His Ex is an Alpha Male Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I met my boyfriend, Enrique, at a gym in Madrid where I work as an instructor. He drew a lot of attention when doing exercises. He had a muscular, tanned body, green eyes, and a strong, hard ass, very highlighted by the sweatpants he used to work out. When he did squat exercises, you could see that people gave him eager looks, sometimes turning away so as not to make him uncomfortable.

I will present myself. My name is Fernando, I’m 29 years old, I’m a personal trainer at this same gym. I was born in Vigo, but I moved to Madrid at the age of 17. I am 6ft and, because I have a professional and personal routine very dedicated to sports and training, I manage to maintain a body that many guys want to have: six-pack, big arms, low body fat.

Back then, I shared an apartment with a friend named Ander, whom I met at the Faculty of Physical Education. Ander is originally from San Sebastian, worked at the same gym as me and is the same age and height. We have similar tastes, perhaps with one exception: he considers himself a power bottom and I consider myself a power top. Many friends ask us how we are not together, but the truth is that we knew each other as friends, started to go out to gay places together and we decided that we would keep the friendship. Once we had sex, when we were very drunk and, on that day, I realized that our friendship had already prevailed over any sexual tension that could exist. It was better this way.

One day Ander and I were together at the gym at lunchtime and Enrique arrived to train. I asked Ander if he had any information about him, and he smiled, telling me that he always knew that day would come, because he was the subject of the moment at the gym. Ander told me his name, that he was 35 years old, that he was an engineer and that, to my delight, he liked men and that he was bottom-only. He added that he had already seen him naked in the locker room and that he had a very impressive body.

“It even shook my convictions,” he joked. It got even better when he told me that this new gym user had already asked about me, wanting to know my schedule, with the excuse that he had heard that I was a great coach.

I then agreed with Ander that he would cover me for when Enrique’s training was over and I would go to the locker room to personally check out what he had under his gym clothes. I have always avoided any similar situation, because the gym is also my working environment and I take care that situations like this do not lead to harassment. But, as there were already signs of an interest, I decided to risk a more erotic and discreet than direct approach.

I waited for him to finish training and followed him to the locker room. I took off my shirt and he took off his shirt. We exchanged looks. I realized that he was looking at my chest for a while and this started to make me horny. So I put my hand on my dick discreetly, while maintaining a look at him. He gave an approving look and said we were going to continue this another time, because he needed to get back to work. “Tonight at your house? Send me your address and I’ll go”.

“Won’t you even show me a little bit of what to expect?”. And then he took off his pants and underwear all at once, turned around and stood for about ten seconds, pretending he was taking his backpack out of his locker. I was bursting with excitement and wondered if it would be worth dropping any decency by fucking him right there. His ass was perfect.

That same night, he showed up at my home and we went straight to my room. I have a cock that is 5.0 or 5.5 inches hard, neither thick nor thin. Average. His cock was a little bigger and thicker, but his most impressive attribute was his ass. He was a bottom very aware of what he wanted, telling me to fuck him in different positions. He was six years older than me, born in Madrid, working as a lawyer. He was very sexually aggressive, which was new to me. I felt like the luckiest top in the world.

To make things better, a week later, my friend Ander started going out with an Italian man who was studying at a business school in Madrid. His name was Lorenzo, a muscular, 30 years-old, whom he met at a sports-themed fetish party. Lorenzo was a little taller than us, his left arm was tattooed. He was easy going and an addicted to sports who had trained as a professional wrestler for many years. Ander also bragged a lot to me that Lorenzo had a huge cock, which I always dismissed as bullshit. Truth is that he had a very beautiful body and, although I had only seen him in clothes, a bubble butt as hot as Enrique’s.

I kaçak iddaa thought it was a waste of time that Ander was just a bottom for him and I confess that I sometimes imagined a situation where I would fuck both Lorenzo and Enrique at the same night. As we shared the apartment and the walls were thin, we sometimes listened to what each other did. This ended up creating a rivalry between us regarding who had more sex and how long it lasted.

Lorenzo, Enrique and Ander liked to take pictures without shirts and that encouraged me to work out even more. I had achieved my best shape. When we went out together, I realized that we drew a lot of attention. In addition, Lorenzo was widely followed on Instagram and, when he marked us in the posts, we started to gain more followers also.

With the arrival of summer, Ander informed us that he was going back to the Basque Country to live and work there. It was strange to say goodbye to him after so many years. He had the idea of renting a great apartment in San Sebastian and inviting all of us there as a farewell, as he thought the beaches there were the most beautiful in Spain. We all liked it, because, with the exception of Ander, nobody knew Basque Country, not even Enrique, who had already traveled more than all of us. It also meant that his relationship with the olive-skinned muscular Italian stud was going to end.

The penthouse apartment was very nice, close to the Beach of La Concha. It had a balcony and a great view. We arrived at night and the next day we had luck: it was a beautiful sunny weather. Lorenzo woke us up because he wanted to go to the beach very early and enjoy the day. When we got to the beach, I noticed that my three fellow travelers had their bodies at the height of the male form. We asked a French tourist to take a picture of us and everyone posted on Instagram immediately, satisfied with the result.

