High School Reunion

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We sat on the bed, Mehgan and I, reminiscing about high school and wondering what some of our classmates had been doing up until this time. It had been about four years since we had last seen most of them and hadn’t really kept in touch wanting desperately to leave those years behind. “You know what we should do,” I said.

“What?” Mehgan replied.

“Call William.”

“Do it,” she said. “I’ll look up the number.”

I picked up the phone and dialed it from memory even though I hadn’t used it since probably ninth grade. “How do you do that,” she asked.

“I don’t know, it’s a blessing and a curse. I just can’t forget numbers.”

The phone rang a few times and then the sweet Southern drawl I recognized as William’s mother answered. “Hi, is William there?”

“Yea, hold on,” came the reply.

A few minutes later a voice deeper than I could have predicted gave a lazy, “Hello?”

“Hi, William. Guess who this is.”

“I have no idea.”

“It’s Melissa and Mehgan, from grade school.”

“No shit,” he seemed surprised.

“Yes, get in your car and come over and pick us up we are going out for beer.”

“Seriously,” he asked, sounding reluctant.

“Yes, get in the car. What else are you doing? Nothing.”

Half an hour later, he rolled up Mehgan’s driveway in a souped up black Ford Mustang that was neither vintage nor new. I thought to myself that it was both ridiculous and perfect at the same time. He got out of the car and I had forgotten how tall he had gotten before we graduated. We had been close when we were young before puberty had taken over completely.

We agreed to ride in his car because he seemed right proud of it and I couldn’t get over how strong his accent was. Mehgan and I had been raised by Yankee transplants and had guarded our Northern accents scrupulously as a rebellion from the backwoods that our parents had had the audacity to deposit us into.

We got to the restaurant that I had been working at for a little while because I knew we could get free drinks and we proceeded to throw a few back as we remembered the shenanigans from elementary school on up. We joked and picked at each other just like no time had passed. As I was sitting there I remembered how there had always been so much tension between us. If there ever was such a thing as a love/hate relationship. Ours had been it. I figured this might be my only chance to see if he had ever thought the same and started being flirty and crude. Not really having a history of being the sexual aggressor, that had always been more Mehgan’s thing, she noticed right away and started giving me the side eye. He asked if I had been seeing anyone and I told him, “No, I had a boyfriend for a few years but we broke up and now I was just sleeping around.”

Mehgan damn near spit her beer on him. He talked about his girl and how they were on some sort of break and he was supposed to meet up with her the following morning to mend some bridges. We wrapped up, paid our tab and headed out. Once we were in Mehgan’s driveway she gave me the look and said her goodbyes and went inside.

He was leaned nonchalantly against his car looking at me when I turned around. “What are you up to now?” I asked innocently enough.

“Probably just headed to the house,” came the drawled answer. “Why?”

“I don’t know, I could drink some more. You wouldn’t want to take me for a drive in your fancy car, would you?” I chided him knowing the sarcasm would goad him.

“Where to?”

I stopped and looked at him squarely, “Wherever you would have taken me in high school to trick me into fucking you.”

His eyes widened hilariously and he looked at me with an uncertain squint, “Are you serious?”

“Yes, follow me. I’ll park my car somewhere so Mehgan doesn’t know. I don’t need that shit.”

He followed me to the parking lot of the sad discount department store that had been tuzla escort the supplier of far too many of my school clothes. I parked my own car and climbed into the passenger seat of his Mustang.

Now that it was just the two of us, I took the time to really study the mostly clean interior. It smelled of stale cigarette smoke and country music played from the radio. There were a few empty Marlboro Red packs on the floorboard and a dirty work shirt tossed in the back seat. We went to the nearest convenient store and grabbed a twelve pack of cheap domestic beer which I lamented as so fucking typical and we were off.

He sped down the bypass of my youth. A road I hadn’t been on in probably five years but it was like remembering your mother’s cooking. Familiar and heady at the same time. The vibration of the tuned engine in the seats was making me wet and the speed at which he was attacking the long stretch of open lanes was exhilarating. A few miles up the road he turned off into one of the coves that I remembered but couldn’t have named and it was like going back in time. I both remembered and couldn’t place where I was and felt so blissfully out of control. William turned up a gravel road and followed it to a dead end. It was a clearing that overlooked a small cove dotted with the lights from house windows with the mountains growing up beyond it. Above it were the stars.

