Great Britain Ch. 02

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Great Britain Ch. 2: Scotland

Now as I stated in my last story, I usually have to have love, or very strong ties to someone to have sex with them. I don’t like to “Fuck for fuck’s sake.” One night stands with someone I will never see again just never appealed to me. Of course, Sarah changed that rule slightly in Ireland, but I still see her. I may not love her, but I developed a strong tie to her that night.

Overseas though, things can change a lot.

Upon returning to London, things went about the same with my life. London is an amazing city, and there is so much stuff to do and see. I was a busy bastard. With school and sightseeing, I was always tired. Up early for class, and out drinking with my friends at night. But while overseas, you really want to pack in as much as possible.

Speaking of packing it in, there was this one girl I would have loved to…er, well you get the picture. Her name was Lauren. Except for being just a little high maintenance, she was perfection in high heals. Not that she needed high heals; she was nearly six feet tall to begin with. She had breasts that would just wave at you and say, “Hi, Mike. Would you like to play with us today?” I would reply, “Yes, Yes I would!” That’s how amazing this girl was; she had me talking to her breasts under my breath. She was driving me crazy! All I could do was imagine my fingers running through her long dark hair. Her stomach was flat and trim, not six pack, but oh so nice. Her backside was the kind that stood out just enough, and looked like the palm of your hand was made to fit right around it. She had a cute nose and perfect teeth surrounded by lips that made words drip like honey from their tips. And her accent, did I mention her accent? Now I’m not from the South, but I love hearing women from the south talk. She is definitely from the south. Laurens voice could make the sun rise or set at her command. Simply, amazing. She is a sweet, Southern Belle.

She goes to the same school I do back in the states. I had seen her around, and knew she was the kind of girl that was born with a man by her side. But that didn’t stop me from fantasizing. Also, it was not like I was too timid to talk to her and put her on a pedestal and shook when she was around. We became friends on this trip. Actually, we had some tender moments. On a train to somewhere we were told each other’s life story. And once she got sick and I brought her flowers. And other times we would go out dancing or drinking. She was always on my mind. It was going to make it a long, hard three months.

Half way through the summer I was about at my limit. Everywhere I went, everything I did I was thinking of Lauren. I couldn’t concentrate on my schoolwork. Every time I went out, we were always in the same group. Something had to be done, but first thing is first. I have to get away for a while.

Fortunately there were trips sponsored by the school to go to Edinburgh, Scotland or Paris, France. Lauren wanted to go to Paris, and I had already been there. I didn’t like it so much. The people were not as rude as everyone made them out to be, but it seemed dirty to me. And I had seen all I really wanted to the first time. Plus France was not so welcoming to Americans in the summer of 2003. But by taking the other trip, I could get away from Lauren for a while. Getting her off my mind seemed like a great idea at the time.

The trip to Edinburgh cost extra money I didn’t have. So I could have stayed on campus with no one around, or, well…I had a plan. I didn’t want to pay, but I had already gone to Ireland with no plan, why not Scotland? It worked once before. Besides, if push came to shove, I knew where everyone would be staying, so I wouldn’t be left out in the cold. It seemed foolproof.

A day after everyone else left for Edinburgh, I hopped another train. Four hours later I was in beautiful, historic Edinburgh. I had told a few of my friends that I would be coming up the next morning, and I thought they would meet me at the train station…no such luck. I wanted to hang out with them for the day, but how the hell was I supposed to find them? So I walked around the town square for an hour and it was really lovely. There was an amazing monument to Sir. Walter Scott in the middle of town. I started taking pictures when I noticed a buss tour of the town. I thought, ‘What the hell, what else do I have to do?’

It was one of those red double-decker busses that are famous in Europe. This one had an open top so you could see all the sights of Edinburgh. It was cool that day, and slightly rainy…which is an understatement for Scotland. But I didn’t care; I was going to see the city. They gave us a map and the guy tried to yell over the streets and the rain. It didn’t work so well. I though, ‘This is miserable.’ At about that moment, I looked down to the streets and there were my friends. Now, Edinburgh is not a small city by any means, so how this happened amazed me. But I hopped off the bus and we escort kocaeli went around and saw all Edinburgh had to offer.

