He Was So Shy

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I wrote this some years ago, yet again another find from my old files, he was one of the most gentle men i have ever dated and just the thought of him makes me smile, this is our 1st meeting.

He was so shy!!

One day a couple of summers ago, one of my girl friends asked me if I would like to go a party that a friend of hers was having. You know, the usual type in late summer, an afternoon spent in the garden with a barbecue, lots of beer, wine, loud music and good people.

I said I would love to go. She quickly replied, “Oh good, Nicky will be pleased.” I thought nothing more of her response and the following weekend she picked me up and we went off to the party.

The sun was shining and it was a day that you expect to get on holiday in some far flung destination, not in the U.K. Due to the wonderful weather and the relaxed nature of the party, I was wearing a sleeveless lilac coloured top with matching loose fitting shorts. The party was in full swing when we arrived. Everyone seemed friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Women sat drinking wine and chatting among themselves on the grass. The guys stood by the barbecue, drinking beer and commenting on how well the cooking was going and which football team would be the best next season.

As the afternoon turned into evening and everyone began feeling the effects of the alcohol, people were soon flirting left right and centre with each other. Suddenly, looking around the room at the women, I turned to my friend and asked, “Who’s this Nicky who will be pleased that I am here?”

She leaned over and said quietly, “See the guy standing next to the kitchen window? That’s Nicky”.

I looked round to see this cute guy looking toward me and smiling. He must have heard me say Nicky. So Nicky was short for Nicholas not Nichola.

I asked why he would be pleased and my friend said that he had seen us out one night. He had asked her all about me, said he would love to get to know me and asked if I would be coming to this party.

Now this puzzled me for a moment. I asked her why he had not been over to chat if he liked me. She said he was very shy and was afraid he would freeze if he spoke to me. Never having come up against this situation before, and feeling the effects of several glasses of wine, I immediately ataşehir escort took it as a challenge and asked my friend to introduce us.

She stood up, went over to him, and in a moment returned with Nicky. The poor guy looked frightened to death. As he sat down, I said he could relax as I did not bite. This guy was tall, tanned, had sun streaked hair and had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. How could someone so good looking be shy?

My friend had introduced us, gave each of us a short life history of the other, then winked at me and went off into the house. I asked him why he had really wanted me to be at the party. As he blushed and sipped his beer, he said that he had been attracted to me from the first time he had seen me but was frightened that I would say no.

“Say no to what?” I asked as I leaned on his shoulder playfully. I could feel my nipples harden under my top as I waited for his answer. Then, as I touched his shoulder, I knocked his hand which made his glass slip and sent beer spilling all over his shorts and legs.

I jumped up and started to apologize as every one turned to see what had happened. The poor guy stood up, reassuring me it was all right. But his face blushed deep red as he could feel everyone’s eyes on him.

I felt awful and told him I would go and get him another beer and would, if he wanted me to, wash the beer out of his shorts. After several others suggested he should wash his shorts, he said he would go and borrow something to change into and let me rinse the beer out of his clothes.

The poor guy, what had I done?

I meant him no harm, but I had just shown him up in front of about 30 people.

We went into the house and up the stairs to the bathroom. I told him to take off his shorts and give them to me so I could rinse them out. He playfully asked me to turn my back as he took them off. I told him not to be so daft and to just take them off, to which he said that he couldn’t.

“Why the hell not?” I asked. He looked down very sheepishly and said that he couldn’t as he had a hard on and did not want to embarrass me.

I giggled and told him not to worry, and he would not embarrass me unless he had something I had never seen before. Then I stepped closer and as I kissed him lightly, he pulled kadıköy escort bayan back slightly. I opened the top of his shorts, then unzipped them so they slid slowly down his legs.

He then grabbed me and pulled me close to him, holding me tight and kissing me. I think the coldness of his shorts brought him to his senses. He kissed me so passionately that my knees went weak (either that or shutting my eyes made the wine affect me). I wrapped my arms around his shoulders to hold myself up.

As we kissed he stepped out of his shorts and backed me towards the door. As my bum pressed the door closed, he reached behind me and locked it. Pulling back from me he looked at me and said he had never felt this hard before. As I looked down, I could see his cock pointing straight at my tummy.

I must have been drunk. I had not realized he wasn’t wearing underwear and I was looking at a beer soaked cock. I asked if he would like me to clean it for him. Before he could answer, I knelt slowly down and kissed the tip of his cock.

He let out a soft groan as my lips touched the end of his cock, and as I slowly sank my mouth onto him he moaned out loud. As I moved my hands over his legs and round to his ass I could feel him shaking so I stopped and asked if he was all right.

He did not say a word as he bent down and lifted up my top and pulled it over and off my body. I stood up and once again kissed him, our tongues now exploring as far into each others mouths as they would reach.

As we kissed he reached behind me to undo my bra and as I could feel his hands search for the clasp. I undid my front fastening bra and let it fall from my tits. His hands now eased it off my shoulders and then he cupped my tits and he let his fingers run over my hard nipples.

I moaned softly as his fingers made my nipples ache. They were so hard, and as he bent and kissed one I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop from making too much noise. I ran my fingers through his hair as he let my hard nipple slide through his lips and through his teeth.

Softly he kissed my tits for what seemed like an eternity, kissing one as he gently rubbed his fingers over the other. If there had been a knock on the door I would have died with frustration. Thankfully, the house had two other escort maltepe bathrooms. I hoped we were pretty safe.

As he kissed my tits, he let his hand slide over my tummy and into the top of my shorts. He slid his finger under the elasticized waistband and then moved his hand in and over my arse. Still shaking, he moved his other hand inside my shorts and pulled them down. He bent down as he slid them past my knees, so that I could easily step out of them.

Still kneeling in front of me, he kissed the front of my panties. I could feel his breath through the light fabric as he slipped his fingers inside the leg of my panties and slid one along my pussy lips. My pussy was wet and as his finger entered me I sighed with pleasure.

I asked him to stop. As he slid his finger out, I bent and took my panties off. We both knelt on the floor, and I leaned back as he kissed me. I straightened my legs, so as we touched the floor he was lying on top of me.

As he parted my legs with his, I could feel his hard cock touching my wet pussy. Then with a slight twist of his hips, he slid his cock into me. I bit my lip as he thrust up and deep into me, filling me with his hard cock.

I wrapped my legs around him and I could feel the muscles in his arse tighten with each thrust. Faster, harder and with more urgency he thrust his cock into me, kissing me hard and the softly sucking my nipples. I moved my hips up and down meeting every one of his thrusts, moaning softly as each time he thrust into my wet pussy.

He asked if I liked it.

“Oooohhhhhh yes, oooohhhhhh yessssss” I sighed. How could I not like it? Now with every thrust he moaned and soon said that he was going to cum.

“Cum with me” he begged, “Please cum with me.”

As he asked, I moaned louder, “Yes, ooooooohhhhhhh, YES, now, cum NOW!!!”

As I came, he arched his back and slammed his cock into me filling me with his hot thick cum. His cock pumped what seemed like gallons of cum into me. As my pussy throbbed with pleasure I held his cock tight in my pussy. We lay together, panting, kissing and touching each other until we had got our breath back. Then, I asked him why he had been so shy.

He replied he had been afraid that as soon as I had touched him he would have cum and I would have not been interested. But, when I had spilt his beer all over him, it had cooled his cock down enough to hopefully give a good performance.

I kissed him and said if he had let me know sooner, I would have thrown a bucket of iced water over him and we could have been “at it” all night.

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