Her Idea

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I pushed my tongue deep into Beth’s moist snatch then nibbled at her erect clit until her thighs began to tremble. I had to be careful to swallow every precious drop of her tart cum lest I mess up the bed sheets. Under my lips and tongue I could feel her vagina quiver and pulse, but I slowed down, because if Beth orgasmed that would pretty much the end of our sexual foray for the night. She did not like to orgasm more than once during lovemaking, saying she could become addicted and addiction was a weakness. As she put it. Bullshit! I believe if there were more sex addicts there would be less crime and poverty. But that is just my opinion. Beth on the other hand however is a psychoanalyst complete with the complementary leather couch, wall full of certificates and the one hour clock. She prides herself for not having any obvious psychosis.

I stopped nibbling and sucking only briefly to free my throbbing penis from the grip of my tight boxers. I grabbed my thick shaft with one hand while spreading apart her sticky vaginal folds with the other. I gently pushed past her wet opening feeling her tighten first in defiance then relax as I went deeper and deeper. I could tell after about 20th thrust she was about to cum so I had to catch up quick or be left to jack off later. So I stroked and stroked until she came with one long squeak, sounding like a dog sitting on a plastic chew toy. I pumped furiously shooting cum deep inside of her, gripping the bed lightly lest I mess up the fitted sheet. Covered in sweat, I leaned close to kiss my wife of 15 years only to have her tell me,

“Go wash your face first.” Don’t that beat all? Her husband is covered in her pussy juice and she wants me to wash my face first. Now that’s an irrational behavior if I have ever seen one. After years of marriage I am surprised I haven’t opted for a mistress complete with plastic tits and a face full of botox, but the serious truth is that I love my wife. I should say I am still in love with my wife. Even thought she can be a royal hemorrhoid at times. I pull out of her, holding my dick to catch any dribble and trot off the bathroom to clean up.

Standing in front of the sink, I run the hot water and squirt a palm full of pink liquid soak. I lather my hands up and just wonder what it would be like to have porno sex with Beth. How would she act? What would she do? Dr. Beth’s idea of hot night in the sack was wearing her full slip to bed with nothing underneath. Then pressing her round ass into my crotch until I had a hard on. Boy, what fun. Beth has the seduction skills of a nun. I soap up my face and just imagine how it would be to fuck so good it feels like I am cheating. But Beth hates change. How can you tell someone that has eaten the same lunch in the same deli for the last 10 years, your want something different in the bedroom? I rinse and dry my face before the fragrant soap burns my eyes. I watch Beth walk into the bathroom, she is not a bad looking woman. She has full breast with dark pink areolas and nickel sized nipples. I could suck on her breast all day—if she would let me. Not to mention her thick legs, wide hips and full ass. Well let’s say 10 years of eating pastrami on rye with pasta salad on the side catches up with you. I grab her by the arm and lean down,

“Is this better?” I ask.

“Much.” She gives me a quick peck on the cheek, before jumping in the shower.

Walking out of the bathroom I figured if I wanted to spice up my sex life I would have to do some studying. I pull on a pair of shorts and a tank-top then climb into bed. As I lay there I wonder how to start and soon fell asleep with a raging hard-on.

The next morning on the way to work I stop at a grocery story and purchase one of those estrogen injected magazines. The kinds that are covered in daisies and cross-stitch and smell of sample perfumes mixed with heavy ink. I waited until lunch time to read the glossy periodical. Scanning through the sections for wrinkle control, 30 minute meals, coupons for panty liners and feminine deodorant spray , a recipe for cornflake chicken—which actually I wouldn’t mind trying, and a segment for flattening your abs. I found what I was looking for. An article entitled “Sneak Attack.”

The writer suggested that making hints and subtle suggestions for a pleasure request, like placing wine and candles around the house if you desire romance. Or leaving thong panties and massage oils if you want to be naughty, he obviously had never met miss neurotic. So on the way home I stopped at the Pink Panda, a naughty store and bought a hot-pink dildo, the kind with the rotating head, anal pleasure maximizer and speed control. I hid it in my briefcase until the next morning and left it on our bed as I made my way to work the next day. After lunch I get this call from Beth,

“William” she says in her usual soft voice “what in the HELL is this on my bed?”

She is quick to say something is hers if she feels threatened in any kind of way. Her way of saying, “it’s mine because the judge will say so.”

