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I’m Glad You’re My Daddy Now
Chapter 11


By Kevin Anderson


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events. although some parts have been configured for story flow.  If you are offended by such themes. stop reading now.


We laid around and played in the river for a few more hours until it was time to eat.  I was so hungry and I”m sure Sean was to.

“Hey buddy, what would you like to eat? You get to decide today.”

Sean looked as though he was trying to figure out how to solve world hunger.   He looked up at me with those beautiful, blue eyes, the ones I get lost in every time I see them.  “Daddy, can we have hot dogs tonight and cook them over the fire?”

I smiled at him.  “Sure, baby boy, we”ll eat whatever you want.”

He got this look on his face, you know the one, like an evil villain coming up with a sinister plan.  He wiggled his little finger for me to come closer, so nobody could hear him.  I looked around … there”s nobody within 10 miles of us.

I leaned down and he whispered, “Does that mean my butt, too?”

I really liked that!  I kissed him on the cheek and whispered back, “I”m having that for dessert tonight,” and stood back up.

I picked Sean up and carried him out of the water.  I knew he could manage walking out by himself but I do love any excuse to hold him and feel his soft smooth body in mine, my hands holding his little butt, tapping my finger on that sweet little hole.  I finally got us back to shore and grabbed our towels to dry off.  I put my towel around my neck and Sean copied me.  I took his hand and we walked back to the cabin.

Once back at the cabin we gathered up some wood for the fire.  I sent Sean inside to get things together for the hot dogs along with the usual condiments. I got the fire going and watched Sean slowly coming towards me, carefully carrying the tray so he didn”t drop anything.  I sat there admiring how cute and sexy this boy was; his sandy, blonde hair, his slender body with not a hair in sight.  My eyes traveled down to that ‘Adonis Belt’-V trailing down to his little cocklet like it was pointing right to where I belonged.  If anyone had told me a year ago I would have a son, falling in love with him and knowing the pleasure he would bring to my life, I would have said that was a pipe dream.  While staring at him it hit me, dear god, he looks like my brother!  Thank goodness that”s all he got from him!  The loving, caring and affectionate part came from my sister-in-law.  She deserved better than my brother.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard, “Here, Daddy, I got everything we need.”

I took the tray from him and placed it on the small table beside us.  I looked it over to make sure everything was there.  I scratched my chin like I was deep in thought.  “Looks good, buddy, but how are we going to cook the hot dogs?  You forgot the hot dog forks.”

He looked like ‘oh, crap!’ and started to run back to the cabin, but I grabbed him before he could take a step, pulling him back towards me.  I got my naked son between my legs and pulled him into a big, bear hug.  It was everything I could do not to eat him up!  I told him I already had them and showed him the forks.  He started to laugh and wiggle around, which was not helping my semi-hard on.

“Daddy, you tricked me!”  I had to laugh at the look on his face.

We were snapped out of our laugh fest when my phone rang.  I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Steven.  My heart started to beat faster and I thought wow, I”ve never noticed myself feeling this way when he”s called before.

I picked up the phone and answered. “Hey there, my future baby Daddy.”  Not sure why I said that, I just thought it would be funny.

Steven was taken aback by it, I could hear him trying not to laugh.  “Hey there, my baby seed collector.”

It wasn”t that funny, but I laughed anyways. “Hey babe, it”s so nice hearing your voice!   Everything ok, how is everybody?” I was asking about the boys, since I didn”t know his family, but I was still concerned about them as well.

“OMG, Kev, I had to call you! I needed to hear your voice and confirm something the boys said to me, and I really think they might be right, but we need to talk first.”

“Sure bud, what”s up? And yes, I miss you and the boys very much, and Sean does as well … he”s sitting here on my knee.”

Sean leaned his head on my shoulder so he could hear our conversation.   Normally he”s very respectful and will leave me to my phone calls but this was Steven, so there was nothing to hide.

“Sooo, what did you want to talk about?”

