Girlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 06

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It had been almost a week since we had seen Steve. Val had let me fuck her a couple of times. She drove me crazy teasing me about how big Steve’s cock is, how surprised she was when he put it in her ass, but how good it had felt. She got wetter just talking about him, but as the days went on I knew she wanted the real thing.

We had plans to see Steve on Monday, but on Sunday evening we had friends over. An old college friend of mine and his wife came for dinner. Like all my friends I could tell he thought Val was sexy. He couldn’t hide his excitement when she hugged him hello, and I smiled I caught him checking her out while she walked out of the room. I was sure he would ,jerk off to her later, or think of her when he was fucking his very average looking wife.

Val normally flirted with my friends, but tonight she seemed distracted. My friend would try to engage her in the discussion but she would just smile and give a short answer. Before casino şirketleri and during dinner she was texting a lot and I thought it must be with Steve. I felt a little jealous that she had her own thing going on, but was focussed on entertaining our guests. After dinner I was getting us all more drinks, when she told me Steve wanted to come over. I told her we had friends over so it would have to be tomorrow as planed but she got all pouty and bratty. Finally she grabbed my cock through my pants and told me she’d make sure I enjoyed if I let him come over. We agreed we’d introduce him as a friend of mine from work.

We were sitting in the living room having drinks when Steve arrived. I greeted him at the door and Val rushed over and kissed him on the lips. Steve called her ‘pet’, and I worried my friends might suspect something. I went to get him a drink and when I came back I saw he took my chair. I sat on the floor by Val and we all talked casino firmaları for a while. Steve didn’t talk a lot, and I could see Val and him exchange glances.

When Steve went to use the bathroom, Val got up to go to the back of the apartment as well. I couldn’t hear anything but when I was talking with my friends, I imagined she had his cock in her mouth, or perhaps was already getting fucked by him. I grew hard just at the idea, even though I worried we might get caught. They came back after a bit and Val gave me a sweet smile. When she sat back down she rested her feet on my lap and I rubbed them while we all chatted.

When my friends finally left, Steve immediately had Val strip down for him. He kissed Val passionately then told me that since I was so good about having him come over unexpectedly, Val could suck my cock while he fucked her. He had me go fetch one of his condoms, and when I got back Val was already naked, bent güvenilir casino over the arm of an arm chair, offering herself to Steve.

Steve took the condom from me put it on and quickly pushed into her. I watched, and started to stroke myself, then realized I had been promised a bj. I sat in the chair, and Val expertly took me into her mouth. I had had Val’s lips around me many times but never while another man was fucking her. I felt like I was harder than I ever had been and worried I would cum too quickly. She stopped for a little and kissed me as she moaned and I found this to be incredibly very hot. The chair was shaking every time Steve pushed into her. When she started to suck my cock again I shot into her mouth soon after. It felt amazing. I then sat there in the chair with my cock out while Steve continued to ram into my girlfriend. I could hear Val’s moans right in my ear, feel her breath on me.

When Steve was finished he told us both he was very pleased. He gave me $200 and told me to buy Val some schoolgirl outfits at American Apparel for her to wear to dinner tomorrow. He reminded Val she was not to wear panties and she made out with him one last time before he left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32