helping Eve_(1)

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It had been nearly a month since I had had sex with Eve when her mother called me.Apparently Eve had taken her husband to work and dropped him off but on her way back had car trouble.Her mom was watching her daughters and couldn’t go help her.Knowing I could probably fix it she asked me if I could go help her out.She gave me the address and Eves phone number and thanked me saying that she owed me.

As I drove to help Eve I was pretty sure I would be getting a blow job from her mom when I returned.I got more than I thought before that day was over. When I found Eve She was cold wet and happy to see me.

It was raining all day luckily Eve was able to make it to a store where the car had died, Luckily we were off the road and not having to deal with traffic.Eve got out of the car when she seen me pulling up .

Apparently she had been out before because her long long blonde hair was soaked,and her wet tee shirt clung tightly to big tits.She was shivering from the damp making her nipples hard and pushing at the material of her shirt.

I told her to get in my truck and warm up,”thank you “she said as I helped her up .Inside I gave her a jacket and told her to take her wet tee shirt off and put it on the defroster to dry.She hesitated at first then said “why not it is not like you haven’t seen these before”.I watched as she lifted the shirt up over her head smiling as she sat there for a minute.She then put my jacket on leaving it unbuttoned while we talked about what the problem was with her car.

I quickly got out and checked the car knowing immediately what the problem was and fixed it. I put the jumper cables on it to charge up the battery then climbed back in my truck.Eve was now sitting cross legged facing me when I got in.I told her that we will have to wait awhile until the battery charged explaining what the problem was.

Eve knew izmit escort bayan what she was doing leaving the jacket open, with her legs crossed. She knew I could see her wet shorts had created a nice camel toe.She had found my hair brush and was brushing her hair out while telling me that she didn’t have any money to pay me.Her beautiful blue eyes were looking in my eyes and down at my growing erection. “If I hadn’t given you a blow job before, I would never be offering you one now ” she said leaning over giving me a kiss.

I put my hand on her cheek ,kissed her and said “don’t think you have to pay me,I would do it for free any ways”. She placed her hand on my cock”well I want to any ways”she said “you know that I like too”.I slid my hand up her feeling her young hard breasts as she lowered her self undoing my pants. Of course I did not try to stop her, taking a deep breath feeling her warm mouth on my cock.

My hand was feeling her nipples knowing she was enjoying what she had in her mouth.She did not hurry and was savoring the feeling of my member. I watched her head slowly bobbing up and down on my cock. She would look up at me from time to time licking the sides of my shaft. “I wish we could fuck but we dont have the time or place” she said sucking me back in her mouth. “Will you take a rain check”I said causing her to laugh and sit up .”Yes ” she said giving me a kiss then back down sucking harder.

I knew what she wanted by the way she was sucking and rolling my balls around in her hand.Her mom used to do the same thing when she wanted me to cum.I was trying to hold off but unable too. When I told her I was going to cum she started to suck me even harder.

Man she was good I told her as she pulled harder on my balls when she felt my cock jerk. She stopped bobbing her head when I started cumming taking me deep in her throat.I could feel her swallowing izmit eve gelen escort and her tongue licking my shaft in her mouth. When I was finished she pulled her mouth off with a pop,smiled wiping her mouth off .

She smiled at me with her blue eyes seeming to sparkle “thank you know I love doing that”she said reaching up to see if her shirt was dry.Finding that it was she removed my jacket as I buttoned my pants.She told me some how we would have to sneak away some day and fuck.

Before she was able to get her tee shirt on I had my mouth on her chest.She held me firm against her allowing me to suck on her nipple for a few minutes .

Finally I backed off and went out to see if the car started and it did.Checking to see no warning lights on I pulled the cables off and got back in.I instructed Eve to go ahead if there is a problem to pull over.She gave me a big hug and kiss saying thank you again and I followed her home.

When I followed Eve into her drive way her mom was waiting and came out to talk to me.”Thank you so much for helping her, how much do I owe you” she asked. I told her nothing but she wouldn’t take that for an answer and got in the truck.” I have to give you some thing” she said “take me to the bank”.

Pulling out of the drive way she asked me if my wife was home, I told her no .I kinda knew where this was going when she said “it has been a while since I have had your big dick”.She reached over touching my lap “would a fuck pay for your help” she said. She knew what the answer was going to be. “Great”she said when she seen me driving home “it has been a while you know, Jame’s has a small cock”. She was telling me she hasn’t fucked him in months “I need a big one to get off”.

She hurried to the door as I followed watching her butt wiggle.Lynne was a big girl but she liked to fuck quickie’s izmit otele gelen escort were her thing. Just inside the kitchen she asked if I my dick was hard,”hard enough “I answered , Being that we had fucked several times before I knew how wet and loose she was going to be.

She always liked taking me from behind ,many times we did it with her leaning over the seat in my truck. Any where was fine for her , she dropped her pants in the kitchen and leaned on the counter “okay give it to me”she said.

She let out a gasp feeling my cock enter her wet pussy then started fucking me.Just like I remembered she was wet, moaning as she felt me grow thicker.”Oh my god I have miss not having you fuck me “she said “Jimmy’s cock doesn’t fill me like this”.I really didn’t have to do much just stand there with my hard cock in her pussy.She was fucking me for all she was worth moaning and grasping for air.

Lynne was always verbal telling me how good it felt,how deep I filled her, nothing was any different this time.She was so wet her pussy was making sloshy sounds as she was nearing her orgasm.She then started telling me she wanted me to fill her .”Cum in me dammit I want to feel your fucking cum ” letting out a big “Yessss”as she felt the first shot of cum spurt in side her. She started really fucking me then until I was finished and popped out then turning to suck the rest out.

Now sitting on the floor she was licking my balls and up the shaft smiling up at me “Thank you” she said. As I helped her up “we need to do this more often”. Again she said “it has been 3 months since I had even fucked any one”.

I gave her a kiss as she was pulling up her pants, and copped a feel of her big breasts. I said “yes we do, I used to love your blow jobs and licking your sweet pussy”

“I will call you some time and you can come by when I will be alone” she said as we got in the truck.”Don’t tell Eve we did this ” I said, Lynne replied ” I told her I was going to pay you so she wont know”.”Good ” I told her letting her out “I cant wait to see you again” and drove away

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32