In His Bed

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Hey, so it’s been a while since I posted. I’m working on something big and vampiric right now, but here’s a quickie just to confirm I’m still alive.

Austin stumbled into the apartment at nearly three in the morning. After working for nearly six hours, his term paper was finally finished. When he left the library, it was pouring rain, so much that when he finally got off campus and back to the apartment building, he was soaked through.

Evidently, his roommate’s friends had drunk too much to go home. Collin’s friend Evan was passed out on their couch, snoring loudly. Austin couldn’t remember who the other friend was. Collin had said something about someone from out of town… Max, maybe? But he didn’t see anyone else around. Maybe he was gone.

When he got to his room, he stripped out of his clothes and toweled off. After putting on dry boxers and a pair of pajama pants, he turned to his bed, and saw something move. This must be Max, drunk off his ass. Annoyed, Austin started shaking his shoulder to wake him up. He heard a strangely feminine gasp, and a girl shot up and stared at him, eyes wide open.

“What the fuck?” Austin said, stepping back and staring at her.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll go.” The girl said, scrambling to get out of his bed.

“Whoa, hold on, who are you?” Austin asked, turning on the lamp beside the bed and then crossing his arms.

“I’m Max. I’m Collin’s sister.” She said, avoiding his gaze.

That was it. Collin had mentioned that his sister was going to stay the weekend to do a campus tour of their college. She was eighteen, only two years younger than Collin and Austin.

“Shit, I forgot you were coming.” Austin said, laughing at himself.

“I’m sorry, I guess you’re Austin. I was supposed to take the couch, but I couldn’t wake up that guy, so Collin told me to sleep in here. He thought you weren’t coming home tonight.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Austin laughed again, running his fingers through his dark hair. “It’s just confusing to come home so late and find a cute girl in your bed.”

Max blushed. Austin was slightly embarrassed; he hadn’t meant to say it, despite thinking it was true. She had long black hair, nearly to her waist, and across her cheeks and nose was a flurry of light brown freckles.

“Um, I guess I’ll figure something else out.” Max said, moving to get up.

“No, no, it’s fine. You stay, I’ll take the floor. Collin would kill me if I kicked you out.”

“Are you sure?” Max asked, pulling nervously at the hem of her t-shirt. She hadn’t expected her brother’s roommate to be so handsome. He didn’t seem to remember that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and his exposed chest was driving her insane.

“Don’t worry, Max. I’ll be fine.” He took a step back, and a clap of thunder shook the windows. Max jumped and whimpered. She bit her lip, which pushed some very inappropriate thoughts into Austin’s mind, and then shot straight to his cock.

“Um… Austin?” Max asked, breathless. “Could you… please, um, lie down with me?” After a moment of awkward silence, she continued. “I’m sorry if it’s weird to ask that, I just really don’t like thunder, and Collin is passed out, and usually I have my dog with me but -“

“Sure, Max.” Austin mumbled, trying to control the blood flowing into his dick at the thought of being so close to her. In his bed, nonetheless.

Max shifted towards the wall to give him room, and he settled in, facing her.

“Thank you.” She whispered, looking up at him, brown eyes melting his heart.

“Don’t worry about it.” Austin replied, reaching behind himself to turn off the lamp. When the room darkened, czech taxi porno Max turned over so that her back was to Austin’s front.

Austin was trying not to let his groin anywhere near her, but his bed wasn’t built for two people, and she kept wriggling in a way that pressed her ass against his dick.

“Um, Max? Weird question, but are you wearing pants?” Austin asked, his voice strained. Max giggled awkwardly.

“No… I can’t sleep in skinny jeans.” She suddenly felt very brave. Maybe it was the fact that both of them were half-dressed, or the way he was trying so hard to control himself, but she started to close the gap between them. His cock was now resting directly between the two globes of her ass, which wasn’t helping him to control his erection.

She was so close to him, and she smelled like roses. She was so beautiful, he couldn’t help feeling attracted to her, but he lived with her older brother. He didn’t want that sort of complication in their relationship, but he was slowly losing his grip on himself. She sighed, sounding content, and he lost all control over his rising dick. He was extremely anxious about how she would react to feeling his dick press into her ass. What if she told Collin? He was Austin’s best friend, but he wouldn’t take kindly to Austin creeping on his little sister. And why was she giggling?

