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Jill sat on the couch and watched as her parents bustled around, gathering up her older sister Becky’s things for the trip to the airport. Her sister was on break and had come to stay at home for a few days. It had been a happy coincidence that Jill’s 18th birthday was during this time. They hadn’t gotten to celebrate her birthday together the previous year and it had practically ruined the day for her.

“Becky, are you almost done? Your plane leaves in an hour.” Her father yelled up the stairs.

“Just about,” a voice called back. “Can you tell Jill to come here? I want to give her something before we leave.”

Jill stood and headed upstairs. She had been worried yesterday when her sister never even mentioned a gift but it seemed her patience was being rewarded.

Becky stood at the doorway to Jill’s bedroom and beckoned her inside. She closed the door behind them. In her hands was a small wrapped box. “You didn’t think I’d gotten you anything, did you?”

She grinned and nodded. “I just figured you were too old to give me presents anymore.”

“I didn’t really want to give it to you in front of Mom and Dad. Open it.”

Excited, Jill tore open the paper and pulled the lid off the box. A bright pink dildo peeked out at her. She gasped and blushed furiously. “What…?”

An impish smile appeared on Becky’s face. “It’s one of my old dildos. I knew you didn’t have one. What better time to give it to you than your 18th birthday?”

Jill lifted the dildo from the box and held it delicately. It felt like it was made out of some kind of rubber. “It’s one of your old ones? You mean you actually used this?”

Her sister’s eyes seemed to go distant. “Several times. To great effect.”

“Is it clean?”

Becky nodded. “Of course. I washed it occasionally. Especially after I put it in my ass.”

“What?!” Jill gasped in shock and dropped the dildo. It bounced once before coming to a stop on the carpet.

With a laugh, Becky bent over and picked it up. “I was kidding. I have another dildo I use for that.”

Jill’s blush grew brighter at the thought of her sister sticking anything up her ass.

“I don’t think I have to explain how it works but I wanted to show you this.” Becky twisted belugabahis giriş the base and the dildo began to vibrate gently. “It has four speeds. The last one in particular is quite enjoyable.”

Jill squirmed around in discomfort. Hurriedly, she grabbed the dildo and twisted it off. She put it back in the box and tucked it into her bedside table. “You’ve got to go or you’ll miss your plane.”

They hugged briefly and Becky headed for the door. As she walked out of the room, she turned back and said, “Just don’t chicken out and leave it in your drawer. Enjoy yourself.”

She nodded and followed her sister downstairs. Her parents gathered everything up and walked out to the driveway. Becky waved at Jill one last time as she got into the car.

Jill stood in the living room, not sure what to do until her parents got home. Immediately, her thoughts went to her new toy upstairs. She shook her head and went in search of the book she was reading. A few minutes later, she was curled up in the recliner reading.

It took her nearly half an hour for her to read five pages. Her mind kept drifting and her pussy had managed to become aroused simply from those thoughts she was having. It became unbearable. Finally, she threw the book down with a huff and hurried up to her room.

She pulled the dildo from her desk drawer and just looked at it. It was about seven or eight inches long and a decent width. Quite imposing for her. Jill had never used anything other than her fingers on her pussy and this was several times larger. She began to itch in anticipation of the challenge.

First, she picked up the dildo and felt it. The rubber was nice and smooth, without any blemishes or bubbles. It was very firm and rattled a little when she shook it. Probably the batteries. She twisted it between the various settings, shocked at how violent it got at its highest level. It shook her whole arm. Hastily, she turned it off. She supposed she shouldn’t start with vibration.

Her curiosity finally got the better of her. She leaned in close to the dildo and sniffed it. A slight plastic smell covered by some kind of cleaning agent. She sniffed again and smelled something that stood out, something familiar. Was it her sister’s belugabahis güvenilirmi scent, barely clinging to her old toy?

She couldn’t help herself. Slowly, she opened up her mouth and took an inch inside. It tasted mostly like plastic but she thought there was a small taste of something intimately known. Jill often tasted herself and thought the flavor was similar. Her heart pounded faster and the heat in her lower belly flared up. It was most likely her imagination but she no longer cared.

With a speed that she couldn’t believe, Jill pulled off her clothes. Almost as an afterthought, she locked her bedroom door. Just in case. She lay down on the bed with a small smile.

Her fingers drifted down her body to her pussy. The outer folds had already opened in anticipation and her clitoris was firmly at attention. She brushed it and hissed. Slowly, she pushed her index finger in as deep as she could. It sank in smoothly and her pussy had no objections to a second and third joining immediately after. She was the wettest she had ever been and felt adequately prepared.

Before picking up the dildo, she took the time to clean her fingers diligently. The taste of her pussy just made her arousal heighten. She put the head of the dildo at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed it in an inch. Her pussy’s walls quickly moved aside to make room for the pleasurable intruder. The sensation made her whimper, both in pleasure and in pain.

Over the next couple minutes, Jill slowly worked the dildo inside her pussy. It took several seconds to get used to each new inch. When she got about two-thirds of it inside, she stopped. This was plenty for her first time with the toy. She lay back and just focused on the sensation of her pussy gripped tightly around the rubber dildo. Every inch of the toy stimulated her insides when she made the slightest movement.

When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she pulled the dildo all the way out and gasped twice before pushing it back inside. It wasn’t long before she was pumping it rapidly in and out of her pussy. A squelching noise soon filled the room as she got wetter and wetter.

Her orgasm built quickly and wracked her body as she was thrusting the dildo belugabahis yeni giriş back inside. The convulsions caused her to jerk the dildo the rest of the way into her body, sending her into a paroxysm of smaller orgasms that rolled her eyes back in her head.

Finally, Jill realized she could move again. The dildo was still firmly in her pussy, held immobile by her tight crevasse. She lay there and breathed heavily for a few moments, unable to do anything else. As she did, she realized that she was still horny. Maybe it was time to try out the other feature of her new toy.

Gently, she reached down and twisted the dildo’s base one click. A small series of vibrations rippled through her pussy, not unlike those she had just had. It didn’t do much more than tickle. Another click didn’t do it either. It wasn’t until the third setting that she was truly happy.

She was content to just lay back and enjoy the vibrations for awhile. It wasn’t going to make her cum without further stimulation but it felt very nice. Each surge from the dildo seemed to travel all the way up her body and back to her pussy. When she couldn’t handle the teasing anymore, she started to rub her clit. The vibrations didn’t quite make it there from inside her pussy and it was aching for some attention.

The beginnings of another orgasm started to build within her. She wanted to try one more thing first. With a cry of longing, Jill pulled the dildo out of her pussy. Immediately, it begged her to put the toy back. She halfheartedly cursed her sister for not giving her another dildo so she wouldn’t have to make such a difficult choice.

Flipping the dildo’s vibration setting to maximum, she hastily touched the vibrating toy to her clit. The sensations were unlike anything she had ever felt before and it made her choke out small breaths of pure bliss. It didn’t take much of this stimulation to trigger another orgasm.

Her hand managed to keep the dildo steady on her clit through several waves of pleasure before it finally slipped from her hand. It lay there vibrating against her leg as she nearly blacked out in ecstasy.

Through a haze, Jill came back to reality. Her hand fumbled at the dildo. She turned it off and laid it on her chest. It glistened with her juices. The room smelled heavily of her musk and brought a smile to her face.

She took the dildo and licked it clean, not missing a drop. By the time she was done, her pussy already felt aroused again. She grinned at her new toy. “I think we’ll be great friends.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32