Good Girl Gone Bad Ch. 01

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It was the biggest day of my life, the moment that every girl dreams of. Yet, I was not as excited as I should have been. It was my wedding day. I was a young bride, only 21 years old. My groom to be was my high school sweetheart, Dennis. He was the only man I had ever dated.

To be honest, many people had no idea why I was with him. Dennis wasn’t a very tall man, coming in at 5′ 8″. He was a scrawny guy, brown messy hair, brown eyes, and looked boyish. Nothing was too striking about him. I was anything but plain. At 5′ 7″, I was a busty girl, my breasts measuring a 36C. I was incredibly skinny, with not an ounce of fat on my body. I worked as a model in my spare time. My long blonde hair fell about mid back, my crystal blue eyes sparkled in any light, and my smile was flawless.

If the truth were told, I was with Dennis for two reasons. First, he was an amazing lover. He always paid attention to my needs, making sure I climaxed before he did. Second, I was scared of being with anyone else. I had been with Dennis so long; I couldn’t imagine life without him. It explained my lack of excitement.

Another reason could be my sexual frustration. Prior to our engagement, Dennis and I had a consistent sex life. We would go at it pretty regularly. I was never left wanting. However, when I accepted Dennis’s proposal, everything shut down. Dennis wanted us to wait to have sex again so our honeymoon would be that much more enjoyable.

It had been a year and a half since he had touched me. I was thankful when my bridesmaids bought me a dildo for my bachelorette gift. They thought it would be a fun gag gift, but I was getting plenty of use out of it. Although it helped relieve some of the tension, it wasn’t enough for me. I was starving.

It would be a few more hours until my bridesmaids would arrive to help me get ready. I had some time to kill and I was really aching for release. I went to my travel bag and pulled out my pink dildo. It was huge in comparison to Dennis. It was eight inches long and easily as wide as my wrist.

I removed my robe and situated myself onto my hotel bed. I thought about the times that Dennis and I had sex. I remembered how he drove his cock into me over and over again. I began playing with my clit over my silk panties, as the memories passed through my mind. I loved the feeling of the material rubbing against my nub. I was starting to get wet when I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Who the hell could this be? All my bridesmaids were getting their hair and nails done and the makeup artist wasn’t due for a few more hours. I donned my robe and opened the door to see Dennis’s best man, Alex. I was puzzled as to why he was there.

“Hey Liz,” he greeted me with a smile. “Are you excited for your big day?”

“Uh, yea. What are you doing here, Alex?”

“Dennis sent me to check up on you. He said it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Is there anything you need or anything I could help you with?”

I looked him up and down. My spiked sex drive had caused me to notice how unbelievably attractive he was for the first time. He was 6′ 2″ with short brown hair that was spiked in the front. His eyes were an emerald green and he had a gorgeous smile. In college, he played basketball and I could see that he had not let himself go since graduation. His muscles were well defined under his gray tee shirt, yet he wasn’t overly muscular. He was perfect.

“Uh, Earth to Liz? You okay?” he spoke, bringing me back to reality.

“Oh, sorry. I just sort of zoned out. Um, I do need help, but I’m not sure if you can help me,” I replied.

“Don’t be silly, Liz. What do you need?” he asked, pushing past me into the room.

“Well, the dress fitter wants to know if I need a last minute alteration. She can come in an hour, but she doesn’t want to come out if I don’t need it. As you can see, none of my bridesmaids are here to help me get into the dress, so I can’t let the dress maker know. If I wait for my bridesmaids and it needs to be altered, then I’m out of luck. So, I need help getting into my dress.”

“That doesn’t sound hard,” he chuckled.

“Um, the problem is…well…I can’t wear a bra in this dress. So, my breasts will escort ataşehir be exposed while I get it on.”

“Oh,” Alex said, beginning to sweat. He thought for a moment. “It’ll be fine. We’re both mature adults. I can help you get into your dress, and we just won’t tell Dennis about it. I’m sure he wouldn’t be okay with me seeing any part of you naked, but I can’t let your big day be ruined by an ill-fitting dress.”

I was shocked by his response. I had been willing to write the whole dress issue off as a hiccup in my wedding, but Alex was my knight in shining armor at this moment. He was sweet and I was thankful Dennis was friends with him.

“Really? Thank you so much, Alex. You are a life-saver,” I said, throwing my arms around him. I could feel how strong his muscles were as they were pressed to my body. I began to envision those muscles holding me down as Alex pounded away at my pussy. The idea made me wet.

What was wrong with me? I shook the thought from my head. I was getting married in eight hours and I was daydreaming about sex with my husband’s best man. The man who he had been friends with for years. The man who he trusted more than his own brother. I had to clear my head. Only a few more hours, I told myself. Then Dennis and I would have our sex life back and everything would be fine.

