Hong Kong Adventure Ch. 01

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Erika and I had toured Hong Kong all day, seen the sights and explored everything it had to offer. Finally we were together and spending every second in each others company, also exploring with our emotions and love.

When we had first met at the airport we were both initially nervous but that quickly dissolved into relaxed happiness. We kissed passionately but soon broke apart, both of us smiling broadly and held each other for a long time. I also snuck my hand down to her bottom to give it a playful squeeze, something we had mentioned before that I would do on our first meeting.

Erika just flashed me that wonderful smile of hers, held me tighter and gave me another quick kiss on the lips. Journeying to the hotel gave us time to get familiar with each other and learn more and by the time we had quickly got our room sorted and deposited our bags we were heading out again into the bustling metropolis. Erika wore her short denim skirt and black leggings, with a green top and by special request her pink coat. She also wore panties and bra but I had resisted watching her change as I wanted to enjoy the surprise later.

Now as we ascended arm in arm to our room we were ready to relax and chill out, it had been a very long day but we weren’t ready to let it end just yet. Unfortunately we weren’t alone in the elevator, having been joined by an elderly couple but that didn’t stop me from playing and rubbing her ass since we were standing at the back. Her buttocks felt soft and springy, yet firm in my hand as I lovingly caressed them through the rough denim material of her skirt. I longed to reach under the hem and slip my hand up her skirt but that would be pushing it with our current company!

Eventually we reached our floor and preceded down the hall a short way to our room, our excitement for what lay ahead growing with every step. Erika licked her lips and unzipped her coat as I worked the key in the lock and opened the door. We continued to joke and chat as we entered; I turned to re-lock the door as she set her purse down and took off her sexy pink coat. I approached my darling Erika from behind and wrapped my arms around her, kissing the tops of her shoulders and the side of her neck. She leant her head back to meet my probing mouth and we kissed, gently at first but soon our eagerness grew; turning her we embraced fully and let our passion overtake us.

As our mouths and tongues explored each other I drifted one of my hands down to her skirt and rubbed her arse. Erika moaned as she felt my hand, then whimpered with pleasure as I reached beyond the hem of her skirt and touched her leggings. The caressing of her rump and the intensity of our kissing was affecting me and I had no doubt that she could feel my rising hardness.

Sensing then feeling the swelling in my shorts, Erika broke our kiss and parted our bodies slightly. Resting her head on my chest, she gasped the edge of the shorts and began to open them. With the buttons loose my shorts quickly dropped to the floor. Erika took her time with my pants I think probably because she was enjoying the view. While she was busying herself with my privates, I gently stroked her hair and caressed her shoulders occasionally kissing the top of her head.

My engorged dick was straining against them, forcing the material away from my body creating a gap that revealed my pulsing manhood. Hooking her fingers into the gap she drew away the pants and over my hardness, already wet from pre-cum. As my erection sprang free the pants were slowly pushed down and quickly I stepped out of them and the shorts.

Expecting Erika to stand up again so we could continue kissing and so I could go down on her and whip off those leggings, I was surprised when she dropped to her knees and her delicate hands gently wrapped themselves around my cock. While one hand moved down to encircle and fondle my balls, the other moved to the base of my cock. I felt her soft lips touch my swollen head then open wide as she took me into her mouth. She teased the head of my cock by pushing the foreskin down with her lips and twirling her tongue over the wetness there. The sensation was incredible and I moaned softly as she toyed with me, her hand gently stroking me at the same time.

Briefly she stopped and looked up at me with wide, searching eyes that twinkled with playfulness and gave me one of her amazing smiles. We stayed that way bursa escort for some time, my hands caressing her shoulders and stroking her hair; Erika down below with my cock in her mouth. She rocked her head back and forth squeezing her lips and tongue up against my shaft. Gradually she built up speed and started to suck me faster and harder, using her hand up and down the shaft. She danced her tongue around the head and on occasion plunging deep onto me.

“I’m gonna cum hun!” I groaned, feeling my balls tingle as I reached climax.

Erika just gave a satisfied moan as she continued to suck. Hard to talk when you have your boyfriends cock in your mouth! My balls exploded, hot sticky cum spurted from me and Erika caught every drop in her mouth, hands holding my ass to stop me from withdrawing.

Looking up at me with a satisfied look on her face, she licked her lips and swallowed my load then stood up and once again we wrapped our arms around each other. I put my lips down to hers and kissed her deeply, feeling her lips spread apart as I spread mine. I pushed my tongue between her lips and Erika spread hers even further, pressing them harder against mine. The tip of her tongue met mine and delved further into her mouth where we played, twirling around and around, curling together. I could taste the saltiness of my cum in her mouth as we kissed with such passion and love for each other.

