I Aim to Please

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“Those are handsome shoes — but you might want to consider these,” said a soft voice behind me. Turning, I n into the sultry almond-shaped eyes of an attractive Asian saleswoman. “These shoes are virtually the same style, actually are of better quality, and are worth your money. Would you like to try on a pair? My name’s Ella. Why don’t you be seated so that I can fit you properly?”

I couldn’t help but do a quick scan of my intriguing shoe saleswoman as she ushered me to the nearest lounge chair. Ella was a slender yet shapely five-foot-three of Japanese femininity with long straight ebony hair fell freely to her mid-back, swaying with the swish of her tight buns. Her shapely legs were amply displayed by her dark mini-skirt but really accentuated by what I call “fuck me from behind” four-inch high heels. As I followed her swaying hips, my interest in Ella was evident by the awakening of my trouser snake. The possibility of me buying a pair of shoes became a distinct possibility.

“Let’s get off your shoes first so that I can measure you.” With that Ella knelt, leaned over and proceeded to untie my shoes. However, before she could remove them, her long hair fell like a curtain of dark brown strands, obscuring my view of Ella and hampering her task.

“Good god, there are times when I think I should cut my hair,” sighed Ella as she righted herself to gather and pull the tresses from her lovely face. When I quickly protested her comment, a surprised smile graced Ella’s sensuous lips as she twisted and put up her long hair, somehow securing her locks with a long pen. The exposure of her slender snow-white neck and nape spoke volumes of demure Oriental sensuality, riveting my attention.

Ella then proceeded without hesitation or reservation to massage first one foot and then the other, on the pretext of feeling for anomalies that might affect a proper shoe fitting and making me sigh in the process. However, my relaxation soon became stimulation as Ella’s loose blouse fell forward as she bent forward and gave me an unprecedented view of her quivering dangling tits. Her creamy white boobs were tubular in shape with the pink bulbous tips of succulent flesh loosely tucked into her lacy demi-bra. When Ella stood and went to get shoes for my consideration, I had the feeling that this would be an enjoyable fitting session.

“I have brought some other shoes that you might be interested in,” Ella commented when she returned and set down a precarious stack of boxes. Kneeling before me, she proceeded to fit me and in doing so, continued to give me nonchalant glimpses of her enticing tits to me. “Let’s see how they feel.”

Now I had had the pleasure of knowing other Oriental women and kept looking for thick meaty nipples to jut from the tips of her tits. However, all could see were Ella’s delicate puffy areolas but without any tell-tale hint of a protruding nipple. At first, I thought that perhaps I thought her nipple might have been hidden in the gauzy lining her of bra cups or perhaps a trick of the lighting. Yet, with each shoe tried on — and believe me I was more than willing to have Ella slip on as many shoes as she wanted — I was unable to discern a single nipple. It was as if Ella was “nipple-less.”

I was stupefied as to how this could be and was simultaneously intrigued and turned on. How Ella couldn’t see my physical response to my voyeuristic viewing was a wonder. I just knew that I wouldn’t be content until my lips were wrapped around her rounded tips to solve Ella’s mammary mystery.

When I sought to tie the shoes that had just been slipped on, Ella brushed aside my hands and then lifting my foot, placed the shoe sole against the slope of her thigh and proceed to lace up my shoe. When I protested that she did have to, Ella inscrutably commented, “I aim to please my customers.”

With that, she leaned forward to give me not only another trouser-stirring clear view of her presented boobs, but flashes of her lacy panties as her mini-skirt worked its way up her thigh with her every movement. When I stood to test my new footwear, I knew that I was unable to completely hide my full-blown erection; however, Ella did not seem to notice. I figured that either she did not want to embarrass me or hopefully she like what she saw.

To my surprise and that of Ella, I ended buying four pairs of shoes totaling just under thousand-seven-hundred dollars. “Well,” Ella sighed as she repeated the total bill, “Are you sure you want to spend so much money?” When I said that I believed in spending money on things that make me happy, Ella commented, “I mean that while you made my day…no, week…with my commission, I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret later.”

Pleased with her genuine concern, I jokingly whispered that the whole experience had been my definite pleasure — failing to mention how loved ogling an attractive Asian woman who repeatedly displaying her delicious tits and glimpses of her panties. To this, Ella just said, “Well, it has been my pleasure. gangbang porno As I’ve said before, I aim to please my customers.”

