Handsome Ch. 25

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Chapter 25

Rehearsal Dinner & Much More

I awoke the following day to great expectations, but they were dashed right after breakfast. My expected reprise with Aunt Nicole didn’t happen. This was, after all, the day before her wedding and she had a zillion things to do. I made some discrete inquiries about Krista Marie, who along with Aunt Nicole had provided me with such wonderful insights into the likes and dislikes of the female mind.

I learned that she was staying just two doors away at mutual friends to be close to Aunt Nicole, as she was the Maid of Honor.

At the earliest opportunity, I made some excuse and left the house to call on her and see if we might renew our sexual experiences. In fact, Krista Marie answered the door and gave me a great hug at seeing me standing there. She whisked me inside, gave me a peck on the cheek, (the first bad sign) so as not to muss her make-up. As soon as I determined we were alone, I reached out to cup her breast and she swatted my hand away, another bad sign.

“No, Aubrey, you mustn’t!”

“Why not? You still like me, don’t you?”

“I do, I do! But…”

“But what?”

In a whisper I barely heard, she hissed, “He’s here!”


“My fiancé, Jack!”

“Oh … I didn’t know…”

“I know, and I’m sorry. Not about being engaged, but that you didn’t know. How could I tell you?”

“Yeah…” I managed, and shuffled my feet.

“You have to go. He’ll be suspicious.” She gave me another, stronger hug and somehow managed to grope my dick in the process.

“Oh, my … you’re a very big boy now. I wish…” She shook her head as if clearing some cobwebs away, and continued. “Later … I’ll introduce you to someone. You’ll like them. I know you will. Now go. I’ll see you later. But please, when you meet Jack, don’t … you know, act like we really know each other.”

“Yes, of course, Krista Marie. I met you in passing when I stayed with Aunt Nicole. That’s all, nothing ever happened between us.”

“You’re a darling, Aubrey, really and truly … Oh, I just wish…”

“Me too.”

“You’ll have a really good time at the wedding, I promise.”

I returned to Aunt Nicole’s and was reduced to playing video games until it was time to dress for the rehearsal dinner. It was an afternoon of mixed introspection and sulking. I was horny and pissed.

I was still morose following the dinner, striving not to show my displeasure at my Aunt and Krista Marie, when Krista Marie kept her word and introduced me to the Carson twins, who were identical in every sense, except for the fact that June was a brunette and January was a blonde.

“We’re both blonde, actually, January said with a giggle.

“But I wanted to be a teensy bit different,” said June.

They were nineteen, and beautiful. I glanced around; no one was paying us any attention. We were just kids in the midst of an adult gathering.

I knew my Aunt and Krista Marie would be monitoring us, but aside from that I thought we were not being observed to any extent. But it was the twins who maneuvered us into a secluded area of the dining room, and then to a small office.

“This is … cozy,” I said when we were behind a closed door. Glancing around I saw an uncluttered desk, a chair and a love seat that passed for a couch. I noted it would hold two comfortably, and three if some dexterity were used.

“Aubrey,” June (the brunette) asked, “Are you a good kisser?”


“She asked if you are a good kisser,” January said, answering for her sister.

“Well, I…” I stammered. I’d never been asked that before and I was thrown off-guard.

“Well?” January demanded.

“I … I’ve had some practice.”

“Don’t you know?” June said, pouncing on my words.

“Are you?” I shot back.

June answered me, saying, “We don’t know … not really.”

“Some things you can only learn by doing,” January said emphatically; her eyes were challenging me.

“I agree,” I said and smiled at them. They were standing fairly close to me, and I reached out and caressed both their faces.

“You said you’ve had some practice,” June said, when I lowered my hands.

“Yes. Yes, I have.”

“We’re from Missouri,” January said.

“What’s that mean?” At the time I was not familiar with the expression.

“We need to be shown,” June replied.

“Okay, so who wants to be first?”

There was a moment of confusion. Neither girl seemed to want to initiate the lead, fearful of irritating the other.

“Shall I toss a coin to help determine who’ll go first? After all, the other will follow almost immediately.

Both girls breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yes, that would be fine,” June said, glancing at her sister for confirmation. January nodded and I reached in my pocket for a quarter.

“June, you call … heads, or tails?”


