about him? He would have died for… 1882? I walked across the lobby to the elevators, well that wasn’t it, the hotel only had 15 floors. Crap, Darwin, Beagle, that’s all in the 1800s. I paced back and forth wringing my brain to figure this out. That’s when I heard someone say “Darwin” and noticed another guy, dressed in a mechanics work shirt and jeans, asking the front desk if they had a Darwin Suite. Shit, I bet he is here for the same reason. Luckily the women at the counter told him “No,” damn that was a good guess . Then she offered that they had some “Date Night Suites” available if he was looking for something romantically themed. Wait, what about the date he died? I brought out my cracked phone again and searched, Darwin died on April 19th. 04 of 19, or 419 if it was a hotel room number. It was worth a shot, and I called for the elevator. The elevator dinged as the doors opened, I stepped in and pressed for the fourth floor but as the doors closed, I heard someone shout to hold the door. I instinctually stopped the door, and the mechanic from the lobby stepped in.

He presses for the 12th floor and my heart drops. Did he know something I didn’t? What did I miss? I was second guessing myself and missed my own floor. Set my resolve and pressed the button for the next floor which was six and got off heading to the stairs. I ran down the stairs to the fourth floor again and looked for 419. There I stood outside of 419 I noticed that the door was open a crack, I straightened myself up a little and knocked.

“Come in,” the sultry voice that dripped seduction from inside. I pushed the door open on to a darkened room lit only by the light of many flickering pillar candles. At the far end of the room rising from a plush chair, there she was. Her black high heels with buckling straps around her ankles covered in the fishnet thigh highs that encased her legs to her mid-thigh, a garter belt with straps that divided them from of her sultry thighs. A black lace thong teased at its treasures hidden within as the thin straps curved up and over the arch of her hips. There was a glint of light as she stood as the small jewels in her garter belt caught the candlelight. The matching lace bra that held and decorated her supple full breasts like gifts from a sculptor I could not wait to unwrap. Her graceful neck and face were lit by her phone as she typed something into it. She looked up at me as she set her phone down and my eyes met her green ones and the look within them set fire to my soul and I realized that my whole body had tensed up and ached with the desire to take her. As I closed the door behind me my phone vibrated in my chest pocket but I did not need to check it to know what it said. “Game over…”

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