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She closes up the book she had been reading and lays it on the nearby table. She leans over the arm of the couch to twist the knob a few times to turn off the lamp.

She gathers up her robe, which had fallen open around her, and cinches the sash tight around her waist.

Stifling a yawn, she heads up the stairs to their bedroom. She stops in the doorway, leans against the doorframe, and tilts her head to watch him.

He is fast asleep and is semi curled up on his side. His chest is bare and uncovered. The bed sheet is only covering the bottom half of his body.

Even asleep his cock is semi-hard and is pushing against the sheet, which covers it.

She unknowingly parts her lips and rims them with her tongue. Her stomach knots in wanting. She realizes she is hungry, but not for food.

She loves it when he fucks her.

He’d begin with his fingers. He would playfully and teasingly brush them along her already wet slit. He’d then press them against the smooth bare folds of skin, parting them with his thick digits, moving them upwards, till he found her clit. He’d lightly circle it as she wiggled and writhed on the bed next to him.

He knew at times she was so horny and turned by his teasing, all she really just wanted him to do is move those fingers downwards and plunge them hard and quick into her sopping cunt.

She had even grabbed his wrist in utter desperation a few times in a futile attempt to force his hand downwards towards the direction of her aching cunt.

He would never relent though, not this early in their foreplay. He loved to tease and torture her too much. .

She also guessed he loved to watch her eyes turn from the light ice blue to the pleading dark blue lusty ones.

He had even upped the anti the last time they had been together by whispering naughty images of what he was going to do to her in her ear and what he’d like to do to her, which of course made her cunt clench and get even more wet. He had a way of making her entire body ache, crave, and desire to be taken.

He would eventually move his hand down her wet slick slit. Slowly insert a finger or two into her pussy. At times, he would just hold them there for a second or two. Watch her eyes close and her body arch off the bed. He could hear her breath catch in her throat. Feel her tight inner muscles clench around his fingers. It was at this point; he’d start to finger fuck her but only for a certain length of time. It was just long enough to get her right to that edge of cumming. He’d then withdraw his soaked digits. czech experiment porno Allow her body to relax. Then of course, he’d start the entire agonizing process all over again.

He knew exactly how to get her right to that edge and stop. There was no way he could get any closer. He had become an expert at it. It drove her insane and he was well aware of it. He could and would tease her to the point where she wasn’t able to think.

She wasn’t one to beg, but after his continuous persistent assault, she didn’t care anymore. She would finally relent and beg him to fuck her. She would tell him she wanted him badly and now. She would beg and plead for his cock.

He knew the end result of his torturous teasing.

She would cum so hard. She would gush and squirt. Her entire body would shudder maddeningly.

Yeah, he always knew what he was doing and she had to admit, he was pretty dam good at it too.

She blushed as she stood in the doorway. Recalling all the times he gotten her to that point. The naughty nasty words that would tumble out of her mouth as she begged and pleaded for his delicious cock to just finally fuck her.

Her face turned a deeper shade of red.

Her thoughts returned to his cock. She felt her insides warm. Her stomach tightened as the hunger to have his cock in her mouth started to take hold again.

She padded over to the bed, untying the robe, letting it fall open. She very carefully pulled away the sheet, exposing the rest of his body.

Rimming her lips again as her eyes settled between his thighs, she swallowed slowly, stifling the soft moan in her throat.

Laying a hand upon his hip, she gently pushes him onto his back. She quickly glances up at his face.

He shifts in his deep sleep. A soft murmur of protest comes from between his lips at being disturbed.

Holding her breath, she waits as he settles back into his slumber.

She grins knowing for just this one time, she can be the one to tease and torture. Her grin widening as she thinks “maybe even to the point where he can’t think for once.” Maybe she can even get him to cum. She envisions his cock buried deeply in her throat. His hands placed on her head. His fingers entangled in her hair. Holding her there. Her nose would be pressed against his groin. Her fingers teasing and toying with his sacs as he growls right before he cums.

She remembers the animal like sound he makes right before he erupts. It sends a chill up her spine. Her entire body shudders. czech first porno video She feels her cunt clench, pushing a small trickle of warm fluid to run down the inside of her thigh.

