Impressing the Judges

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Big Dicks

This is my first erotic story of any kind, so I hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to DawnJ for proofreading this and helping me get it published.


Standing on the side of the road was my friend Nate, wrapped from head to toe in gauze. I pulled over next to him and admired his homemade Halloween costume.

“Pretty cool, huh?” he asked. Nate had been working on this costume for a while now, but was adamant about not revealing it before he finished. It was indeed impressive, and he didn’t even need my assistance getting in the car, although he did sit down rather oddly. On the remaining drive he explained how he’d soaked the gauze in tea to make it appear older and wrapped it in such a way that he still had most of his mobility. He could even separate the top as a sort of helmet.

It certainly put my costume to shame. I was dressed as a run-of-the-mill zombie. That is to say, I was pretty much dressed as myself normally, only with worn-down, ragged clothing. I didn’t even bother with any makeup, and chose to get a store-bought mask. I wasn’t that big on Halloween, but every year my best friends Nate and Mark, as well as Mark’s uncle Ted, got together to set up a haunted house. It had started as a family tradition over a decade ago, but had turned into a fiercely competitive event. We all lived in a fairly tight-knit neighborhood, the kind where everyone knew almost everyone else. A few years back, someone came up with the idea of going around and judging all the attractions people set up, awarding them with a small trophy. The only value was, of course, bragging rights.

Two years ago, we won for the first time, and ever since then Mark’s uncle had been determined to win it again. Last year, we reached second place out of fifteen participants, which I thought was pretty good. This was most likely going to be our last time doing it in grand style, since it was our last year of high school. In fact, I had already turned eighteen, and had begun thinking about my plans for the future, which most likely involved going to an out-of-state college. I knew Nate and Mark had plans too, making next year’s Halloween celebration look very uncertain.

A short drive later, we pulled into Mark’s driveway. It was just a regular two-story house, the kind you can see in any suburb, where he lived alone with his mother, Vivian Morgan. His dad had passed away when we were still kids, but Ted was always around to help out. Nate, Mark, and I had spent so much time around each other’s houses as kids that I considered them almost part of my own family.

I rang the doorbell, but after a short wait nobody seemed to be in. That was weird. I was sure we had set plans to meet up at two, just like we did every year on Halloween. We would all sit down together, eat, and talk about the plans for the haunted house event that night, and then finish setting up the decorations. Nate tapped his foot impatiently. I rang the doorbell again.

“Maybe he’s taking a nap,” Nate said.

“Maybe… but I don’t think they’d both be asleep,” I replied. After about half a minute I started pressing the doorbell over and over. Finally, that elicited a response. I could hear footsteps racing down the stairs. The door was pulled open energetically and Ms. Morgan stood there, looking pissed.

“Oh, it’s you two,” she said and her expression softened. “I was just putting on my costume when you guys interrupted me.” For some reason she kept looking at me with a weird expression on her face, as if she was trying to solve a puzzle. “Mark’s out in the barn. By the way, that’s a great looking costume Nate!”

“Thanks, Ms. Morgan,” he beamed, clearly proud of his creation. “What are you supposed to be?”

She was wearing a fairly tight fitted black dress. A very, very short dress. It wasn’t unusual over the years to see each other in swim-wear or pajamas, but I’d never seen her wearing something like this. Her stark, smooth legs ran all the way up to the hem of the dress, which just barely managed to cover her butt.

“It’s not finished yet! I’m a witch, can’t you tell? Got a hat and broom and everything for later. Why don’t you guys head out back and help Mark while I finish up.”

However, at that point Mark came around the side of the house, followed by his uncle Ted.

“Hey guys, finally here I see! I thought someone had set off the fire alarm in the house. Fantastic costume, Nate!” He stared in awe, then addressed his mother. “Is the food ready yet? I’m starving.”

“Almost. Why don’t you set the table, I’ll go finish putting on my costume; then we can eat.” She turned to move up the stairs, her shoulder length brown hair swirling around, but just as she started up the stairs an alarm went off in the kitchen. She sighed and said, “Damn, guess there’s no time. Oh well.”