Later that night, as most college students think, it was time for beer. And if there is one thing the U.K. has, it’s beer. The local pubs are amazing. So, I was feeling happy to be with my friends, but even though I was trying to get away from Lauren, I couldn’t help but feel sad she wasn’t there. So, I had a bright idea…Drink through it!

So I drank. And drank. And drank. And drank. I have to say I was feeling pretty good. My friends wanted to leave, but when you are drinking away your problems, and flirting with every pair of breast that pass your way, reason and listening to friends is not a strong point. I told them to go on, that I had a place to stay for the night, (which was a lie) and I would try to find them again tomorrow. They gave me the address of where they were staying, and left.

I was having a good old time and thought I was making progress with this really hot blond that went to University in Edinburgh. She was a double major in pre-med and literature. Hot was all I saw, and boobs were all I heard. When last call came, I coyly smirked and asked if we were going back to her place. She said, “I know where I’m going, and it doesn’t involve you being there.”

Ouch! One thing about European women, they are much different from American women. They are attractive, (although I still hold preference for American woman) and they are built like brick shit houses. But the biggest difference is their personalities. They are the warmest women on the planet, but they will tell you exactly where they are coming from, and tell you exactly where to go. They pull no punches. They are brutally honest.

Her answer stung a bit, but I was drunk and brushed it off. I looked at the clock tower across the street, and realized it was time to find a bed. Unfortunately if you don’t have a reservation before noon at a hostel, you don’t have a room. ‘Oh Shit!’ I thought.

So I was stumbling around Edinburgh, drunk, with nowhere to sleep. I was screwed. All I had was a little bit of cash, which was no good at this time of night, being everything is closed, my trusty backpack, and the map they gave me on the bus tour. The bad part about the map was that there were only five real street names on it, and it was a cartoon drawing of the city.

The worst part was that I had not truly drank through my problem. Everywhere I went, everything I saw that night reminded me of Lauren. Every face was hers. This SUCKS! Here I am drunk in a foreign city with no direction or help, and I was still thinking of the girl I came up here to forget about.

I had to do something. So, I pulled out the map and started to form a plan through my drunken haze. I would go back to the train station, sleep on a bench and take the next train back to London. Only one problem…where the hell is the train station? I started walking around, getting even more lost, and the stupid map wasn’t helping me any. I was so frustrated and tired. Hell, I was scared.

Suddenly a voice rang out. It was a woman walking down the other side of the street.

In her sexy Scottish accent she said, “Hey, darlin’. Are you lost?”

I said, “Oh God yes!”

She offered her help. But when she got closer, she realized no matter how much she told me, I was too drunk to put two and two together.

“Listen,” she said, “I don’t usually do this, but I live right around the corner. I just got off work, and you look like you could use a comfy couch for the night. Besides, you’re kind of cute for an American. Even if you are drunk.” She started laughing.

So, in my best William Wallace impersonation I replied, “I love you, you know. Always have. Always will.” She laughed even harder. I think I even remember a snort. Then dropping the accent I said, “Seriously, thank you. I was really starting to get a bit frightened.”

She said, “Foolish American. You really should have thought about a place to stay before you got drunk and started stumbling around our beautiful town at three in the morning.”

Her place really was just around the corner. Which was good, because I don’t think I could have walked much further.

Once inside her flat, I really took notice of my heroine for the first time. Her name was Scarlet. She was quite a bit shorter than me. She had short, red hair. I mean flame red. I didn’t know hair came in that color. I guess it fit her name. She had a tight body too. Her voluptuous breast were hung high on her chest. They seemed like they were put on her by mistake. Her frame was so small, that they looked misplaced. But I couldn’t complain. She looked like she weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet, and half of that was in her chest and ass. She looked like I could fully wrap my hands around her waste. Her skin was pale like porcelain, but like all redheads, cluttered with freckles. She really was quite adorable.

She gölcük escort went into her room for a few minutes and changed into something to sleep in. She returned with a few blankets and a pillow. Then she said goodnight.

I said, “Wait a minute, don’t you want to talk for a while?” She hesitated. I could see something about this foolish drunk American intrigued her.

