I Know You

Nisan 3, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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I know you: your rough hands that can be so gentle despite their texture; your taste, a bit spicy with a hint of something I can’t quite place; your scent of the woods after a rainstorm. I know your voice, the timber that still sends chills down my spine to my very core, and your breath, hot and urgent in my ear as the stubble on your chin scrapes my neck. I know your silky hair as it cascades around my naked breasts when you nip at my stomach.

The moment I first heard you speak I wanted you. Your voice was unlike any I had heard before, wrapping around my body like the wind and slipping into parts of me I’d hardly thought about at that point. I don’t remember how long it took, but finally I had you in my bed, where you have been ever since. And it is always as good as the first time.

Your voice was full of awe as you described each inch of flesh revealed to you by my shedding clothes. Your hands and mouth follow your words, not in a race to the finish but a lingering trail that started with my hair and ended with my toes. You had nipped and suckled your way down my back, then turned me over and moved up my front.

I was on fire with my need for you, and when you blew cool air onto my wet sex latina fuck tour porno I thought I’d come off the bed. Your tongue slid up the lips before brushing the bundle of nerves at the top. I cried out, but you wouldn’t stop. Your tongue pulsed around my clit, sucking and pulling it. My hands tangled in your hair, pulling you closer and my heels dug into your back. You continued to lick and suck until I was whimpering your name. Before I went over the edge, though, you pulled away.

“Not yet” your voice floated over me. I longed to see your face, to know what desire was in your eyes, but your hands were on me again, brushing and scraping as you took my hands and tied them above my head. Sensing my hesitation you whispered “Trust me” before sucking an already puckered nipple into your mouth. My breasts are little more then a handful for you, yet you almost worship them as you nip and kiss each one.

As you lowered your mouth to my sensitive stomach, eliciting small gasps and moans, one of your hands had worked its way down to my heat again. You slid one finger, then two, into me. Your thumb stroked my clit as your fingers danced in and out in a rhythm that matched lezbiyen porno my pounding heart. I was begging you to fill me at that point.

Slowly you obliged. First with just your tip, pulsing and throbbing. Achingly slow you pushed into me until you reached my maidenhead. You pulled back a bit.

“Please” I said. “Please.”

“Are you sure?” you brushed hair from my face. “It will hurt.”

“It will hurt more if you don’t” I had responded. You kissed me deeply and took me in one swift rock of your hips. I winced, but said nothing. The pain throbbed with your length inside me. I shifted a bit and gasped at the wave of mixed pain and pleasure that I found. You tried to still me.

“Shh… just wait.” I could tell you were struggling to stay still. I moved again though, arching towards you in invitation. You pulled out and slid back into me. There was no more pain after that, only need for release. Our rhythm quickly matched, our hips met in thrust after thrust. I strained against my ties, wanting to feel you, to dig my nails into your back and pull you deeper inside me. The more I struggled the more I wanted to get your slick skin under my hands.

My legs liseli porno had wrapped around yours, bringing us closer. My mind could hardly form words except to moan your name over and over like a mantra. I felt the pressure lifting me higher and higher off the bed.

“Don’t stop” I begged, remembering earlier. Instead you sped up, thrusting faster, nearly grunting with the effort. My body coiled tighter and tighter until I exploded with bliss. It rolled over me in waves and I called your name out. In that moment you had managed to reach out and untie my hands.

You pulled me up into your lap, grinding into me still. My hands dug into your hair, pulling your head aside so I could suck the hollow of your collarbone. You shudder as you fall back on the bed, me straddling you.

I then had full control to thrust against you as urgently as I needed to. Your hands encircled my hips and lifted me up and down your shaft as your worked your hips in time. I felt myself peaking again and threw my head back in wild abandon, only able to call out wordlessly.

The second wave was much more intense, especially when you joined me with your own release. Our bodies thrummed with it.

In the moments after our joining, as our heartbeats slowed and matched, we merely clung to each other. Then you kissed my blind eyes and thanked me for letting you know me like that.

Oh yes, I know you. I’ve always known you. Even though I have never actually seen you before, and probably never will, I know you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32