Hot Springs in the Mountains

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We have hiked into the mountains outside of the city, and it is now evening.

It is a summer’s evening, but in the mountains the air always tends to feel a little chill. We have a campsite with a tent.

There is a place for a fire, but we haven’t used it yet. We’ve finished a light, hiker’s dinner a short time ago.

You know that there’s a reason I’ve brought you to this place but I won’t tell you what it is. “Trust me.” I say, as I’ve said so many times before.

The sun has set, and the last traces of orange sky can still be seen in the west, over the mountain peaks there.

In the east, stars are just beginning to peek out of the darkening sky, shining 100 times brighter than can ever be seen in the city.

Finally, I stand and hold out my hand to you.

You rise and take my hand, and I pull you gently away from the camp, to a faint trail near our tent.

It is not too dark here yet, and I seem to know my way. In fact, my eyes are more often on you than on the path as I guide you through the tall pine trees toward some rocks or cliffs nearby.

You look at me questioningly, but I will not spoil the surprise now.

Just before reaching the large rocks, the path turns to go around to the right side of one large one. As we follow the path around, the air begins to feel heavier and, surprisingly warmer!

As we move between the very large boulders, some new, strange and unexpected sounds reach your ears.

A low hissing, a rumbling, and… is that bubbling?

The air definitely feels humid here, and, with all the various clues, you’re not very surprised when, coming around a very large rock, you see water.

Not a cold mountain stream or a pool of melted snow.

This is a large, colorful pool with waves of steam curling off its surface!

To the right, you can see where the water flows out of the pool, flowing between the rocks to a natural channel, obviously flowing down the mountain side.

To the left, the source of this pool, a hot spring, with water bubbling so furiously from it that it’s almost a geyser.

The spring splashes over and the water flows over hard stone and empties into the pool, which is now just a few steps from us.

I stop, and turn, and as I turn, I pull your hand to the side, so that you also turn into me.

I smile mischievously at you, nearly bursting with happiness for the surprise I’ve prepared for you.

The earth of the path has mostly turned to stone, like the stone all around the pool, but it is dry here. There is grass behind us and a few hardy mountain flowers around.

But as the evening deepens, these things become invisible to us. Only the white bubbles of the spring, the mist rising from the pool, and each other can be seen.

Still without words, I lean down and place my lips on yours.

My arm circles around your waist to bring you close against me. Your little baby bump is the first thing that presses up against me, but you’re not so far along that I even have to bend forward more than usual to meet your lips. Still, I love that and every little reminder of the little life we’ve got growing inside you.

I feel your breath sigh out of you at our kiss, and your arms circle behind my neck.

A few more long but soft kisses build the emotion between us.

Whether it’s the atmosphere of the pool or something between us, it begins to feel hot here, where we’re standing.

I take a step closer to the pool, pulling you with me, not wanting to break our embrace.

I sink down to my knees and then sit on the rock there. My hand holds yours strongly, and I pull you down.

You are unsure exactly what I intend, so you bursa escort nearly lose your balance, but I catch you and sit you on my lap on the ground, with both my arms completely around you.

You are turned to the side, relative to me, and you only need turn your head and lower it to kiss me again, which you do, lovingly.

Your arms are on my shoulders now.

Perhaps a little sooner than I should, my hands move to the bottom of your shirt, hunting for the way to your skin.

My rough hands move across your belly, finding a gap between your shirt and belt. I caress that spot gently.

Your kisses have become more passionate and I take that as a sign that I may continue.

Now my whole hand is under your shirt, still moving across your belly, your sides, your back.

As I become braver, my hands move higher until I brush against your breast.

Your hands have begun to move too, to pull on my T-shirt, trying to reach to my skin too.

I trace a line with my finger, under the cup of one breast and then the other. Your breath quickens as I do this.

You succeed in pulling my shirt up, and I have not choice but to remove my hands from your shirt so that you may bring the shirt over my head and off my arms, so that I am now bare-chested with you in my lap.

