Grandmother’s House

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This is my second story so be gentle with your comments please.

It had taken us several hours in the truck to make the drive from the city to your Grandmother’s old homestead but the drive was well worth it. The house sat on the side of the hill just below the crest so as to protect it from the winter winds and it over looked the lake below.

The old house had been closed up for several years and after we got the front door open, you said for me to try and get a fire going in the fireplace to take the chill off the house while you opened the rooms and aired out the bedding. I found a nice supply of not to rotten wood on the front porch and after insuring the chimney was clear soon had a nice fire going. Soon the small house started to warm up.

Once you got the rooms open and the bedding sorted out we started bringing in our stuff from the truck. You turned to cleaning up the kitchen and storing away the food as I looked around outside and noted the number of dead trees that I could cut for fire wood.

Once we got everything sorted out you decided to give me a tour of the house. As it was a simple two story with living room, kitchen and small bath on the ground floor it only took a few minutes before we climbed the stairs to the second floor. As we walked up the stairs I had a great view of your fine ass swaying before me and I knew we would have a fun time here.

Upstairs there were two bed rooms, one small room and the master. The view out of the master could take your breath away as it over looked the valley below and the lake in the center of the valley. The hills of the valley were covered in dense forests that you told me were filled with all sorts of game to see and trails to walk along down to the lake.

Opening the big window briefly you showed me that you could hear the sounds of the stream that ran down the hill past the house to the lake. Also you showed me the deck out the back of the house that overlooked the area.

The center point of the master was the king sized bostancı escort bayan brass bed with the down comforters on it and then you showed me the master bath with its giant claw foot tub for two looking out through a picture window set low on the wall to give an uninterrupted view of the outside.

I turned around and saw you looking at me with a hunger in your eyes so I swept you up in my arms to kiss you on your sweet lips. Soon our tongues were dancing together as we pressed tightly together. You moaned into my mouth as I cupped your ass cheeks in my hands. Your arms hugged me tight as you threw your legs around my waist. I could feel your heat as you squeezed me with your legs.

You broke the kiss to nuzzle my neck and then said ‘take me to the bed and fuck me now’.

Not one to deny a Lady her wishes I turned and carried you to the bed where you dropped to your feet, kicked of your shoes and socks and then started to pull my shirt off over my head. I grabbed your hands and held them above your head as I kissed your neck and ears and whispered ‘slowly Baby, slowly, we have time’.

Holding your hands above your head I used the other to reach behind your back and flick off the hooks of your bra freeing your large firm breasts. I pulled your shirt free of your pants by releasing your belt buckle and unzipping your jeans. With your shirt free I released your hands to pull your shirt and bra off over your head before returning to kiss your mouth and hold your hips in my hands.

You pulled my shirt up till we had to break the kiss and I let you pull the shirt over my head. You resumed kissing me and I felt your hard nipples rubbing against my chest. I worked your jeans down over your ass and let them puddle on the floor and felt you step out of them before you reached for my belt and zipper. I broke away to kick off my boots and then removed my jeans and socks leaving us both naked. I drew you into my arms again as I run my hands up and down your back gently stroking your ümraniye escort smooth skin.

As we kissed I walked you backwards till your legs hit the edge of the bed and then I laid you back on the bed.

I slowly kissed my way down your neck and shoulders before gliding my lips across your chest to gently tease your full breasts with my lips and tongue kissing and licking each breast but not touching your nipples which had grown very hard and puckered as I teased you. You moaned with desire as I finally sucked on your nipples and teased each one with my tongue and raked them with my teeth. Your hands reached down and began stroking my cock feeling it grow nice and hard as you knew it would. I stopped kissing and licking your breasts as I worked my way across your stomach to tease you by kissing the top of each thigh before moving down your legs to your knees.

I took hold of each leg and pulled them up over my shoulders so I could kiss behind your knees knowing that would drive you wild, I could see your body tense as the feelings over took you and so I slowly started kissing my way back up your legs teasing you by switching from side to side till I was just short of your smoothly shaved pussy which I could see was nice and wet.

I paused to saver the smell of your wonderful pussy before gliding my tongue alongside the outer lips, feeling the heat and tasting your sweet wetness. I further teased you with my tongue before I slide it from the bottom of your pussy up and over the small nub of your clit. You cried out as my tongue hit your clit and I felt your legs locked around my neck as your hips bucked and you ground your pussy tight against my face. I knew you would cum quickly as we had teased each other on the long drive and I knew how horny you had gotten.

I slowed down for a second till I knew you had crested and then slide a finger into your tight pussy as I lashed your clit again with my tongue. This sent you soaring again and again as I stroked your pussy with my fingers and kartal escort tongue. As I felt your juices flowing I gently teased your tight ass with one finger rimming you but did not penetrate. You bucked against my face as you came again this time screaming out your pleasure. Then you weakly pushed my head away from your pussy saying ‘too much, too much’.

I slide up along your body to kiss your kisses and felt your tongue licking your sweet pussy juice off my lips and face. I looked at you and you smiled and said ‘I know why you like eating me, I taste so good.’ With that you rolled me over and started kissing your way down my chest teasing my nipples with your tongue, lips and teeth before kissing down to mirror my teasing by kissing everywhere but along my cock and balls till you reached my knees and worked your way up.

Your mouth closed in on my cock as you stroked it with your hand, you ran your tongue up and down it then lowered your mouth to lick and suck on my balls. I moaned in pleasure, you kissed your way up my cock before sliding your lips and mouth over the head. Your tongue swirled around it as you slowly lowered your face down taking in all of my cock. My body tingled as you teased my cock and balls with your mouth, kissing, sucking and licking them. Soon I knew if you didn’t stop I would cum, filling your hot mouth with my cum so I reached down and gently pulled you away and up to kiss your hot lips.

You reached down and guided my cock into your hot wet pussy and slowly sank down on it. As you began to rock your hips back and forth on me you leaned forward and offered your full breasts to my waiting mouth. I kissed and sucked each hard nipple, feeling them grow harder as I sucked on them. Your moans told me how much you enjoyed that. Soon you were rocking back and forth at a rapid pace and I could feel your pussy juice flowing over my cock and balls and that drove me over the edge. With a groan and a hard push of my cock deep up into your pussy I came, shooting my hot cum deep inside you.

When you felt me cumming in you that triggered your own orgasm and you screamed out your joy. When we began to come down from our climatic highs I wrapped you in my arms and pulled you tight against my chest and pulled the covers over us as we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32