“What’s going on, Austin?”

“N-nothing. I’m fine.” Austin’s voice was shaky.

“I don’t know, I feel something poking me.”

Before he could say anything, she turned over to face him and grabbed his cock. It pulsed at the sudden contact, and Austin groaned slightly.

“W-what are you doing, Max?” He asked, trying to sound shocked and outraged. It didn’t work.

“I’m investigating. Something very long and very hard was poking me, so I couldn’t sleep! How do you think I should make it go away?” Her voice was absolutely dripping with seductive charm.

“But Collin -“

“Is passed out from drinking too much. He doesn’t have to know.” Max suddenly pushed him so that he was on his back, with her straddling him. She braced her hands on his chest so that her pussy was just hovering over the lump in his pants.

“He’s always talking about how innocent you are.” Austin breathed, clenching his fists and trying not to stare at her lace-trimmed white panties, just visible in the low light.

“He doesn’t know everything about me.” Max whispered, finally grinding her pussy against his cock. They both cried out in pleasure. Austin grabbed her hips and stopped her from moving.

“Max, we shouldn’t do this.” He said firmly, despite his own lust.

“But don’t you want to?” Max asked bending over so her face was just above his. “Don’t you want to fuck me with that big cock? Make me scream for you, Austin? Wouldn’t it feel good to force me down on my knees and fuck my throat, knowing my big brother is asleep across the hall?” His cock pulsed as he imagined every naughty thing she was suggesting.

Austin couldn’t take it anymore. He let go of her hips and pulled her face closer to kiss her. He moaned when she gently bit his bottom lip and started grinding against him again. He grabbed at the bottom of her t-shirt and started to pull it over her head. When her breasts were exposed, Austin sat up and leaned his head down to take a nipple between his teeth. Max bucked her hips involuntarily.

Austin pulled her panties down next, and she helped to get them off her legs. He prodded at the entrance to her pussy with one finger, and she bucked wildly. She buried her fingers in his hair and kissed him again, letting him fuck her defloration porno mouth with his tongue.

“Please,” she whispered.

“What?” Austin asked, tweaking a nipple between his fingers.

“Please fuck me!” She grabbed at the waistband of his pants and began to tug them and his boxers down in one go. When his cock sprang out, she gasped and then bit her lip.

“What was that you said, about me forcing you onto your knees…?” He grinned at her devilishly, pushing for her to move off the bed and onto the floor. Austin sat on the edge of the bed, Max kneeling between his knees, and stroked her hair.

Holding eye contact, Max ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip, then took the shaft in her hand and kissed the underside of the head. She started stroking the shaft with her fist, and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking gently. Austin moaned and leaned back, eyes rolling towards the ceiling. Soon enough, Max put her hand on her lap and started taking more and more of his cock into her mouth.

When the tip hit the back of her throat, she bobbed back to the head, and down to that point again. Then with one intense thrust, she fit his cock past the curve of her throat, pushing her nose against his pubic hair. Austin moaned and leaned back on his elbows, practically in shock. He’d never been with a girl who could deep throat so well, and he nearly came just from the sensation. After a few seconds, Max pulled back, letting his dick fall from her mouth. She gasped for breath and then smiled up at him.

“Ho-holy shit, Max. That was incredible.”

“You liked it?” Max purred, grabbing his cock and jerking him off.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.” He breathed.

“That’s kind of the idea.” Max replied, swirling her tongue around the tip.

“No way, not until I fuck you.”

Max squealed as Austin hauled her back on the bed. She was straddling him again, and he pulled her head down to kiss her. He searched his nightstand blindly for a condom, finally finding one in the drawer. He ripped the wrapper apart and rolled it down as fast as humanly possible.

Max pulled away from his face, sitting above him. She smiled devilishly and he grabbed her hips, pulling her down onto his cock. She cried out as he pushed into her, and braced her hands on his chest. No man had ever made her feel so full before. When he bottomed out, she started breathing raggedly and closed her eyes.