Her hips pressed even harder against mine and I put my hands on her buttocks, caressing them and pulling her in even closer. She moaned softly into my mouth and her ass trembled and shuddered as she felt my rising hardness once more. My hand found her breast and I took it in my palm, gently squeezing; my fingers tracing a hard nipple. Erika groaned approvingly as I massaged her boob, my fingers pushing against the fine material of her top to excite her arousing nipple.

Erika broke the kiss and putting her mouth close to my ear, whispered softly, “I love you so much hun, I’ve wanted this for a long time”.

“I love you too, you’re the best that’s ever happened to me” I whispered back, pulling her even closer against me.

Snaking my hands round to her back I slowly rubbed down to the top of her skirt. Finding the zip, I grasped it and pulled it down feeling her ass quiver as my fingers brushed over her leggings. Slipping my hand inside I felt the top of her panties and moved under the silky fabric, caressing her ass.

It was smooth and firm, I could feel the muscle rippling beneath my fingers. Delving further I ran my hand down that soft skin all the way until I came to the bottom. She was wet and slick, her juices already flowing from her opening. The crotch of her panties was damp in the same way. Erika’s stomach jerked against me in little movements as my hand probed her nether parts, fingers sliding over wet puffy lips. She moaned softly and clung to me hard with both hands, her head moving from side to side until her mouth met mine and we kissed again. She could feel my erection pressing against her stomach and pushed closer, wanting to feel my hardness against her body.

Swinging my arm round to join its companion, I lifted her by her ass and, sustaining the kiss, carried her the short distance to the bed and laid her down. Her skirt was left marooned near the spot where I lifted her, soon to be joined by the discarded remnants that concealed Erika’s beauty. I lay on the bed next to her, legs dangling over the end as we continued the kiss.

Breaking apart momentarily, I slid off the end of the bed and stood over her. Leaning over her body I planted a quick one on her glistening lips, feeling the flick of her tongue as I withdrew. My retreating hands slipped between her leggings and panties, pulling slowly but firmly. Her leggings peeled off her legs, exposing strong powerful thighs that tapered to the crease of her pussy, panties already soaked with her juices.

Tossing the leggings over my head, I rejoined Erika on the bed. One of her hands snaked round to fondle the back of my neck while the other one raced up and down my back beneath my t-shirt, finally stopping on my ass. She began to caress it the same way I had played with hers and I could feel my flesh tingling by the lightness of her touch.

Moving my hand to her waist, I put my hand under the fabric of her top and caressed the silky skin of her stomach and the area below her ribcage. bursa escort bayan She shivered and drew in her breath as I lightly ran my fingers back and forth. I moved my hand upward until it came into contact with the underside of her bra.

My whole palm went to this area and I squeezed, despite the hindrance of the extra barrier of clothing. She felt it though, because she arched her back and her fingers dug into the mounds of my rump. I moved my hand back down and pulled her top up, Erika lifting her body and briefly losing contact as I tossed the garment aside. My t-shirt joined her top on the floor as the heat between us intensified.

Collapsing back onto the bed with a thump we quickly resumed our activities, my hand reaching round to unclasp her bra to send that sprawling across the room. I paused to gaze down at her newly exposed body; my eyes travelled upwards from her soft belly to the area just below her ribcage and then to her breasts. They were a good size with the rich deep tone of asian skin, nipples standing erect and little bumps speckling the dark brown circles of her areolas.

Her breasts blended into her elegant neck, soft curves of her chin flowed up and framed Erika’s beautiful face. Her mouth was smiling, lips damp and slightly open as she breathed rapidly barely holding back her excitement. The eyes were last and I gazed into the deep brown that twinkled and shone, revealing the fullness of her soul, love, excitement and playfulness sparkled within.

Breaking the spell, our lips moved together automatically and we became swallowed by our emotions once again. I moved my lips down to her neck and softly kissed; pushing further until finally I lowered my head over her breast. My tongue crept out and brushed lightly across the nipple. Erika arched her back again and moaned. Placing my hand on her other boob, I gently squeezed and rubbed the nipple while I began to suck its partner. I took as much of her flesh into my mouth as I could, running my tongue around and across the nipple. My other hand massaged, not wanting to neglect either breast. Erika shivered and sighed, her hips twisting and gently bucking as I pleasured her.

Her legs parted, opening her thighs and allowing her hand to sneak down to her soaked panties. I dropped my free hand down to rest on hers as it slowly crept under the hem and together they began exploring her tidy patch of curls.

Her panties were completely drenched, the material felt damp on the back of our hands as we delved further. Reaching the crease of her pussy, I dipped a finger in and found it wet, slick and hot. Erika pushed into her open folds and found the little nub of her clit. She went wild, jerking her hips up and down, her rubbing and my fingering of her pussy combined with my mouth on her tit was getting too much for her.

Fearing I would lose her completely to the imminent rush of orgasm, I left a trail of saliva across her boobs as I snogged her again. My fingers made a deep sucking sound as I took them out of her dripping hole, Erika’s hand following suite as we ended up in a deep embrace.

