Holly and (What’s Left of) the City Pt. 07

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Age Difference

Maria looked out the window in Holly’s apartment. The city of Titania was mostly intact even though Holly ravaged it numerous times these past 9 months. Anna was the first woman Maria saw Holly inflate, the policewoman still rested in the same place where she fucked Holly and became permanently pregnant. Around the place were other women filled with cum, all gifts from Holly and her prolific Baby, but none was as big as Anna.

Even though nine months came and went, Anna’s overfilled belly only slightly diminished in size. According to what Holly told Maria, most of the cum she dumped in the officer’s womb was still in there, alive and kicking, looking for the next egg to fertilize. The city seemed to do it’s best to adapt to the immovable cum deposits Holly created around town. Over Anna’s body, the city built a large shad that partially covered Anna’s body and as much of her belly as they could.

Maria wasn’t watching Anna out of boredom or anything like that. Today was the day Anna was supposed to give birth. After 9 months of growing inside her cum-filled womb, the baby is going to take its first breath of air. Maria had a million questions she asked Holly, but the futa only knew so much. What Holly did know was that this wasn’t going to be a messy event like normal child-birth. There wasn’t going to be blood or all the other terrifying horror stories. Anna’s body, aided by Holly’s cum, was more than ready to deliver a little baby. “She took my Baby, she can manage a regular baby…” was what Holly told Maria.

Maria could name all the other cum balloons Holly left outside their window. There was Jessica, and May, Alex and Sharon, all the girls before her were permanently pregnant. Maria once wondered what would happen if another man came inside them after Holly. The idea made Holly giggle, she claimed that even if a man came inside a woman she filled, her own cum would be so dense the boy’s swimmers won’t manage to break past the cervix.

Maria kept her eyes on Anna’s body, it was mostly motionless aside from a couple of doctors walking around her, waiting for the baby to emerge. Titania, as a city, seems to have welcomed the force of nature called Holly. At first, the police had a hard time adjusting, but once the city learned about what they called the “Holly Grail” things changed.

Maria heard about it from Holly one night. The UN designated Holly as a walking calamity of sorts, the details were way too complex for Holly to explain. Bottom line, cities that hosted Holly’s cum filled women were given money to support the baby boom. As long as Anna was alive and gave birth at least once every two years, Titania would get 30 million dollars every year. Anna was the biggest, but the other girls were also eligible for the grant.

Maria turned around and poured herself a glass of wine, she felt like this was a day worthy of drinking before high noon. Six months ago they had the big talk. It was a bit complicated not bringing up the V-word but they managed somehow. After a whole day of talking and making out while Holly inflated Jessica, they reached a common ground with which the two felt comfortable. Since that day, Holly went on a sex crusade, she fucked as much as she could for the past 6 months. At first, the loads were closer to what Anna got, but as the days and the girls went by Holly’s loads got residually smaller and smaller.

About a week ago Holly reached her lowest. After fucking her 10th girl for that day, she inflated her to the size of a car. This was still much more than any man could dream of, but Maria knew that by the futanari’s standards, this was a droplet of cum.

The idea was to calm Baby in preparation for the big night, the night when Maria and Holly would have each other for the first time. Since that day, six months ago, the V-word became forbidden, Holly and Maria treated it like wild-fire. Even the girls that Holly fucked were clearly instructed by Maria not to use the forbidden word.

Maria looked out the window at Anna and noticed a commission was starting to form around her. Maria smiled and took a sip of wine as the scene started to fizzle, and people gathered around. It all happened in the blink of an eye, one minute the doctor walked over to Anna’s lower region and leaned towards her thighs, the next she was standing up with a cum covered baby in her hands. Holly was right, the whole thing lasted a fraction of a second and the crowd started to cheer. Maria could tell they were cheering because of the movement, no sound from outside penetrated Holly’s apartment.

Inside, Maria walked over to the sofa and turned on the TV. It was a news report on Titania’s local channel about Anna’s baby. “Over the past nine months,” the reporter started reviewing the situation as the screen showed the ring of cum Holly created around the earth months ago. It was still there, orbiting around the planet half a year later. Every now and then, a bit fell back to earth, causing a rain of Holly’s cum wherever it struck. Still, the scientists all agreed the izmit escort ring of cum will probably stay there for hundreds of years to come.

