Innocent Rose

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Becky Rose held her midterm math test. The F was circled in red as though she could miss the fact that she sucked at math. She had no idea why she needed algebra to be a Dietician, but it was required and she was failing miserably.

“Goddammit!” She exclaimed dropping the paper to her side.

She looked around for an answer as though someone might be posted at the exit of every lecture hall in case someone failed. It seemed like a good idea to her at the time…

Becky trudged her way to the student center to speak with a counselor. She needed help soon or she would fail the entire class. Matt Stone was only a year older than she but his twenty seemed much more mature than her nineteen.

“How can I help you, Becky?” Matt asked as she stomped into his office.

“I need help!” She cried, thrusting the paper out for him to see.

She slumped into a chair in front of him and looked away not wanting to see his disappointment.

“Wow, I thought you were doing good. What happened?”

“I failed, I suck at math, I suck at life, and I suck at everything else!”

“Well, you’re here now! You don’t suck at asking for help!”

“That’s like literally the one thing it sucks to be good at!”

“Have you thought about a tutor?”

“Oh my god, could you?” She asked secretly hoping he’d agree.

Becky had the biggest crush on Matt Stone. She even wrote her name out Becky Stone several times in various notebooks to test the sound and look of her potential new last name. Matt was studying to become an aerospace engineer, he was really smart and good-looking.

“Not me, I’m way too busy with everything I’ve got going on.”

“Like who then? I don’t know anyone else!” Becky said slumping back in the chair.

“My buddy Terrel does tutoring. He’s super smart. I could give you his number if you want.”

“I’m desperate, anything will help I’m sure!” She said pulling her phone from her bag to enter the number.

Becky dialed the number as she strolled to the bus stop. The line rang three times before he answered. She explained her situation, discussed her goals, and decided to meet for an assessment later that night.

Becky had to run home to tell her parents the good and bad news.

“I’m failing math Mom, but I’ve got a plan!” Becky said handing the midterm test to her mother.

Becky’s father was in the living room with a cold beer in one hand and a remote in the other. He usually only interacted with her when he needed something from her. It was her mother she had to convince to pay for a tutor.

“Yeah, and how much is this going to cost us? We’re already pretty tight as it is Honey. You might have to get a job to help out some!” Brenda said shaking the failed exam.

“Well, he’ll be here in thirty minutes. I’ll let you know what he says okay?”

Becky snuck up to her room to get ready. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel cute enough already, she just wanted to make the right kind of impression halkalı escort about her needs. She needed to pass her math class, but she didn’t need to spend a lot on tutoring. She didn’t want to have to get a job to pay for it all if she didn’t have to.

Becky brushed out her long red hair then pulled it back to keep it out of her face. She wasn’t a natural redhead, she just found she got more attention with red hair. She touched up her makeup and added a little more blush to hopefully give the illusion of innocence.

She swapped her jeans and white button-down blouse for yoga pants and a tank top. She skipped the bra and panties to display her assets and hopefully give her better access. Her large teardrop-shaped breasts strained the fabric on her chest, and her black yoga pants stretch so tightly across her juicy ass that she could just make out her ass crack. Her ass was what most guys noticed first, and as long as this guy wasn’t gay… he’d notice it too.

She heard the knock on the door and checked her phone. He was right on time, not a minute early or late. Becky could hear her mother talking to someone and then the door closing.

“BECKY, YOUR FRIEND IS HERE!” her mother screamed in a shrill voice.

“Jesus Christ Mom, she whispered, checking herself in the mirror again.

“COMING MOTHER!” she yelled back.

Becky gather her math books and trotted down the stairs. She could see Terrel sitting at the kitchen table. He was a good-looking man, well built and dressed as though he’d just come from the office. His dark curly hair was cut short on top of his head. All of that was secondary to his eyes.

Terrel’s gray eyes stood out the most. She tried to take him all in but her eyes were drawn to his and she couldn’t look away.

Becky dropped her books on the table and sat down next to him. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him and offered her hand for a shake.

“I’m Terrel, it’s nice to meet you,” he said holding her hand a moment longer than he should!

“Becky, but I guess you knew that…” she said letting her hand linger a bit.

“So, let’s figure out where you’re at and what we need to work on okay?” He said handing her a test similar to the midterm she’d just failed.

Becky was lost, so completely lost but she’d forgotten Terrell was even sitting there watching her. She jumped when he touched the small of her back and told her to stop what she was doing.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you…” he said pointing at the problem she was fighting with.

They locked eyes and she couldn’t look away. It was as though he was peering into her soul, searching out her deepest secrets and desires. His pupils expanded as his iris contracted. The colors shifted through a spectrum of greys and blues. She was lost in his eyes.

“Does that make sense?” he asked.

“Um… not really,” she said noticing his eyes wandering down olgun escort to her breasts.

His chest flexed either involuntarily or on purpose, but she couldn’t help where her eyes were wandering. She jumped up and spun away from him. She needed to gather her wits, she didn’t normally act that way. Becky heard Terrel moan softly behind her.

