I’m Not Wearing Panties

Nisan 3, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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In the right context these little words may not mean just a whole lot, but when they come out of the blue, it hits you like a brick wall.

Sitting in the coffee shop across from one another, and discussing the day’s events, what the kids are doing, and various random ideas these words casually mentioned are like a bomb dropped on you. As smoothly as telling about the dog taking a dump on the neighbors yard or some other nonsense thing, this comes slipped in and then passed over as if it nothing.

“HUH” goes the mind as it tries to process this tidbit of information, and of course, it is not repeated as she knows it will stick in your mind and make you crazy throughout the whole meal. As you had hugged and kissed when greeting each other at the entrance, you vaguely knew that she had on a bra. But it was not a part of your normal greeting to fondle her lower regions to check and see if she had remember panties or not.

This is truly one those seeds that once planted grows quickly youporn porno and will eventually cause pressure and a swelling the front of your pants. All remaining things that are discussed and even what you ordered and what you ate have no meaning whatsoever, as this stays like a neon sign in the front of your mind.

Timing is so crucial in many things and when it is well done, it is a classic bit of teasing on her part and torture on yours. Now, if this had been told AFTER we had eaten and were leaving to run jump into bed, that would have been an entirely different matter. BUT NO, she had to drop this bombshell on me when I’m sitting across a table; the waitress is pouring my coffee, and I’ve just ordered our meal.

Not batting an eyelash, the waitress didn’t spill a drop of coffee as she poured it, so either she was in on it all, or had heard this line before. Myself, I would have poured coffee all over the table as I tried to look and see if I could zenci porno tell whether it was true or not. The wild desire to cancel your order and go straight to the source is what those little words will do.

The promise, the allure, the basic idea that somebody is going to get lucky tonight is what happens when this is so lightly slid into the conversation. Even if she never, ever wore panties, it would still be a hint or giant clue of what was expected later.

Throughout the whole meal and numerous refills of coffee, it was not mentioned again, as it really didn’t need to be. However, there was seemingly constant sexual innuendos that she smoothly slipped into our conversation. Such as how sensitive her nipples were, and that without a bra they would be headlights shining through her blouse.

Casually, and trying not to walk stiffly, I left the tip and moved to pay the ticket so we could leave and get our cars so we could continue on with this. Naturally, xhamster porno she wanted to delay things just a bit and have a further discussion in the parking lot as I escorted her to her car. So, with a good bit of hugging and kissing, I did confirm that she did not have on any panties.

Anyone passing by at this time could have noticed a couple trying to merge two bodies into one despite the clothes between them. Distracting her while kissing and sucking on her neck, I unhooked her bra and semi confirmed her hint of how sensitive her nipples were.

Her capri pants almost fell off completely as I was resolute in my quest to be 100% sure that she didn’t have on panties. Not wishing to share her headlights with the world at this time, she had rehooked her bra and stated her amazement how smoothly I had undone it.

Finally, I got her seated in her car, and leaning through the window had kissed her some more and nibbled on her neck to keep her arousal at a good high peak, had turned to run to my truck. Trying to walk with your pants well tented in front is usually difficult, and even more so when you have this desire to RUN.

With a gigantic smile on both our faces, we raced to see who could get out of the parking lot the fastest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32