We climbed out and grabbed the beer and sat on the hood of his car. He smoked a cigarette quietly eyeing me as if he wasn’t sure what was happening. I sat there quietly looking at the stars sipping my beer before I finally said, “So after tonight, if you ever run into that douche, Josh from school, I want you to tell him something for me.

“Oh yea, what’s that?”

“I want you to tell him that you hung out with me and you finally learned how to shut me up.”

“Yea, and how’s that?”

With that I slid off the hood of his car and grabbed him by the crotch and pulled him close and whispered, “put your dick in my mouth.”

I kissed him on the lips and slipped my tongue in his mouth. He tossed his cigarette aside and put his arms around me enveloping me in a deep kiss that seemed years in the making. We pawed at each other and kissed and groped pushing our hands under each other’s clothes. He pulled my shirt over my head and leaned back to look at my tits. I was wearing my good bra which I knew made them look fantastic and he sighed, “I’ve imagined these more than once in the years since they grew there.” He reached behind me to unhook my bra and exposed my breasts to the night air. Immediately my nipples went rock hard with the goosebumps that produced and my nipple rings stood out proud.

“Well, these are a surprise, aren’t they?” he seemed intrigued.

“Do you like them? They were the first thing I got when my boyfriend broke up with me. He thought they were trashy.”

He bent down and took one of the rings in his mouth and started to play with my other breast. His hands were rough like he worked with them and my whole body tingled. He pulled and played with the rings while he continued to feel them and suck on my nipples. I was so wet and my pussy was tight aching for when he would touch me there.

My hands were on the button of his jeans and opened his fly. His erect dick flopped proudly out of his jeans. It was as big and hard as I had imagined it to be. I slid down on my knees in front of it and opened my mouth to suck him inside. I love giving head. Like truly love it. His intake of breath made me moan against his head and he put his hands in my hair and started fucking my face. His cock was too big for me to take all the way into my throat so I grabbed the base and jacked him off as I sucked. It was so hard to believe that this is where we were and this is what we were doing. I knew he was getting close to cumming and I wanted to be sure that I got to feel his cock inside me so I slowed tuzla escort bayan down and stood up.

William pressed me backward with his body until I was sitting on the hood of the car again. He took my face in his hands and kissed me, pausing to look me in the eyes. His were the deep puppy dog brown I remembered. I looked back and then closed my eyes as I licked his lips and explored his mouth with my tongue. He kissed down my neck and looked again at the rings in my nipples.

“These are fucking hot, I have to admit,” he said amused.

“They feel good, too. Pull on them. Put them in your teeth and tug on them. Not so hard. They’re just tits, you know.”

He licked further down my torso stopping at the waistband of my jeans. He reached up and undid them as he licked around my navel. I lifted myself up as he pulled them down past my knees and off onto the gravel. He spread my knees wide and buried his face in my warm cunt. His tongue slid skillfully over my clit and down to circle the opening I desperately wanted filled. He licked and sucked and tasted every surface of me fucking me some with his tongue. I was mesmerized and grinding circles against his face as he hooked my left leg over his shoulder exposing more of me to his skills.

He came back up towards my tits and sucked them more as he fingered me. Plunging his long rough fingers into me making me wetter and hornier with every stroke.

His breathing was ragged and he was ready to fuck. He turned me around roughly and shoved me face down, bent over the hood of his car. I reached down into the pocket of my jeans and handed him the condoms I had grabbed out of my car. I heard him rip one open and the snap of rubber as he put it on. He pushed my head down again so that my tits were pressed against the cold metal of the hood and he buried his cock deep inside me in one powerful stroke. I moaned loud against the car hood and pushed back with my hips. He fucked me hard and fast plowing me deep as I groaned with pleasure.

He let go of my neck and grabbed my hips using them to brace himself as he fucked me with staccato strokes that bottomed out on my cervix making me almost scream in pain doused with pleasure. I pushed myself off of the hood on my hands and felt the tips of my nips brush against the hood and heard the squeak of metal on metal as my nipple rings scraped against the paint.

“Oh yea, oh God, yea, fuck me, fuck me, William!” I moaned over and over. He was going at me so hard and I thought surely he was going to cum any minute and then abruptly he slowed down. Changing the pace to slow deep screw that was delightful but at the same time weak from where we had been just a few minutes earlier.

His breath was harsh as he leaned down to lick the tattoo on my back and he whispered in my ear in a deep rasping drawl, “Can I…can I…?”