Not wanting my encounter with this lovely woman to end, I casually mentioned that while I didn’t want to seem bold, I would love to have coffee with her if she was available. Ella gave me a shy glance before saying, “I’m really not into coffee…” However, before my hopes utterly dashed to pieces, she gave me a dazzling smile and continued, “I really could, however, use a bite to eat…and am dying for a drink. If you can wait for half-an-hour, I’ll be off, and we can see how I may further please you.”

Less than an hour later found us on the outskirts of town in a chic Japanese restaurant that eschewed the traditional décor in favor of cozy dimly-lit booths that afforded maximum privacy. Over a light repast of excellent sushi and iced cold sake, we got to know each.

I shared that I was of all things a forty-year-old customer service executive in a mid-size fine dining restaurant chain which called for a lot of meetings, traveling, and being appropriately attired. I enjoyed my job but was called a workaholic. The downside was that outside of work there really wasn’t much to my life. It was as if I was marking time for something — or someone — to enter my life.

As for Ella, she was thirty-three and worked as a legal secretary for a large law firm. Divorced, without kids, and currently unattached, she attracted her fair amount of masculine attention from the always sex-hungry attorneys. However, Ella had discovered early at another law firm that once a girl had an office affair, she was fair prey for all the men of the office. Rather depend on special favors or enter into relations with her higher-ups, Ella sold shoes on a part-time basis to keep her small apartment and made ends meet. But like me, she was without that someone special.

Before we knew it, we had sipped several chilled bottles of superb sake and were joking and laughing. As the cold liquor slowly seep through our bodies before settling in and warming our genitals, our flirting moved from subtle hints to obvious gestures — a touch on the back of a hand, shoulders playfully rubbing together, and thighs longingly pressed against the other’s.

“God, I really needed that,” Ella sigh as she sipped deeply of her small sake glass. “But after hours of selling shoes, my toes are killing me. These high heels may look good since they make my legs look long and slender, but they’re murder on my feet,” Ella groaned uncomfortably and shifted in her seat. “Please excuse me, but I’ve just got to slip off these shoes. Ooh, yeah, that feels so good.”

“Here — let me make them feel better,” I said reached beneath the table, and hooking my hand under the leg closest to me, lifted it until her calf rested on my lap. Ella hurriedly shifted to press her knees together to prevent panties from showing, but her protest she might have uttered, died in her throat as I gently but firmly kneaded her foot.

“Oooh, that’s wonderful. Where did you learn to massage a girl’s feet? Ooh, yeah, if you keep that up and you’re going to make this girl cream in her panties.”

I casually commented that that wasn’t such a bad idea as I squeeze and pressed her Achilles tendon and then up her calf. Ella groaned, “Jeez, you’re such an ‘evil’ man to take advantage of a poor hard-working shoe saleswoman. But, yeah, I love it. Oooh, right there…”

Then resting her massaged foot on my leg, I bent over and before Ella could object, hooked and hoisted her other leg to my lap. Of course, in so doing, her mini-skirt hiked a considerable way up her thigh, causing Ella to desperately struggle — and fail — to pull her hem down. Then with her first foot pressed into my crotch (and presumably feeling my unmistakable boner), Ella laughed softly, “You are a bold one, you know that. But, one whom I’m beginning to definitely like.” With that Ella finally gave up any pretext of modesty and any attempt to hide her lace-covered pussy.

“Oooh, I think you better stop,” Ella moaned as her hand clamped down on mine, preventing my progress up her thigh. When I slyly asked if she wanted me to withdraw from her mini-skirt that had ridden up to her crotch, she seemed to struggle with herself before grasping breathlessly, “I didn’t say that. I just don’t want you to think that I’m ‘easy.'”

When I asked her why I would think that, Ella chuckled, “Hmmm, let’s see. We just met just a couple of hours ago. And here we are in a dark corner booth with your hand shoved up my skirt.”

“So are you easy,” I whispered teasingly in her ear just before planting a light kiss on her ear lobe and then on her neck. “There’s nothing wrong with that. Especially if it makes you feel good?” A slight shiver ran down her slender form as she unconsciously leaned toward me. My fingertips danced in small circles on the tender flesh of her thighs, and her grip on my hands slipped slightly.

