Hmmm… Her Surprise Birthday

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Author’s Note: This is my latest short story in a series of shorts that follow a similar theme. They involve a couple, frustrated with their own married relationships who meet every couple of months. I didn’t set out to write them in a chronological order but they do somehow follow a vague timeline from their first meeting, although I did not actually write them in that sequence. Most are written in the first person, with a couple in the third, in an attempt to give a balanced view point from each of the characters. I am still experimenting and would really appreciate feedback. Hopefully I am improving! So please enjoy this latest one and, if you have not already read my others, please do so. XXX. W.


Hmmm…She Receives an Amazing Birthday Present from Him.

I lay back on the bed, waiting in anticipation.

Back in the hotel, our hotel; our third visit. Close to home, it was easy to get away. Discrete enough, even in the centre of the city, it made it simple to suggest an explanation on the off-chance that you bump into someone you know on the way there; the tangible excuses – ‘I’m just shopping…’ or ‘I’m on my way to…’ Once inside we were anonymous. Well to a certain extent, it was our home town after all, so you never did know. Perhaps that added to the excitement, but then again, we weren’t exactly teenagers and each of us have so much to lose, therefore we did have to be a bit careful.

Alison disappeared into the bathroom as soon as we got into the hotel room. I lay down on the bed, imagining how she was getting herself prepared. I shuffled the pillows. Clothes on, or off? Not sure. I decided on mostly off, leaving my boxer shorts on. Is that what they’re called these days? Maybe just shorts? Trunks? Briefs? Who really cares? All I know is that she was taking quite a bit of time readying herself. ‘For what?’, I was wondering. ‘Will she please just hurry up?’

I was beginning to feel a bit frustrated. I was lying there, my cock feeling more than a bit firm, waiting for her, seemingly taking ages. Okay, at that point my imagination was beginning to wane, a man could only be expected to wait for so long, couldn’t he? Truth was, I could wait all day for this woman, after all it was just beyond the two month interval that we had agreed would be the time between our meetings. But how much longer could I wait for her to come and join me?

The handle of the bathroom door turned. ‘Okay!’ I thought, ‘I’ve waited patiently but I will like what I see, I’m sure!’

Ali walked over to the end of the bed, totally naked, with an almost stern look on her face. I was a bit taken aback.

“Well?” she declared as both a question and a statement.

She had one arm straight get down her side, kind of just hanging there as a symbolic reinforcement of her discontent, her other flaring about as she continued her speech.


“Ali, I’m not sure…” she cut me off.

“Exactly! That’s what I mean!”

I had no idea what she was talking about! I gave her a puzzled look.

“You! You have no idea why you fancy me! Look!”

She waved her hand dramatically across herself.

“Look! There are no reasons for you to find me attractive. I have lumps. I have bumps. Look at my boobs, they’re not exactly huge? I have wrinkles! Why me?”

She was looking down at me accusingly.

“Tell me exactly what you see in me? Really, what is it that you actually find attractive? Come on, tell me!” Her exasperation was evident.

Well what I saw in front of me was the woman who had been turning me on constantly for months. The very thought of her made my heart beat out of my chest.

Her chestnut hair, falling just below her shoulders, the soft bedroom lighting highlighting the warm colours fading into the darker brown along its length. Her pale skin tone, a soft scattering of freckles on her face and arms, defining her Scottish roots, the way she tilted her head, her narrow lips.

Her dark brown eyes, the bedside lights glancing off them. Beautiful breasts, so soft to touch but still firm to hold and caress. Long arms, remembering how I hold them up whilst massaging them gently, never taking my eyes off her. Her small round pinkish nipples, perfectly sized, that deepened in colour when aroused.

The curves of her hips, the softness of her thighs. Neatly trimmed pussy; she knew how to present herself – never tarty, always classy. The C-scar, gently fading on her tummy. All a perfect composition of a beautiful woman.

“See, you can’t even tell me. You look but you cannot say! Bloody typical. You’re just like the rest!”

“The rest?” I asked.

“You know what I mean!”

I didn’t!

“Him! Men! All of you!”

None of this was what I was expecting, given that we had talked about this encounter for some time.

“Ali, I…”

She threw her arms up in the air, somewhat over-dramatically if you ask me, flopped down onto the bed turning her back against me.

‘Whoa’ I thought. This is not going well. It’s the kind of drama that I get at home and this bursa escort was my, or rather our, release from that shit. I placed my hand across her shoulder.