“What are you talking about pendik escort Beth?”

“I mean this thing; it’s whore pink and shaped like a dick. You know what I am talking about William Goodman don’t play games with me.”

Whenever she uses my whole name I know she is in no mood to chit chat. Beth wants a straight answer right then.

“That thing is a dildo,” I whisper “and I thought we could use it tonight.”

“Not here William, if you want to use this toy, you should find someone other than me.” Then Beth slammed the phone down.

“Fickle bitch” I mutter into the dead receiver.

Well scratch subtle hint number one. Make note to self, French maid costume needs to go back to store, and pencil in couch for a week. Shit. And I hoped that would really work. I continued calling my clients trying to offer them new stocks for sale or arranging for a free portfolio evaluation. Honestly I wasn’t doing very well. I couldn’t take my eyes off of our floor manager Roslyn. Each time she walked past I could smell her soft fragrant perfume and I would lean out of my cubicle slightly to catch a peek of her short skirt and heels. She had small tender breast but thick nipples that strained against her blouse. Her full hips made her mini skirt ride up each time she took a step and her ample bottom jiggled when she stopped making me so horny I wanted to jack off right in my cubicle. I needed some relief quickly so I grabbed my briefcase to cover my growing erection and scurried to the bathroom.

Once inside I pulled a tube of coco butter from my brief case and walked into an empty stall. I dropped my slacks and boxer then sat on the black toilet seat. I poured some of the cool chocolate scented lotion into my palm, and grabbed my throbbing erection. I thought about Roslyn and how she smelled of Passion perfume and cinnamon. Then I smeared my shaft with the liquid while grabbing the base of my purple helmet. I thought about how I could use a good blow job and a hot tongue on my balls. I fondled my tight sack and pulled on my pubes. I felt the familiar tingle rise from my ass to my nuts, I was ready to explode. I squeezed my butt cheeks as tight as I could to hold off my cum shower—but it didn’t work I started spewing just as Melvin from customer service pushed the stall door opened. Fuck. There I was in all my glory, fist full of dick with my hand covered in white goo and that deer-caught-in-the-headlight look slapped across my face. Needless to say the rest of the day couldn’t get any worse. Hooray.

I headed home to face the music. I already knew what was waiting on me when I arrived. The Missus was going to have a condescending tone about relationship morals and respect for one another. I would have to sit through all that “you’re-a-bad-boy-bullshit” and then say I’m sorry for being such a chauvinistic ape and I will never do that again. Please accept my apology, blah, blah, blah. I took a detour to the liquor store and bought me a bottle of Jim Beam; hell if I had to listen to her whines I would rather do it under the influence. Once home I found her sitting at the table with the dildo in front of her. I knew I should have had a swig before I got out of the car.

“William, what’s going on with this?” Beth said pointing to the pleasure maker.

I pulled out a chair and plopped down at the table placing the bottle next to the sex toy.

“Beth, it’s just a marital aid, nothing more. I didn’t think you would get bent out of shape about this.”

“William, do I own a dildo?”


“Have you ever seen me use a dildo?”

“No but—”

She interrupted, “Well what in the FUCKING HELL do you think I want to use one after 15 years with your ass?” She picked up the forty dollar toy and flung it towards the trash can. I heard it clatter off of the stove and hit the floor.

“If it is another woman you want, go get her. If you want to fuck like you paid for it find that woman. But listen to this William Goodman; I wasn’t a whore when you met me so I won’t be one now.” Her eyes narrowed as she pursed her lips and stood up I watched as she stomped into the den and slammed the door. It was going to be a long night, of just me and my friend Jim. Jim Beam that is.

The silence lasted an incredible two months. If Beth wasn’t good at anything, she was good at holding grudges. Each and every night I would come home to a dark cold house. Sometimes I would bring home takeout for two to try to make peace, and sometimes I would just get drunk as hell. Then when I woke up in the morning I would jack off in the shower just so I wouldn’t snap at my multi-million dollar clients during the day. I was headed to mistress central if this lasted any longer.

One night while I was in between a drunken stupor and watching a movie I heard the main character said something that made me almost fall out of my recliner. He was talking about a business or something that refused to keep up with the changing times. And how they had to be coerced into changing but made to like it was their idea in the first place. maltepe escort Eureka! You know something, revelations are a mutherfucker. I figured I had to come up with a plan, a very good plan. And make it seem like it was her idea.