“I’m czech harem porno not easy,” Ella gasped as she pressed her legs together, “but I am ‘selective.’ I have to be attracted to a man first. And, oooh, how could I not be attracted to you — a man of distinction and taste, older and cultured — with your Bruno Magli oxfords and then buying four pairs of handsome shoes at one time. What an outstanding customer. But it was when you asked me out…it was so sweet, unassuming…and hopeful.”

“I’ll have you know that I’m selective too,” I cooed as my fingers sought to resume their northerly progress between her inner thighs. “I love exotic Japanese women, and I am simply a pushover to excellent customer service — on and especially off the job.” After a lingering sensuous kiss, I slipped my fingertips up until they stroked the length of her lace-covered pussy slit, causing Ella to unexpectedly jerk before firmly gripping my hand. “Now that that’s settled, is there anything else is on your mind that you need to tell me…or ask me?”

“Well, since you asked. One-night stands — while I’m not opposed to them and have had my fair share of them — I’ve always hoped that each time they would become more and longer. Uhmmm, I love the way you kiss, uhmmm…”

“Just to let you know,” I teased after nibbling on her lower lip, “I look at it this way — we can date for a while; get to know each other, and then have sex to find out whether we’re physically and sexually compatible or not.” After another long sensuous kiss, I continued by cupping and gently squeezing the juncture of her inner thighs, gratified to find her skimpy thong sopping wet. “I, however, believe in skipping to dessert. If we like each other after tonight, we shall see.

“But — right now, I’m unattached and definitely not opposed to a certain lovely Asian woman filling a void in my life.” Ella’s thighs spread enough for my fingers to slip under the flimsy material of her thong to dip between her swollen cunt lips at the soft juncture her legs, causing Ella to squirm madly. “And judging from your juiciness, to fill the void — or voids of her incredibly sexy body and life. Now, why don’t we get down to the business ‘at hand,’ if you know what I mean…”

“Oooh, please, people will see,” Ella gasped as she desperately but weakly sought to push my scooping hand and probing fingers away. “They’ll know what we’re doing, please,” she panted desperately as her legs slipped from my lap and she leaned away from me in a last-ditch effort, her long ebony hair loosening and cascading over her shoulders.

But I would have none of this and hugged her to me, trapping her arm closest to me behind my back. Pressing her against the back of the booth, I asked her as I nuzzled her earlobe if she could see any of the other patrons in their booths. With hooded eyes, Ella slowly checked and murmured that she couldn’t see into the other booths. After kissing her deeply, I then mentioned that if we couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see us.

“Wait…wait,” Ella pleaded as I began to redouble my stimulation. However, before I could utter my question Ella softly muttered, “I need to lift up my skirt so that I don’t have this huge wet spot in the back of my skirt. And, while I’m at it, I might as well remove my thong before you stretch it out of shape or rip it off. God, I’m such a shameless slut when it comes to pleasing an attractive man.”

My curved fingers quickly replaced her flimsy thong and I was surprised by the completely hairless of her pussy. “Well…” Ella whispered upon seeing my unspoken inquiry, “It’s kind of difficult wearing a skimpy lace triangle and bits of dental floss with a full bush of pubic hair. At first, I trimmed it, then shaved it, and finally gave up and just waxed those pussy hairs off. Do you like it?” With that, Ella twisted towards me and placed her farthest leg over my lap, giving me unobstructed access to her nether delights.

“I definitely like this extended customer service,” I mumbled into her ear as I pulled her to me while thrusting my hand between her legs, groping and squeezing her smooth swollen cunt lips before letting my fingertips part and plow the length of her pussy slit. “I think I’ll show just how much — by giving you a little customer gratuity.” With that, my fingers brushed against her sex pearl in her slippery fleshy oyster causing Ella to gasp in surprise.

With her eyes pressed shut, Ella threw back her head to expose her delicious neck that I covered with hot, wet kisses will I polished her harden love nub with the time of my fingers. Her breath came in hot breathless pants as Ella leaned back in the booth, her legs now spread wide under the table to allow me to stroke her stiff clit between the fork of my index and forefinger.

“Ohhh, my god,” Ella drone in a sexually induced daze, “You’re making me so damn hot. I’m so wet, so horny. Oooh, shit, if you keep that up, I’m going to come! I’m going to come right here and soon. czech mega swingers porno I feel like an easy teenage slut in the back seat of a car making out at the drive-in movie. Ohhh, fuck!”