We had ages that ranged from 29 to 35 years old, with some attributes that draw the attention of those who appreciate the male body, such as six-pack and highlighted deltoids. Enrique had beautiful thighs, Ander had a very broad V-back, and Lorenzo had the largest chest and shoulders among all of us. I couldn’t tell if his bubble butt was more beautiful than Enrique’s and the result of this contest would probably leave many people undecided.

However, what I could not help but notice was the volume of the swim trunks that Lorenzo wore. I had never seen him in his underwear before, and Ander’s story about him being well endowed seemed to be confirmed. He was wearing red square trunks from a Brazilian brand that I was unaware of, and that was making a volume that did not go unnoticed. The size of another man’s cock is something that was never the focus of my interests, but looking at his crotch could not be avoided: his bulge even revealed an enviable set of balls.

We all realized that Enrique kept looking at Lorenzo, staring at that package. It became uncomfortable for everyone. Lorenzo thought it was best to address the matter soon, since everything was becoming very evident, and did it in the best way he could. “Yes, I was blessed with a big cock. But if you all are going to keep looking, I will have to go to the sea, because these swim trunks will not handle it”.

You could already see that the volume increased, becoming even more impressive, when he decided to go into the water.

My best friend, Ander, was surprisingly satisfied by this situation, as if everything he told me was being proved. “Didn’t I say? And he is a grower…”, he said laughing. Enrique insisted on the subject to Ander’s delight:

“I’m not going to lie, I thought he had a hard-on the whole time.”

The talk made me very discontent. Maybe because I am a handsome guy and have a body that most men want to have, size was never an obstacle for me to be with any guy. Moreover, my dick has a regular size. Most of the guys I had sex with in my life had dicks the same size, or just a little bigger or smaller. I never dated a very small guy. The very big ones I only saw them in porn.

I was dying for the subject to change soon, but Anders, answering to Enrique’s curiosity, decided to tell us about when he and Lorenzo met at the fetish-party. He said that Lorenzo was dressed in a Milan football team outfit, sitting, having a beer with a friend and that his shorts marked the thigh muscles and the cock. That he took him home, but that day they only had oral sex, because Ander only had normal-sized condoms and that Lorenzo’s cock was so thick he had to use kaçak bahis a special condom.

I noticed that Enrique was very interested in the story, asking for details, and that made me angry. After what seemed an endless talk about size, he had to make a phone call and left us for a while. In order not to appear that the story was bothering me, I decided to ask Ander: “Does he have the biggest one you have ever seen?”, hoping that his answer would be no. However, Ander nodded, “by far”, adding, “Second place goes for a Colombian man and even him is not a competition”. Bothered, I took the opportunity to change the subject, talking about a Colombian woman who had just started working with us.

Lorenzo spent a long time in the water and, when he came back, he decided to do some exercises nearby. He said goodbye to us and that he would see us at the apartment later. Enrique returned after a while, with drinks. He asked about Lorenzo and Ander told him that he would meet us later at the apartment. He had sent a message saying that, after working out, he would stop by the market to buy things to make dinner and drinks for us. “Well, there will be more drinks left for us then˜, said Enrique. We were drinking for a while on the beach and alcohol started to have its effect.

Enrique started to touch my arm, said that I had the most impressive biceps on the beach, and these things were improving my self-esteem. For a while, I even forgot the image of my boyfriend looking fascinated at the huge dimensions of those red swim trunks.

After two hours, we returned to the apartment. Upon arriving, Lorenzo had already done the shopping. He was shirtless and in gym shorts, flexing his arm on the balcony. His muscles were pumped and there was sweat on his muscular smooth chest, a strong male image. “Good that you came back. I was just finishing working out, but I’m already going to take a shower and prepare dinner”, he said.

I noticed that Enrique was looking at his shorts, inevitably trying to relive the beach scene. There was a lot of volume there. Then I realized that not only was Enrique obsessed with his dick, but that I was too. While he finished working out on the balcony, Enrique and I were both looking at him, paying attention to all his muscles. To avoid any thought, I invited Enrique to take a shower with me and he accepted. The apartment had two suites and we were staying at the largest one. We started to kiss each other and, when we got to the room, it became clear that both of us had our cock throbbing really hard.

We took off our clothes and started to touch each other very aggressively. It was a mix of alcohol and the teasing caused by Lorenzo. In the shower, I grabbed him by the waist and fucked him merciless. Normally, he was in control, riding my cock and demanding some positions, but, taken by some strange feelings, I wanted to be absolutely dominating. I cummed fast. He realized it, got out of me, closed his eyes and touched himself. He came about ten minutes later. I was already defeated by alcohol. We both slept for two hours.

When we woke up, Ander and Lorenzo were already in the living room, with dinner prepared and having drinks that Lorenzo had made. “We almost woke you guys up”, said Ander. Enrique and I washed our faces and changed clothes. I decided to put on a tank top, because my arms were well defined and I wanted to be noticed by everyone present. It was a hit, because Lorenzo soon praised my arms, followed by Ander.