Operation: Good and Nasty

I spent my long days and lonely nights coming up with a foolproof way to make my own private freaky bad girl. First, I had to apologize and get back on the side of right then I could continue on with my plan. I brought home a vase full of saffron colored roses mingled with baby’s breath in a crystal vase. Then I cooked her favorite dinner consisting of fried shrimp, New York Strip cooked medium well and broccoli. Of course I had to beg her forgiveness and admit to my faults as a man—yada, yada, yada. That is the price you pay when your wife is a psychoanalyst she is quick to see through smoke screens and so I had to be genuine.

When Beth came home and saw my display of remorse and redemption her reply was simple, “I forgive you.” All I did was give a weak smile, but inside I was saying to myself, “Of course you do kinky girl, of course you do.” Later that night the operation was officially kicked off.

After dinner I showered and got in bed. The same pillow-top queen-sized bed I haven’t been sleeping in for almost two months since the dildo incident. I lay back on the full pillows and waited for Beth to come out of the bathroom. If she came out in a beige slip it was sex time. But if she came out in her pale green granny gown it was no sex, well not at least until morning. I waited and waited. I heard the shower stop, and the glass door slid back. I could feel my dick throbbing in my sleep pants. I could smell her favorite peach scented lotion through the door and could almost imagine her rubbing the pastel colored cream into her swollen c-cup breast, and down between her alabaster colored thighs.

When Beth emerged from the bathroom, she was wearing her beige slip. Yes! I could clearly see her swollen nipples through the sheer gown, and smell her sweet wetness. She was as horny as I was. When she climbed into bed, I tucked my erection between the top of my shorts and belly and pulled her close,

“Mrs. Goodman I am so glad to have you as my wife,” I said softly. I stroked her chestnut colored hair and looked deeply into her blue eyes.

“Can I hold you?” I whispered

She whispered, “Yes Mr. Goodman.” Then she moved closer to me. I could smell mint flavored toothpaste on her breath and feel her hard nipples against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and even though I was horny enough to hump my own leg I took a deep breath and willed myself to sleep. Let the games begin.

I would have you know, faking like sex is not important is not as easy as you think. I would come home each night with a small gift for Beth and then cook a romantic dinner for two. Believe it or not I was getting used to holding her at night, feeling her warmth against my skin, hearing her sigh in her sleep made me want to just fuck her mouth dry. Let’s face it, I want to screw so bad I can see and feel sex in everything I do. Take driving for example; I can feel my nuts jiggle against my boxers as I maneuver through traffic, and even though I make it to work in time. I still have to sit in the car until my morning thunder stick goes down which makes me late.

After about two weeks of gifts and flowers, I was beginning to get a hang of being a non-sexual being. However it wasn’t the same for Beth. I came home one night to find her sitting in the living room in her nightgown, first she was home early and she never wore that nightgown outside of the bedroom. Lest someone sees her through the shade covered windows, I never understood that. She was sipping on some white wine and listening to her classic rock. I walked in and cleared my throat. She turned her head towards me and I knew by her red eyes and loose brunette tendrils Miss Goodman was tipsy. When she stood up and almost tripped over the coffee table I knew tipsy was the wrong adjective to use, let’s try drunk as a bum during Christmas.

“Will you’re home, welcome home.” Yep, I would have to say my wife of 15 years was past drunk, she has just called me Will and said home twice in one sentence.

“Beth, darling how much have you had to drink?”

She leaned down almost falling over to pick up a slender wine bottle that was half empty.

“A whole lot.”

I took the bottle from her hand and sat it on the coffee table.

“Time to go lay down darling, time to sleep it off.” I gently grabbed her around her waist and led her to the bedroom, where I laid her back on the bed and removed her house shoes. Then I stood her up and threw back the covers. When she was all tucked in I went into the bathroom to get a cold washcloth. After I returned I found Beth sitting on the side of the bed in only her panties.

“Will, come heeeree” she said slurring.