“Kev, I have to tell you the whole story…….” 

It started the other day while me and the boys were on a hike.  I thought getting them outdoors istanbul travesti would be good since everything and everyone is on lockdown, plus my parents were getting on their nerves, especially my mother.  She’s been grilling them on who I was seeing, dating, what were they up, any girlfriends, and so on.  It was on the hike that I heard Jr and Zach talking, well, trying to whisper.  I overheard them asking when they could leave.  Jr is missing you and Zach is missing Sean.  I chimed in letting them know they weren”t so quiet, and I missed you and Sean as well.  We talked some more but I kept bringing you up.  

“Do you love Kevin?” Jr asked me.

“Of course, I love both Kev and Sean,” I replied, “Just as much as I love    you boys.”

 Zach looked up and said, “No, Daddy, are you in love with Kevin?  Is he your boyfriend?”

“I just sat there staring at them like they spoke a different language. I finally snapped out of it, and said, ‘To tell you boys the truth, I never thought about it.  Why did you ask that?’”

 “Because Dad,” Jr said, “Every time we bring Kevin and Sean up you talk more about Kevin and how much you miss him.”

“Really?  I miss Sean as well.”

“Yea, Dad, but it”s mostly about Kevin.”

“I had to change the subject.  I really didn”t know how to answer that, that”s why I wanted to talk to you, Kev.”

I was kind of floored.  Sean heard what Steven said and he pulled back to look at me.  “I saw it too, Daddy.  When you saw it was Steven calling, your face got bright and you had a big smile.”

I put Sean down and had him sit in the other chair.  I got up and walked away. Sean knew not to follow.

“Wow, Steve, this is not the conversation I thought I was going to have.  So … well?”

“Well, what?”

“Are you in love with me? Are you wanting to be my boyfriend, Steven?”

“Damn, Kev, I don”t know.  I know I love you and Sean, my boys love you and Sean.  I thought you and Jr were heading in that direction as a couple, so I really never thought about it, but I do feel different when I”m taking to you.”

“I feel the same way, Steven.  We”re going to have to explore this later once this virus is over.  So, you and the boys took a hike? How was it?”

“Kev it was great, on our hike we came across a nice lake and decided to stop there, and go for a swim………..”

“Okay, boys let’s take a dip!”

 They both asked in unison, “In our clothes, Dad?”

“No, boys, I”m talking about skinny dipping!”

As I took off my shirt I noticed the boys stripping as fast as they could.  With all three of us now naked, I noticed Zach was sporting a little hard on.  

Zach yelled out, “Last one in is the slave!”

I could see the wheels turning in Jr’s head.  We ran for the water when Zach stopped and yelled, ‘STOP!’ Both Jr and I froze, thinking something was wrong.

Zach walked over to us and asked, “Wait, what if someone sees us?  We”re naked!”

I looked over smiled.  “Sweetheart, nobody is going to see us, this is private property.”

 Zach looked up at me smiled.  “I knew that,” and made a dash for the water.  Both JR and I ran after him yelling, ‘not fair!’  We reached the water and I grabbed Zach and tossed him in the water.  He came up laughing.  

“Now I”m your master and you must do as I say.”

Both Jr and I looked at him and said, “Ok, you won.”

Zach repeated, “I won what?”

 “You won, master.”

Zach started to laugh.  We played around in the water and there was a lot of grab ass and cock groping.

Eventually Zach told Jr he was a little tired and wanted to sit in his lap while they floated around.

“In a few little buddy, I”m enjoying swimming,” Jr replied.

Zach looked at Jr like he was mad at him.  “I’m the master and you are the slave and you have to do as I say!”

Jr obeyed him and Zach settled in, wiggling his little butt right on Jr’s cock.  I could see Zach’s hands under the water reaching under to play with Jr’s meat; I could see it getting hard.  Jr was just floating around enjoying his little brother’s hands jacking him. I looked down and noticed my own dick was hard as hell watching this show in front me.  I guess I was concentrating so much on my own cock I didn”t notice Zach lowering himself down on Jr’s hard rod until I heard him gasp.  I looked up, and there he was, slowly lowering himself down the shaft. I could see by the look on his face that he was enjoying it.

