Imagining Our First Meeting

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As I sit here I am thinking of you. Thinking of the day we will meet for the first time. How I tremble with anticipation. We know each other so well, but have never seen each other. I am so excited…

I park the car and enter the Hotel and go straight to your room. Starting out fast at first and then slowing as I get closer to you. My mouth is feeling dry and my hands are shaking. I stop, tell myself to calm down, we have both been waiting for this for a long time.

Then I am there, in front of the door and I am knocking. The door opens and there you are as handsome as I have ever imagined. You step back just enough for me to enter and the next thing I know I am in your arms and you kiss me. I can feel you tremble against me. Feel your heat through our clothes. You move your mouth to my ear and whisper “I have dreamed of this baby” and my body just melts into you. My hands have a life of their own and are all over you. Now they are in your hair pulling your mouth closer to mine…

You feel my tongue push through your lips exploring your mouth. Loving the way you feel and taste. I moan into your mouth as I am exploring with my tongue and my hands. Moving them over your ass and then around to your cock, feeling how hard you are for me. How much you want me. Hearing your low moan as I stroke you making you harder.

Your hands find my breasts, kneading them, making me ignite….

While I am still kissing you I start to take your clothes off. To unbutton your shirt and remove it. You casino şirketleri press me back against the door and start to remove my clothes also.

Next thing we know we are naked, clothes flung everywhere. Kissing each other. I kiss your face. Your eyelids, cheeks, nose, ears, down to your neck. I suck on your neck right at the base of your throat. You press me harder against the door. You lift my head to kiss my lips and move down to kiss my breasts. You kiss around each one wanting to tease me. But we are both too impatient and you move to my nipples. Sucking on each one making them grow bigger then I have ever seen them. They are so sensitive to your touch.

You move up and take my hand leading me to the bed. Pushing me down gently and moving on top of me. There are so many things that we want to do, but we have been waiting so long. We both cannot wait any longer. I need to feel you inside of me. You open my legs wide and slowly enter me. I am so wet and ready for you. You slide in easily, filling me more then I have ever been before. I arch my back up to you and you start to slowly lick my nipples as your cock moves in and out of me. You increase your rhythm as my moans increase and I get louder calling out your name. My hands running down your back and my nails lightly scraping your back. You move up and replace your lips with your hands. Getting on your knees so you can thrust deeper. Pulling my legs around you and locking my feet together. I watch you watching us…watching you enter me.

You casino firmaları feel me tremble and you know I am close. I feel you stiffen knowing you are going to cum. But you want us to cum together so you reach down and touch my clit and I explode. And as soon as my muscles clench around you, you explode also. Pumping into me faster and faster as I thrust up into you. Riding the waves out as I climax around you again. You move down on top of me again to kiss me tenderly. We snuggle against each other both knowing that this is only the start. We have so much more sharing to do. Right now we rest for a little a little while. Both smiling at each other. Knowing what is to come…

While we are embracing I must have fallen asleep. I am awakened to feeling you spreading my legs and licking me. I feel the tip of your tongue on my clit moving around in circles. And then moving down and entering me. My hips move up to you pressing into your face. You put your arms under me and lift me closer. I start to cum slowly on your tongue and you move it faster and press harder until I am squirting into your mouth. You have me trembling so hard. I ask you to let me move over you and you say “no” you are not finished yet. But you do move around so that we can 69. Knowing that what I really wanted was your hard cock in my mouth. I tease you at first by licking you slowly around your balls. Licking all around. When you cannot take it anymore you stick a finger in me. And then I suck in one ball and fondle the other güvenilir casino one. Running and twirling my tongue around it and then I switch and suck the other one. Now you are sucking my clit into your mouth and I moan into you. I kiss up the underside of your cock and take the tip into my mouth. Running my tongue around under your head, then running it over your slit. You continue to finger and suck me. Putting a second finger in as I tense around them. Then I plunge my mouth over you and take you all the way in as I cum again all over you. I feel you hit my throat and I move my head back and forth faster and faster. Flattening my tongue on your vein and making a vacuum out of my mouth.

You know that you are about to explode and you tense up. You start to pump your fingers into me faster and harder and you cum in my mouth, shooting down my throat. I suck you harder and harder trying to get every drop that I can. As I climax again in your mouth.

You pull out of my mouth and position me on my hands and knees. My head rests on the pillow and I feel you massage my shoulders and reach around to my breasts. Then they move back to my ass and caress me and pull me up.

Then you are entering me. Nice and slow at first. Then I thrust back into you wanting to feel you deep inside of my cunt. You push harder and faster. Reaching around to fondle my breasts. I thrust back to meet each thrust of yours. You then fondle my clit as you pound into me. And then I feel you slap my ass and I explode all over. Wave after wave cuming over me. My muscles clenching you so hard that you explode into me. Filling me… We are both trembling. I feel you move and lay down next to me. I come into your arms and we kiss and fall asleep. Wrapped in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32