Gwen , Lance: Her Side- The Beginning

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It started several years ago, a face to face meeting, after an encounter in an on-line group. They had agreed some, they had sparred some, but they had a mutual respect for the other’s opinion.

Gwen would recall knocking on the door of his hotel room and seeing him, wearing just a pair of slacks. She was sure he had heard the sharp intake of her breath as she drank in his lean, wiry frame with her eyes. Her heart felt like it was going to jump through her skin it was beating so hard.

But she wasn’t alone. She had her current companion with her, so she had to settle with giving Lance a hello hug. This was nothing unusual for her, so her current companion thought nothing of it. What she had wanted to do was wrap her arms around Lance, let them move from his shoulders, down his back, slide her hands into his back pockets, pull him to her and rub herself against his crotch to feel him get hard.

Instead she just held him a little tighter than she should, a little longer than appropriate, but damn it felt so good, she couldn’t help herself.

A few days later he was back home, and she was left thinking about him.

Time passed and they continued to talk, sometimes on the phone, on-line, and once she actually plucked up the nerve to say she had some very sexual thoughts about him, but it evoked no response. She pretty much was resigned to the fact that this older, worldlier, sexy man just didn’t want her in the way she wanted him. But she did think about him.

She could picture his short , dark hair. The neatly trimmed mustache and beard that she had imagined tickling the inside of her thighs more than once. She could see his golden eyes framed by long, black lashes. His smile always made her smile.

And now he was going to be in town again. She had suggested going to the movies when he had a chance to be up her way again, but given his lack of response when she had expressed her interest in him , she didn’t give it much thought.

She had started to see someone new, although it was not going well.

She was surprised when Lance called and asked her what movie they were going to see.

What Lance didn’t know was that Gwen was getting dumped by her latest “friend”. He cared, but he was working out things with a past relationship, instead, was what J.D. had said. He claimed he was falling in love with her, but J.D. insisted he had to stop things where they were. Gwen was crushed. More accurately, her ego was crushed.

When Lance arrived to pick her up for the movies, Gwen was a bit quiet. Before she knew what she was doing she blurted out everything that had happened to her that day. She cried some on his shoulder. He sang to her , soothing her, calming her.

During this time, those feelings she had for Lance, suppressed for quite some time, came rising to the surface. She had to move away as she felt herself becoming aroused by his closeness, something he didn’t reciprocate, she knew, because he didn’t respond to her confession of being attracted to him.

They arrived at the theater, and it seemed rather apt to her that it was raining. She couldn’t help but wonder what else could go wrong? Being rather unceremoniously dumped, on line no less, being with a man she found wildly attractive that had no such feelings for her, and it was raining.

Gwen had figured this would be a dutch treat movie as Lance was nothing more than a friend, but Lance wouldn’t take her money as he ordered the 2 tickets needed to get into the theater. She was very surprised at this chivalrous gesture and thought it was out of pity. She didn’t like that idea, so she decided to believe it was just his nature to be a gentleman.

When he let her pick out mini chocolate ice cream drops from the snack bar, Gwen was already forgetting about J.D. They had gotten close rather quickly, but J.D. had been pulling away, and she hadn’t invested herself emotionally as much as she might have, recognizing the warning signals. Besides, Gwen was happy to be linking her arm with Lance’s as they walked along in perfect step.

Gwen let Lance pick their seats, and was rather glad when he picked the very middle of the last row, right under the movie projector with Gwen sitting to Lance’s left. It’s not like they didn’t have plenty of seats to choose from, the theater was rather empty, even as the lights dimmed.

During the previews, she had shared the ice cream drops with Lance. She fed him carefully. escort ataşehir Gwen noticed Lance’s playfulness with this, trying to nibble at her fingers, and really was not sure how to take this. She felt herself becoming aroused again and needed to stop that. One rejection a day was enough for her, and her feelings for J.D. were NOTHING compared to the eruption of emotion she was feeling towards Lance.

As the feature started they shifted in their adjoining seats, making themselves comfortable, keeping the arm that could separate their seats up. Gwen was very conscious of their shoulders and arms touching, his hard thigh next to hers. In an effort to mask her heavier breathing , something she thought was painfully obvious, she shifted again. Gwen moved so her back was against Lance’s shoulder, stretching her long legs out on the seats to her left. No one was going to be using them. It wasn’t long after this when Lance moved. He turned sideways in his seat, moving his left leg so it was now along side Gwen, as he pulled her into his chest and rested his chin on her right shoulder as they continued to watch the movie. Gwen was very aware of Lance, though. She felt her breathing grow heavier as he put his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him.

“Focus on the film”, she told herself, but she wanted oh so much more from this man. She couldn’t believe that even if it were only out of pity , she was this close to the man she longed for since she first met him, if not before.