We squirmed together; my cock was drooling pre-cum as it poked and prodded her stomach leaving sticky trails over her belly, her wet panties rubbing against my leg. Using a free hand I forced it under her panties and hooked the hem, half pushing them off exposing the round globes of her ass. Erika helped and with a kicking of legs the last shred of clothing was gone.

As we cuddled and writhed together once more I took secret pleasure in sliding my leg between hers and pushing hard into her groin. The effect was immediate. She gave a low moan and crushed her body into mine, an overwhelming need to feel as much of my naked body as she could. The sheer sensuousness of her slick, wet skin against mine almost made me lose it right then but I managed to hold it in check for now.

We moved together, my leg rubbing her vagina; I could feel my balls tickling her clit. My cock throbbed at the thought of thrusting into the hot, grasping hole. Our groins were becoming drenched with the outpouring of our juices; all it would take would be one push of my cock and I’d be buried deep inside her.

“Hun…” she gasped, needing me as much as I needed her.

Both of us so close to orgasm now and we knew it’d last seconds but not caring anymore.

“Erika… my love” I replied as I shifted escort bursa my weight, sliding across and forcing her legs apart so both legs were between hers.

We both paused, knowing the moment had finally come. The last couple of years of email and instant messaging all heading to this one moment when finally we would be together and ready to succumb to the ultimate pleasure a man and woman could enjoy. Raised slightly, I gazed down at her swollen breasts, nipples fat and rigid. I lowered my mouth and slid my lips across her nipples, tongue darting out to stroke the puckered skin of her areolas.

Goosebumps of pleasure appeared and Erika moaned; her hips moved involuntarily as the mounting wave of desire increased. Unable to resist anymore her hands grasped my head, dragging it away from her flesh and planting her lips onto mine. I felt her long fingers curl around my erection and place it against the entrance to her waiting pussy. I pushed in. Erika’s hands encircled my buttocks as she urged me inside her and in one hard thrust I buried myself buried in her wet slick hole.

“Unnnhhhh!” screamed Erika as I hit bottom, the whole of my length inside my lover.

Lifting her knees slightly, Erika’s thighs spread even wider and my cock slipped in further. Her ankles moved up and locked around my calves, our wet locks of pubic hair intermingled as her sex completely and wetly gaped around the base of my deeply buried cock. I moved my chest against her breasts, enjoying the scratch of her nipples against my skin and the push of her firm mounds. In a matter of seconds I was unsheathing myself, our passions flooding back to us as our need returned with a vengeance.

Erika timed her thrusts to match mine so we drew back and drove forward in perfect rhythm. Even though we were first time lovers together our movement were those of an experienced couple who reacted to each other. Strokes alternated; fast at first then slow so she could feel the full sensation of my cock within her hot tunnel. I was pulling out until just my cock head was teasing her opening and then pushing back in until I was once more filling her cavity. Erika moaned each time I reached bottom and the hairs tickled her exposed clitoris.

Her legs moved up from my calves and wrapped around my hips, then up so that they were around my waist. She clung to me, holding me around my neck with her arms and around my waist with her legs. Her mouth was open and wet, our tongues moving freely. Our strokes matched, moving together. By a miracle neither of us had orgasmed yet but I could sense we were getting close.

My cock felt like an engorged log ramming in and out of Erika. She was panting, crying and moaning all at the same time; my own grunts, cries of pleasure, gasping and panting breath joined hers as our pleasure filled the room. Getting to my knees, Erika came with me as her thighs spread to their fullest; my dick pumping in and out using the longest thrusts possible.

Erika threw her head back and shouted, “Hun, I coming!”

Her back arched, as I held her in place as she was overtaken by orgasm. Hers brought on mine and I went over the crest with my lover.

Her buttocks clenched tight and she pushed up hard against me, shuddering and gasping. The hot walls of her pussy clamped down hard on my cock, grasping and pulsing against my cock as it sent its own little pulses and jerks into me. I wrapped my arms completely around Erika, crushing her to me, crushing her mouth to mine. We could barely kiss for our pants and moans, but it driven by a primal need to allow the pleasure to flow between us.

I fell on top of her again and her legs wrapped around me. She humped her pussy against me, over and over, until the movements lessened and she lay still. Slowly, the muscles in our buttocks unclenched, and we lay spent, satiated. Movement now was slow except for the small, fluttery spasms of Erika’s pussy around my cock and my continuing little ejaculatory spurts, spewing out the last of my cum. Our mouths continued to kiss, gradually becoming gentler as the intensity of our orgasms gradually diminished.

We dozed, not knowing how much time passed and not caring. Our union was complete and we were finally able to enjoy the comforts of each other, the animal need of our bodies appeased for now. I smiled inwardly as I thought of the maid’s reaction the following morning when she discovered the heavily stained and damp bed linen. Eventually I slide out of her, a moan of complain as she felt the emptiness of my departed warrior. I entered the en-suite and decided to freshen up…


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