Her First Time

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A blind date. Anyone ever had one? It had been arranged by a mutual acquaintance for me to meet Julie at the country railway station on Friday at 4.30. She would be dressed in purple and she has brown hair.

I left work early, drove into the city and parked the car. I made it to the station just on 4.30 and recognised her, except that her hair was black and her skin was brown. She was Julie from Africa, here on holiday. She called herself coloured and explained that she was ‘half African and half white’. I couldn’t disagree with that. She was here on holiday and was staying with her sister in the country.

I used to work in the city centre many years ago, and remembered a hotel with a private bar not too far from the station. I bought drinks, soft drink for her, light beer for me. We talked, I don’t know about what. From this time on I was enchanted. With her sweet voice, her delightful accent, her dark skin, and something else. Sexual naivety – it was that obvious. I had heard of love at first sight, but up until now I didn’t know what love was. The next day, looking back on it, I knew I was in love, and everyone who knew me also knew I was in love.

After we finished our drinks, I asked Julie what she wanted to do. She said that her sister had booked her a hotel room near the station. I suggested a meal and a movie. We grabbed her bags from the station, and checked into the hotel.

The hotel room was typically cramped, with little more than a double bed, some other furniture, and a bathroom. I removed my suit jacket and my tie and used the bathroom to freshen up a bit. I lay on the bed waiting for Julie to finish her turn in the bathroom. She returned and lay beside me. We got up close, held each other tight, kissing despite being almost fully clothed. It wasn’t really comfortable, so I kicked of my shoes and socks, and loosened my trousers. I suggested to Julie that she might be more comfortable if she lost the dress. I stripped off some more and before long we were in our underwear. At this point, Julie confided that she had never ‘been’ with a man before. Despite being mid 20’s, she was a virgin.

From my first sexual encounter with a lady in her 30’s, all of my sexual partners had been bursa escort experienced. This was a turn up. Julie told me not to worry as her sister had got her birth control tablets before she left home (Africa). Clearly she was planning a holiday romance. Nonetheless, her stepmother had also filled her with unfortunate stories about how painful first time sex is. I didn’t know, I hadn’t been near a virgin. At least I hoped I knew enough to work this one out.

We got rid of the last of our clothes and lay on the bed naked. She was not a classic beauty, she had an African body shape with smaller but firm breasts, and larger hips and legs. I held her and comforted and reassured her that everything was allright and she was going to end up enjoying this. Even so, I could feel her tension. I let my hand move down towards her thighs and stroked them, gradually moving up to her pussy, which was trimmed with coarse African-style hair. I gently stroked her lips with my fingers, working up to her clitoris, stroking that. I went to go down on her and she was horrified. Ah well, this is going to be tough.

I guided her hand to my erection, and wrapped her fingers around me. At the same time I stroked and caressed her virginal pussy, gradually feeling her relax with the soft pressure. I gently inserted one digit and she tensed again. I reassured her I knew what I was doing as I started to gently finger fuck her. I could feel the wetness starting to build. I told her that I didn’t really know if it was going to hurt or not, but it would be better if she was as ready as possible. Let me help you and it will be better. I inserted my finger as far as it would go, getting her used to the sensation. Then I inserted a second finger and she seemed to relax a bit more. I fingered her more thoroughly, resting my thumb on her clitoris and was rewarded as she started to respond. I felt her start to press her harder against my thumb, and I started to stroke her clitoris with it, working with her pressure and reading her responses.

We went on like this for quite a while until I thought her ready. I then gently spread her legs, lay between her and told her to guide me in. I slowly pressed forward, not knowing what to expect. Julie was still tense and bursa escort bayan a little tight, but I went slowly until I was all the way in. I then slowly drew out and repeated, letting her get used to the sensation. She started to respond, clearly her stepmothers stories were not going to be played out. I started to build up a very slow and gentle rhythm, pausing with each stroke. Julie started to bend her legs to take more of me and wrapping her arms around my waist (making it awfully difficult). I gently disentangled her arms and placed them on my buttocks as I still kept slowly stroking in and out of that virginal pussy.

I started to pick up the pace a bit, she was okay. It had been some time since I had sex and I knew I wasn’t going to last. I could feel the tension building and I picked up the pace even more. Normally I can last almost as long as I like, but this was different. I felt that tingling start and before I knew it I came in a huge torrent inside her. I was relieved of my sexual tension, and she was relieved of her virginity. Things could only improve.


After dinner and a movie, we returned to the hotel room and shared the double bed. Next morning, I awoke with the unfamiliar noises of the city. We talked a bit, and I suggested we should take advantage of the opportunity and advance her learning beyond yesterdays first encounter. Before we started, I suggested that there is more to sex than inserting the penis into the vagina. There is a whole world of pleasure for those who seek it. Oral sex with someone who is special is just the start, but a very good place to start it would be. She looked doubtful, but agreed to try it once we had a showered.

I showered quickly and returned to the bed, awaiting her. We started gently again, kissing and hugging. I started to move my hand to her firm arse and squeezed it and stroked it. I worked my way around until I reached her pussy again. I started on her clitoris, which was already enlarged and ready for me. I followed my hand with kisses down her stomach until I reached her womanhood. I looked up at her, and was not sure of the expression, but I went down on her in any case. As I started with her lips, she didn’t seem to be responding, but after escort bursa a while I could feel the wetness and a musky smell of arousal. I moved up to her clit, stroking it with my tongue and then taking it with my lips. Pleasure started to outweigh guilt, and Julie started to respond, arching her back and moving her hips so that I was in the right position. Gently I inserted a finger, then another. She was really getting aroused at this stage. I sucked and stroked her clit and fingered her pussy until it was sopping wet. Even though she seemed to be getting close to the edge, something was holding her back and she seemed unable to cum.

Different position, lying on her back with me intertwined. I want to last this time, and missionary is not the best way for me. This time she is much more relaxed as she guides me into her not quite virginal pussy. I start thrusting slowly and move my hand to her clitoris. I start to stimulate it and she reaches down to stop me. I tell her to relax, it is not necessarily one or the other, and she lets me continue. I continue to thrust, and to stimulate her. It is a magic position. Her pussy is warm, wet, tight and I can feel my manhood just millimetres away from my fingers on her clit. Julie starts to squirm, the dual sensations of me being inside her and also my fingers start to take effect. After quite a while, I suggest we change, with her on top. As I stay inside her, I explain to her how the position works.

I withdraw myself, slick with her juices, and lay on my back as she straddles me and guides me in. At first she doesn’t move, so I start the process by slowly thrusting upward. I grab her tight arse and gently guide to match me. After a while, she gets it and starts to move on her own. On and on we go, making up for yesterdays brief fuck. I feel her get the rhythm, and the inhibitions are gradually dropping away. All of a sudden she gasps and I feel her squeeze me harder. Did she cum? Seems like it. In any case, it’s my turn as I feel the familiar sensation building up. I continue to thrust, harder and harder. I take over her arse again, guiding her to match my now frantic strokes as I get closer and closer. Ecstasy. A torrent floods out as my penis spasms and spasms again with waves of pleasure. I fill her up for the second time.

Afterwards, after she had cleaned up, I asked her if she had cum while she was on top and she said she did. Perhaps teaching her pleasure is going to be less hard after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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