“You need to get it together!” Terrel whispered.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

“Oh, okay… this is all just so, hard,” she said sitting back down.

“Tell me about it!” Terrel said adjusting his pants.

Becky could see his tool tenting the front of his slacks. His erection looked massive sitting in his lap. When she finally did break her eyes away from his cock, she found him staring at her tits. She listened hard for a moment, her ears strained to make out what her parents were doing in the living room. She felt her pussy heat up as she started making her decision. She needed Terrel. She needed him inside her and she didn’t care where they were.

His mesmerizing eyes were still locked on her tits when she made her move. Becky grabbed his erection and tugged him a few times. He broke his attention from her breasts and looked at her with a terrified expression.

“What are you doing,” he whispered!

“Getting rid of the… distractions!”

“Your parents are right there!”

“Then we’ll have to be quiet, won’t we!” she said pulling at his zipper.

He’d lost his composure at that point, he was completely under her control. His hands dropped to his sides as he allowed her to free his massive tool. Becky stroked Terrell’s cock for a moment before bending forward to take it in her mouth.

She’d been with maybe thirty guys but had never touched a cock that big. Halfway down She was already gagging on his cock head. At nine inches, he would likely be the biggest she’d ever have. Becky probed her hand in the fly of his slacks. She was searching for his balls. She needed to play with his nuts too.

Becky sucked the top half of his cock, and bounced his tool against the back of her throat, testing her gag each time. She wanted his cock in her throat and didn’t stop until his balls touched her bottom lip.

“Fuck! You’re gonna…” he cried gripping the back of her head.

Beckys pussy gushed wetness into her yoga pants. She couldn’t wait any longer, she needed him inside her. She couldn’t hear any signs of life from the living room and knew it had to happen soon.

She broke away from his swollen cock and turned her ass toward him. She stroked his cock from behind and lowered herself toward his sloppy wet dick. She rubbed him across her yoga pants and bounced her ass down against him. He couldn’t stop her from getting what she wanted.

Terrel pulled Becky’s yoga pants down, right there in her kitchen. Her parents were şişli escort still watching television just ten feet away when she lowered herself onto his aching cock. He filled her twat more than anything she’d felt in her life and she struggled to maintain her silence.

“Mmm, god damn,” she whispered!

“Shhhhhh,” he growled!

Becky adjusted herself around Terrell’s cock and ground into him. He grunted his approval as she started bouncing on his dick. She felt like he was hitting her in the throat with each thrust into her center. Terrel held her hips, urging her to bounce harder each time. She felt him stand up and push her against the table.

Her breasts smashed against her books as he lifted her ass in the air. One hand pushed her into the table and the other gripped her hip. He slammed into her several times. His balls slapped noisily against her clit. She wanted him to fuck her harder but they had to be quiet.

All hell broke loose in her body when he pressed his thumb into her asshole. Stars shot through her vision and she thought she might pass out from the pleasure. She felt Terrel spasm in her pussy and a flood of wet started leaking from her twat. Her pussy pulsated and milked semen from his balls as she ground herself into him in circular motions.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He cried, jerking behind her.

“Mmm, you’ve got such a nice cock,” she whispered!

Becky pushed herself off the cock that had impaled her. She pulled her yoga pants up, trapping the fluids in her womb, and crouched onto her haunches to take him back in her mouth. She loved the taste of pussy mixed with cum on a guys dick and Terrell’s was no different. She cleaned their shared fluids from his shaft until he softened in her mouth. She released his cock, then scooped cum from the corner of her mouth and pushed it inside. She sucked her finger as Terrel wrestled his deflated cock back into his slacks.

Becky sat down and smiled as her mother walked into the kitchen with an odd expression. She could feel his cum oozing its way into her pants and she hoped she wouldn’t have to get up for anything. Terrel got right back to work and started explaining the math problem to her.

“You kids doing okay?” her mother asked.

“Yeah, why?” Becky asked squeezing her thighs together to stop Terrell’s cum from leaking out anymore.

“You look flustered!”

“Well, I wasn’t getting it, and it got hard. Then Terrel pounded it into me. And now I feel like I got it.” Becky said nudging her knee into Terrel below the table.

“Well, I’m glad you’re getting it, Honey.”

“Me too, that was nice!” Becky whispered.

“Really, like what we did wasn’t already risqué enough?” Terrel said after her mother went back to the living room.

“Relax, I don’t understand how you can be so tense right after you had sex! Did you not get enough?”

“No, it was good!”

“Are you sure, feels like someone is ready for round two already,” she said grabbing his dick again?

“Jesus Becky, do you want to study or fuck all night?”

“Hmm… should we just go back to your place then?”

Terrel closed up his books and shoved them in his backpack. He scribbled his address on a piece of paper and handed it to Becky before leaving. Heat flashed through her pussy when she read the note below the address.

“You probably won’t need pajamas!”

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