I Wanna Go Back Pt. 04

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All characters are 18 years of age.

Please comment so that I can improve. All comments welcome, even the bad. Thank you for reading.


Out of high school and working my retail job, I was making just enough money to move out and get my own place.

I headed out with the classified ads I’d circled, and went to take a look at my affordable options. Limited by a relatively meager income, it was a difficult process, but I found a nice one-bedroom apartment. The rent was a little more than I budgeted, but I loved it. I could afford the rent, but it would leave me a little short on additional expenses.

I called my father at his office and asked if he’d come take a look at the place. I wanted to call my mother as well, but understandably I didn’t want to be around them simultaneously.

He met me there at 4:30 and said he thought it was perfect. He agreed to help me out financially; we were not a wealthy family, but I took him up on the offer and moved out at the end of June.

With furniture I cobbled together, I set up my first apartment. It thought it looked pretty cool. I lucked out as my mother wanted to purchase a new sofa to replace the perfectly good one we had, so she gave it to me. I splurged, and with some of my graduation money purchased a black wrought iron coffee table at Pier 1. It looked fantastic. I was really proud of my place; I did a great job for my first apartment.

Good to his word my father helped me out, and in the fall I began taking classes part-time at the university. Honestly, I had no idea what I wanted to study long-term. My father would visit and we’d make love as often as possible, constrained as we were.

I met a guy in one of my classes who asked me out, although my father and I were committed lovers, I accepted his invitation and knew that I’d tell my father. I never wanted to keep secrets from him. We went to dinner on a Friday night, and then to his place for an interesting conversation and a couple of beers. He was talkative, very good looking, generally ‘my type’ outside my father.

Dennis was an avid snow skier and had a wickedly cool imported car. We began seeing one another with some regularity, and it was wonderful to have a friend. When my father and I became lovers, it was necessary to jettison all my old high school friends. I couldn’t have them around or even discuss it with anyone, I was on my own.

I wasn’t having sex with Dennis, although I’d thought about it, I realized that the need was completely physical. I wanted a man inside me, I needed more sex. It sounds greedy and callous, but it was true. I masturbated a lot.

I was eighteen, nineteen shortly, and I needed more sexual activity than my father was able to provide without raising suspicion. And although I longed for my father, it wasn’t possible to have him more.

My father showed up on an off day when Dennis was there. I was embarrassed but introduced them, and Dennis was queenbet güvenilirmi formal, respectful and didn’t stay, supposing we had family business. Once Dennis left, my father grabbed my wrist and hauled me to the bedroom. Pinning my body against the wall, “Are you screwing him?” my father demanded.

I was honest and told him we’ve had no sexual contact. He lightened his grip, smiled and promptly ripped off my clothing. And I mean ripped. Then he kissed me hard before latching on to my left jugg. His teeth were out, and he bit at my nipples sucking harder and harder. I knew I’d be bruised.

He put his hand around my neck securing my head against the wall and kissing me roughly. He kicked off his shoes and unbuckled his pants, then commanded, “Take off my shirt.” Mirroring his actions I did just that, I ripped off his shirt with no regard for its welfare. My father smiled at my wildness.

He kissed down the center of my body beginning with my forehead; under my jaw then between my breasts, where he stopped attending to both, muttering “I love your breasts.”

He kissed my stomach until arriving at my pussy. Then in his low dominating tone, “Spread your legs.” I spread my legs; I was dying for him to taste me. He sucked my clit, circling his tongue around and around before pressing, holding it down, and then releasing it. He did this continually until my clit was fully engorged. He ran his tongue over my angel wings, as he periodically called my inner lips, to reveal my pink slit.

He stuck his entire tongue inside me and began darting it in and out, digging in my hole. My legs were open, my face to the ceiling, and my back arched away from the wall. My slim body anchored by my round little ass, and with my juggs on full display I began massaging them.

Daddy was eating me out and I loved it.

Close to orgasm, I began grinding my hips down into him. He slid two fingers in my soaked hole and began fingering me. In and out, in and out, I began squatting more and more onto his fingers, until I was fucking his fingers.

I came hard moaning, “Yes, yes.”

I was dripping, squatting up and down on daddy’s now stationary fingers. He loved watching me go to that place with his fingers inside me; he enjoyed the look of my heaving juggs while in ecstasy. I started coming again, “Daddy, daddy,” over and over again.

When I brought my head level Dennis was standing in the doorway. I didn’t know what to do. My father didn’t see him, and Dennis made no sound. I was still coming and I couldn’t stop. As the orgasm subsided, a mountain of conflicting emotions hit me. I didn’t know how to respond or if to respond, I couldn’t separate anything. Then I just let go and felt it, he saw me with my daddy, and by God it turned me on.

I had no idea what took over my psyche at that moment. The devil perhaps, or was I possessed by some other demonic force. Or maybe, I’m a sexual degenerate.