Maria muted the TV, she knew Holly’s story all too well. Her thoughts drifted away as she thought about having sex with Holly. It wasn’t that Maria was afraid of sexuality, she played with herself a lot in the past, but it was always alone, always by herself and her toys. Bringing another person to the bed made her feel anxious because she didn’t know what to expect, but that was any other virgin girl taking a new partner for the first time. Maria was in much deeper water, her new partner was no other than the most prolific futanari in the world.

She mostly believed their plan would work. She saw how, over the past weeks, Holly’s load grew smaller and smaller as time went by and the last three girls that left Holly’s room today were able to walk out on their own, which was a huge achievement by itself. Maria sighed deeply, she feared she’d end up like Anna, or worst, like Holly’s prison guard from years ago.

The sound of the door to Holly’s room scritching brought Maria back to from her concerned mind. Into the living room walked a woman, her features obscured by a thick layer of cum. The woman was as slim as her, except for her cum filled belly, she looked extremely pregnant, her belly reaching down to her knees and extending a good 3 feet out.

Maria walked over to her, “Are you okay?” she asked, “can I get you something to drink?”

The woman nodded and Maria filled a glass with water and handed it to her. The cum-covered woman took the glass to her lips and galloped it down, the water mixing with cum as it went into her mouth.

Once she finished she thanked Maria and walked away, another girl to soothe Baby before the big night. As the girl walked out, another girl walked in, a blonde bombshell with huge breasts. She greeted Maria politely.

“You can sit with me if you want,” Maria offered the girl, “Holly still has five girls in there before she’ll get to you. Can I get you a drink for now?” The blonde agreed and soon the two were sitting down and sipping wine.

“So you’re the reason Holly is on this sex rampage?” The blonde asked.

“Yeah, I’m a virgin, you see…” Maria explained, “Holly is sensitive to virgins, please don’t say the word next to her.”

The blonde smiled at Maria, “Don’t worry girl, I’ve been briefed about the situation. You and Holly are going to have a great time. Really, sex is great, once you start you’ll never want to stop…”

“But what if we won’t stop, or if it hurts?” Maria expressed her fear.

“Foreplay girl, it’s all about foreplay,” the blonde explained her methodology, “how long have you got before the night comes?”

“It’s tomorrow,” Maria dreaded.

“That’s great, you got any plans until then?”

Maria nodded no, she mostly planned to sit and wait for Holly to be ready for her.

“Then go to your room, girl, I think it’s only fair you prepare yourself for Holly like she’s doing for you,” the blonde advised, “play with yourself, stay on the edge for as long as you can, just don’t orgasm…”

Maria blinked as the blonde’s words sunk in. As much as Maria hated to admit it she had a point. Holly has been fucking for the past six months, only stopping to sleep, eat and drink. And here she was, sitting on her ass and waiting for tomorrow night.

“I have to go do something,” she whispered, trying to wrap her head around the task she ignored for the past months.

“I know,” the blonde winked back with a giggle, “you can go, I’ll let myself in when the time comes…”

“Thank you,” Maria said, aligning her glasses while standing up. The black-haired girl started walking to her room, opposite Holly’s, and locking the door behind her.

Maria’s room was nothing huge, unlike her girlfriend’s room, Maria needed a bed, a closet and a desk to work from. She walked over to the desk and took off her glasses, placing them on the table. Maria didn’t really need her glasses, she had a low number and could manage perfectly fine without them. She mostly liked them because of the look they gave her, the dorky girl look she loved so much. Next, she moved to her dress. Ever since Maria met Holly she realized dresses were the way to go. After all, a girl can never know when the need to take care of herself might arise, dresses offered the perfect solution.

Maria’s body felt slightly tense, her ample breasts stiffened from what’s to come. She opened a drawer on the desk and rummaged through it. It was where Maria stored all her sex toys for when Holly turned her on. After Maria started dating Holly and they formulated the plan to have sex she ordered her most expensive toy.

“Aha,” she whispered and her eyes gleamed as she pulled a blue toy out of the drawer. Aptly named, The Gigantor was the biggest dildo Maria could find online. 15 inches long and as thick as her thigh, it was still dwarfed by Baby. She planned on using it for practice, kadıköy escort and tonight was the night for that. She only hoped she could catch up with six months of training in one day. Maria was already used to her Mister Average and could take it with ease, but, as she climbed on her bed and opened the lube, she started to come to grips with all the work she had to put in to fill the gap.