I tossed the quarter, caught it and slapped it onto the top of my left hand.

Uncovering my hand, I saw it was Heads, and said so.

“January, bahis firmaları it seems you get to go first.”

“Um … where?”

“Why right here, where else?”

“Oh, right … I’m so silly at times.”

I started at their respective chests. Both sets of nipples were sticking out against the white sweaters they wore.

“Come here,” I said, and took the blonde haired January in my arms and dropped her backwards, found her lips, and kissed her firmly but softly. I held her like that for a count of sixty before releasing her and holding my hands out for June to come to me.

“Was it … did you like kissing me?” January asked.

“Yes, January, I enjoyed kissing you.” And I turned from her to her sister, who, having watched me kiss her sister, opened her mouth allowing me to tongue her ductile lips, and then slipped my tongue between them. Her mouth was still closed as I caressed the inside of her lips and then, when I pushed my tongue against her teeth, they parted. I slowly thrust my tongue into her hot, moist mouth and, after a moment, her own tongue became mobile, too and she put her arms around my neck. I moved one arm further around her then and cupped the swell of one of her budding, young breasts as I dipped her backward.

“Come here, January,” I said and brought her lips to mine. This time her mouth opened and we engaged in a brief duel of our tongues, my hand caressed her neck briefly before sweeping down over her nipple where my palm rubbed the stiffened bud.

Her face was flushed when I broke off the kiss, and she wriggled against my erection, her firm bottom sending shivers of desire through me. My hand was still on her breast, rubbing slowly over the hard, little nipple that was poking into my palm. She leaned back away from me but made no attempt to escape the caress of her breast.

I shifted my body slightly and found June waiting patiently, her face tilted up to mine, her lips parted receptively, and as I kissed her my hand moved under her sweater and began to play with her bare breasts and hard, little nipples, rolling the rubbery nubbins between thumb and forefinger and feeling her push her firm boobs against my hand.

Her tongue learned quickly — if this was her first time exchanging hers with a partner. I kept my hand on one of her breasts when I switched back to January, and when that kiss ended I was squeezing a breast on each sister, while they leaned against the desk to keep from falling.

I suggested we sit on the love seat, and when January sat down I sat next to her. June perched on the chair arm next to me. In no time at all, the girls had my jacket and tie off and June was running her hand over my chest, having opened several buttons on my shirt while I kissed January.

“Want to see them” January asked when we came up for air.

“I would,” I answered and watched as she pulled the white sweater over her head.

“Look at mine too,” June cooed, and I did. Both had lovely breasts, perky, with strawberry tipped nipples that were begging to be played with.

I kissed June and began teasing January’s nipples. Then I kissed January and played with June’s mammaries. It was while I was tweaking June’s nipples that January began rubbing her hand along my erection. Things were moving along faster than I’d anticipated.

January was kissing my neck and shoulder while giving a gentle squeeze to my dick. June finished opening my shirt and began to suck my nipples, taking them into her mouth and nipping each in turn.

I went for January’s tits and bit them, and pulled on them as June opened my fly and slowly removed my aching cock. I expected to feel her mouth on it, but was surprised when all she did was stroke it and caress it, paying a certain amount of attention to my balls. It took a moment before I realized it was the first cock she had encountered, and that probably held true for her sister, January.

While June played with my cock, she was kissing my navel. For my part, I let my hand drift between January’s thighs and glide lightly over her pussy.

She moaned loudly, and exclaimed, “June … he’s touching me there!”

“Let me see!” June cried out, releasing her hold on me while she watched. Of course, hearing those words, I sent my hand right back to her hot little nest, allowing the tips of my fingers to stray between her lips as far as her underwear would let me.

January groped blindly for my dick, found it, and squeezed it in much the same way her sister had. I took the opportunity to reach between June’s legs, which were spread enough to permit me to tap her pussy and this time I ventured past the underwear and rubbed real flesh.

As I began to finger June, both girls converged on me, covering my body with kisses. The following day I would discover six hickies from this particular onslaught. January was the first to take me in her mouth. Moments later, June took her place, and then it was a matter of alternating in sucking and licking my cock and balls while I fingered the both of them.

Then January croaked, “June…!”

