It All Began with an Internet Search

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My name is Dan. I’m five foot seven inches tall, and I weigh 150 pounds. I’m fit, somewhat good-looking, well educated, and well-traveled. I enjoy interesting conversations, and even though I’m older, I still enjoy sex. My wife lost interest in sex a long time ago, though I don’t blame her. After raising our children, hell even after raising our children’s children, the thought of fostering enough energy to fake an orgasm looked taxing for her.

Now, I’m not an overly prideful man, but I don’t want to see a woman forcing herself to enjoy sex with me. So I did what any man would do in my situation, I persuaded a long-time female friend, Mary, to become my “fuckbuddy”. I thought that it would take time for us to get used to one another, but boy was I wrong. Whenever we got together, we performed new and exciting sexual acts, ones that we’d never experienced with other partners before.

Early on I found out that the woman could suck a cock like no one else. Not only that, she loved sucking my cock, which was a major bonus since she was so good at it. I’d say that I’m an average guy, when I’m hard my six-inch-long cock swells to a good five inches around. She gave my cock the nickname “Rocky” because of how hard it is when we have sex. What Mary liked even more about Rocky was that he was always shaved.

Whenever we met to have sex, it was never in some sleazy motel, but at her place, since we couldn’t go to mine. We would both take our time undressing the other person, and after that, we’d delve into the raunchiest most passionate, truly unforgettable sex. I loved to undress Mary; she had a body to die for, a beautiful face, blue eyes, blonde hair, big beautiful tits with a small illegal bahis rounded butt, and these incredibly long legs, that stretched on for miles.

After I had her naked, we always locked lips in a passionate kiss, which led to a mind-blowing blowjob. I never experienced a woman so willing and good at teasing Rocky’s head. She would slide her tongue over and against him until she licked the built-up precum. She would tongue my cock and balls while I would suck her tits and lap at her pussy like a dog, we were ravenous for each other. She loved when I excited her clit with my fingers, it always made her juices flow, and ache for me to draw Rocky into her warm wet pussy… Our screaming orgasms no doubt were heard by all of her neighbors.

Unfortunately, though, the seven-year relationship with Mary had to end. My wife and I decided to move to Florida. Even though I felt like I was closing a big chapter in my life, I knew I couldn’t just stop having sex. Everything that Mary and I had done together showed me that even at my age, I was still learning about myself. Not only that I didn’t just crave sex, I needed it.

Shortly after we moved to Florida, I began searching online for it. I wasn’t looking for a relationship or a girlfriend… I was just looking for sex…Period. Every site I stumbled upon was geared towards finding your true love, finding your soulmate. All of these sites were unappealing to me, however, I did find one site. It was a site that promoted bisexual and homosexual ‘hook-ups’ which was code for ‘Fuckbuddies’.

Honestly, I was just searching for sex for the sake of sex. It seemed much easier to do that through one of these sites that promoted that very illegal bahis siteleri thing. Being bisexual was nothing new to me, I knew I was bisexual and had been that all my life. I had some prior experiences with men so it made me more comfortable with the idea of seeking out a bisexual or gay adventure. Traveling the internet was quite interesting. Many of the sites were phony and led nowhere, then I found Tom…

It started with a description of myself and my interests. Tom and a few others responded to me letting me know that they were interested. Tom stood out to me. He’s six feet tall and about 180 pounds of pure muscle. He has great pecs, strong arms, and a great ass, I mean it was truly great. It also counted towards him since he was nearby and had similar interests to my own. After multiple emails and photosharing, we agreed to meet.

We met at a drive-in restaurant near where we live. From my vantage point, I was able to watch people, seeing them come and go one after another, as I waited. When I saw Tom enter I knew it was him. His unbuttoned shirt revealed his fit body and it seemed that he knew it was me as well. We chatted for a bit, and both felt that instant connection. After finishing my coffee we drove to his house.

We both knew what would happen once we got there, and Tom didn’t disappoint. Right as the door closed, I removed my clothes, as did he, both revealed our erections. I introduced hairless Rocky as we moved deeper into his place, entering his home office. Seeing his screen saver made me very excited. The saver was an erect penis dripping with cum. He reclined in his chaise lounge and I positioned myself over him. He immediately began sucking canlı bahis siteleri my cock. He sucked fast and furious, then we changed positions so I could suck his cock too.

Moving to the bedroom we had a cocksucking party like no other. Tom got down on his knees, he sucked, and sucked, and sucked until my cum exploded all over him. Warm wet cum seemed to demand that I lick it off of him, it was…mind-blowing. Then I sucked him off and lapped up his cum as well. We pleased each other so much that we have continued our relationship for years.

One afternoon after our normal bought of oral sex we discussed anal. Tom admitted to having a 12-year relationship with an older guy who sported an eight-inch cock. He told me he got fucked regularly by him, since Tom is a bottom he preferred to receive anal, rather than give.

Since I have a preference for top, that fits me just fine. My prior anal experience involved the use of condoms. We didn’t have condoms with us, which meant we’d have to go out to get them. Tom suggested that we try to fuck without one…That was risky for us both, but the thought of bareback was thrilling. Even after a blow job my cock remained rock hard.

We both took time to think about it, and then it happened…one afternoon. We licked and sucked each other’s cocks building great sexual excitement. Tom presented his fantastic ass to me. We lubed up Rocky. Then ever so slowly I inserted Rocky into Tom. My slow thrusting became faster and harder. The sweat poured off of us.

I had my hands on his powerful pecs and kept fucking. I could feel his prostate with my cock and Tom loved that feeling. Then I came, it was the most intense orgasm of my life. Cum flowed out of me like a river as I drenched his anus. After that we were very quiet, taking our time catching our breath. We chuckled when we admitted just how much we loved it. We now have wonderful oral and anal every time we are together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32