High School Virginity

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This is a fictional story of how I lost my virginity. I wish it really happened this way. I, really, do. Both of us were 18-years-old.

My senior year of high school was nearly ruined by a false accusation. “Katie” (not her real name), had a crush on me, and somehow thought she would win my heart by telling her circle of female friends that she was pregnant-with my baby.

Katie may have been expecting, but I was a virgin-so it, obviously, wasn’t my child. I was pissed off!

Unfortunately, none of her friends wanted to believe me-pissing me off more!. One day, at lunch, I was facing “the firing squad” of about eight, OUTRAGED, teenage girls who were convinced I was evil and not taking responsibility and abandoning their friend and “our baby.” Except it wasn’t “our’s” Needless to say, it was not a “fun” lunch discussion. They called me brutal names and I knew that my chances of dating any of them were none. The truth is, I hadn’t even dated Katie, seen her naked, or had any sex with anyone.

Weeks later, after “Katie” bragged about having an affair with a teacher, (I told him about bursa escort her lie-because my mother was a teacher and his career could be ruined) Katie was forced, by the administration-and her mother, to admit that neither of us touched her and that she wasn’t pregnant-at least, by us.

(Years later, I learned that her cousin hit “the jackpot” and her mother arranged for Katie’s abortion-without knowing who the father was.)

Another lunch meeting “with the girls” had them all, apologizing to me, and some, honestly, admitting that they weren’t virgins, including “baby-faced” Molly, (a cute, and chunky brunette-with beautiful wavy hair) who I’d wanted to date for a year, but she was dating Jerry. After admitting that she and Jerry gave each other their virginities and had plenty of bedroom passion, before their breakup, I left the meeting in shock but glad that “Katie” admitted that I didn’t get her pregnant. Without naming anyone, Molly also disclosed that “There’s nothing wrong with loving.”

A week or two later, Molly stopped me in our Senior Circle and shocked me when she asked me to our bursa escort bayan senior prom.

Stunned, I said “yes! But what about Jerry? I asked.”

“He wanted to do anal, wanted to do a MMF threesome and wanted me to shave my pussy. I launched his perverted ass,” Molly explained, with “too much information.”

“I like the pictures that I’ve seen of hairy pussies, don’t want another guy sharing my girl and am not putting my cock in anyone’s butt,” I responded, quickly.

“Great,” Molly said. “I have a thick bush of hair, down there, and I trim the edges for my bathing suit, but I leave the rest natural. I keep it clean, but I’m all woman.”

Several weeks later, after a romantic evening of close, passionate, dancing, French kissing, holding and dining with Molly, through our prom, our limo took us away-to the, new, Marriott. “What is this?” I asked Molly.

“Your virgin days are about to end,” Molly responded as we French-kissed through the lobby, to the elevator and our Jacuzzi room.

“What about your parents?” I asked.

“Divorced. Mom put me on the pill before escort bursa I had Jerry, kept me on it, and paid for this room,” Molly explained. “I am 18. So dad told me, years ago, as an adult, I make my own decisions about sex. Tonight, I’ve decided to have you inside me in our bed.”

“Sounds fun,” I reacted-with a huge smile.

Molly key-carded the door and we slipped inside, quickly dropping our clothes on the way to the king-sized bed.

Molly had an average bust with huge areolas and excited, huge, nipples and a bushy pussy-all of which I licked, including her clit, sending her into orgasmic orbit.

She licked my rock-hard, circumcised cock, preparing me for entry into her velvet and wet pussy. About 15 minutes later, kissing, sucking and moving in sync- we came-together as she screamed, “Oh my, oh, God, oh, Mark, please don’t stop!” I filled her with my cream pie… We woke up about three a.m. and skinny-dipped and made love in the Jacuzzi, as I showed her how to place her clit on the water jet-before going back to bed and sleep.

Sunrise found us making love again before going downstairs to breakfast.

Molly called her mom, and saved our room for the weekend. By Monday morning, when we returned to school, my virginity was a distant memory and Molly and I were a, committed, loving couple…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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