Maria sat on the sofa as the sun fell into the horizon. The world outside consumed by darkness as night came. Inside Holly’s flat, the low lights gave the room a strange atmosphere. Maria was wearing a white dress, the same one she wore for their first date all those months ago. The dress itself was stained where her crotch was, Maria worked hard those past 24 hours.

As she took a sip of wine she felt her body screaming, it was ready, her flower dripping and soaking anything around her. Maria stopped playing with herself about an hour ago, after hours on the edge of a monster orgasm she felt a moment more would be beyond her. All she managed to do was pour herself a glass and sit down, every movement aroused her. The TV was off, Maria feared the sound or image might tip her off and all her hard work taking everything Gigantor had to offer would have been for nothing.

She knew the apartment was vacant now, all the girls left hours ago. The last phase of their plan involved a contraption called The Vacuum. It was a toy designed for Baby, a 5 feet long tube that was meant to drain Holly empty. In the tests the girls ran, The Vacuum managed to suck Baby and extract over a thousand gallons of cum in less than an hour. The last phase meant Holly would use The Vacuum for six hours straight.

Maria looked at the clock on the far wall. 19:57, only a little more to go, Maria struggled. A part of her was still concerned about doing it, both for the first time and with Holly. Another part of her, one she cultivated in the past 24 hours, screamed for her to storm into Holly and take everything the futa had to offer. Maria closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the closest thing she had to meditation.

When she opened her eyes, Maria noticed a faint sound, it was an alarm clock ringing. The hour was eight and the time has come. Mara stood up and waited, fearing the friction from one step might make her orgasm. She heard Holly moving in her room, nothing distinctive, just stuff bumbling around aimlessly. Then, after three months, the door to Holly’s room creaked open ever so slowly.

Holly walked into the room. The futanari was completely covered in cum, there was not a dry spot on her. Maria’s nose noticed the unmistakable smell of sex, Holly’s room was filled with it. The only reason Mria knew Holly was standing before her was because of Baby.

The massive cock was covered in cum just like the rest of Holly. It was limp and looked drained from everything it went through. Even after everything Baby was put through, a steady drippage of cum kept leaking out of its tip and onto the floor. Maria noticed one important thing, Baby was now only a little bigger than The Gigantor.

Something in Maria changed, some primal need overtook all her fears, she knew exactly what she needed to do. Maria reached for the shoulder straps of her dress and pulled them out. The white fabric cascaded down her curves and onto the floor. Maria’s body, exposed in all its glory.

Holly looked at her lover as she made her way over. Something about Maria was different, something was off. Holly gasped as her girlfriend hugged her and went for a deep kiss. The taste of Holly’s cum didn’t bother her one little bit, Maria was far beyond caring about a bit of cum.

After a long minute, Maria broke the kiss and looked into Holly’s eyes. “I’ve waited for so long, I want you, Holly, I want you more than anything in this world,” Maria admitted.

“I’m all you’re, Maria, use me as much as you want…” Holly teased. It was amazing that the futa was still capable of teasing after all the sex she had.

Maria made a move and pushed her hips against Holly’s, Baby pressed between them. “On the floor,” Maria half asked, half commended. Holly wasn’t used to receiving orders from others, she usually did whatever she pleased and didn’t give a fuck what her partners wanted. But something about Maria seemed different, something deep inside told her the wise thing to do was to lay on her back and ask no questions, and so she did.

Maria squatted over Holly, her eyes transfixed on Baby. She reached one hand and grabbed it, her palm not wide enough to encircle the shaft. Another hand quickly joined, and together, they almost managed to encircle Baby.

“I have a gift for you,” Maria whispered, “I’m going to give you something no one on this plant ever had.”

Maria watched the cock pulse lazily in her hand, registering its fatigue. She didn’t wait for Holly’s vocal response, instead, she rose up a little, and positioned her flower over the behemoth. Letting kahramanmaraş escort her clear girl-cum drip onto Holly’s beast. Maria decided she wanted to look Holly in the eyes when she offered the futa her gift.

As their gaze locked Maria lowered herself lightly and pressed Baby against her hungry slit.

“Are you sure, Maria,” Holly asked, “we can stop if you want, no strings attached…”

Maria didn’t answer Holly, her response coming in the form of her hips lowering and her vagina taking half an inch of Baby inside. Her gaze was intense, as if a blazing fire was raging inside Maria.