The table was set rapidly and Ms. Morgan served meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. She sat to my right at the head of the table, while Ted sat at the other end. Nate and Mark czech first video porno were opposite me. Everything tasted spectacular; Ms. Morgan was an excellent cook. Nate told everyone how much work he’d put into his costume, and we reminisced about previous Halloweens.

The food wasn’t the only thing that turned out to be spectacular. Anytime Ms. Morgan leaned forward to serve something, I received a glimpse of her cleavage and her breasts threatening to pop out from her costume. It was unusual, because I didn’t think of her that way normally. We’d always been pretty comfortable with each other, and I could always come to her with things I didn’t want to talk about with my own mother because they were too embarrassing or uncomfortable. But there was something about her today that was different. Maybe it was the skimpy dress, but she seemed to be almost teasing me every time she moved.

Mark had started a fierce debate when he brought up last year’s competition. It was still a sore spot with Ted, who had formed a strong dislike of the judges. It was undeserved, in my opinion, but there was no way I’d bring that up. Ms. Morgan decided this was the best time to bring out the pumpkin pie, and as she walked into the kitchen I couldn’t help but admire the way her ass bounced while she walked.

The pie was, of course, excellent, too. It didn’t take long for us to polish it off. Nobody wanted to move right after eating and we still had plenty of time left, so we just kept talking for quite some time.

A clatter drew everyone’s attention to Ms. Morgan, who blushed a little and exclaimed, “I, uh.. sorry. I dropped my fork.”

Nate, Mark, and Ted immediately resumed their conversation, but my attention was still focused on her. I was hoping I could get another glimpse of that phenomenal cleavage. As if she could sense my stare, she turned her head towards me and flashed me a wicked smile. My heart skipped a beat, but before I could react she turned back and started bending towards the ground, away from me. What was that smile? Surely if she knew I’d been checking out her cleavage all night she’d be angry at me, not… what, exactly?

The others were still engrossed in their conversation, not paying any attention to Ms. Morgan or me, which was fortunate because at that moment she was bent over sideways, one hand on the floor, legs still crossed so that her left thigh rose up in the air… giving me the most spectacular view of her pussy. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there it was. Puffy lips, glistening with wetness, clean shaven and tempting me with promises of pleasure. I started breathing faster and could feel myself hardening. Her short skirt must have ridden halfway up her butt over the last half hour, which was no surprise given the skimpiness of it, but what happened to her panties? Under her, the fabric of the chair was soaking wet, a rather sizable dark patch.

In a fluid motion she drew herself upright, looking straight me. Fuck, there was no way she wouldn’t have noticed me gaping at her. I closed my mouth and braced myself for the shit-storm, but it didn’t come. She looked me straight in the eyes and winked. What the hell? At this point, my cock was pressing uncomfortably against the fabric of my pants, spurned on by her apparent permission.

“You got something right there,” she said quietly, pointing at her own corner of her mouth.

Instinctively I pulled up my own hand to check and sure enough wiped away a little bit of drool. Fuck, I had actually drooled. How embarrassing! The vision of her perfect pussy, wet with anticipation, still lingered in my mind.

“Uh…,” was all I could stammer while she presented me with a very self-satisfied smile.

“What do you think, Steven?” Mark asked. Interrupted and suddenly aware again of all the other people in the room, I realized I had no idea what they were talking about.


“You and mom should totally do it.” My breath caught in my throat and a cold shiver ran down my spine.

“Uh…,” I swallowed. “Do what?” My mind was racing with a million possible excuses, none of them adequately explaining why exactly I had been drooling over his mother’s pussy.

“Haven’t you been paying any attention?” he scolded. “The water balloons. With the fake blood. For Halloween. Today.” He paused between each sentence as I just stared at him dumbly. Fortunately Ms. Morgan wasn’t as slow on the uptake as I was and came to my rescue.

“No, honey. We don’t want to ruin anyone’s costume. It’s supposed to be harmless fun, besides it’ll be colder at night.”

“Aww, you’re right mom, but it would be so much fun.” He rolled his eyes at me, and addressed his uncle again, and I decided to pay more attention again, admonishing myself not to give anything away. “We could set up the candy bowl hand thing we used two years ago again.”