It kaçak iddaa must have been a pre-arranged signal, for they moved away from me and pulled their underwear on followed by reaching for their discarded sweaters, and quickly pulled over their heads.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

“We’ve gone further than we thought we would,” June told me, sounding like an accountant reading a financial statement.

“But look at me!” I sputtered, showing them my hardon.

“It’s lovely, Aubrey,” January said.

“Yes, it really is,” June added.

“But we’re virgins…” June said.

“And we’re staying virgins,” January said, finishing her sister’s sentence.

“We promised Daddy,” they said together.

“But look at me! Are you going to leave me like this?”

“What can we do about … that?” January asked. It took me a moment to form a reply.

“Jerk me off, or blow me, I don’t care. But I need relief.”

The twins looked at one another. “We could…” January began.

“We should…” June finished.

It was June who reached out and began tentatively jack me off.

“Can you put some feeling into it?” I asked peevishly.

“Here, let me do it,” January said and took me in hand. She was better than her sister, but still unsatisfactory. I reached under her sweater and toyed with a breast.

“June, let him suck on yours, I can’t oblige him doing this,” January told her sister.

June raised her sweater and drew me to her left tit, which I suckled while January hastened her stroking.

The twins had really pissed me off, and I was tempted to just walk away. But my dick wouldn’t let me think twice about it. I resolved to try to angle my dick so that my ejaculate hit January in the face.

I didn’t tell her when I was close. I did grunt, and a more experience girl might have picked up on it, but she didn’t. But I wasn’t going to get the angle required to do the job.

“Um, let June finish the job, okay?”

“Sure,” January replied and gladly relinquished my throbbing dick to her sister’s clammy hand. I drew January to me and kissed her so that she couldn’t see what I was up to. She welcomed the kiss, and I took my cock away from June and finished myself off.

But I made sure to direct the first two spurts at January’s face. Actually, since I was kissing her I didn’t aim at her face, but at her neck and ear. I also got a decent sized glob in her hair.

And that glob went undetected by both girls as they “Eeeked” and shrieked disgustedly, putting plenty of distance between us.

I wiped myself off with a handkerchief, and tucked my dick away, got up and left the office with the door open, and rejoined the other dinner guests.

I was sitting next to my mother and David when the twins reappeared. The gobbets of cum remained in January’s hair and I know I must have had an evil smile cross my face as they joined their mother across the table from me, not paying me the slightest attention.

Perhaps a minute passed before I saw their mother’s eyes widen. She got up from the table, whispered something to January and hustled her into the powder room.

“Did you meet the twins, Aubrey?” My mother asked. “I did, Mom. They’re a little young for me.” “But they’re only a year younger than you.” “They’re very immature, Mom, very immature.”

My mother read my meaning and let it go. January and her mother returned to the table. January shot me a menacing look and my mother started putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together.

“Immature indeed, Aubrey,” she said, but I detected a slight smile cross her face as she patted my hand and turned to David, all but ignoring me for the remainder of the evening.

******************* I slept in late the next morning–as late as my body wanted, anyway. The bedside clock said it was not quite nine-thirty. Surely the time was wrong. I felt so refreshed it seemed impossible that the entire morning hadn’t been lost to slumber.

I had escaped unscathed even after the twins’ mother complained to my mom about my actions toward her, oh so chaste daughters.

“I saw the way they (the twins) went after you,” Mom said, “That woman has no one to blame but herself … and her daughters. But really, Aubrey, please be more selective. Pick a more mature female next time.”

Strange, but welcome advice from a parent, I thought.

Stranger still was my encountering the blonde haired January just as I left my hotel room to have breakfast. She looked just a bit frazzled, and I thought I detected some dark marks under her eyes … perhaps the poor thing hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep … well, too bad for her.

I sat down at a table next to her and to my surprise she asked me to join her. I did, but didn’t say a word.

After a minute a waitress came by and I gave her my order and began drumming my fingers on the tablecloth. January’s smile had receded, and now she was glowering at me.

“You’ve got some nerve,” she said, which surprised me.


“You know what!”

“I kaçak bahis don’t know … now what is it?”

“You let me go back to my room with your … your…”

She couldn’t seem to bring herself to say “Your cum in my hair.” So I let the words fall away.

“Well, it’s good to know you’re so perky in the mornings, January.”