“Thank you, Maria,” Holly moaned. The wetness dripping from Maria started to wash away the cum and exposed Baby’s skin.

“Thank you, Holly,” Maria whispered, a smile on her face. She leaned in for a kiss while lowering her body onto Holly. The two kissed and moaned in ecstasy as Holly penetrated into Maria taking Baby into her. Maria feared taking Holly will hurt, or she might injure herself, but this was different from anything Maria imagined. Maria was no longer human, she was a jolt of pleasure she never imagined possible, a quivering mass of intoxicating bliss.

More and more of Baby sunk into her, deeper and deeper. Maria managed to take The Gigantor, but Holly was bigger and thicker, and still, it seemed the extra lubrication her body was making did the trick. She focused on her kiss with Holly as her body kept sinking down onto her lover. Maria broke the kiss when she felt something she never imagined she’d feel, Holly’s thighs pressing against her own.

“You’re inside me…” Maria whispered.

“Are you okay?” Holly wondered, hoping her lover was well.

Maria lifted her back and sat on Holly. She felt Baby shifting around inside her as she leaned left and right. Somehow, it didn’t hurt at all, everything was great. She looked down at her belly and noticed the thick bulge Baby made in her. It felt so much better than anything she imagined. And the cream of the crop, the cherry on top of her bliss, Baby was just waking up.

“It feels amazing Holly, it’s so good!” Maria moaned.

“You know what feels better?” Holly asked.


“This,” and just like that, Baby pulsed inside Maria. The bulge exploded to almost twice its former size, stretching Maria’s pussy. Holly started gyrating her hips, making her shaft move inside Maria. Maria was swept away, taken by the feeling of being so thoroughly filled by the girlfriend she watched for so long.

By the time things shifted into high gear the bulge in Maria’s stomach already reached all the way up to between her boobs. This didn’t escape Maria who used the chance to give Holly a passionate boobjob.

“Cum inside me Holly,” Maria demanded.

Holly was mostly done after her sex marathon, but Maria’s order forced her into action. She felt her body sucking every last drop of cum still in her sack before pumping it up her shaft. She grabbed Maria’s hips and held her in place.

Deep inside her, Maria felt the shaft moving, pumping. She saw Holly cum in the past and watched with glee in anticipation for what’s to come, her eyes transfixed on the bulge in her body.

Holly delivered like always. Maria moaned as she felt the stream of cum blasting against the back of her womb, it was massive. It was as if someone opened the floodgates for both girls. Maria’s mind exploded as her body shivered with ecstasy, she orgasmed like never before, her abused snatch squeezing the life out of Baby and ensuring a watertight seal around it. Holly, one her end, was reduced to a machine that pumped gallons of cum up her shaft and out into the womb enveloping it.

Both girls were oblivious to the world around them as things dragged on. After an eternity Maria felt her body slump onto Holly. Instead of falling down flat on Holly’s body and kissing her, Maria’s belly stopped her, filling the space between the two. Maria seemed pregnant with twins, possibly triplets, the magic of Holly’s love-juice. She realized kissing Holly was out of the question for now and looked for a comfortable position so she could exchange a couple of words with her girlfriend.

“Ahh,” Holly broke the silence, “That was a wonderful ending to an amazing project.”

“I never imagined it would feel like this,” Maria pondered, “your cum is so thick, Holly…”

“It’s the bottom of the barrel, I don’t think I have more cum in me…” Holly puffed, “are you okay Maria? Hope I didn’t damage anything…”

“I’m great, I want more…” Maria looked at Holly with puppy eyes.

“Let me recover and tomorrow I’ll give you more, “Holly offered, “now that we know you can handle me…”

“But, Holly,” Maria sighed like a spoiled little girl, “It was so good, I want more…”

“Tomorrow, promise,” Holly winked at her lover.

Maria shifted around and noticed the cum inside her slushing, “It was great, didn’t even hurt. If I know it was that good, I’ll let you take my virginity sooner…” she giggled.

Maria noticed Holly’s expression change. One moment she was smiling like Maria, the next her face reflected honest fear. The room started to rumble around them, a roar Maria heard in the past rattled the walls. As Holly’s eyes closed and her mouth contorted in a silent moan, Maria understood her mistake.

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