She swallowed the gasp trying to escape her when she felt his lips on her shoulder. “More , please” was what Gwen was thinking. She involuntarily shivered when she felt him kiss her exposed neck, and felt just the gentlest touch of his moist tongue. Lance continued to tease Gwen. She wasn’t sure what his motivation was, but with all she was feeling both emotionally and physically, she was beyond caring.

Turning her face towards him, he looked at her intently before closing his eyes and placing his lips on hers. Gwen was taken aback by this kiss, so full of hunger, and not all on her part. Lance was matching her passion with his own. She was very aware of his hand on the zipper of her top, slowly tugging it down, not much, but enough to show off the curve of her breasts.

Gwen knew he felt her breath in deeply when he first cupped her breasts. He started to squeeze them gently, expertly. She leaned her head back on his left shoulder, turning into the seat some. Lance took advantage of this vulnerable position and started nibbling at the most sensitive part of Gwen’s neck.

Her breathing now long and shallow, she let out a small moan of pleasure as Lance snaked his hands inside her top, under her bra and started rubbing her hard nipples.

Gwen was embarrassed because she knew her nipples were rather large when she was excited, and she was excited. Her panties were wet as Lance kept tweaking her nipples. Sometimes strumming them with his thumb, sometimes pinching them, twisting them between his thumb and fore finger. She grabbed one of Lance’s hands and licked his fingers, her tongue first just fluttering on the tips, before sucking. She then pushed his wet fingers inside her bra as he started again to play with her hardened nubbins. He rolled them around, making Gwen squirm in her seat. He pulled at them, moving them in circles, pinching at them while stroking the tips with his index fingers. Her nips were harder and larger than they had ever been, the stimulation driving her crazy with desire.

It wasn’t until Gwen felt one of Lance’s hands tugging at her belt long minutes later that she made him stop. She could feel his erection pushing into her back, but she had to maintain control.

They watched more of the movie, but it didn’t stop further necking and petting.

After the credits rolled, as they exited the theater, Lance pinned Gwen against the wall and kissed her again, long and deep. Gwen was left breathless. She tried to compose herself as they walked out of the exit, but with her face flushed as it was, she didn’t succeed.

They walked to the car together, Lance opened her door, and again kissed her before walking over to the driver’s side.

Gwen wasn’t sure what to think when Lance took her by the hand and suggested they both go back to his room. He said they’d be good for each other, and she knew it would be true.

She still hesitated before answering.

Gwen kadıköy escort bayan knew what she felt for Lance was very real. She didn’t want him to think of her as easy or worse. Considering the circumstances of her life, the recent break-up, she was really afraid of what he might think of her. Gwen couldn’t have been more surprised when she heard his reply to her question of why.

“Because I have been in lust with you for years,” was Lance’s reply.

Gwen looked into Lance’s eyes. She softly replied “Okay.”

As they drove to the hotel, neither said much, but Gwen couldn’t stop touching Lance, anticipation building.

Upon entering the room, Gwen was split between two things. Her innate shyness, which she had worked to cover, and her desire to feel Lance’s touch, to feel his cock inside her wet pussy.

They started to kiss, more tentative than they had at the theater.

They fell back on the bed, kissing, hands stroking everywhere, when Gwen couldn’t take it any longer.

“Shall we take off our clothes?”

Gwen watched Lance strip as she took off her own clothing, her eyes filled with lust. He was long and lean, nicely defined pecs and arms, thighs like steel. He has a sexy ass , too, Gwen thought.

In each other’s arms, they were soon on the bed, Gwen couldn’t believe how good it felt to have Lance next to her. This man that she considered a friend so soon to become a lover. It worried her that this might be the one and only time she would experience this with Lance, but her desire for him was overwhelming all else.

She laid on her back as Lance explored her body with his hands, lips , tongue. He spent a long time at her breasts, playing again with her nipples. They were so sensitive, and she reacted strongly to his touch. His tweaking, rubbing and constant sucking left her pussy dripping as she subconsciously moved her hips , her pussy wanting to be filled with his cock. Her breathing was ragged when his one hand finally found her pussy. She gasped as he parted her lips and started stroking her swollen clit with his index finger. Lance played her clit like he was playing a bass guitar. He moved his finger over the swollen pink jewel, feeling her body react, he strummed it faster, moving it back and forth finding the sensitive spot and focusing pressure there.

Gwen felt the orgasm start to build at first touch, and before she could even think about trying to hold it back, she was arching her back , her hips bucking as she groaned in pure delight.

Lance didn’t let up, the orgasm crashed over Gwen, wave after wave. She had to push his hand away. It had been a long time since she had been with a man, let alone a man that knew how to please a woman.

It had taken him less than a minute to make her body quake to its core.

“How long did that take you?” Gwen asked in wonderment, trying to catch her breath after the orgasm started to subside.

“Just over 3 years,” he replied, making a reference to the long ago first meeting.

To show she liked this response, Gwen kissed Lance long , hard, pushing him on his back as she straddled his slim hips. She could feel his cock under her.

