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David waited anxiously at the arrivals lounge.

He’d waited a long time for this day and he was getting nervous, when Heather walked through the crowds of people. He recognised her straight away; she looked exactly like she did on her web cam, mid thirties, around five foot five inches, curly shoulder length brown hair and deep brown eyes.

She was a larger lady, which is one of the things that David liked. He had never fucked a BBW, and the thought of it really turned him on.

Heather had recognised him straight away as well, and they both smiled and hugged each other tightly.

They looked at each other, still in their embrace, and David leant forward and kissed Heather softly on the lips. She responded by sliding her tongue down his throat and David let his hands slide down Heather’s body so they rested on her large arse as he pulled her toward him, letting her feel the bulge growing in his trousers.

She felt it and whispered to him, “The hotel is a twenty minute tax drive away, can you wait?”

“No.” David said bluntly, before nibbling on Heather’s ear.

“Let’s find a place where we can fuck. I need you now.” Heather moaned softly.

They both snuck into the men’s restroom and went into the last stall in the line. Once inside, they took each other’s shirts off, and then Heather’s bra. David played with her large tits as they kissed, enjoying the feel of each other’s tongues. David reached down and lifted Heather’s skirt around her waist, she wasn’t wearing any panties, he slid a finger into her slit and was amazed at how wet she was.

“Fuck me David. I can’t wait any longer.” She said with a moan.

David pulled his trousers down and grabbed his cock. He rubbed the head of it along Heather’s wet slit before ramming it violently inside her from behind, making her scream out in pleasure. David fucked her hard and fast, not caring whether she enjoyed it or not.

He needn’t have worried. Heather loved his cock in her cunt and was already well on her way to an orgasm. She held the toilet lid tightly as she bucked her hips against David’s, moaning deeply as his large tool stretched her cunt wide.

It wasn’t long before David increased his thrusting to a dizzying speed. He grabbed Heather’s large arse cheeks and shot a big load deep inside her. He slid his cock out of the dripping slit and pulled her dress down for her as he kissed her neck.

“That dvd porno was just what I needed.” David said satisfied.

“Oh. So can I go home now?” Heather said, jokingly.

“Don’t even think about it. Let’s get a taxi.”

They both straightened themselves out and found a taxi rank. David gave the driver the address and got in the back with Heather. They had barely driven to the end off the road before they were all over each other again. Mouths open wide as they played with each others tongues.

David had slipped a hand down Heather’s top and was cupping her breast. He pulled it out. He lent down to take it into his mouth and Heather sighed, prompting the driver to adjust his mirror so he could have a proper look at what was going on.

David had now pulled up Heather’s skirt and was finger fucking her while he continued to suck on her nipple. She was in bliss, and opened her eyes to see the driver, driving very slowly as he was getting a good show, and stroking his erect cock!

It turned Heather on even more to know she was turning this stranger on, and she tugged on her top and pulled out her other breast so the driver could get a good look. David’s fingers were working her clit and cunt and brought her to orgasm, and she was sad when they pulled up at the hotel.

She fixed herself up and winked at the driver as she entered the hotel lobby. The two lovers checked in and hurriedly found their room.

They had barely got in the room and put their bags down before they had their hands all over each other again. This time they could take all their clothes off and they fell on the bed together, David lying underneath Heather, just loving the feeling of her larger body trapping him under her.

As she leant down to smother him with her large breasts, he knew there was nowhere he’d rather be right now.

He covered the tits in his face with sloppy kisses as his stiff cock flopped against Heather’s arse. Without warning she quickly lifted her hips and slipped straight down David’s cock, making the young man yell. This soon turned to the moans of pleasure as Heather soon built a steady rhythm and fucked her younger stud for all he was worth.

She sat up and rode him and her breasts bounced on her chest as she rode him through several orgasms. She felt a big one coming. She held her hands on David’s arm, pinning him to ensest porno the bed and began to really fuck him, bouncing and grinding her hips against his, making deep moaning noises.