She said, “I don’t know, I think it’s bad enough I have a stranger sleeping on my couch.”

I looked up into her face; she was beautiful. I started to turn on the charm, and I got her to sit on the couch with me. I was still drunk, but quickly sobering up. I had to talk fast to keep her around. But, It was working. At about four twelve, she stretched and yawned, pushing those gorgeous breasts right at me. I made a move to be close enough to her that when she dropped her arms, they fell across my shoulder. I looked into her face once again and sheepishly grinned. Scarlet saw what I had in mind, and returned the same grin. She may have been weary of me, but she knew a sure thing when she saw one.

What she didn’t see was the face I now saw gazing back at me. I was stunned when I saw Lauren staring back through Scarlet’s eyes. Scarlet saw a change in my eyes and asked if I was all right. I didn’t hesitate; I leapt at her and embraced her lips as passionately as drunkenly possible. She was set back for a brief moment, and she stiffened at my touch. But after a few prodding tries, she opened up and received my lips and probing tongue.

In my mind I was asking myself if I had really seen what I though I saw. In my mind I was really kissing Lauren. Feeling her breasts heaving against my chest, and her electric lips at my mouth. I was lost. I had to ask myself what was going on. The only answer I cam up with in my drunken fog was a simple equation. Drunk x Horny + Condoms in my bag x seeing Laurens face – Lauren being here = Scarlet was going to get fucked good and proper. To hell with fuck’s sake, my one night stand rule was going out the window quick, and all I could see was Lauren staring back at me from the frame of Scarlet’s tight body.

My hand went directly to Scarlet’s thigh. It was exposed under the hem of her nightgown. Her skin was white like snow, but burned hot as hell. My fingers blazed their way up and under her gown. Quickly I traced my hands as high as I could get them. The heat emanating from her crotch, compounded with the fire of her skin made me warm all over. As I raised her hem even further, I could start to smell her body’s fragrance drenching the air around us. As I moved further I could not believe my fingers only hit flesh and hair. She had removed her panties when she changed clothes. I thought, ‘Was I really in control here? Was I being played like a fiddle?’ Then as soon as the question appeared, it vanished as I broke our embrace and dove for her crotch.

Pulling her gown up to her waste, I looked down to a patch of fire surrounding two slender lips already moist with dew. It reminded me of a lovely flower at dawn. I just had to have it. I dropped my head and extended my tongue large and flat to its target. Her taste was tangy and sweet. Scarlet’s loveliness was dripping off my tongue and running down my chin. I pulled back again to look at the loveliness before me. I buried my face into her thick red fur. Usually I like a thin layer of hair, but there was something animal and engrossing about her bush. I kissed it and snuggled into it like it was the first patch I had ever seen. Then I lowered back to Scarlet’s slit. I probed my finger into her hot moistness. So tight, so lovely. My fingers were quickly drenched in her fluid.

Being even a little drunk, my technique was not its best, but the moans escaping her lips were encouraging. She began to pull at her gown. She stretched it tight across her upper body, making the tension confine her body to its spot. I continued my tongue up and down her pussy while my fingers unrelentingly drove in and out. I moved my mouth sloppily to her clitoris and sucked in gently, and quickly applied pressure.

Since my fingers were so slick I piled two back into her pussy, and slid the third down to her tight ass. Normally I wouldn’t touch back there, but I was feeling frisky. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she responded by bucking even more wildly. I didn’t push my finger into her anus, but the slickness of my finger rubbing around her rim was driving her wild. So I was stimulating her back and her front. It was a total assault on her sexual orifices. The wilder I got the better she responded. Soon I had her cooing and flopping all over the couch. Her legs suddenly crunched down on my ears and I could barely breath as her flesh was cutting off my air, but I continued to giver her all I could. Scarlet’s hands began pawing the top of my head, like stroking a cat. Fortunately by the time I started feeling light headed her orgasm died down and she released her grip on izmit sınırsız escort my head. I lightly gave her a few more licks for good measure, but I keep my fingers deep inside her. Even though her orgasm had ended, she continued to massage my fingers with her walls.