I pulled out of the hug and caught a glimpse of a growing bulge in Alex’s pants. I looked away, hoping he didn’t notice. I turned my attention to the dress and unzipped the bag.

“So, the dress just zips up in the back, but it’s kind of heavy, so I will need your help sliding it on.”

“Okay, I’ll try not to look and I apologize in advance for any accidental grazing,” he laughed, trying to make the situation more light-hearted. I returned a light chuckle to help put him at ease.

I removed my robe, dropping it to the ground. I stood completely naked, except for my satin thong panties. As I worked to remove the dress from the hanger, I could see Alex’s reflection in the small mirror upon the desk. He really was trying not to look, but I could see him taking an occasional glance at my ass. I smiled, wanting to oust him, but thought against it. He was already uncomfortable enough and he was helping me out. I let it slide.

I successfully pulled the dress down and unzipped the back, stepping into the circle the fabric created on the floor. Alex stood behind me, helping to raise the dress up my body. His hands grazed my sides, sending shocks though out my body. My nerves were still on edge from my interrupted personal time and the more he touched me, the worse it became. When the dress reached my breasts, Alex’s hands moved to the front. His hands rubbed against my nipples as he pulled the fabric over them. My nipples became instantly erect at his touch. I was aching all over for more and it was only getting worse.

I knew it was becoming difficult for Alex as well. His breathing grew more intense and labored in my ear as he pulled the dress higher. He slowed down his movement when he reached my breasts, almost as if he was savoring the experience. This was confirmed when his movement hastened after the dress was all the way up.

I pulled the straps up on my dress, while Alex held it up in the back.

“Okay, can you zip me up?”

“Uh, yea,” he responded as though he were being pulled back to reality. I held the front of my dress tightly while his hands moved to the zipper. It rested just at the curve of my ass. Alex’s hands were shaking as he tried to pull the zipper up. As he slowly slid it up, I could feel his fingers run up my back. I let out a light moan at his touch. My body wanted more, but my mind screamed no.

“There you go,” Alex said hoarsely.

I moved across the room to the mirror to admire the dress. It was a full-length dress. The thick straps hung off my shoulders. The dress hugged tightly to my body from my torso to my hips. From there, the skirt flowed down to the ground and connected to a four-foot train. The entire dress was covered in exquisite beadwork. I looked like a princess.

“You look perfect,” Alex finally spoke.

“Thank you.” I turned to him and gave him another hug. “And thank you for helping me get kadıköy escort bayan into this dress. You’re so awesome.”

We both stood there for a moment, embracing each other. There was something about being in his arms that was comforting. I didn’t want to leave. Alex finally broke us apart.

“So, do you need help getting out of that?” he asked, motioning to my dress.

“Oh, yea,” I chuckled.

We moved back to the dress bag across the room. Alex took no time unzipping the dress and helping me remove it. I could only assume he was eager to see my near naked form one last time. I replaced my robe on my body as Alex hung up my heavy dress.

“Thanks again, Alex. And I won’t tell Dennis. I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble since you helped me out.”

“Thanks, Liz. Is there anything else you need before I go?”

“Uh, no. I think I’m good.” As much as I wanted him to stay, it was for all the wrong reasons. The sooner he left, the sooner I could masturbate to the thoughts of what I wanted to do to him.

“Okay, well then I’ll see you at the wedding.”

“Thanks again,” I said. I leaned in and gave him a light kiss. He hadn’t been expecting it. When I pulled away, we both looked into each other’s eyes, seeing who would make the next move. We held each other’s gaze for a minute before I finally broke the tension.

“Thank you.”

“No problem,” he responded, moving towards the door. “If you need anything else, just text me.” He opened the door and left.

I wasted no time disrobing and jumping onto the bed. I removed my thong panties, which were already soaking wet. I didn’t need much stimulation to glide the dildo into me. Alex had already urged my body.

As I guided the dildo into place, I moaned loudly. I moved the phallic object inside of my pussy slowly, gaining speed with each push.

I closed my eyes trying to focus on Dennis, but I quickly found myself thinking about Alex. His strong arms embracing me. His muscular body pressed up against mine. His full lips locked with mine. I imagined Alex holding me to the bed with one hand while he attacked my nipples with the other. I pinched my nipple in response to this thought. I imagined his thick cock ramming into me repeatedly. I threw my head back and cried out.

“Oh, God, Alex. I want you so fucking badly.”

I increased the speed of the dildo as my orgasm climbed. I was so close to climax. I needed more. I slid my hand down to my clit and rubbed the nub with my index finger. I made small circles as the pressure built between my legs.

A few more powerful thrusts later, an orgasm exploded through me. I threw my head back, screaming Alex’s name. Warmth spread through me as I felt my juices flow out around the dildo and between my legs.

I laid there motionless for several minutes. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. When I finally came to, I pulled the dildo from my drenched pussy. I felt empty with its absence.