My turn now, I pull up your shirt. Your breasts sort of bounce out of the offending garment and onto your chest as the shirt moves upward. You help me pull it over your head and then drop it on the ground with mine.

Now the skin from our upper bodies are in direct contact, and I am on fire!

My arms are circled around you once again, pressing you closer to me as our kissing continues, now more heavy and deep than romantic and playful.

I move one hand, fingertips, across your back and then down your side, caressing you gently.

Then, with that same hand, I caress the side of your breast, then brush over your nipple, which has puckered wantingly.

Now I cup your breast with my hand and my thumb begins to circle your nipple there, playfully.

With this distraction, you don’t even realize that my other hand has left your back until…

You feel a sudden splash of warm and then rapidly cooling water against your back!

You cry out in surprise, and that deeply mischievous expression has returned to my face, staring up at you.

I cup a bit more of the warm spring water with my hand and again, splash your back with it.

This time, as you were not so surprised, you notice how good it feels. How warm.

You turn your head to look at the deep and inviting pool.

I pull your arms up, encouraging you to stand. This is no small feat considering the blood rushing through both our bodies with what we were just doing to each other.

After you are on your feet, I get to my knees but do not stand with you.

Instead, I place my hands on the top button of your trousers.

My head moves to you and I place one, gentle, blissful kiss on your fantastically sexy belly, and at the same time, undo the first button of your jeans.

Then the next…

and the next…

Putting another delicate kiss, this time right at the top of your panties, between the buttons, my hands move down to your boots.

These are boots for mountain walking, so I pull the laces and loosen them.

You put your arms around my shoulders again, and I am in heavenly bliss with my face between your succulent breasts. I nip at them gently as my hands pull up each leg and slip off one boot and then the other.

Then you straighten as you feel my hands pulling the jeans down your legs, to your knees, to your calves.

Again you bursa escort bayan smother me with your exquisite breasts as I raise your feet again one by one and pull the trousers over your feet. The socks come off too.

Standing before me like a goddess in nothing but your lacey white underwear, you look at me impatiently.

You need not speak. I stand up, next to you, kissing you full on the lips again as they reach your level.

Now it is your turn to struggle with first my belt and then my buttons. The temperature is perfect but your hands are weak and shaking from the urgency of the moment.

Finally, the buttons part, and you push my jeans down to my knees.

I laugh and bend over to undo my own boots, remove my socks and then slip the jeans off.

I stand before you, we are nearly naked, together next to the steaming, mystical mountain pool.

For a moment, as I bend down, you expect and prepare to meet my kiss, but again I surprise you. It was the last remaining clothing of my own that I was taking care of.

With that pulled down and off, I take a step away from you, toward the clear pool.

My hand holds yours firmly as I take one more step and my foot enters the water there.

You have a full sight now of this man, not a strip of clothing to hide him (and obviously VERY excited), testing the water with his foot, balanced almost like a dancer with his other foot on the side of the pool and one arm extended to keep your hand in his.

I set my foot on the rocks beneath the surface of the warm pool and pull you one step closer to it.

Then I bring my other foot into the pool as well, my hand still outstretched to keep your hand in mine.

You look slightly nervous, but not, I think at the water or the company.

Finally, you also remove your last bit of clothing, and I admire you moving the white fabric over your shapely hips, down your curvaceous thighs and off of your dainty, wonderful feet. I must be the luckiest man in the world!

You reach for my hand again and I help you keep balance as you step into the water with me. It’s warmer than a bath!

At this spot, the water doesn’t even reach our knees, but you can tell that it gets deeper toward the center.

Still, I take this moment to pull you against me, out whole bodies touching, knees, thighs, waists, bellies, chests, arms, and lips. Heaven!

I again pull you down, this time to sit next to me in the shallow water by the edge of the pool, and I kiss your sweet lips, your jaw, your neck, your shoulder.