“And are you going to scream like a bitch in heat,” I whispered in her ear as my body covered her writhing form, pressing her back. “Are you going to let the whole place know that you’re stark naked under this table. And that I’m fingering your juicy hairless sex, and going to make you come right here and soon. Well, are you?”

The tempo of my strumming her throbbing clitoris quickened, causing Ella to struggle to conceal her increased writhing. Her thighs snapping shut to entrap my hand but in so doing, intensified my digital stimulation. “Nooo, oh, nooo,” Ella whimpered, “I’m coming…I’m coming…now!” Suddenly she threw her arms around my neck, pulling herself to me as she buried her face in my shoulder to muffle her cries as her body convulsed in a gut-wrenching orgasm.

With my free hand, I quickly unzipped my slacks and reaching in, freed my humungous erection. When Ella gulped for desperately for air in the aftermath spasms of her climax, I shoved her head to my lap below the table and my rock-hard penis into her open mouth. I had expected her to gag and pull back but was instantly gratified when Ella’s luscious lips immediately wrapped tightly around my shaft, and her head urgently bobbed up and down.

Like a backstreet whore eager to make her first ten-dollar trick of the night, Ella gave me one hell of an incredible blow job. To her mumbled utterance of erotic enjoyment and sounds of her lewd penis slurping, I soon was overwhelmed by her oral labors. Then suddenly my nuts were contracting painfully, followed instantly by that unmistakable sensation my pulsating cannon being irreversibly “locked-loaded-and-fired.” Before I could say anything — if I could have — it was my turned to jerk and toss as my loins erupted in a flood molten creamy lava.

Fortunately, Ella had a firm grasp on the base of my throbbing manhood as she greedily sucked every drop I could spew down her gulping throat. As my shuddering subsided after (which was difficult given Ella’s teasing licks to my flanged head), Ella lifted her head and gazed at me with lust-dazed eyes, her talented tongue enticingly circling her delectable lips.

Lifting a sake cup, she downed it before sighing, “Now that’s what I call a perfect “cock-tail” — sperm and sake — nothing can beat the uniquely addictive flavor.”

I pulled Ella to me and kissing her passionately let my hands run the length of her body and back up before lingering on her soft breasts. “I hope you’re open to continuing our ‘getting to know each other better,'” I whispered softly as I fondled her tits through her blouse and bra while stroking her inner thighs and cunt. “My condominium is just minutes away…”

“Hmmm, this is taking “customer service” to an entirely new level,” Ella purred as she snuggled up to me. “But as I said before — I aim to please.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How do you describe what it’s like to be between the legs of an attractive Asian woman with your rock-hard cock tightly and deeply embedded in her hot hairless cunt? “Out-fucking-standing!” is the word. Ella is an attractive saleswoman who only hours ago had sold me four pairs of expensive shoes. Now she is shamelessly gyrating and undulating under me as she relentlessly grinding herself against my thrusting pelvis.

From the moment that Ella walked through my condominium door, I knew that this night wasn’t going to be a “slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am” tryst. Instead, I was about to be treated to a night more like “expensive cigars with fine brandy” — something to be leisurely savored like Ella’s sizzling sensuous kiss shared that left me completely breathless.

With subtle grace, Ella sauntered away, dropping her purse and overcoat on the floor by the door to explore my apartment. Her high heels were next, one here and the other there. Her tantalizing striptease continued as she unzipped her miniskirt only to allow it to casually shimmy over her hips before sliding down her legs as she walked. Since Ella didn’t bother to put on her thong after removing it at the restaurant, glimpses of her hairless twat were tantalizingly flashed by the tails of her blouse.

Unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse, Ella coolly unsnapped her front-clasping bra. Then she nonchalantly eased one of her bra shoulder straps around her elbow through her blouse’s short sleeve before magically pulling her entire bra off through the other sleeve before my stunned eyes. But, her suddenly unconstrained breasts remained tantalizingly concealed by her partially undone white blouse.

I took Ella into my arms in an attempt to undo her last buttons, but my attempts were subtly but skillfully foiled with paralyzing kiss. I was so dazed that I wasn’t even aware that my shirt and pants were being undone by Ella until she pulled open my shirt to blaze a molten path of kisses across and down my chest. However, it was when my trousers and shorts were yanked down to release my humungous erection that I snapped back into reality. Especially when Ella’s luscious lips quickly wrapped around my pulsating penis head and treated me to a second mind-blowing blow job of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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