I opened my eyes and began to move. It was then that I realized I hadn’t been alone.

Alex was standing at the counter in the kitchen, his eyes fixated on me. I immediately moved to cover myself with the comforter.

“Oh my God, Alex. How did you get back in here.”

He showed me the key card for my door. I had given it to Dennis in hopes that he would come by and give me an early wedding present. Instead, his best man used it to spy on me while I masturbated. I was in shock, embarrassed, yet slightly aroused.

“I heard you call my name and figured you needed help,” he said moving from around the counter. “Clearly, you were able to help yourself.”

“Please don’t tell Dennis,” I begged.

“Are you kidding, I would be in worse trouble than you would ever be,” he responded sitting on the bed. I was relieved.

“Although if you don’t mind me asking, why were you thinking of me?”

This was what I had been afraid of. The easiest thing to do would be lie. I tried to wrack my brain for an excuse, but the truth poured out before I could stop it.

“It’s been 18 months since Dennis and I have done anything intimate. I’ve run out of inspiration in that time. You’re really attractive and I just couldn’t escort bostancı resist. I’m so sor-.”

My explanation was cut off by Alex’s lips crushing into mine. I was stunned, yet could not control myself as I kissed him back. He brought his hands up to my face, gently caressing my cheek with his thumb. Suddenly, he broke the kiss. My lips ached to feel his mouth against mine again.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I just did that.” Alex looked ashamed for what he had done.

He gazed into my eyes, searching for some kind of indicator of my reaction. I was lost. My mind told me to get him out, that I belonged to Dennis, and that this was wrong. But my body wanted to keep going. I hadn’t been touched in a year and a half. The desire for having any intimate contact was growing. The longer I sat there, the hotter the flame burned. I had to do something.

I pulled him back into me, kissing his lips gently. With each passing moment, the kiss became more intense as I hungered for him. My hands moved down to the bottom of his shirt, allowing the covers to fall away from my chest, exposing my breasts. I pulled Alex’s shirt over his head, momentarily breaking our kiss. My hands maneuvered over his chiseled chest, taking in every inch of him.

His hands found my breasts, caressing them gently. I let out a moan as his hand grazed my nipple. He began to flick it and pinch it. My nerves were on fire as I continued to moan in pleasure. Alex’s mouth began to travel down my body, going to my neck, shoulder, and ending at my left nipple. He took it into his mouth, lightly nibbling and pulling at it. His tongue danced circles around it. My breathing became labored and my pussy grew wetter. I arched my back slightly, pushing more of my breast into Alex’s mouth. Everything felt so good, but I wanted more.

Almost like he read my mind, Alex abruptly stood up and quickly removed his jeans and boxers. I was speechless when confronted by his nine-inch member. It was almost as wide as the dildo I had just been using. I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me.

Alex pushed me down onto the bed and ripped the remaining covers off me. He climbed between my legs and started kissing me again. His tongue slid into my mouth, intertwining with mine.

His hand traveled down between my legs, rubbing his fingers against my opening. I gasped at the electric feeling of his fingers. I was dripping wet. Alex easily glided two fingers into my eager pussy. I let out a light shriek in pleasure.

“Oh, Liz. You’re so wet,” he said, withdrawing his fingers. He brought them to his mouth, tasting my juices. It was making turned on even more, if that we possible.

“It’s all because of you,” I responded.

“Glad to hear.” He came back down to kiss me. I could taste myself on his tongue and I was enjoying it. I brought my hands to his face and pulled him in for a deeper kiss. I wanted every part of him.

Without warning, he slid his cock into my waiting pussy. I moaned as each inch passed slowly into me. When he reached the base, Alex broke our kiss again and pulled out just as slowly, until only the tip was inside.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Yea,” I replied with an excited smile.

And with that, he drove back into me. I moaned blissfully as he pushed in, faster than before. Each time he pulled out, he would push back in faster. I wrapped my hands on his back, digging in my nails into it. He moaned as the pain became pleasure, urging him on faster.

My orgasm was building fast as my pussy was continuously pounded by Alex’s throbbing cock. My moans grew louder and the headboard began to smash against the wall. I didn’t care. I was enjoying every moment and everything else was washed from my mind.

Alex’s and my breathing grew labored. I could feel the tension building between my legs. A few thrusts later, a warmth rushed through my body. My pussy clenched around Alex’s dick as he continued to drive into me. My juices washed over his member, spilling out. Energy was zapped from every muscle in my body as I went limp.

Alex’s own orgasm was not far behind. He pumped into me powerfully, then let out a loud moan as he drained every drop of semen into me. He lowered his spent body to the bed, pulling out and resting beside me. Excess fluids spilled out of me onto the bedspread.

Alex pulled me in close and gently kissed me again.

“Consider that your wedding present from me,” he chuckled.

It was the best gift I’ve ever received.

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