She carefully nudges his legs apart and climbs very carefully onto the bed. She settles herself between his legs.

She leans down and gently licks around the head of his cock. The tip of her tongue caresses around the smooth flesh, tasting it. She turns her head and slowly licks up the one side of his shaft, back across the top, and down the other side. She licks her lips once again while peeking up at him to see if he’s noticed.

He stirs slightly and she barely distinguishes a soft moan emitting from him.

She remains still and waits till he stops and then she leans back down again. She parts her lips, allowing just the tip of his cock into her warm wet mouth. She savors the taste of him in her mouth. Her tongue flicks along the slit collecting the small amount of pre-cum, which has accumulated there during her short teasing.

She hears a louder moan from him and glances up to see his eyes flutter, but not completely open.

She widens her mouth and allows her lips to slide further down his hardening shaft. Her tongue softly licks and laps along the veined flesh.

She hears a louder groan and feels his body shift under her.

She looks up and sees him opening his eyes.

She gathers up her hair and pulls it to one side of her head, making sure when he does open his eyes fully, he can see her mouth devouring his hard cock.

She continues down his shaft with her lips and mouth until she feels the head hit the back of her throat.

She softly moans and pushes her mouth further down, sinking the tip into her throat.

She feels the bed shift under her.

His hands grab onto the sides of her head.

She hears him utter “Oh fuckkkk.”

She moves her hand from her hair and starts to toy with his sacs. Raking her nails gently across them. Her other hand rolls them between her fingers. She begins working her mouth and lips up and down his shaft, an occasional scrape of her teeth along his cock.

Her tongue flicks against it as she bobs her head up and down faster and harder. The motion made easier by the fact his cock is covered with her saliva.

She feels his cock swell and harden in her mouth. She pulls her mouth off of his cock with a slurping loud pop and wraps her hand around his slick saliva coated flesh. She pumps it between her fingers czech game porno and moves her mouth down to his balls. She licks each of them with her tongue.

She opens her lips, taking one of his balls between them, and begins to suck on it. She releases it to only repeat the process with his other one.

His moan and the tightening of his grip in her hair make her cunt drip.

She releases the wet heavy sac from her mouth. She plunges her mouth down onto his now thick hard throbbing shaft, sinking the entire length into her mouth and throat.

She moves her legs apart and straddles one of his legs. She glides her hand between her thighs. Her fingers slide down to her very wet slit.

She looks up at him while his cock is buried deep in her throat, making sure he is watching her.

He nods at her and she quickly plunges two of her fingers into her aching cunt.

She instantly moans around his shaft, which is embedded in her throat.

She starts bobbing her mouth and lips up and down his cock matching the rhythm of her fingers as they plunge in and out of her soaked pussy.

She closes her eyes and concentrates on fucking his cock with her mouth and lips and tongue.

She feels his warm breath against her ear and hears his whisper instructing her to fuck herself harder and faster, to which of course she complies.

He asks her if she’s close and she nods in answer. “Don’t you dare cum,” he commands.

She groans in mild frustration, but this is their game.

He knows it. She knows it.

She continues to plunge her fingers in and out of her soaked pussy faster and harder as he instructed.

The sounds of her fingers plunging in and out of her wetness and her mouth fucking his cock fill the room.

She’s so close to exploding her entire body is shuddering and shaking.

He entwines the fingers of his one hand into her hair and tugs.

She moans.

He places his other hand upon the back of her head and presses. Forcing her to take even more of his hard swollen shaft into her throat.

She hears his breathing increase and he starts to grunt.

She hollows her cheeks and sucks hard, so wanting his cum to spurt and pour down her throat. She teases his sacs with her hand and fingers.

She barely hears his husky whisper of ‘Cum’ before he growls and roars right before his cock erupts deeply in her throat.

She quickly swallows and erupts all over her hand.

She feels the hot liquid gush out and splash along her thighs.

She continues to suckle on his cock as it spurts, making sure she drains him of every drop.

She feels his hands release her curls and she gently pulls her lips off of his semi hard shaft, licking it with her tongue.

She feels the bed shake as he falls back on it. She curls up gasping for breath next to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32