Hot Chocolate Photography

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I saw a tall dark woman watching me as I took photos of the river and surrounding landscape. As a keen photographer my eye is often drawn to exotic and mysterious beauty. This woman was both. Her hair was thick and black and cascaded down past her shoulders. It framed her unique face in waves of majestic silken curls. Her eyes were ebony and her lips were full and red.

I knew I was staring but I couldn’t peel my eyes away from her gorgeous face and curvaceous body. I realized that I was looking at her through the lens of my camera, and continued to keep snapping pics of this dazzling individual walking through my photography landscape.

As she approached me she smiled as I continued to observe & photograph this mysterious creature.

As she approached, the sun glistened behind her and I noticed she was wearing a very thin summer dress. As the sun shone upon her silhouette, the sheer material of the silky dress was seemingly transparent. The outline of her body was gorgeous. It seemed the sweet sheer dress was all that she was wearing.

She slowly strolled past me staring into the lens of my digital beast, smiling and she brushed past.

She stopped and leaned provocatively against the cold steel of the frame of the bridge.

I turned, and memorized by her erotic mystique I continued photographing her.

She was half in the shadow of the bridge & half in the gleaming sunlight.

She looked surreal and dream like. I was enjoying this chance encounter, it was extremely arousing having a beautiful scantly clad woman coming into my zone and toying with me.

I kept taking her photo. She reached up to her shoulders and flicked the straps of her dress and slipped them off her coffee coloured shoulders. Mesmerized by this enchantress I zoomed in as she revealed her ripe breasts. They were full and well rounded with nipples as black as a dark moon eve. Flirting with the camera she fondled her nipples, pinching and teasing them as bahis firmaları she let her dress slip away.

Standing before me naked she smiled as one of her hands slipped seductively down the contours of her womanly body. She tilted her head back and laughed deeply ad she dipped her fingers excitedly into her pussy.

My hands trembled as I photographed this exotic creature. The moment was so sexy; the air was tingling with passionate sparks. It was intoxicating being involved in this kinky photographic session.

The darkness of her velvet skin blended with the deep shadows under the bridge. I continued snapping pics, lowering the camera occasionally to make eye contact and try and connect with this apparition I began to “ask”, but she put a finger to her lips in a gesture that silenced me. She continued caressing her cunt and rhythmically began fingering herself deeply with imagination and stamina. She flicked and pinched her chocolate nipples as she finger fucked herself.

These were going to be a spectacular array of pics.

Her orgasm came on strongly, and for the first time I heard the sweet sound of her husky voice. It sounded so raw and animalistic. I was filled with an awesome feeling of sexual anticipation. My entire being was tingling with pure unadulterated passionate lust.

When my erotic mystery guest had her fill of self exploration she beckoned me closer, I lowered the camera, put it on its tripod and stepped the 3 paces forward I needed in order to be standing close enough for my cloths to be rushing against her warm flesh. Reaching slightly forward she enticed my quivering lips and mouth with the sweet sticky cum juices that remained on her silken fingers. Obediently I licked and sucked the juices from her wet fingers.

With her other hand she softly teased my nipple through my little black singlet and black lace bra. The electric charge that was created rippled throughout my tingling body. I was aroused and excited kaçak iddaa by this dark experimental open minded woman, who seemed to have an insatiable sex drive. Her tantalizing sexual confidence was enthralling. I was completely seduced and submissive to her desires.

She rippled her fingers across my breasts; her sweet lips only a breath away from mine. I could feel her energy pulsating through my shuddering body. Her finger encircled the buttons on my shirt, teasing and caressing me. I was lost in the moment trembling unable to move.

Sensing my anticipation she gently unbuttoned my white cotton shirt, and pushed it easily from my shoulders. My luscious tits cascaded forward and were peaking through my black lace bra.

Nervously I looked around to see if anyone was approaching. Sensing my tension the naked woman pushed me further into the shadows beneath the bridge. I slid receptively into the dark shadows.

As my eyes adjusted this exotic stranger brought her naked body closer to mine and delivered a long sensual kiss to my lips, her fingers teasing my nipples through my little lace bra. This highly erotic gesture enhanced my erotic desires.

Her fingers slipped beneath the lace of my bra and plucked my nipple from its fabric. The cold of the steel and the heat from her fingers was too much for me to bear. I pulled her closer and thrust my tongue along her bottom lip, biting & nipping as I kissed her roughly. My hands were now ravenously exploring her arse as we kissed and she pulled, stretch and twisted my nipples, bringing waves of raw sexual energy slamming through my body.

Her fingers were experienced and as she kissed and bit my, neck, lips and nipples. I was so horny I though I would explode. Desperate for some hot pussy action I reached down and ran my hands through her preened muff. Searching further I found the smooth swell of her budding clitoris I rubbed, flicked and stroked her moist clit as she pulled by heavy breast out kaçak bahis of my delicate bra and squeezed and bit me hard and passionately.

I could feel her juices rise and bubble over my probing fingers. I could feel her body begin to tremble with the onset of her orgasm. Just as I thought she was about to peak, she released my tits and brought her hand down my body and dug it deeply past the top of my skirt and slipped it easily into my hot wet g-string. I felt myself squirm and moan with lusty delight as she moved her hand deeper into my beautiful pussy.

As she fucked me with her creative fingers my pleasure welled up inside me, my senses were heightened. It felt spectacular to be fingering a gorgeous exotic woman, kissing and nipping her whilst she was rhythmically fucking me hard and fast with her hand. Her dedicated finger fucking took me to the brink of an explosive orgasm.

Teetering on the edge of total sexual bliss my mystery woman roughly spun me around and silently bent me over. She knelt behind me and buried her face into my ripe arse and wet pussy. My tits rubbed up against the cold steel of the bridge and my hands grabbed on tightly to the metal frame. As she licked my arse and rubbed her probing fingers around my rim, I shuddered and thrust my arse into her face. Licking and spanking my arse she slowly teased my rim, stretching it slightly with one of her fingers. With her other hand she began finger fucking my again, as I begin to move to her fucking rhythm she licked my arse flicking her tongue around the rim, teasing and driving me wild.

My orgasm was building, I was beginning to feel totally light headed, the heat and the rush of my orgasm began in my toes and rose in frenzy up my legs and into my cunt. As I was about to loose myself totally in the orgasmic moment my hot lesbian lover thrust two fingers into my juiced up arse.

Both hands were pumping me now; her fingers were diving deeply into my body, working me up to an outrageous orgasm. Her fist was fucking my cunt and now three fingers opened my arse pumping me ferociously until I totally let go of all inhibitions and allowed myself to be swept away on the wave of orgasmic exuberance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32