I came closer to her. Personally I wanted to run into the den to get the video cam. So I forever cherish kartal escort Miss Goodman’s alcohol expedition. I stepped closer. Beth took the towel from my hand and began to unzip my fly. She dug around until she had my soft penis in her unsteady hands. Beth pulled me closer and then took me in her warm mouth. I could feel her tongue make circles around my hardening head and thickening shaft. She dropped her hands when I got fully erect and began to fondle my tightening sack. I stood there as she expertly sucked and licked my pole, covering it with her thick warm saliva. I could feel my knees weaken and the familiar tingle rise between my balls. I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her back into the bed.

I crawled onto the bed and began unbuttoning my shirt and loosening my tie. I kicked off my shoes and then pulled Beth up in the bed. I felt her moistness through her panties and the stiffness of her clit. I massaged the growing wet spot and then put one of her full nipples into my mouth chewing lightly. I could feel Beth push against my hand and raise her hips high into the air as she became more and more aroused. Her breathing quickened as she grabbed me tighter. I could hear her moan softly and swallow hard; she was close to her orgasm. I pulled her panties between the cleft of full ass cheeks, making the fabric spread her swollen labia’s apart. I knew as soon as her soaked panties came off the operation would be over with. So I stopped as quickly as I started and jumped off of the bed.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you Beth. I love you too much. I hope you understand darling.”

She lay back in the bed with her legs up in the air, breathing heavily.

“Bu-but I was about to cum” Beth said. Then lay back frustrated.

“I know Beth, so was I” I said. “But when I feel like I am not being a pig towards you then we both can cum together.”

I walked directly into the bathroom shut the door, grabbed a pair of her worn panties out of the hamper inhaling deeply her womanly scent and then jacked off. When I was done I came out to find Beth sound asleep. I undressed and fell asleep next to her.

The next couple of weeks were a bitch. I found myself daydreaming at work. I would watch Roslyn walk past and imagine how she tasted. I didn’t care. I was becoming a victim of my own operation. I had to occasionally walk crouched over just to hide my erection. One particular day while sitting in my cubicle Beth calls,

“Will,” she asks “what are you doing?”

I did my best work impression. “Well, just looking at a blue chip turn into a cow patty, what are you doing?”

“Touching myself.”

I almost dropped the phone. “Say again?”

“You heard me.”

“Beth are you ok?”


“You don’t sound ok.”

“Forget how I’m doing Will. I want to try something if you are willing to go along.”

I hesitated. The last time she had me “try something” I ended up crying every time I tried to smoke a cigarette. Well hell, at least I stopped smoking. But I will never be hypnotized ever again–ever. I gripped the receiver tightly and exhaled slowly.

“Like what?”

“Just talk to me, that’s all I want you to do.”


“I am sitting in my blue silk panties and matching bra. The ones you go so crazy about that go high on my hips, hug my ass and push my breast up do you remember them?”


“I am so wet thinking about your thick penis the panties are sticking to my crotch. I can’t help but rub my throbbing lips. If you were here would you rub it for me?”

“Yes, ye-e-s I would.”

“William, my nipples are so hard they ache. I am going to take them out of the bra. Is that ok?”

I swallowed hard, “Yes.” I sat up briefly to see if anyone was around, before taking off my blazer and laying it across my lap.

“Um-mmmmm,” she said “I can taste my lotion. Why didn’t you tell me my lotion tastes so good William?” I could hear her suck her breast through the phone.

“I don’t know.” I whispered. My dick was so hard that it was no use trying to make it to the bathroom again. So I slipped my zipper down slowly and reached into my desk drawer for my trusty tube coco butter. I opened my boxers with one hand and my erect penis jumped out, almost pushing the sports coat off of my lap. Then I squirted some of the cool liquid into my hand and slathered my dick with it.

“Will,” she said “I’m going to take these soaked panties off. Is that ok?”

I could barely speak. It had been almost four months since I had real sex and I aint going to lie. I was about to bust.

“Please.” I muttered.

I could hear her groan through the phone, “They are so moist Will; I didn’t know I could get so moist. If you were here would you taste me? Would you suck all my juices dry?”

“Oh hell yes,” I whispered.

“My clit is so swollen; it tingles when I touch it. Would you suck that for me too?” She said under her breath. “Oh William, would you spread my lips and stick your curious tongue deep inside of me and play with my sweet spot? Would you taste it like you used to, like you were thirsty and I was your only fountain.” Her breathing quickened. I knew she was massaging her pussy because I was slowly spreading the chocolate scented lotion up and down my veined shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32