“Fuck off!”

Ah, she doesn’t normally use such language, this must be bad, I thought.

“Ali? I have got no any idea what you’re thinking about but it’s not really what we’re about. This is our time, our time away. Making up for everything else. Our deal, our pact with the devil. Whatever? Remember. None of the emotional shit!”

She turned further into the pillow.

“Alison, you can’t do this! Please?”

She turned to look up at me.

“You don’t actually need me! All you need is sex now and then. It could be anyone! There are places that cater for that. Cheaper than this hotel! And they’re younger – you’d like that. A woman or girl, perfect boobs, you’d like larger than mine I know, perfect bottom, tight pussy. That’s what you need!! Not someone old like me!”

“Ah!” the penny dropped, “This is about your birthday, isn’t it?”

“No” she buried her head into the pillow.

“It is! You’re pissed off that you’re now forty five!!”

I stifled a giggle as I sensed that she was a little bit serious about this.

“Fuck off, it’s not!”

“It is, and you won’t admit it!” I playfully poked her in the arm. She pressed her head further into the pillow.


This was not really how I had envisaged our time together. Ali was lying naked next to me, back turned, face buried into the pillow, wallowing in self pity. I had always known she lacked confidence, coming alive in my company. A mutual feeling between us. A pact to act differently when we are together. I wasn’t going to allow her to give in – what I had planned maybe, somehow, had anticipated this moment.

“Ali. Do you want your birthday present?”

She turned her head around to face me.

“There are no birthday presents, remember? No presents at all! It’s part of our deal. I pay 50, you pay 50. No presents or little gifts. We meet, go home. Nothing else! Okay, you may have stolen some of my underwear, but that…”

“You gave it to me!” I protested.

“That was acceptable! But no presents!”

“So, you don’t want your birthday present then?”

“Well, if you’ve been stupid enough to break our agreement, then…”

She had perked up a bit, lifting her head from the pillow, fully turning around to look at me directly.

Although this was a serious moment between us, my eyes subconsciously took her all in. They way her boobs were sitting, the long smooth curves down her body. ‘Yes’, I thought, I knew I had got her present right. My cock which had softened back, began to stiffen again. She had an instant affect on me.

“It’s in the top of my bag?” I beckoned across. She looked across the room, then back at me expectantly.

“Okay, I’ll get it. You really are behaving like a little spoilt princess!”

She gave me a fake, hurt, pouted look. I collected the bag from across the room, faking exasperation. She sat up, almost childlike as she unzipped my leather overnight bag.

“Ooo!” she exclaimed taking out an exquisitely wrapped small parcel.

Undoing the ties and bows she opened it, holding up the lingerie I had bought.

“This is lovely!”

A pale cream camisole top, silk shorts, lacy at the front, suggestive but not revealing.

“Thank you!”

“There’s more”

She opened the next package. This time a more push-up bra, high leg briefs, black, red trim.

“Thank you again!” this time with a little less enthusiasm.

“Another parcel! Oh what could it be?” I began to sense the sarcasm in her voice.

“Oh look, a rather slutty bustier!! Well thank you!”

She saw me smiling, a bit smugly.

“There’s matching shorts too.”

“What the fuck? Okay they’re nice but are they really a present for me or for you? Three sets? Are you mad? Do you really think I need to dress up for you? What the fuck are you thinking? How am I meant to take them home? What would hubby say if he discovered them? You are such a twat!”

“Okay, I’ll take them home. I’ll bring them for you when we’re meeting up”

“And where exactly will you hide them? Won’t your Mrs get suspicious if she finds this? Is this something that she would ever wear?” holding up the third present.

There was a fair bit of frustration in her voice, as she held up the bustier.

“It’s okay, I’ll put them in her special lingerie drawer- she never goes in there! She’ll never notice!”

She looked at me, suspiciously.

“You’re evil! You’re taking the piss! What’s going on?”

“Okay, you need these for your real present. Don’t get upset! It’s an experience, not something tangible that you have to take home. Well it could be, but it would probably raise a few eyebrows.”

I had caught her attention. She rose up and held the bustier against her.

“And it involves this?”

“Oh yes,” I replied “it certainly will. You know that Edinburgh photography company that does these rather bursa escort bayan racy photo shoots, the one you follow on Twitter? Well you’ve got a session with them this afternoon. I know you want it.”

