Invisible Level

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Laying on his back on the bed staring at the hotel ceiling.

The window is open and he can hear traffic play like an outdoor sympathy. She’ll be here soon. He’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. Today is the day, the day he finally gets to see the person behind the screen name. And to tell her everything she wanted to know that he couldn’t or wouldn’t say before. Don’t be nervous. Why do i feel nervous for.. he thought. His hand reaches for the door and sees it slightly shake. Get to the bus station extra early so he can get a good parking spot, and get a good spot to stand so he can see her first. 10 minutes until her charter bus arrives. He gets together his last bit of smart remarks ready in case she gets off the charter verbally swinging. Finally. The charter arrives and pulls into the terminal. He gets in his spot and carefully watches the people get off the bus. He is close enough that he can see her step off of the bus and scan the lobby.

Sneaky girl. But even sneakier boy for hiding.

She practically walks past him as she lugs her overnight bag on her pendik genç escort shoulder and lurches forward. He watches her pass, and gets a good look at her. Her curled hair put up in a bun, the pale skin on her hands turning red from gripping that bag of hers. What catches his eye was her pants. They were containing a full ass that look real good. A smirk cam over his face, and decided to walk behind her for a few. Couldn’t be faulted when she doesn’t know he’s looking. She walked slow, still scanning the lobby for a familiar face. Only paying attention to watching her ass move in slow motion, he bumped into her.

She turned around quickly and dropped the bag instantly when she saw who had walked into her. They embraced in a long hug. Whether it was too long or not long enough, he enjoyed it. She looked up and was blushing. He touched her cheek and felt it warm with blood rushing. Before he knew it, he had went in for a kiss on the cheek. Just as she requested as soon as she met him. He could only smile and welcomed her.

He ushered her into the pendik evi olan escort breezy night to the car. She stopped and looked up and all valley of skyscrapers looking down on her. He took a long way back to the hotel to give her a view of the surroundings. Plus it be a good way for her from being cooped up on the charter all that time. After a good drive down lake shore, he figures to take her to the hotel so she can clean up. She unpacked most of her bag and went in to the bathroom.

Instead of a shower, she opted for a bath. After a while, she called him to wash her back. With a smirk, she held her hands over her chest and sat there not letting her back be accessible. He could just stand there n shift in his pants, so any stirring in his pants wouldn’t be noticeable. she turns around and he slowly washes her back, and rinses off. The does it again, saying so its done thoroughly. Finally getting done, and getting glimpses of her skin’s soapiness, he left the bathroom to let her finish.

After while she came out, draped in a pendik olgun escort towel and laid face down on the bed to relax and enjoy the cool night air. He opted to rub her shoulders for her while she was still face down. It more of less gave him the perfect opportunity to gaze upon her ass for as long as he wanted, without interruption. He must have rubbed her back, neck and shoulders for an hour. and loved every minute of it. Every few min, he was just inches for that gorgeous rear of hers he didn’t no how long he could stand the temptation. She came out of her near sleep state and said she’s dry enough to put her Pj’s .

He reluctantly let her go and smiled as she went to the closet and dig in her bag. He figured he could sneak in the bathroom since she was done. Plus it gave him a change to adjust the stirring dick in his pants from all the skin contact. He unzips the pants half way n lets the member have more room to breathe. After a few min, he zipped back up and found his way back to the bed where he froze in his tracks.

She was coyly looking at the screen as if he didn’t see her.. laying in a black satiny nightie that showed her full thighs, her legs crossed at the knees. while slowly moving a leg back and forth. He trailed the thick legs from the hips, past the eyes and saw that she had also had on these black 4″ sexy looking heels that made him wonder how she even walked to the bed with them….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32