That one had been a big hit, a table with a bowl of candy on it, but at the bottom of the czech game porno bowl was a hole and whoever sat under the table would thrust his hand up at the right moment to scare whoever was about to grab some sweets. Last time that had been me. The memory of Ms. Morgan’s pussy flashed before my eyes again and I felt my cock twitch.

“Good call, we still have it in the garage. Who’s going under it this year though? We’re all dressed up this time it would be a waste,” Ted responded.

“Well I’m thinking we don’t have to stay under there all the time, maybe only for larger groups. What do you say, Steven? Up for it again?”

This time I was prepared, “I suppose, as long as I don’t have to spend all night under there. Last time my back was sore for days.”

“Nice! I just hope most of the kids don’t remember it from last time…,” Mark said, at which point I felt someone’s toes lightly brush my foot. I glanced down and saw Ms. Morgan’s foot, toes painted black, slowly trailing up my leg. “The judges will probably remember it but they should grade the effectiveness–” She reached my knee. “–and not originality. Besides, most of the other stuff we got is new–” Her foot was now near my thigh, and I was uncomfortably aware of just how close to my erection that was. “–so we should be fine.” Touchdown. I inhaled sharply as her soft foot gently pressed directly into my crotch.

Despite my earlier admonishment, I stopped paying attention to the conversation since the nearly direct contact of a very beautiful woman’s foot with my penis was enough to warrant my full attention. She had found her mark, and was now running the length of my erect shaft up and down between her toes. If anyone else at the table had observed her at this moment they wouldn’t have noticed a thing. She sat there primly, one elbow resting on the table, head in hand, looking almost bored.

Suddenly, she withdrew her foot, and my trance was momentarily broken. I looked at her questioningly, and she flashed me another smile, just as wicked as the first. Leaning back in the chair, she readjusted herself turning slightly towards me. In this new position I had an excellent view of her upper legs, but the rest were still covered by the drooping tablecloth. Much faster than last time, she nestled her foot back between my legs and started tracing my shaft again. I grabbed her foot with one hand and noticed just how smooth her skin was, the contact sent shivers down my spine and I began softly massaging it.

She then surreptitiously moved the tablecloth that had now draped over her outstretched leg. As soon as it dropped down, I gained an unobstructed view of her sopping wet pussy. My eyes went wide and I looked at the others, but none of them were in a position to see her lower half. Ms. Morgan’s big toe started circling the tip of my cock and simultaneously lowered her own hand between her thighs. She started slowly fingering herself with just her middle finger, ensuring she presented a perfect view to me as she slipped her finger in, out, in, out, matching her own increasing speed with increased pressure and intensity on the tip of my penis.

It felt like an eternity, hormones in full control of my body, pre-cum leaking through my pants. I wanted to rip off her costume, squeeze her tits and make her beg me to pleasure her. Ms Morgan’s chest rose and dropped more rapidly now. I wanted to bend her over the table right then and there, sink my cock deep into her cunt and pound away, hard and fast. The ecstasy was overwhelming now, just a few seconds more and I would cum right there in front of Ted and my two friends. I wanted to stick my dick in her mouth and make her suck–

“All right now,” Ted spoke loudly and I was abruptly and rudely torn out of my trance; her foot immediately withdrew. Fuck, what was Ms. Morgan thinking doing all this right here? But it seemed no one noticed. “I think it’s time we finish the house before it gets dark.” I was still reeling with the sudden change when Mark asked me “You got it with you?”

I replied dumbfounded, “G-got what?”

“The. Ladder.” As if addressing a child. A child who just watched his mother finger-bang herself at the dinner table. I was really glad he couldn’t read my thoughts at that moment.

“Yeah, it’s in the back of my truck,” I replied, suppressing the urge to unzip my pants and finish myself off. “I’ll go get it.” I hesitated, pondering how I could stand up without anybody noticing my hard-on and wet spot where pre-cum had leaked through the fabric, when once again the naughty nymph came to my rescue.

“Who’s gonna help me do the dishes?” she questioned the room. If I hadn’t seen her finger herself just moments ago I would not have thought anything was out of the ordinary. That’s an amazing talent to have. Nobody replied and she shot me a half questioning half pleading glance. My brain obviously wasn’t working properly again yet.

“I guess I could,” I said, belying my own eagerness czech gangbang porno to ravish this woman.

