In Days of Olde Ch. 08

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Time was slipping slowly onward, as the People worked and played together every day. Flower grew closer and closer with the two young men who adored her, and with her new sister, Dove. The four of them spent almost every spare moment together, when they were not busy with other tasks. The visitors had decided to spend the cold season with the People and to leave in the Spring, which chafed Storm, and made her even more cross, but there was no help for it. She knew that Flower was still a virgin, and that she had not yet gone away with either of the two young men for romance, but it was only a matter of time. She could see the looks that they gave one another, and the increasing familiarity with which they touched one another, and Raven had not been to her arms in weeks. The last few times she had tried to seduce him, she had failed, which caused her anger to mount even more. Her cousins kept her busy with Fawn and some of the other young women, which helped to quench her thirst for sex, but it did not ease her longing to have Raven as her own.

Flower was unaware of the tension mounting and continued to go about her daily life as happily as ever. She was aware of so many new feelings coursing through her body each day, and she knew now much more about men and women pleasing one another as she had inadvertently seen Hawk and Dove more than once, plus some of the other couples. Then, one day, she was looking for the two young men and had not been able to find them. She wandered along, with no task at hand at the moment, enjoying the lovely fall day. There was a bit of a chill in the air, and the woods were almost silent, as she moved along. She breathed deeply of the fresh air, and felt happy just to be alive and living in the midst of such beautiful surroundings. As she strolled along, she came upon the entrance to a cave that she had not seen before. She paused, carefully checking for signs of any animals, and when she did not spy any, she decided to go in and take a look around. Her feet made no sound as she moved forward, and she saw that it was not dark inside as she might have thought. Here and there along the path, there were torches lit. This was surprising to her, and she wished to see more.

As she moved further inside, Flower heard the murmur of voices, and moved toward them. She came to the edge of a larger room, where a fire was lit. She saw animal skins on the floor and spied Raven and Hawk sitting near the fire, talking softly. Not wishing to disturb or startle them, she waited for a pause in the conversation. She watched them quietly, thinking just how handsome both were in their different ways. Such strong young bodies, and so gentle and kind. She couldn’t help loving them both. As her thoughts wandered, she was caught by surprise when she saw Raven reach out his hand and stroke Hawk’s cheek gently, and then draw the young man to him, to kiss his lips. She caught her breath softly, a bit shocked. She knew that men loved other men and women loved other women among the people, but she czech sharking porno did not know that these two had this type of relationship, as close as they were. She had not seen any instances with her own eyes, but now she was riveted, unable to look away.

The two young men were lost in each other at the moment, and aware of nothing else. This was their special place, and when they needed time alone, they came here when they were able Everyone knew they had someplace they went but no one had ever stumbled across it before today. Now as Charity watched, her eyes wide, Raven’s mouth claimed his lover’s hungrily. Their hands moved over each other’s chests, and lower, and she heard them moan in mutual pleasure. She watched as Hawk spread his legs slightly, and Raven pushed aside the breechclout, stroking the younger man with skilled fingers. His cock swelled from the attention, and his hips moved slightly. She found her breath quickening and her heart pounding wildly at the sight. After a few moments of being caressed, Hawk moved to his knees and slipped his lover’s one piece of clothing off, leaving him fully and magnificently nude to his eyes and Flower’s. The play of the firelight over his skin made him even more appealing.

Slowly, Hawk’s mouth moved down to caress the head of Raven’s hard cock, his tongue flicking over the spongy crown. He slid his mouth and tongue all over the hard shaft, as Raven’s hand rested on his hair, encouraging him onward. Eagerly, his mouth enveloped the waiting member, and he began sucking away, his head bobbing up and down slowly at first, and then more quickly. Raven was moaning in pleasure, and Flower found herself as wet as she had ever been between her thighs, feeling the need to touch herself. She slipped her hand inside her leggings, finding her cleft and rubbing her pleasure nub. Hawk seemed to be truly enjoying himself as much as Raven, and he continued his play until the other man’s face contorted and he spilled his seed into the hungry mouth. Almost immediately, Hawk moved up to kiss his lover, and share the bounty. Raven pushed him onto his back gently but firmly, and proceeded to take the waiting cock beneath him in his own mouth, sucking his playmate until he had spilled his semen as well. They were not yet done, however, and Flower continued to watch and stroke herself, as they moved into a new position. Hawk rose and bent over, mouthing his partner to hardness again, then got on his hands and knees before Raven, offering himself.

As Flower watched, Raven’s hard shaft slowly disappeared inside the tight star between Hawk’s ass cheeks, and the two moved together, with moves that were well-known to both. Obviously they had been together many times, with the practiced ease the love-making showed. Flower found herself on the edge of her own orgasm, and when Raven and Hawk cried out their release, she came with them, and cried out her own. As they all spiraled back down to earth, their eyes moved to the shadows of czech streets porno the doorway and locked on her slender figure, her fingers still buried inside her clothing. They sat up and pulled on their clothing, as she tried to find the strength to move. Giving her a slow smile, Raven held out a hand to her, motioning her toward them. Blushing, she moved into the firelight, unable to meet his eyes.