I walked over and held his face, kissed his sweet lips and listened to him breathing heavily, moaning and whimpering.  Here was my little son, taking his brother’s raw cock with no lube!  That”s my boy!  

He and were I passionately kissing when he finally reached the base of Jr’s cock. I feel him moving up and down, moaning every time that big dick slid in.  I reached down and felt where Jr was linked with Zach, kadıköy travesti feeling that hard, teen cock buried deep in his baby brother, feeling Zach’s hole stretched. It was awesome!  I ran my hand up his little nut sacks, feeling those little pea size balls, then his little cocklet, rubbing it up and down.  Zach was moaning and whimpering like crazy.

I looked over his head to see Jr enjoying the feeling of being inside his little brother.  “Oh Zach, you feel so good, so tight, I love you Zachy, god I love you.”

I looked back to Zach, and the look on his face was like he was pleading, begging for more and enjoying every feeling.  In a breathy voice I heard. ‘Daddy, Daddy, oh Daddy.’ I leaned back in and kissed my baby boy.

“Daddy, Jr feels so good inside me!”

Zach leaned his little back on his brother, riding him hard.  Zach started to arch his back, his eyes rolling back, his little body shaking.  Zach was moaning, almost screaming, as he”s having a hell of a boy-gasm.  

I kissed him, whispering words of encouragement, telling him how sexy he was.  “That”s it baby boy, ride it out!”

Jr was still hard and hadn”t cum yet.  I’m not sure how he”s fucked this sweet boy and not shot yet, I would have flooded that ass by now.  Zach came down but was still horny.  Somehow he turned himself around on his brother with that shaft still deep inside him.  Zach started to ride Jr again but this time he ordered me to come over so he and Jr could suck my cock. 

“Kev I”m telling you, WOW, this was awesome!  Both my boys were feasting on my cock … I was in heaven!  I could hear Jr starting to breath more heavily, moaning, and Zach whimpering.  I told them I was close and that just speared them on.”

 “Oh god, boys, I”m so close, oh shit, here it comes!”

Zach started to open mouth kiss Jr so both their mouths were open side by side.  I shot my load.  “Oh fuck, oh fuck, that”s it, boys, get Daddy’s load!!”

They both started to suck and French kiss the head of my cock, both sharing my load when I felt both boys moaning, sending vibrations through my still hard cock.  Zach had another intense boy-gasm and Jr started blowing his load deep inside his baby brother.

We were both in our own heaven as we came down from our orgasms.  I sank into the water next to my boys, kissing them both.  “Boys we really needed that, I love you both so much!”

Jr was still inside Zach.  He looked over at me.  “Dad can I just stay inside Zach forever?”

“No, son as much as he feels good, you”re going to have to pull out.”

I could tell when he did … Zach had that face. I kissed them both as we relaxed and recovered.  We finally got out and dressed and headed back to the house, both Zach and Jr asking if we could do that again?

“Sure, guys, anytime … but next time Zachy I want you in my lap!’

Zach looked up smiling.  “You got it, Daddy.”

“That was our day, so how was yours?   Hello, Kev, you still there?”

All he heard was me moaning.  Sean was between my legs sucking my cock. I was snapped out of my bliss when I heard Steven.  “Oh yea, hey, I”m here. Listening to your day got me hot and Sean is enjoying my cock.  I almost came, but I’ll have to call you back.  I need to take care of this boy!”

I hung up and grabbed Sean under the arms pulling him up to kiss him.  I was kissing my boy, running my hands all over his back and ass.  I told Sean to stand up on the chair I was in, his little feet right at my hips.  I had him bend over, his hands on the arms of the chair, and there it was, the most beautiful ass god created; so round, so smooth, not a blemish, and there in the middle, his sweet, little hole, looking like it”s never been touched.  

