Holiday Fun with Taxi Driver

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I mentioned the taxi driver, Ahmet, in my experience whilst on holiday in Turkey.

This happened when I was in my early twenties and I had somewhat of a reputation as being a bit of a flirt and a little bit ‘easy’ to use that expression.

As I said, this taxi driver had dropped the two lads off at my apartment block and then collected them in the morning after our night of full on sex and frolics!

All during the holiday, I used his taxi to take me and my friends around the town, from our apartment to the night clubs etc, and also to take me back to either the apartment we were staying in or to the place my latest pick up was staying.

All together in the fortnight we were there I had many different guys fuck me, and it was to become a feature of my girls holidays for the next couple of summers.

On the second last night, Ahmet again collected us from the apartment and took me, Tracy and another two of the girls (Lynn and Karen) to another night spot.

All week he had been eyeing me up and I had been teasing him like mad.

He was always saying things like, “You are very naughty girl, You have so many men coming back to your hotel, you are very sexy.”

And of course he kept asking me about the night with the 2 lads…

“Did you enjoy the 2 boys together? They told me all about you, you dirty girl!” etc.

Well on the night in question, our last full night in Marmaris, I thought it was time to put the poor chap out of his misery.

As I said he collected us and took us to a night club. I was dressed in one of my shorter mini dresses, black and backless. I wore my black wedged high shoes that the guys had fucked me in the night I took on the two of them.

I decided to wear my lacy black panties as well to complete the look, and no bra (those were the days when I didn’t need one!)

As I got out of the taxi I said to Ahmet that I would phone him later to collect me, and he replied “And which lucky boy will you be with tonight?”

I replied…”Oh tonight is definitely your turn Ahmet,” his face was a picture.

“You are kidding me?” he said. “You must stop being a tease with me.”

I assured him that I was serious.

“Don’t worry Ahmet, tonight I am all yours … I promise,” and with that I gave him a little peck on the cheek and went off to join the girls.

The night wore on as usual, something to eat, some dancing, a lot of drinks and some guys hitting on our group. The girls had all paired off and I had the opportunity to do the same but I was determined to keep my promise bursa escort to my new friend Ahmet.

He had been so kind to me all week, I had barely paid for any of my taxi fares, he seemed happy to have me ride for free so to speak, as long as he got the flash of my legs or an up the skirt view as I got in and out of his cab.

Of course he was also getting the lurid details from the guys in the morning as well. Something he told me in great detail later that night.

As the girls left with their suitors I rang Ahmet and he asked me where to pick me up. After about 10 minutes or so he was pulling up outside the bar and I got into the cab. Not the back this time, I got into the front beside him.

As I did so I looked at him and could see he was already starting to show a bulge in his crotch area.

“Oh that’s getting nice and big already is it!” I cheekily said to him.

“Hope you can keep it hard for me for a long time?” with this he leant over and made to kiss me.

I willingly opened my mouth to meet his and we french kissed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. He was a good kisser, very tender and sensual but also horny with it.

I would have put his age at about 50 or so. He wasn’t the muscle bound type, but not grossly fat either, just a little bit of middle age spread so to speak.

He kept kissing me for a few minutes and as he did so I moved my hand to his lap and massaged his aching crotch, his cock was growing inside his trousers and I could tell he was getting worked up.

I was too, the familiar damp stain was spreading on my pantied fanny and my nipples were sticking up through my dress material.

We snogged and I groped his cock for a few minutes then I simply said, “OK lets get back to mine for a good fuck. I really want you to screw me and show me how you treat a naughty girl like me Ahmet.”

He responded by saying, “I will show you how I treat such a naughty girl as you don’t you worry,” and we drove off.

All the time of the journey I kept teasing him by lifting my dress up to show off more and more leg, until my dress was up above my waist and my knickers were fully on show.

I put my legs up onto the dash board and began to rub my cunt through my lacy knickers.

Ahmet was watching me intensely as I did so and I was getting worried about his driving!

We pulled up outside our apartment block and we made our way up to the room. Ahmet stopped me on the stairs and again gave me a massive snog, sticking his tongue deep in my mouth and using his hands expertly on my tits bursa escort bayan to massage my nipples and get me even more worked up.