“Sit down, Little Flower. Were you spying?”

“No, oh no. I just found the cave and wondered about it…then when I saw the torches, I wanted to see what else was further on….when I saw the two of you…I …I just couldn’t seem to leave.”

“Did you enjoy watching us?” When she couldn’t answer right away, he caught her hand and brought it to his nostrils, smelling her arousal. “I believe you did….”

“I’m sorry….I didn’t mean….”

Raven caught her chin and made her look at him. “Flower, how many times must we go through this? You do not have to be embarrassed or feel badly when something pleases your sight. If our love making gave you pleasure as well, we are happy.” Hawk nodded in agreement.

“I know…..I seem to have a difficult time still letting go of the old ways….the old ideas of what is right between men and women…”

“You must let go if you are ever to be truly free and happy here. Loving someone is not wrong…not ever. If you choose to love them with your heart or with your body, it is a good thing, especially if they return that love. Hawk and I love each other very much, and sometimes we choose this way to show it.” He paused, then said, “He and I love you very much as well, and we should like to do so with our bodies someday, if you would like.”

Flower caught her breath. She was not surprised, as the unspoken desires had been there for a very long time, but she was not expecting them to be mentioned to her. At this moment, she found herself wanting both of them to touch her very much, and very intimately. She parted her lips to speak, and found she had no voice, but her eyes said everything. Gently, Raven cupped her chin and brought his lips to hers, kissing her deeply. She felt his tongue moved against her mouth, asking for entrance, and she opened her mouth to allow it. At the same time, she felt Hawk’s hands move around her from behind, stroking over her tunic and caressing her breasts. She moaned softly against Raven’s mouth, her hands resting against his chest. Her tunic was being slid up now, and she felt Hawk’s bare chest against the skin of her back, his warm palms caressing the tender flesh of her breasts. She arched her back, her mouth still captured by Raven. Hawk thumbed her nipples tenderly and then slid his hands downward to her mound. She was whimpering with pleasure now, moisture seeping from between her thighs.

Together, the trio moved until they were lying back on the skins covering the hard floor of the cavern, and Flower’s clothing was removed slowly, leaving her nude. The breechclouts czech super models porno disappeared as well, and now three beautiful young bodies lay naked together, the soft light flickering across their skin. Flower lay between the two young men, feeling their mouths on hers, moving across her throat and shoulders, and downward. Two mouths and tongues on her breasts drove her wild, and she found herself reaching out and taking each of them in her hands, and stroking them. They kissed and nibbled their way down to her hips and then kissed one another over her pubic bone. Together, two tongues slid over her labia, and worked their way inside her, as she grasped their hair, urging them onward. They brought her to climax quickly and tenderly, then let her rest, softly stroking her skin with their fingertips. She felt loved and warm between the two of them. Her body felt deliciously free and sensuous. Raven kissed her again, and then Hawk followed suit. Looking up into their faces, she smiled warmly.

“Flower, we can stop now if you wish, or we can continue. It is your choice.”

Flower thought about it, knowing this was a big decision. If she continued, she would soon no longer be a virgin, and there was no way to take that back; however, she did want to make love with someone she loved, and that was most certainly the case with these two men. She knew that they would not be angry with her if she chose to stop, and she knew that she could bring them pleasure without actually having sex with them, but she found she wanted them far too much to stop. She looked first at Raven and then Hawk.

“I do not wish to stop, but I cannot make the choice as to who will be my first. You must make that choice for me, for I love you both.”

The two young men looked at each, smiling brightly and leaned in to kiss her again. That question had been discussed long ago, in the event that the fantasy had ever become a reality, and was already decided. As they stroked her body, kissing her all over again, Raven rose over her and straddled her hips, his cockhead sitting just against her entrance. “You are certain?” he asked a final time, and in response, she opened her legs wider for him, giving him easier access. He began to slowly push into her, not wanting to hurt her any more than necessary, as Hawk moved over her breasts, licking at her nipples and arousing her further. She began stroking his cock, as Raven moved further in. She felt a sharp pain, but it was gone immediately, and then there was only the fullness of the shaft inside her. Raven allowed her time to adjust to his girth, and then began to move, as Hawk hungrily suckled her nipples and diddled her clit, then moved down to lick at Raven’s shaft as he moved in and out of the girl.

The feelings were wonderful, and Flower felt as if she were soaring, as her lover thrust in and out of her virgin pussy. A wave of ecstasy slammed into her, and she felt Raven pull out, his cum splashing on her stomach, and the warmth of Hawk’s cock entering her, feeling slightly different and still wonderful. He made her feel as good as Raven, and soon she was soaring again. After he had pulled out and climaxed on her belly, his seed mixing with Raven’s, the three lay together, spent and happy. She felt herself drifting into a doze, warm and happy between her two new lovers.

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