“Can you what?”

“Can I put it in your ass?”

Inside my head a thousand thoughts ran together at once, “I’ve…uh…never…done that before.”

“Let me teach you. I promise I won’t hurt you.” I couldn’t believe that my boyfriend of three years had never tried this and here I was ready to agree to give my childhood nemesis my ass cherry on the hood of his car in the wide open night air.

“Okay,” I answered weakly in a sound that must have sounded downright terrified.

“All you have to do to take it in the ass is be really fucking horny. Ready to cum.” He reached under me and started fingering my clit as he slow fucked me with his big dick. “Tell me what you like and I’ll get you there.”

I told him, “Talk dirty to me. Tell me what you see. What you want to do to me. How I look.”

I imagined what the view must be for him. My pale skin against the black of his car, my legs spread and my ass opened to the night. Once I was able to see that from outside of myself it made me so wet that I actually gushed around the stiff cock that escort tuzla was still working inside me. He felt it, too and reached down with his free hand and slid a handful of my cum up and onto the tight virgin hole of my ass. He started swirling his fingers around and I ground my clit into the hood of his car. Working my pussy on his cock as he prepared me. Slowly he started to push a single finger into me. My breath caught in my throat and I tightened up my whole body.

“No, baby, relax. You’re gonna like this I promise. You’ll be begging me to do it before I will. Just breathe easy. When you wanna tighten up open your mouth and moan.”

He swirled his finger around my hole again as he said, “Girl, you look like moonlight spread across my car. Your skin is so white and creamy and your ass is so beautiful. I can’t believe that I get to do this to you. I’ve thought about this for years and dreamed about it and jacked off about it. You are the first person I wanted to fuck once I found out what fucking was.” As he spoke, my body relaxed and all I wanted to do was be what he was describing. Again he pushed a finger into me and said, “Say ahhhhh.”

“Aaaaahhhhhh,” came out as a whine and a moan mixed together. The feeling was so intense. Pain and pleasure combined in a way that I had never felt before. He added as second finger, “Moan for me again, honey.”


His fingers stroked in and out of me in time with the cock in my pussy and my grinding on the hood of his car got more and more intense. “Baby, you’re doing so good. Do you like it? Does it feel good?”

“OOnngghhh god, yeeeesss. Yes, yes, yes.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to fuck my ass?”

“What do you want?”

“Put it in my ass.”

“And what?

“Fuck me, William, please…” I begged as I moaned.

He didn’t need anymore pleading and he took his cock from my pussy and put the tip against the place his fingers had just vacated.

“Open up for me, sweetheart, relax and get what you want.”

My face was pressed so hard against the hood of his car and I was drooling on its surface. My hair was plastered to my face and my whole body was taut.

He pressed into me as I moaned the loudest I had yet and I felt him pass the ring of my anus and plunge balls deep into me. The feeling was excruciating. He bent low over me and in my ear, “Are you okay?”

“Uh-huh.” was all I could manage.

“I’m gonna stay here deep. You’re in control now. Fuck me with your ass, honey. It’ll feel better that way.”

Slowly, I began to move my hips and let his dick move in me little by little. He reached under me and fingered my clit as I did. The pleasure began to build and the full feeling was giving way to the need to thrust my ass back against his hips. I started pulling forward further and further wanting to feel his length moving inside me. We both picked up the speed and I was moaning like an animal so loud it was echoing in the dark of the clearing. He was pounding me faster and faster and I felt the spasm of his orgasm start in the base of his cock. He grabbed me by the shoulders and buried himself to the hilt as he growled, “Awww, fuck, Melissa, goddamn it , I’m gonna cum!”

At the sound of my name from his lips I came hard bucking against him as he pounded the jets of semen into me. We drank in each other’s orgasm, milking the moment to the last drop. I shuddered as he pulled out with a quiet pop and my knees gave way. He grabbed me before I fell to the ground. He carried me back to the back seat of his car and wrapped me in his work shirt. It smelled of him, stale tobacco, the sweet smell of sweat and just a hint of some cologne. He opened a can of beer with its familiar pop and hiss and handed it to me. We sat in the back of his car with me nestled with my back against his chest, wearing his shirt mostly unbuttoned as we shared a beer. He casually smoked his cigarette in one hand while absently caressing my breast in the open shirt with the other. He was warm and self assured and I was spent. I gently drifted off to sleep in the glow of what had just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32