I stopped him for a moment and lifted up my dress. I then pulled my panties down and off around my ankles.

With them still hanging around my ankles.

I parted my legs and urged Ahmet to, “get his fingers up my soaking wet fanny.”

He needed little urging on and was up my dress in a flash, with his fingers probing my cunt in a few seconds.

He easily inserted two fingers up me as I was absolutely soaking and then a third and then a fourth … I was moaning and bucking my cunt against his hand as he thrust his fingers up me.

I was stood in the hallway stairs, pressed against the wall, knickers around my ankles, legs splayed in my wedged high shoes dress up around my waist, and this 50+ year old guy was ramming me for all he was worth with his fingers.

I was loving it…

“Go on bring me off on your fingers you dirty fucking bastard!” I said to him.

“Finger my cunny till I cum you filthy fucker.”

He was really pumping me hard now and I came off easily on his fingers. I came heavily as he finger fucked me and then as he plopped them out of my wet, gaping pussy he put them up to my mouth and I licked them clean of my creamy cum for him.

We made our way to my room quickly, and as soon as we where inside I got down on my knees and unzipped his trousers. His cock strained against the material and I had to pull his trousers down to get a good grip of his thick cock.

Not massively long. Only about the usual six and a half inches in length but very thick.

I wanked him slowly, then got my mouth to work on him properly. As I sucked him off he was moaning and pleading with me not to stop. I used all my skills, honed over the years of sucking off the young guys at school.

I licked and nibbled his cock end and slurped on it making loud noises, all the time I would occassionally stop and look up at him and ask…

“Is this what you want? Does your wife do this for you Ahmet? … Do you like me being such a slut for your cock?”

He was moaning and grinding now and I could taste the telltale sweet signs of pre cum on his cock.

“Go on spunk in my mouth you fucker,” I was wanking him as I sucked on his engorged knob.

“You fucking young British slut, you tart, you whore,” he was calling me allsorts as he was starting to spunk and fill my eager mouth with his hot sticky cum.

He shot off about 4 spurts into my mouth as I swallowed it down escort bursa greedily.

After I had finished gulping down his spunk, I got up from my knees.

I then kissed him heavily again, letting him taste his own cum on my tongue and breath.

I told him to undress and we both got naked and showered, this was a good opportunity for us both to have a breather and get ready for a good long screwing session.

After our shower, I dressed in my black tights, ripped open at the gusset to expose my arse and pussy and put on my red high heels.

We kissed and sixty-nined for ages on the bed. He was an expert licker and really got my juices flowing.

I was soaking by now and his face was drenched in my cum and juices. His cock was standing to attention and we changed position for a fuck. He put on a condom and was soon entering me from behind, pulling my hair as he rode me.

I bucked back against his cock, urging him to really, “Fuck me hard Ahmet Fuck me really hard!”

He banged away at me for a few minutes as I told him how good his cock was and how I bet his wife loved being fucked by him.

He was speeding up and began to tell me about the guys he had taken home after having spent the night with me.

“They all told me what a slut you are.”

“They all told me how you had sucked on them and how they had fucked and sucked your cunt.”

I was loving being so dirty and loving him telling me all about how hard he had got when the guys told him what we had done.

I then asked him to, “fuck my arse,” and he entered my hole from behind, sliding his cock up me and pounding my arse.

I wanted to be full so I stopped him for a second. He plopped out of me and I got my vibrator out of my case.

I began to rub my fanny lips with it, and then eased it up me, thrusting it up me with ease.

“Get up my arse at the same time Ahmet!” I ordered him.

He stuck it up me from behind as my vibrator whirred away inside of me.

He pounded me again until I had another massive climax. We then got into the missionary position and fucked for ages. He had really good staying power and we kissed passionately as we screwed.

When he was about to spunk up, he pulled out and mad his way to my head. Once beside me he eagerly wanked off over my face as he spewed loads of his hot spunk all over me, again firing expletives at me as he did so.

My face was plastered in his cum and I cleaned it off with my fingers and tongue, tasting his salty cum for the second time.

He couldn’t stay the whole night as he had to get back to his wife.

I felt used and dirty but very satisfied. As he left he fingered me off again and left me soaking wet

I saw him the next night and left him my black panties as a parting gift!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32