You place gentle kisses on my shoulder, my chest and my lips too.

My right hand this time moves to cup your breast, the left one, and again my thumb begins to move over your nipple there.

A small moan escapes your lips.

After a few minutes of this attention, I push your hips with my other and, signalling you to move with me, deeper into the warm water.

But the kisses don’t stop.

As the water deepens, it also gets warmer, and you wonder when it will feel too hot. But at this point it is comfortable.

Now the water is up to our thighs, mine just above the knees, yours almost washing against your delicate woman’s lips.

My lips never leave yours for more than a second or two, but my hands are spending a lot of time stroking your breasts and sometimes breaking to caress your hips, your firm ass.

I pull you tight against me again, my man-ness hard as a stone between us.

Again, I encourage you to sit down with me in the water, and the water reaches to our shoulders.

As with you this is actually to the base of your neck, I pull you toward me and rest you on my lap again, escort bursa moving you effortlessly in the water.

And still, the kisses never stop.

The fire is in your eyes now, and my attention to you is as obvious as the big stick in my lap. 😀 This time, you move.

Getting up partially, the nipples of your breasts brushing the surface of the water, you move one leg to the other side of me.

You sit back down again on my thighs, your legs now completely open with me between them.

You move your body closer to me and soon my cock, impossibly feeling hot even in this hot water, is pressed against your belly and the lips of your womanhood are brushing against the base of it.

Our kisses now are uncontrolled, savage. We are under no ones control now.

My hands continue to move over your back or your breasts or your exquisite ass with no plan at all. I just can’t touch enough of you at once!

You raise yourself up, and both of us move a hand to help position me for the first nudge inside you.

Now we have stopped kissing as your head falls to my shoulder, to the side of your breasts also just at my neck.

Together, we move you a little bit lower, with more of me moving into you.

In the water I can lift you easily, and I do push you just a little bit up, so that the next push can get you just a little bit more. I can get just a little bit deeper.

This is the way we move me into you, little by little, centimeter by centimeter, one up, two down, one up, two down… until finally you feel your lips brushing up against the base of my cock.

And even then, we push just a little deeper, until your body is pressed so hard against mine that we are almost one. The deepest I can be inside you.

The breaths from your lips have become more like whimpers, not of pain but of ecstasy. It sounds almost like crying but I can see in your face that there is no regret or hesitation.

With our bodies pressed tightly together, we move against each other. Your clit is pressed against the base of my cock, and this movement rolls and presses it between us. The pleasure heightens in you.

Now I am kissing your neck, your shoulders, I’m even trying to stoop my head to kiss your breasts as they bob in the water, pressed against my chest.

Your head falls back now, so that your face is to the sky as the waves of pleasure build inside both of us. Whether you are able to see anything at all amongst the building passion, the stars twinkle down on our perfect mountain paradise.

And suddenly, it comes, we come, and our bodies are completely outside our control as we climax.

It is your cries, the flexing, crushing, quivering of the muscles inside you, the firm fingers pressing into my shoulders that all push me over the edge, and some part of me wonders whether the heat of my surge inside you can be felt at all among all the other heat of this moment.

And this pleasure lasts for minutes, and our bodies both continue to twitch and throb, each time provoking another, smaller wave of pleasure as it passes.

At the end, we are both drained, exhausted by what feels like the squeezing out of all our passions, onto, among, between and into each other.

You fall limp against me and my shaking arms take you in. If not for the lightness you are in the water, I don’t know if I would have the strength to hold you, but here, I can circle my arms around you and just hold you close, just keep you as near to me as it’s possible.

We stay like this for several minutes, me still inside you but probably not for long, and I remind myself that this is your way. You’ll be fine, your body just needs to recover from the experience. I continue to hold you warmly, protectively to me.

Finally, with a deeper breath, you raise your head from my shoulder and look deeply into my eyes.

“That was wonderful.” you say.

“That was for you.” I reply.

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