Before she could even get used to having him inside her, he pulled her up by her hips and then slammed her back down. She bit her lip to stop herself from screaming at the sensation. She started bouncing in rhythm with him, slamming down onto his cock with more force in each thrust. Her mind turned to mush. All that mattered, all that existed in that moment, was how he was making her feel.

She was so tight, every thrust knocked the wind out of her. Her thighs were starting to give out, but it felt so damn good, she never wanted to stop. So when Austin pulled out completely, she wanted to yell at him.

“Turn over.” Austin commanded. Max smiled, sensing what was coming, and complied. She turned over so that she was on her knees, ass up. Austin groaned at the sight, pausing to grab at her ass. Max wiggled her hips impatiently.

“Austin, please!” She was desperate to feel him inside her again. When she started squirming again, Austin brought one hand down hard on her ass. Max yelped.

“No need to be so pushy, babe.” He rubbed the spot he had slapped, then spanked her again on the other cheek. Each slap sent a jolt of arousal through her, causing fake agents porno her to buck her hips.

Austin poised his cock and quickly thrust all the way into her. Max cried out and balled the sheets in her fists. She was completely bent over, her face against the bed, nipples dragging across the sheets with each thrust. Austin stared down at this beautiful girl, her ass bouncing off his hips with each thrust. She was quietly moaning, her eyes closed as she writhed under him in pleasure. Curious, he slapped her ass again. Her eyes burst open and she bucked against him.

“Please, don’t stop!” She begged.

Keeping one hand on her waist, Austin took the other and smacked each cheek in turn. A red blush appeared, and in some spots he could even make out the distinct shape of his hand. Soon her ass was glowing red and warm to the touch.

Max reached under herself and started circling her clit with her finger. The added stimulation nearly sent her over the edge, and she started to breathe even harder.

“Austin, I’m gonna – fuck, I’m going to cum!” She whined.

“That’s it baby, cum on my cock.” Austin said, pushing savagely into her and grinding his pelvis against her.

She tightened even more around him and screamed into the bed as she rode through her orgasm. Austin didn’t let up for a second, thrusting harder and harder into her, but soon enough the vice-like grip on his cock was too much, and with one final thrust, he completely filled the condom. When he pulled out, Max let her hips fall. She turned over so she was lying on her back and tried to catch her breath. Austin leaned back against the headboard and did the same.

“That was amazing.” Max said breathlessly. She slowly sat up and then settled against Austin, resting her head on his chest. Austin wrapped his arm around her and laughed.

“God yes, it was.” He answered. When his limbs stopped feeling like lead, he pulled the condom off and tied the end, flinging it into the trash can. Max curled one leg over Austin’s and sighed in content.

“I think I’m definitely going here for college.”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Austin replied, stroking her hair. He could tell this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing, and even beyond the great sex, he could see the two of them having a real relationship. Of course, only if Collin could get past the initial shock.

Collin was still passed out when the pair woke the next morning. Austin and Max were spooning again when they woke up. Austin tried to contain his morning wood, but Max ended up helping him with it anyway. He was somewhat sad about seeing her get dressed, but she was still gorgeous.

The rest of the weekend passed without incident, but sadly Max couldn’t spend any more nights in Austin’s room. Collin showed her around campus the next day, and then she spent the night on their couch. Since Collin wasn’t hungover, they didn’t want to risk waking him up.

Austin and Max exchanged numbers and let their relationship develop naturally over the next few months until she graduated. It wasn’t easy for Collin to accept, but he got over it eventually, reasoning that he would at least be able to keep on eye on his little sister and make sure she didn’t get into trouble during her first year. He also made the condition that Austin was not allowed to ever talk about their sex life around him.

They spent nearly the whole summer together, fucking whenever possible, and Austin helped Max move into the dorms after her orientation. She barely ever slept in her dorm room, though. Nearly every night she was at Collin and Austin’s apartment.

They never told Collin about their first night together, letting him live under the impression that there had been at least some romance before Austin pounded her into his mattress. After all, he had to believe she was still his innocent little sister; a theme she and Austin absolutely loved to play off of.

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