“Fuck you!” she spat out, and I could see she was getting ready to cry.

“I should tell your mother what you did to us last night,” she said threateningly.

I smiled at her and replied, “Your mother beat you to it. My mother thinks you and your sister are whores; she as much as told your mother that.”

January’s face dropped. She forgot about crying, and glanced around looking for her sister June, but June was still putting on her face and wouldn’t be joining her for another ten minutes.

“Do you still want me sitting with you?” I asked just to break the silence between us.

“You’re really nasty, aren’t you?” she said. It was a statement, not a question, so I didn’t bother answering her.

“Not really, no. You knew your mother came over and complained about me, didn’t you?” I said accusingly, and to my surprise, January smiled and admitted as much.

“So, you’re not really pissed at me, are you?”

“No, I’m not.”

“You left my neck and chest all marked up,” I said, trying to sound bashful about it.


“Yes … and June. I have hickies everywhere.”

“Really?” The way she said it told me that she hadn’t known about them.

“Remember all the kissing?”

“Oh, yeah,” she said dreamily, and it occurred to me that she really wanted another session.

“What are you doing after breakfast?” I asked. “I’m supposed to go shopping with Mom and June.” “Can you get out of it?” “Why?” I decided to be direct with her. “So we can have a really good fuck.”

I had to give her credit, I thought that would shock her, or at least piss her off. But it didn’t. I saw a flash of something cross her eyes, but I don’t think it was anger.

“I’m not sure I can get away,” she said, and my hopes crashed.

“But I’ll try.” My hopes and my dick soared.

The waitress came with our orders and we ate silently. Midway through the meal, June arrived and joined us, ignoring me as much as possible.

“We left marks all over him,” January remarked as June’s breakfast arrived.

“We did?” June said, suddenly interested in me again.

“He’s not happy about it either,” January added.

I wiped my mouth with my napkin and stood. “It’s been a pleasure, ladies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to my room to take care of something that’s come up.”

I left them, knowing that January and June for that matter, knew my room number and could show up or not.

Once in my room I stripped and lay down on the bed and dozed off. I awoke with a start and realized someone was pounding on the door. I leapt from the bed and cracked the door open. It was January.

I opened the door and she went straight to the neatly turned up bedspread and threw it and the blankets underneath to the foot of the bed, then turned to pull me down to sit beside her. I began a slow, unimpeded exploration of the beautifully blonde, removing her dress and undergarments without any objection on her part.

January couldn’t keep her hands off my chest or my dick, running them feveredly over both.

“You know, you have the nicest physique…” January cooed. “Me and June agree on that, for sure. All the boys at school are so skinny and all. But you’re a real man!”

“They’re boys and that’s why we didn’t fuck them. But you’re big … everywhere, and that makes a difference.”

“Mmmm,” I like that, January,” I said as she teased my nipples.

“Oh … there they are!” she squealed, touching one hickie after the other.

Wriggling away from her, I dropped to a knee and quickly untied her tennis shoes, removed them and her socks. She and I were now completely nude. I reached for the rubbers on the bureau and took one, broke the seal with my teeth and put it on. “I can’t suck you with THAT on!” she complained. “And anyway, I’m on the pill!”

“We’re going to fuck,” I said bluntly. “I’m not gonna risk knocking you up. Kiss your cherry goodbye!”

Her brow crinkled for a moment, her eyes widened, and her mouth opened. A soft “OH!” emerged. Easier said than done, I found. January took me in her mouth anyway and began an earnest blowjob.

I let her go at it for a couple minutes and then decided to forge ahead. I began to finger her. She responded by humping her pubis back at me, while making funny little “OH!” sounds. She was wet and ready. But not where I wanted her. This was her first time and I wanted her to remember it as one of her best times. I knew she’d remember the first time, but I wanted her to savor it.

Leaning up I captured her left nipple, and gently bit it, then beat it up with my tongue. Between my teeth and finger, she was getting a workout she hadn’t anticipated.

“Do it!” January moaned, “Just … for Christ’s sake, do it!”

“Okay,” I said and rolled onto my back, my dick pointing at the ceiling. “I don’t want to hurt you any more than necessary. Get on top and I’ll put it in, but you determine how much … how far.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32