Her mouth dropped open.

“You didn’t! I don’t believe you! That’s my own fantasy, I’ve never told you about it! And what am I going to do with the prints? I can’t exactly hang them around the house!”

“No, not really. And it would be hard for me to explain to my wife if I put one up above the fireplace!” I giggled. “No, they are stored on a secure website. They give you your own password so only you can view them. Well, me too. After all I am the one that’s paying!” I smiled. “So we can look at them any time we want. Or get prints, or post them online, or give them away as presents to your family! It looks like a really professional and personal service.”

“I won’t look like a porn star, will I?”

“Only if you want to look like one! No, from what I see it’s very erotic, sensual and tasteful. I think you will really, really enjoy it.”

“There is absolutely no doubt about it!”

She looked down at my hard cock.

“Just as I am about to enjoy that!”

“Sorry Ali, that will have to wait. With all your ‘oh woe is me’ nonsense we don’t have time now. We need to go to the studio.”

She held the bustier up against her boobs.

“Even a quickie?”

“No, not even a quickie! Get dressed, we need to go.”


The studio was just around the corner of the hotel in a narrow lane that cuts through the blocks of the city’s New Town. Alison went ahead of me by about thirty seconds to ensure that we wouldn’t be spotted together. She found the discrete street door easily and went in to wait for me before climbing the stairs up to the studio. ‘Susan MacNamara Photography – For All Your Exotic Desires’ the sign etched on the glass door proclaimed. A girl sitting behind a low reception desk beckoned us in, un-clicking an automatic lock on the door.

“Hello, hello, do come in. I’m Anna. You must be…”

She looked down at a book on the desk.

“Yes, you must be Alison.”

Alison nodded, a little unsure.

“Relax. You’ll enjoy this. Susan – Susie – is fantastic. Just do exactly what she says and the results will be amazing.” She smiled up at Alison looking at her intensely.

“And you are?” She checked her book again. “Oh yes, Mr Smith.”

She glanced up at Ali, raising an eyebrow, shaking her head slightly. Ali shook hers in response, an instant and knowing connection immediately having been made. A very slight hint of a smile on each of their faces.

Anna was very pretty. Shoulder length brown hair, similar colour to Ali’s, more evenly dark and sitting just on top of her shoulders rather than longer like Ali’s, chiselled features, quite elfen-like. Pointy nose. Brown eyes, almost a match to Ali’s. Quite slim, from what I could tell as she sat before us. Perfectly rounded but petite boobs. A real warmth and friendliness in every look she gave and every word she spoke. I reckoned she must be around…

“I’m thirty six.” She looked up at me.

“Pardon me?”

“I’m thirty six years old. I could tell you were wondering.”

My face reddened. “I wasn’t…”

“We get quite a few ‘Mr Smiths’ in here. More than quite a few actually, with their…” she looked up at Ali, “beautiful girlfriends.”

Her warm brown eyes drew Ali’s gaze back, this time Ali blushing at the direct compliment.

“I will be helping Susie today. She’s forty seven in case you were wondering.” She passed me a glancing look. “She sometimes comes across a bit scary! But she’s good, really good. As I mentioned, just do everything she says, I’ll help you with each pose and please try to ignore the fact that she may be up very close with a camera at your face.”

Alison nodded, although looking rather uncertain.

Anna turned to me.

“And I assume that you are staying to watch? Yep, they always do!” another knowing glance up at Ali, who giggled in response.

Anna rose to take us through to the studio. It was like any photographer’s studios you could imagine. North facing rooflights in the high roof space, stripped wooden flooring, white painted walls. All quite plain but a substantially sized space. A photographic set with lighting rigs and reflectors sat against one wall. Around the room were various props, a large variety of objects – chairs, stools, rugs, blankets, large roman urns, all sorts of stuff. In one corner there was a small area curtained off, most likely a changing area I presumed, large mirrors on the walls, a make-up station and a variety of different clothing hung on racks.

Anna introduced Susie to us. Despite Anna’s brief reference to Susie sometimes being ‘a bit scary’

she greeted us with the warmest of smiles.

Susie stood quite tall and had a striking presence. Her red hair was tied high on her head, very business like. Warm, deep blue eyes, pale skin, betraying her Irish descent, I thought. Large breasts. Nicely curved hips, escort bursa long slender legs setting off her overall shape nicely.