She pulled at Lance’s hand s until one was on each breast. He raised up , squeezed both breasts, taking one hardened nub in his mouth.

Lance stroked the his tongue over the nipple and areola before he sucked on the nipple. He pulled at it with his lips, ran his tongue around it, over it. His teeth pulled at the one nipple as his tongue teased the tip of it. His hand kneaded her other breast as he pushed the nipple in with his thumb, letting it spring back then pinching it, hard, just the right amount of pain to have Gwen grinding her pussy against his cock as she could feel a familiar warmth in her belly. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any better, she felt Lance’s free hand at her pussy. He pushed against her clit, rubbing this time with his thumb in a circular motion. Gwen couldn’t deal with the extreme stimulation for long. She had one nipple in his warm, wet mouth, the softness of his tongue and lips an exciting contrast to the sharpness when he tugged with his teeth. Then there was the persistence of his fingers, pinching, pulling, stroking the other nipple. Once she felt his hand at her soaking pussy, she knew it would not be long.

Gwen could feel the tenseness start to build. She fought against it this time, but it didn’t escort bostancı delay anything for more than a few seconds. All the sensations were too much as she felt an even stronger orgasm jolt her body. Her entire body was left quivering and spasming. Every nerve seemed connected to her pussy. Lance bit her one nipple as he pulled out and pinched the other as hard as he dared. Gwen responded by arching her back even more, the groans becoming low screams as he continued to add pressure to her clit. She continued to cum, her body shaking, until she pulled away from him, stopping his hand. She stayed straddling his hips, sitting up, her back straight as her body continued to spasm every few seconds.

After the shaking finally started to subside, she leaned over and kissed Lance again. Moving carefully, she placed first one leg then the other inside of his thighs. She kissed and nibbled his neck, chest, stomach and thighs as she moved down his body.

Gwen then took a long look at Lance’s cock. It was bigger than she had thought it would be, both longer and thicker. She had felt it against her, and had a quick look when they were undressing, but she really examined it now. He was as thick in through the mushroom-capped head as he was at the base. And below the base were the largest, tightest balls Gwen had seen. It took both her hands to be able to cup them.

Gwen started at the base of his cock and licked along his shaft until she hit the head of his cock. Holding the shaft in one hand, she licked around the rim of the head, swirled her tongue around the head completely until she could see the veins in the shaft pulsing. She slowly sucked the head into her mouth, pushing it out with her tongue, teeth lightly scraping it. She then sucked in as much of his cock as she could , keeping it at a 90 degree angle from his body using only her mouth, as she used her hands to squeeze his balls.

There were times Gwen had to stop because Lance was playing again with her sensitive nipples, tugging at them, pinching them, strumming them. They were swollen and hard and Gwen ground her teeth and groaned with the pleasure his teasing brought her. She’d stroke his cock during these times, alternately squeezing his balls and cock as she kept stroking him. She wanted to taste him though, and she made him stop playing so she could continue the blow job.

She pulled his cock into her mouth , feeling the head at the back of her throat, sucking on it, at it, and keeping the suction hard as she pulled up on his turgid cock until just the tip of his cock head was being held by her lips. She heard Lance’s breathing, shallow, almost hyperventilating, with a husky “Oh yeah” escaping his lips. She continued this long, hard sucking for a couple of minutes before she felt Lance’s hands under her arms.

In one quick move, Lance pulled Gwen up him, she looked longingly down at the cock she wanted in her mouth, still standing at that 90 degree angle. When their hips were even , Lance pushed down on Gwen’s hips as he pushed his up. Gwen felt her tight pussy stretch to accommodate his engorged thickness as he impaled her slick pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she smiled at the instant pleasure she felt.

Lance pushed up so hard with his hips, he was lifting Gwen off the bed. She had to balance herself by grabbing into his calves. Lance kept thrusting up at her, and it was in this motion she felt her pussy just grind into him . She felt his cock deep against her insides, rubbing the walls, his cock rubbing her in a spot that made her back shiver. His cock filled her pussy so completely. Lance was still fucking her hard when she felt her third orgasm build. Lance, already adept at reading Gwen’s reactions, reached up and tweaked at her jutting nipples.

This sent her over the edge.

As her cum juices ran over Lance’s cock , her pussy muscles grabbed and pulled at his cock, pulling his cock further in. She fell forward, hands at his shoulders, elbows bent, her arching back pushing her nipples into his chest, his every thrust causing a sensation that just increased the intensity of the orgasm. Her throat grew hoarse from the sounds she made as Lance continued pounding into her. She couldn’t get enough of him, as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her.

Her pussy was still clenching his cock when she felt it stiffen then spurt his hot jism into her. The contracting and expanding of his cock as it shot his seed deep into her drew her orgasm out, as her moans of ecstasy filled the room.

Gwen finally collapsed on top of him, both of them with heaving chests, her spine and legs still quivering in aftershocks.

She had never felt so exhausted or satisfied…

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