I leaned forward and took in a big sniff of that oh so sweet, pure, clean, boy hole. I started licking and kissing that little hole.  I could hear Sean gasp and start moaning. I ran my tongue all around his beautiful star, pressing my tongue on it harder each time I passed over it, then I wrapped my lips around that little pucker creating a seal and started tongue fucking him, hearing him moaning and whimpering, whispering, ‘Oh Daddy, please don”t stop, oh Daddy, Daddy,’ whimpering, moving his ass up and down riding my tongue.  All of a sudden I felt one of his hands trying to wrap around my shaft, moving up and down, jacking me.

After a bit I had to taste his little tool.  I stood him up and turned him around, and there stood a proud, little, hard cocklet.  I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me, taking all of him in my mouth, balls and all.  I created another seal, and started running my tongue all over him, feeling his little nuts on my tongue.  I start sucking his hard cocklet and he went crazy.  He was breathing heavily and grabbed my hair and pulling, he started fucking my mouth.  I reached down to my cock and scooped up a large amount of my precum, and placed my finger right at bakırköy travesti his little hole.  I ran my finger around his hole and could feel him pushing back, trying to get my finger inside him.  I scooped up more of my leaking juice and then slid my finger in him slowly, feeling that tight ring.

Sean was almost screaming.  “Oh god, Daddy, I”m starting to feel that tingling feeling, don”t stop, Daddy!”  

All of a sudden Sean tugged my hair harder, pulling my mouth deeper on him as he pushed himself as deep in my mouth as he could. I held him tightly on his hips to steady him and his whole body starting to shake and tremble, and he was gasping for air.  I pulled off and started to lower him to my lap.  Sean was now staring me in the eyes and I could see the ecstasy and the hunger.  I could feel the head of my cock right there at his hole.  I had to gasp when all of a sudden I could feel Sean lowering himself on me, taking it all in one motion all the way to the base!  He”s never been able to take all of me … I could see him gritting his teeth, a tear rolling down his red cheek.  He leaned on me, his chest heaving next to mine.  I could feel his heart beating, and felt his ass ring and muscles contracting around my hard cock.  He whimpered each time I flexed my cock.  I let him get used to it until I felt him moving around, then slowly up and down, his hands around the back of my neck, he started to really ride me.

We were both just staring into each other’s eyes.  “Daddy, you feel so good inside me, do you like this?”

“Oh, baby boy, I don”t like it, I love it, and I love you!”

We started kissing again as my orgasm was building. I could feel I was approaching that point of no return.  I kissed Sean more passionately, telling him I was getting close.

“Daddy, I want to feel your juice deep inside me.”

When I heard that I couldn”t hold back!  I told him I was cumming, and he sat down on my cock so hard and so deep I shot my load, flooding his hole!  I could feel my cum leaking out, and when his hole tightened around my shaft, I could feel he was having another boy-gasm.  He was shaking, crying out, and grunting like an animal.  I pulled him in and start kissing him.  Holding him, he finally collapsed on my chest, both out of breath and sweating.  OMG, that was so awesome!!

We slowly recovered, and as he got up I could hear that popping sound.  I hugged my baby boy and inspected his ass to make sure he was okay.

“Hey, buddy, we made a mess!  What do you say we clean up and cook those hot dogs?”

We ran down to the lake, washed up, and went back up to the fire.  I put Sean standing between my legs and cooked our hot dogs together.  I leaned in and kissed him on the side of his neck, whispering, “I”m so glad you”re my son now.”


– – – – – – – –


To my readers. This isn’t my story, it is Kevin’s story.  Kevin is one of my readers who wrote me and told me of a story from his past.  I helped him edit this and here you have it.  The story is 90% + true. I just moved a few things around and added a teeny bit of flavor.

Text copyright � 2021 Kevin Anderson and Jeremy Ellington.

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