She studied Alison.

“Please take off your coat, I want to see what we have.”

Somewhat intrepidly, Ali took off her coat and went to hand it to me. Immediately, Anna took it, with a slight nod of encouragement and another smile. Susie looked Ali up and down, placing her hand under her chin, lifting her head up.

“Perfect! Great height. Nice long legs, good boobs, excellent curves. Lots to work with. Good skin tone, love the freckles, all so natural.” She stared deep into Ali’s eyes. “And beautiful warm eyes.” Another compliment that made Ali blush again.

“And what have you brought to wear? We can provide if you haven’t, it’s fine.”

I passed Susie the parcel of lingerie. She took out each item one by one, holding it up against Ali, up against her face, most likely checking it against her colouring I thought. She was nodding.

“I presume he chose them?” She asked glancing in my direction. Alison nodded.

“Yes, they most often do and normally based on their own fantasies and entirely inappropriate But these are perfect. I see he has very good taste. They are all very respectable choices.”

All three women looked across at me. I had a rather large grin on my face, accepting this particular compliment as my own.

“I will finish setting up here and Anna will sort you out if that’s okay. You can sit across there,” she beckoned to me. “Read a magazine or something but don’t interfere. Understand?”

I nodded and slunk across to a small settee in the corner of the studio, accepting my part in this as a by-stander. Just leave us women to it was the clear message.

Anna lead Alison over to the changing area.

“If you go in and put this one on,” she held up the camisole top looking across for Susie’s nod of approval, “there’s a dressing gown in there for you, then we can see to your hair and make-up.”

There was certainly a great deal more to this than I had imagined. I hadn’t thought of things like hair and make-up, the practicalities of getting dressed or un-dressed. I wasn’t sure how Alison would deal with all this fuss, her confidence being so low earlier. Everything appeared very professional and relaxing. Susie approached me with a glass of fizzy wine, handing it to me.

“You may not need this, but she will! I can sense her nervousness, it’s very common. We have means of dealing with it. She’ll be fine.”

“Well I must say,” I responded, this is all a lot more complicated and professional than I thought that it would be.”

She glowered at me.

“You men gave no idea! Professional? We’re the best!”

She shook her head returning back to ready her cameras and lighting.

Ali sat down in front of the mirror with Anna studying her face.

“Hair up or down?” she called across to Susie.

“Down. Just brush it out and put a bit of shine on it.”

Anna took her hair in her hands and began to run her fingers through it, gently pulling it up over Alison forehead exposing her face and securing it temporarily with a hair band.

“Only a little make-up needed. Just so concealer around your eyes to deepen them slightly, fade out these fine lines. A light covering of foundation to take away any shine, but not enough to cover the few freckles. Susie likes those details, as do I.”

Ali’s heart skipped a beat. It sounded more like a come-on line rather than an observation. Anna, smoothed the foundation across Ali’s face and down her neck, touching up with a light dusting of highlighter on her cheeks, accentuating her features. Some delicate eye liner and mascara, finishing with a light red lipstick. Anna’s face was barely six inches away from Ali’s when she was carrying out the final touches. Her soft brown eyes not breaking gaze with Ali’s. Alison gulped, she hadn’t felt a woman in so close to her before. Yes she had had makeovers in the past but somehow this felt rather seductive. There was a fluidity in Anna’s movements, a closeness. She became aware that almost in-perceivably Anna was touching her – on her neck, her throat, behind her ears, all the time her eyes looking deep into Alison’s.

“Perfection.” Anna whispered close into her ear.

Alison felt a little gasp deep within her, not quite aware of where it had come from.

Anna stood, breaking the moment.

“You need to take this off.” She beckoned to the dressing gown. “We will probably need a little make-up all over. Just to take any shine off.”

Tentatively, Ali dropped the dressing gown down over her back, revealing the camisole top. Anna nodded an instruction to take it off completely. She let it drop to the floor. She dusted some make-up around her shoulders, the backs and fronts of her legs, across the top of her chest, signalling for Ali to hold up her arms. All done in silence and a seductive closeness.

“Lovely.” She said under her breath. “That’s us, now to finish your hair.”

Alison picked up the dressing gown, slipped it back on and sat. She felt her heart beating fast. She had never experienced such close attention. She could feel Anna’s heat, smell her sweet sweat. She was definitely feeling aroused – confused, nervous but definitely aroused.

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