We spent three hours talking and drinking. We were already a little drunk and talking a lot of nonsense. The subject of Lorenzo’s cock would apparently not come back. Ander was the first to leave, saying he was tired. About ten minutes later, Enrique also said he was going to sleep. Lorenzo and I stayed in the living room, still wanting to drink more.

Due to the effect of the alcohol, we started to exchange praise. He said that I was very affectionate towards Ander and for that reason alone he liked me very much. It was very hot and he took off his shirt, without saying nothing. What a body. The two of us were already looking at each other without social restraints, due to the effect of alcohol and heat combined.

The conversation became more provocative. He asked me “what part of my body do you think is more beautiful?”. I replied the chest, but that I had still not seen his ass. He laughed: “Still?”. Then he said that the part of my body that he thought was the most beautiful was also my ass, even if I was clothed. We were teasing each other, wanting to affirm ourselves illegal bahis as tops. My cock was throbbing. He was wearing shorts that exposed a very visible dick line. I thought he was hard too.

“Are you top-only?”, I asked. I was extremely horny then, imagining his ass and that muscular man riding me. I even forgot that he was Ander’s boyfriend. It was clear we were flirting with each other. But his answer was just “yes, top-only”. Then he asked me back: “How about you? Do you bottom?”, and I said, “No, never did, never will”.

He replied immediately “Well I saw that you kept looking at my cock and I imagined that you were one of those who can’t resist a big dick”.

The cock-size issue had come up again. I didn’t reacted for a few seconds, but I doubled the stakes: “Well, it is always nice to fuck a guy as big as you”. He then got up and came slowly towards me. I did not know what else could happen there, but the prospect that I would fuck him seemed viable.

He unbuttoned his shorts. I was sitting, so I was face to face with his underwear, a white Calvin Klein that seemed unable to contain that hefty package. It looked even bigger than on the beach. In fact, even working within sports environments, I had never seen a bulge like that. I was very, very hard. The situation was bothering me, but I was unquestionably curious.

He then said with his deep voice, “Are you curious about how big it is? I don’t mind showing it to you”. I hesitated. He started to touch his cock over his underwear, waiting for an answer that didn’t come. I just kept looking, paralyzed.

“It is cool if you want to see it. In your place, I would be curious too. It doesn’t mean you are a bottom”. Afraid of my positive answer, I could not say a word.

The lack of answers finally seemed to bother him. “Hey man, this was wrong, I apologize. I thought you were curious. My mistake”. He then bent down to put on his shorts again and moved away from me.

I couldn’t think about anything else. And then, undertaken by curiosity and fear of regretting, I let my guard down. “Were you hard?”.

“That’s what you thought? No, man, my cock gets much bigger”, he said.

“I doubt it is more than 7 inches”.

“Hahaha. I guess you are speculating…”

For the first time, I openly stared at his crotch. “I… I want to see it. It doesn’t mean anything, just to be clear. Just seeing it, out of curiosity”. I needed to justify myself.

My own cock was throbbing, in agony, desperate to be touched.

He took off his shorts again. I was once again hypnotized by that manly figure. However, I wasn’t remotely prepared for the size of that thing he was about to pull out. He moved his big right hand into his underwear, while the other hand stretched the fabric.

After what seemed long seconds, he released his outsized flaccid cock, letting it swing between his muscular legs. It was hung like a horse. I was truly in shock.

Almost incredulous, I gulped. “Fuck!!”. It was exceptionally big and fat, with a huge head. Enormous. To me, the most impressive thing was that he was indeed telling the truth: he was not even hard yet. He realized that I couldn’t take my eyes off that member, the biggest I had ever seen. By instinct, I licked my own lips and he noticed. “You can touch it if you want to”.

My heart was beating fast. “Don’t tell anyone, please”, it was all I could say. I knelt before him, seeing it up-close. It was perfect. Imposing, heavy, beautiful. I was curious about seeing it hard. I stayed there for a while, fixed on that sensation, dominated by a desire that had never occurred before. Deep down I wanted to suck that cock, but I did not know if I was waiting for an order or if I was still avoiding surrendering to him.

He then said, “I always liked you. It makes me sad that we both don’t like to bottom”. He took off his underwear completely. It was the first time I saw his balls. I normally never care about balls, but those balls were so huge that I envied them.

He rubbed his underwear on his cock, on his bull balls, and gave it to me. He told me to keep it and smell it. “A reminder of this night, my fellow top”. He walked out of the room, naked, with that long piece of manmeat swinging. I gave a look at him, that beautiful, big, muscular ass that, for some time, I thought I would fuck.

I went to the bedroom, took a shower and thought about everything that had happened that day. It had been a new and exciting experience. Before I fell asleep, however, I smelled the underwear he had given me, thinking that that piece of clothing had been leaning against that male’s big cock for hours. I hugged Enrique from behind. My cock was very hard again and I woke up many times because of the desire I was feeling.

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