My face was slick with her nectar. I traced my face up her stomach, leaving an outline up her body, finally wiping it off on her gown. I knew she had gotten hers, but I didn’t care about getting head, I just wanted to bury my cock as far as it would drop into her divine lips.

I picked Scarlet up off the couch. Wow, she really didn’t weigh anything at all. My drunkenness told me I could break her in half. I hurriedly carried her back to the bedroom. Looking up at me from the bed she told me how amazing that felt. Looking down at her all I saw once again was Laurens face.

Scarlet raised her arms as I pulled the nightgown up over her head. I tossed it to the ground and stood amazed at the body sprawled out before me. She took another stretch on her bed, like a kitten waking from a nap. It was so endearing to see her body curl up into a fleshy ball of sex. After she relaxed, Scarlet reached out and grabbed my belt, pulling me to the bed. She dropped my pants, stood on the bed and slowly brought her hands up over my chest. Removing my shirt she bend her head and kissed my neck and ears. How did she know my spot? My legs felt like a dog scratching fleas. My ears are the second line of pleasure on my body. My mind was flooding with images of Lauren and my body was quivering over her expertly tonguing my ear lobes. She slowly dropper her hands to my underwear and pulled out my full-blooded erection. She gently stroked me with her petite and soft hands. I pushed her hand away and lowered her back onto the bed. I didn’t want any more foreplay. She had found all the right spots to hit, and I was ready to go. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just get a condom on and start fucking. That’s all I could see, Laurens eyes and me fucking her as hard as I could.

I dropped my boxer-briefs onto the pile of clothes that had collected at my feet. I strapped on a condom and she reached for the lights. I told her to leave it on; I wanted to see all of her. Really all I wanted to see was Laurens eyes…I started to feel sick with myself. But I quickly remembered my erection when she grabbed hold of my cock and pulled me onto her smoldering body.

My first few attempts failed to enter her warmth, so she had to guide me in, but once inside I let loose. I didn’t care about pleasing anyone but myself. I started stroking in and out of her hot box with all I had. My cock is only seven inches long, but even it was too long for her canal. She was very shallow, and I think it may have been a little painful as she began to whine and whimper. Her breasts were massively bounding up into her face as well. She had to grab them to regain control. I decided to help her out by dropping my head to her nipples. As I moved my body forward, my strokes became shallower and she started to enjoy my thrusting. Her nipples were so beautiful and reddish brown. They were the size of a two pound piece. I had trouble getting my mouth around them. But when my mouth found them a static charge ran through her body, and her cunt convulsed around my prick.

I now wanted her on top of me. I wanted her to control the depth. I didn’t care about her having another orgasm, but I didn’t want to hurt her either. So she sat up on me and my hands molded into her breasts and drove her hard onto my cock. Her lips curled up and a sharp yelp escaped her mouth and she exhaled abruptly. I released my death grip on her breasts and gently moved my hands down to her waist and she gently began to move up and down on me.

We were just not connecting with what each one wanted. I wanted to fuck and she wanted Kama Sutra. I gave in and let her do what she wanted. After all, I was pacified by Laurens eyes…I started to feel sick again. What was I doing to this girl? What was I doing to myself? I quickly shook the thought out of my head and brought her body crashing down onto mine. I was done letting her do what she wanted, and I started pummeling her groin. I tried not to shove too deep, but some thrusts escaped my control.

Scarlet’s pussy started to contract against my diving cock. She felt so good. The name Lauren almost escaped my lips. Her quivering almost guaranteed my climax. My testicles started to tingle, but at that moment, her climax waned. I flipped Lauren onto her back…was I really thinking this was Lauren?

I was giving her all I had. My fingers began massaging her clit. I could feel her tighten up again. The slickness of our grinding genitals made a smacking sound as my balls smacked her taint. I reached around and stroked the rim of her anus. It was slick as well. She bit down hard on her lower lip. Her cunt began to spasm again…not yet an orgasm, but it was close at hand. I looked back to her face. I could now see traces of Scarlet’s face mixing into Laurens eyes. I had to stop this. I shot forward and kissed her hard, my pelvis hammering rigidly. I know it had to hurt, but she was also moaning in excitement. I have never pushed this hard into any woman.

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