“Might as well, you’re useless today,” Mark nodded. Everyone started piling together their plates, and I was glad I could carry something to hide the tent in my pants, although at this point my erection had subsided substantially from the shock of near discovery. I attempted to grab a serving bowl to pile on top of my plate, but Ms Morgan’s hand grabbed mine and I was immediately aware how wet her hand was. God, she must be absolutely drenched.

“I’ll take care of it,” she said, and showed me another one of her devilish smiles. I felt myself stiffen again. Damn this woman. I couldn’t help but smell her musky scent on the back of my hand; it was practically overwhelming. We carried everything into the adjacent kitchen. The entire process took far too long, in my current state of arousal.

Once everything had been transported, Ted and my two friends headed for the back door. Ms. Morgan and I stood next to each other in the kitchen, both very tensely focused on the door. The moment we heard it snap shut she sprang into action. “What…?” I started to ask, but she pressed her hand, still damp, on my mouth, and with the other started undoing my fly. Her scent hit me with full force as she pulled out my once-again rock-hard cock.

She dropped to her knees and let out a soft moan, my cock still in her hand. Her warm breath on my balls sent another shiver through my body, followed by a warm wetness as she ran her tongue slowly, tantalizingly up my shaft. I had to grip the counter with both my hands to keep steady while she caressed every inch of my skin. She finally reached the tip of my cock, and I let out a moan as she swallowed my head, sucking with a fury and enthusiasm I never would have expected. A few seconds later, her hand joined in and started massaging my balls, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Ms. Morgan, I’m about to…” but I was interrupted by my own moan as she took me in deeper than before. All the way in. A powerful wave of pleasure shook my body as I started coming hard down her throat. It was like someone had opened the floodgates, as wave after wave of cum spurted into her. My knees almost buckled while she continued sucking, eliciting a shudder and moan from me every time she squeezed out another drop.

I felt completely drained, my mind blank in an orgasmic euphoria. Ms. Morgan placed a kiss on the tip of my softening penis and looked up at me, positively beaming with joy. She got up and pressed herself against me. I could feel her supple breasts pressing into me, her face very close to mine. We started passionately kissing. She was driven by an insatiable need, intertwining her tongue with mine. She tasted wonderful, and I felt myself harden again.

I was acutely aware that in this position my cock was directly between her thighs. Sure enough, as soon as I was fully hard, I could feel a warm wetness on top of my shaft. She felt it too, evidenced by her moan. Still passionately kissing me, she started sliding back and forth on top of my cock, which was still sticking out between her thighs. Her pussy lips enveloped the sides as she rhythmically slid up and down my entire length.

She must have been very excited because it didn’t take long before I could feel her clench her thighs together, tightening like a vice around my cock, increasing the sensations a thousandfold. Her whole body started shaking, and I had to hold her up. She broke the kiss and started moaning wildly, body still shaking. I didn’t think I could come again so soon, but the intense pleasure was far too much for me to handle and another mind shattering orgasm washed over me, shooting my load into the air and on the kitchen floor.

I closed my eyes, and she laid her head on my shoulder, and we just stood there, embracing each other. It felt like an eternity.

When I opened my eyes again, she was looking at me with a very satisfied smile on her face.

“Please, ” she said, giving my penis a small squeeze with her legs, “call me Viv.” She gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Now, about those dishes…”

We let go of each other and I began to be aware of my surroundings again. Ms. Morgan handed me a towel and pointed at my crotch. I realized just how soaked I was down there. Fortunately my pants were supposed to be worn out so I hoped the dark patch that had formed wouldn’t be noticed too much. I handed the towel back to her and she used it to wipe herself. Her juices ran halfway down her thigh.

“Ms… uh, Viv, that was absolutely incredible!”

“Mmm, yeah…,” she replied while filling the sink with warm water, “I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, and you boys interrupted me earlier when I was trying to take care of myself.” Oh, that explains why she looked so annoyed when she opened the door.

“A while now?”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time for me. I’ve watched you grow up into quite the handsome man recently and…well, started fantasizing about what it would be like to suck your cock. And then you interrupted me today. And at the dinner table, I couldn’t help myself. I was still so horny thinking about it, and well, you know the rest…” Her voice trailed off, and she handed me another plate to dry.

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