I queenbet yeni giriş smiled at Dennis, squatted deeper into daddy’s fingers, and began putting on a show. I ran my tongue over my top lip while fucking daddy’s fingers, stretching my arms above my head, clearly indicating the kind of girl I was.

It was my own mute coming out, ‘YEAH, I love to fuck my daddy, and I’m his whore lover.’

At least that’s how it felt to me in the moment. Dennis walked out and I never saw him again.

Daddy stood up and kissed me so hard I bumped my head against the wall; he reached around and rubbed the spot, cupping it while we kissed. I could taste myself on his lips and inside his mouth, his cock was hard against my body and I loved all the sensations. Smiling, he scooped me up and carried me to my bed, and as he progressed to mount me things slowed down. His manner changed and he became less aggressive and more loving.

Sex with my father was always exciting. We fucked like animals, but we also loved tenderly. Sometimes we talked, dirty and not. Sometimes we never spoke. When we were together it was everything you can imagine. Hard or soft, slow or aggressive, beautiful or sinister, it was all those things at once, in stages, or sometime just one way.

Between his tender kisses I told my father that Dennis saw us. He paused, and with a puzzled look asked me what I meant. I explained that Dennis had walked back in, and that he stood in the bedroom doorway watching us. An almost undetectable smile appeared across his mouth.

I confessed my enjoyment at Dennis seeing us together, and told him it aroused me. My father asked, “What did you like,” he pushed his cock in “about it, baby?” He was throbbing already; I could feel it as soon as he penetrated me. Maybe it was my confession or his subsequent question. Did my father enjoy the thought as well? He began loving me gently with those long deep strokes striding in and out. His elbows piercing the mattress, his hands wrapped around my head, it was soft and calm now.

Since the sex was always different, my father dictated how it unfolded. He decided how it began, and which direction it led. I had some input but always within the parameters he set, which I accepted and preferred as he was the more experienced lover. It seemed natural.

He was driving me slowly for a minute before I began participating. I always wanted to match his rhythm. He knew it, and he liked that I waited until he established the tempo.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling relieved and exposed in my father’s arms. We were making love; it was the second stage of sex that day. And it was also the moment I began formulating the foundational nature of my sexuality at that time.

When Dennis saw me in the act, I felt wide-open sexually and that turned me on, but it was deeper and possibly darker than that. The pleasure of another person watching me in a sexual act queenbet giriş was a new experience. The layered emotions began to separate and take shape.

Two things happened that day. First, I was exposed in a sexually compromising position and enjoyed it. I took pleasure in being watched by another person. Secondly, and this revelation shook me. Dennis not only saw me in a sexually compromising position, but saw me with my father.

It was much more than straight exhibitionism; it was a display of shameful ecstasy.

I acknowledged to another person that I loved to fuck my daddy. The image of that day in high school flashed through my mind. The day Ken walked to my locker and told me he’d seen me with my father. I remembered my embarrassment, I was mortified, but now I understood that deep down I found pleasure in it. I found pleasure in the shame of fucking my own father. I knew it was sinful, but I did it anyway, and I loved it.

The admission hit hard, and I began feeling a new sensation shoot through my body as my father and I fucked. I was enthralled; I began watching as my father put another long beautiful stroke into his daughter’s sweet, but wholly disgraceful cunt. It was glorious to embrace my shame.

Watching him fuck me, shame me, and love my body the words just spilled out, “I want everyone to watch you fuck me, fuck me daddy, stick it in and shame me, shame your little girl.”

My body was shaking uncontrollably; I began squirting all over daddy’s cock and balls. He looked down surprised by the strength of my orgasm. It had never been that strong. Then our mouths pressed together deep and hard, and we licked inside each other’s mouths. My father pulled his mouth away and began slamming his cock inside me, his balls smacking my ass while he watched my juggs move in a hard circular motion.

He saw my complete ecstasy, he knew what to do, and he said it in that taunting way, “You love fucking daddy. Yeah, my little girl loves daddy’s cock inside her, don’t you baby?”

He paused, and when he spoke again it wasn’t quite as taunting, as it was partially his voice, “You’re daddy’s whore, and you fucking love it.” Right after those words he slammed into me harder than ever before, daddy was banging me.

‘Oh my God! He said it, daddy told me what I was and how I felt, he knew.’

He burst, blasting that first shot of semen inside me; it was like a hose. Shot after shot of hot semen sprayed inside me. I was still coming and we were now coming together. I kept coming and coming, nothing ever felt like this. I had consecutive convulsive vaginal and cervical orgasms.

Our bodies were still moving, we were breathing heavy. My father grabbed my face and held it while slowly grinding into me, pushing the semen he’d shot deeper.

He looked at me; his eyes were wild and lustful. “I want everyone to know I fuck my little girl. I’d fuck you while the whole world watched and burned.”

Jesus, I came again.

It was such a release. It was cathartic. It was a religious experience for us both. We recognized that something shifted that day. In a peculiar way our sexual relationship strengthened and diversified. I had no idea that everything would shift again and soon.

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