David watched her intently as her big orgasm ran through her body and she shook violently above him.

She then flopped on top of him and mumbled something about how good it was, before nuzzling her face in David’s neck. But he wasn’t done yet. He rolled Heather over and lifted her legs over his shoulder before slamming his cock deep inside Heather’s dripping cunt. The extra penetration made both lovers moan in unison and they both looked each other in the eyes as David continued fucking Heather as hard as he could.

He remembered the first time he had seen Heather; she had just brought herself a web cam and was nervous about turning it on for the first time.

Waiting, David was erect with anticipation and turned his web cam on to show Heather how much he wanted her. The sight of his big young cock made her pussy wet and she turned it on. David was so turned on by Heather and her voluptuous body that he started masturbating furiously. This only made Heather more horny and she stripped for David, before slipping her hand to her crotch so she could finger fuck herself to an orgasm. The sight of her naked body cumming made David jerk his cock even faster and he shot a big load of cum across the room while Heather watched in amazement.

David was approaching the point of no return now and Heather was watching him as his body tightened and he came inside her with a satisfied, loud, grunt. He lay on top of her, his penis still deep inside, and rested his head on her chest.

They lay together for a while as David’s cock fell limp.

“I need to take a shower,” Heather said. “I won’t be long.”

She got up and walked to the bathroom. David enjoyed watching her walk away and when she had gone, he closed his eyes and thought about the incredible sex he had had in the last few hours. He was shocked to feel his cock get hard again already, but he wanted to fuck. He walked carefully to the bathroom and opened the door. Heather heard him come in and pulled back the shower curtain.

“Come in, the water’s nice and warm,” she said with a smile.

David didn’t hesitate and jumped straight in. He played with Heather’s big breasts and kissed her, letting his hands slide between czech amateurs porno her legs so he could play with her clit. He rubbed it and in no time Heather was clinging onto him tightly begging him not to stop as he brought her to orgasm.

Once she had cum, he took the shower head off the hook and placed it between her legs. Her clit was already sensitive and the sensation of the water on her pussy was too much as she came again. Hard.

She nearly fell over as her legs began to shake.

David knew he could do what he wanted now and told Heather to turn around, which she did. She thought he was going to fuck her dripping cunt from behind as he spread her large arse cheeks with his hands and was shocked when she felt his stiff member poke her tight arsehole before sliding slowly in.

Heather closed her eyes and bit her lip as David pushed his cock all the way in, moaning as he got as far in as he could. He stood still for a short time to allow Heather’s tight arse to adjust to his cock. Once he was sure she could take him without too much pain, he slid out and then slammed his cock straight back in, making the older lady shudder and cry out in pain.

“Do you want me to stop?” David asked, as the water from the shower trickled down their bodies.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” Heather replied with some urgency.

She was obviously enjoying having her arse fucked more than David had thought. He began fucking it again, slowly at first, and then building up speed. He used one hand to reach down to Heather’s crotch and fingered her clit, making her tremble as he pulled her closer to him. With the fingers in her pussy, the water running down her breasts and the big cock in her arse, she began to shake as she had another orgasm. It felt so strong and powerful as it ran through her body and David had to practically hold her up as she quivered in his arms.

“Th…thank you, thank you so much. I…I came so hard…never had an orgasm like that.”

David was about to laugh and tell Heather she was welcome when he felt an orgasm of his own approaching. He grabbed both arse cheeks in front of him and rammed Heather from behind.

He was finding it difficult to cum as he’d shot so much already today but he didn’t stop pounding at Heather’s arse. Heather was in post-orgasmic bliss and was feeling delirious as the he tried to cum. He was now fucking Heather so hard she was pushed up against the wall of the shower. He felt his balls tighten and groaned as he shot his seed deep inside her arse.

His head felt dizzy and barely remembered lying in bed, but as he drifted off he knew that this would be an amazing few days…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32